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Chapter 465

Alyssa got Karl’s reply and hung up without asking more questions.

And Karl stared at the hung-up cell phone, looked at it for a long time, and put it down thoughtfully.

When Karl got off work, he first went back to his villa and took Grace to Alyssa’s place.

When the father and daughter arrived, Alyssa’s meal had not yet been prepared.

Is making a stew.

Mushrooms are added to the stew, which exudes a strong fragrance.

As soon as Grace entered the door and smelled the scent, she ran directly to the kitchen: “It smells so good!”

Her voice was soft and waxy, and her voice was a bit loud, but it didn’t sound exaggerated.

Alyssa heard her voice and walked out of the kitchen.

“Grace?” She didn’t expect Karl would come with Grace.

“Mom!” Grace ran over and hugged Alyssa’s legs: “I miss you so much!”

Alyssa felt soft when she heard it, and hugged Grace: “Mom misses Grace too.”

Grace smacked her mouth, opened her round eyes, and poked her head to look into the kitchen: “What smells so good!”

Alyssa laughed and walked to the kitchen holding her, and said as she walked: “It’s mother’s cooking, and it will be more fragrant later…”

There are small stools prepared in the kitchen, which are specially prepared for Grace. Sometimes she wants to wash small bowls and small dishes and use them for feet.

As soon as Alyssa put her on the ground, she ran with her calf and carried the small stool. When she put it in front of the gas stove, she had to stand on it.

The small stool was a bit close to the gas stove, and Alyssa hugged her and moved the small stool out a bit before making Grace stand up again.

She opened the lid of the pot and let Grace smell it.

“Does it smell good?”

“Fragrant, so fragrant!” Grace stared at the pot eagerly, and raised a pair of small hands involuntarily, as if she was about to reach into the pot in the next second.

Alyssa quickly put the lid back, and hugged Grace again.

At this time, she later asked Grace, “Where is Kalr?”

“Kalr haha…” Grace probably thought that Alyssa called “Kalr” just like she was a bit funny, and after chanting, she kept laughing.

Alyssa touched her head, then raised her foot and walked out.

Just now she only cared about coaxing Grace and almost forgot that there was another person.

When she went out of the kitchen, she saw Karl sitting on the sofa, leaning slightly, stretched out his hand to take a cup on the coffee table in front of the sofa, and carried the kettle to pour water.

Alyssa has a habit of putting kettles and cups on the coffee table.

Karl poured water for himself, took a sip and put it back, frowning slightly with a cold look.

It is normal for ordinary people to pour themselves a glass of water.

But putting this normal thing on Karl’s body gave him a scent of firework and more grounded.

“Much green pepper!”

Grace ran out behind Alyssa, and ran directly to Karl.

She curiously took a cup from the tray on the coffee table, handed it to Karl, blinked and said, “I want to drink water too.”

Karl glanced at her and pressed his lips to get the kettle without any expression.

Grace held the cup crookedly, Karl reached out and helped her: “Hold the cup upright.”

“Okay.” Grace corrected the posture of holding the cup, but it was still a bit crooked.

Karl had now gradually accepted Grace and accepted the child’s immaturity in daily life, so he did not correct her.

He poured Grace a small glass of water, then put the kettle back: “Drink.”

Said it is a small half cup, in fact it is only a quarter of the cup.

Grace pouted and looked dissatisfied: “Too little, so a little bit…”

Karl didn’t even blink his eyes, only faintly spit out a word: “Drink.”

Grace was deterred instantly, and carefully held the cup to her mouth.

When she drank the water, she didn’t forget to secretly aim at Karl.

When he found her sneaking at Karl, Karl was also looking at her, he immediately shook, and hurriedly poured all the water in the cup.

After drinking, she raised the cup to Karl with a look of praise: “Dad, I’m finished drinking.”

“Reward you for another cup.” Karl said, going to get the kettle.

Grace’s eyes widened, then she turned and ran away: “I’m not drinking anymore.”

