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Chapter 1108

evening of the interrogation site , as soon as it got dark, Sheldon and Ghost Operator left the training ground and rushed to the place where Noda Ichiro and the others were.

After a whole day of investigation, especially at the urging of Noda Ichiro, the investigating team investigated half of the surrounding hotels and guesthouses, and all residents were registered. Those foreigners were from the War Department of Japan. Temporary seizures were carried out in name, and all were supervised by soldiers from the war department.

“I didn’t expect the investigation team to listen to your orders like this.” Walking side by side with Sheldon on the road, the ghost operator listened to what happened in the past two days, and said with some curiosity.

In his opinion, Sheldon was the most suspicious person in Lin Aping’s murder. The investigation team did not conduct close surveillance and it was considered good. How come Sheldon was allowed to enter the interior? And it sounds like the leader of the investigation team. Noda Ichiro is also very relieved of Sheldon.

“I didn’t expect it, but it saved me a lot of trouble. As the investigation team, it is absolutely impossible for that Chen family to think about this. As long as he finds out his situation clearly and wants to clean up, It’s easy.”

Sheldon nodded and continued to walk forward.

As soon as I left the training ground, it was obvious that the streets on both sides were full of soldiers from the investigation team and the war department. They strictly guarded the door of every hotel and guesthouse. I saw this posture and many vehicles passing by. They all turned around and left.

There are still many people watching nearby. Although they live around the training ground of the War Department all year round, they rarely see such a situation. The masses stood in twos and threes, speculating about what happened.

“Brother Sheldon!” Seeing Sheldon coming out of the gate of the training ground, Noda Ichiro quickly put down what he was holding, and trot up to meet him.

Since Sheldon promised to help him, his address to Sheldon has been a lot closer, from the previous husband to the present brother.

“Mr. Noda, how is it?” Sheldon put on a smile.

“Everything was done according to your instructions. All Japanese residents living nearby have been registered and filed, while foreigners are under the supervision of the joint war department of our investigation team and guarded by soldiers.”

“Don’t tell me, it’s true. I found a few suspicious people who have been controlled by the soldiers. I’ll take you to take a look.”

Noda Ichiro grinned, which gave him the feeling that he would be able to investigate the facts soon. He even had a thought. , The people who assassinated the special forces were among these people, who had never left at all, and might be ready to wait for an opportunity to commit crimes again.

“Go and see.” Sheldon glanced at the ghost operator, smiled at him, and followed in Noda Ichiro’s footsteps.

The three of them walked towards a hotel under the gaze of the onlookers.

In the lobby of the hotel, all the staff gathered here. There were soldiers guarding the war department outside, and soldiers armed with guns inside. The five or six suspicious people were sitting on the sofa.

“It’s them. These people are very similar to those in the surveillance system in terms of height and body shape. Although Brother Sheldon, you said that the perpetrators may be good at disguising, but we still haven’t let them go.”

Noda Ichiro took Sheldon into the hall and said, pointing to a few of them.

However, when Noda Ichiro spoke and said Sheldon’s name, a man in a trench coat sitting on the sofa slowly raised his head, fixed his eyes on Sheldon, and then frowned.

He is the comprehensionist of the Chen family, Chen Aman.

This is already the sixth day after he ascended to the country of Japan. According to the time given to him by the patriarch, he only has one day to do it tomorrow. If he does not find Sheldon again, he can only leave here and not execute Chen Wu’s delivery to him. Task.

Just when he felt uncomfortable and felt that he could not please the patriarch heir, Sheldon suddenly appeared in front of him. It was like a pie dropped from the sky and hit him on the head.

But don’t even look at his name as Aman, but he is not a fool. After taking a look and confirming that it is indeed Sheldon in front of him, he immediately retracted his eyes. In front of these people from the War Department of the Japanese Kingdom, he couldn’t do anything.


At the moment he looked over, Sheldon noticed that someone was staring at him, and quickly squinted his eyes to look back, but after such an interval of one or two seconds, Chen Aman lowered his head.

Sheldon glanced around and found that those people were all sitting on the sofa and couldn’t find out who was looking at him, but the one sitting in the middle attracted Sheldon’s attention.

Sheldon took a deep breath and slightly tuned the power of the Nine Revolutions Yuanshen, but he did not perceive the slightest fluctuation in true energy.

Without sensing it, Sheldon immediately took it back.

It’s just that this person gave Sheldon a bad impression. He didn’t look like an ordinary person in any way. Although there was no real energy fluctuation, this person made Sheldon remember.

“See if there is any way to ask the truth from their mouths. These people are not our Japanese, and they cannot take the initiative to be interrogated, otherwise they will cause trouble from the embassy.” Noda Ichiro saw Sheldon standing still. , Looking at them, he leaned over and asked.

“I don’t have any good way. I can only ask your people to interrogate, and I will think about it.” Sheldon casually returned Noda Ichiro’s words, but his eyes were still on the man in the trench coat.

Intuition tells him that this person is definitely not simple, and may even be a comprehensionist of the Chen family, but Sheldon will not do anything until he does not perceive the fluctuation of his true qi.

“Okay.” Noda Ichiro was disappointed.

But when I turned around, Sheldon was just helping them, not a professional investigator. I don’t know the method of interrogation was correct. If you want to tell these people, you should go to the local police. There is a promising way.

Setting up a temporary interrogation site here is not an interrogation in the police station. This is just an interrogation. Even if these people are vengeful, it will not have any impact on him or the investigation team.

“Let’s go back, don’t affect their normal work.” After looking at the man in front of him again, Sheldon turned his head and said to the ghost operator.

“Yeah.” The ghost operator nodded.

He has always been behind Sheldon, and after such a long time together, he has long been able to understand from Sheldon’s every move what it means.

The two left the hotel, and Noda Ichiro did not froze. He immediately contacted the local police station and mobilized their police officers as the war department to interrogate the suspects.

Sheldon didn’t say anything along the way.

When he returned to the room where he was staying, and the moment he closed the door, Sheldon breathed a sigh of relief, took off his coat, lit a cigarette, and took two puffs.

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