The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1036

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Chapter 1036

refused to admit the next second, the four black assassins simultaneously shook their heads to deny.

“You guys!”

Seeing the four black assassins denying the confession on the spot, Zhang Yingzi suddenly became angry.

“I see it, General Long Kai, I was wronged and innocent. I did not do it at all. Please also General Long Kai to be the master!” After a while, Gongsun Quan showed a strange smile, and then pretended to be wronged. Chao Longkai said.

That’s right, what Sheldon was worried about still happened. Just now he felt as if it was not a good idea for Zhang Yingzi to do this.

Although the four black assassins were unable to speak, they were not fools. They knew that there was no way to deal with them at the scene, so they chose to withdraw their confession, so that they could save Gongsunquan and their own lives. , It’s a good thing to get both ends in one stone.

“I’ll ask you again, really it wasn’t he who instructed you?”

In order to confirm, Long Kai once again stared at the four black assassins and asked.

The four black assassins nodded at the same time again.

“Okay, since it’s not, then forget about it. Come here, press them down and lock them up first, and wait until the end of the test before making a decision!” Long Kai saw the answers from the four black assassins and immediately A decision was made.

“General Long Kai, this…”

Zhang Yingzi on one side refused to see this situation, and quickly opened her mouth to say something to Long Kai.

Before Zhang Yingzi could speak out, Long Kai reached out to stop him.

“Miss Zhang, let this matter go for the time being, and everyone has responded to it. It was not the work of Young Master Gongsun. Moreover, this matter happened outside the national city, so it is not ours in theory. So let’s wait until the competition is over!” Long Kai reminded Zhang Yingzi when he looked at him.

After speaking, Long Kai turned and left.

“Haha, Zhang Yingzi, do you think everything is as simple as you thought?” After

Long Kai left, Gongsun Quan sneered at Zhang Yingzi and said tauntingly, then returned to his seat and sat down.

Zhang Yingzi was really out of anger. She didn’t expect Gongsun Quan to have such a trick, and she didn’t expect that the four black assassins would suddenly withdraw their confession by this time.

But since Long Kai said so, she had no choice but to wait for the end of the competition.

“Yingzi, well, come back!”

Sheldon also gestured towards Zhang Yingzi at this time.

Zhang Yingzi looked helpless, and followed Sheldon back to her seat and sat down.

“Master, it seems that Gongsun Quan has already prepared!” Sitting down, Zhang Yingzi said very angrily.

“Oh, it’s okay, this time we are at a loss, but it doesn’t matter, I naturally have a way to deal with him!” Sheldon did not get angry, but said with a sneer.

This situation is indeed something they did not expect, but it does not mean that Sheldon will lose.

Since Gongsun Quan followed him in this way, then Sheldon had to use his own way to rule his body.

Soon, today’s game is over. Two days later, it will be the next round of rematch. After the rematch is the final, there are still two days before the next match.

Sheldon had already thought about it, and he wanted to solve Gongsun Quan within two days, and he believed that Gongsun Quan would definitely come to trouble himself in these two days.

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