Karl saw that the small meat dumplings ran away, so he withdrew his hand, and turned his head to look at the small meat dumpling’s mother who had been watching for a long time.

Seeing Karl looking at her, Alyssa smiled at him, “Just wait for dinner.”

Karl gave a sneer of unknown meaning.

When he first came in, Alyssa had only Grace in her eyes.

Alyssa actually didn’t quite understand what was going on with Karl’s sudden sneer.

But today Grace is also there, she still cooks first.

When eating, Grace went to the kitchen to get her bowl.

To Alyssa’s surprise, Grace took her bowl out in front, and Karl followed in and took out the bowl.

Mr. Adams is here, not only pours water by himself, but also takes the bowl as well…

Alyssa felt a little frustrated herself.

She has now completely put aside the Karl who used to help her wash dishes.

During the meal, except for Grace’s non-stop chattering, Karl and Alyssa didn’t speak much.

However, when the meal was over, it suddenly rained heavily.

The rain was still a bit heavy, hitting the glass windows with a loud noise.

Grace stood by the window, touched the drops of water through the glass, turned to Karl and said, “It’s raining.”

Karl did not speak.

Grace unwillingly raised the volume: “Kalr, it’s raining!”

Karl’s tone was a little less indifferent, and a little more helpless: “I heard it.”

Why do children always have so much to say?

Grace received Karl’s response and ran to the kitchen contentedly.

Karl looked at her jumping figure and raised his eyebrows…

The child’s mind is really strange, such a small thing can be so happy.

Alyssa cleaned up the kitchen and came out, and saw Karl standing by the window watching the rain.

She looked at the pouring rain outside the window, and subconsciously said, “It’s raining heavily and it’s too early. Stay here for one night tonight.”

Not a negotiating tone, but a very natural tone of concern.

Karl turned his head and looked at her. Alyssa also found that her words were a bit misleading, bit her lip and said, “I have many rooms here, otherwise I can sleep with Grace, and the master bedroom will be yours to sleep. .”

Karl retracted his gaze and said coldly, “No need.”

Chapter 466

Karl refused so simply and decisively, Alyssa couldn’t say anything more.

Alyssa sent Karl and Grace downstairs to the car, and out of the unit building, when they stepped on the ground, the water flooded their ankles.

Alyssa came out wearing slippers, and the water flooded up and flooded the slippers all at once.

She retracted her feet and turned to look at Karl: “The rain is too heavy, it is not safe to go back.”

Grace stood next to the unit building, exclaiming: “Wow! It’s raining!”

Karl glanced out, saw that the rain was still heavy, frowned slightly and said nothing.

He didn’t speak, Alyssa assumed he agreed.

“It’s raining too much, so you won’t leave tonight.” Alyssa finished speaking and patted Grace’s head: “Grace, we are going up.”

After she finished speaking, she pushed Grace in Karl’s direction.

Grace took Karl’s hand: “Dad, go up.”

Karl glanced down at Grace, then at Alyssa, and finally raised his foot to the elevator entrance and decided to stay.

Back in the room, Alyssa took the quilt to make the bed.

The house she rented is big enough. She and Grace each use a bedroom and a guest room.

However, not long after she moved here, no one has stayed here, so the bed in the guest room has not been made.

Alyssa knew Karl’s temper, so she didn’t dare to be ambiguous, so she wiped the mattress with a towel before laying the quilt.

Before she made the bed, Karl walked over: “Grace wants you to bathe her.”

Alyssa was putting on the quilt, without raising her head and said, “Let her wait, I’ll go right away.”

The one-meter-eight bed, the quilt is a bit big, Alyssa grabbed the corner of the quilt cover, and when she stuffed the quilt into the quilt cover, she accidentally let go of her hand and the cover was messed up.

She fumbled for a while before finding the quilt again.

Suddenly, Karl walked two steps in her direction, and reached out to lift the corner of the other end of the quilt.

Alyssa stared at him blankly: “You…”

Karl pursed his lips, and said in disgust, “You let go.”

Alyssa let go of her hand subconsciously, and then she saw Karl flatten the quilt calmly, and the quilt cover and the quilt were put together in an obedient manner.

She had never seen Karl’s quilt before.

This is the first time.

Alyssa was extremely surprised, and asked, “Do you know how to put on a quilt?”

Although she knew that it was impossible for Karl’s living environment to do such a thing, she couldn’t help but ask.

Karl stood up straight with a calm expression: “There is a natural gap between people.”

Alyssa felt that she was being despised.

But she was accustomed to seeing Karl’s lofty appearance, but she didn’t think there was anything.

Indeed, apart from being born, there are some things about themselves that are different from one person to another.

Alyssa said to him as usual: “I will bring you a set of washing utensils.”

After she finished speaking, she went straight out to help get things.

Karl frowned slightly looking at her back.

How did he feel that Alyssa’s temper suddenly became particularly good?

Alyssa helped Karl take the toiletries and went to help Grace take a bath.

She took the water, took out the child-specific foam shower gel that Grace had used before, and bubbled her.

Grace was playing with Bubbles, and suddenly said, “Mom together.”

“You wash it first, mom will wash herself later.”

After Alyssa finished speaking, she saw Grace shaking her head vigorously.

She realized that what Grace wanted to express was not the meaning of taking a bath together, and patiently asked, “Huh? What are you going to say?”

Grace tilted her head, stretched out her hand and began to count fingers: “With me, with Dad, with us.”

Every time she said a person, she counted a finger, and she looked very serious.

Alyssa sighed slightly, and said, “I am busy with work now. I want to live by myself. You live with dad first. Later, when I am not busy, I will be back to live with you.”

Grace is still too young to understand many things, she only needs to coax her at her age.

“Oh.” Grace nodded without understanding, and then asked seriously: “When are you not busy?”

“I don’t know.” How did she know when she would make Karl fall in love with her, or restore her memory?

Grace squinted and smiled: “Hehe, don’t know.”

Alyssa helped Grace take a shower, took her back to the room, and soon fell asleep.

The temperature fell on rainy days. After Alyssa covered her with a blanket, she added a small blanket over.

When she came out of Grace’s room, Alyssa couldn’t help but looked at Karl’s room.

Karl’s room was tightly closed. She watched in place for a few seconds, and was about to take her clothes to take a bath, when the door suddenly opened.

Karl stood at the door with no expression on his face, his hair slightly damp, and a faintly annoyed expression in his expression: “No shampoo.”

He was still wearing a shirt, and there was a large water stain on his shirt. The whole person looked a little messy and juvenile.

Obviously a thirty-year-old man!

“I’ll get it for you.”

When Alyssa spoke, her voice was covered with a smile unconsciously.

Karl’s face turned black all at once.

Alyssa went to the bathroom in her room to get shampoo, and when she brought it to Karl, she hesitated.

This is what she used, would Karl dislike it?

After thinking about it, even if he disliked it, he could only use what she had used.

When she passed the shampoo to Karl, she was very confident: “Shampoo.”

Karl frowned slightly, turned around after receiving the shampoo, and closed the door with a “bang”, as if he was afraid that Alyssa would peek.

Before, Alyssa was always anxious to restore Karl’s memory. Every time Karl made some behaviors that rejected her, she would feel uncomfortable.

After she figured it out, she found that Karl’s behavior was quite different from before, which was quite interesting.

She slapped Karl’s door with a “pop” sound: “Remember to return it to me after washing!”

After saying this, she couldn’t help but laugh.

So naive.

The next day.

Because she was worried that Karl was going to work, Alyssa got up early.

The rain has stopped.

When the window was opened, there was a warm air coming in. The muddy ground in the flower beds in the community was washed away by the rain last night, and there were small trenches-gully.

Suffice to explain how heavy the rain last night was.

After Alyssa opened all the windows in the hall, she went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

It’s rare that there are only three of them in the family. Alyssa is in a good mood, and the breakfast style is different.

In the gap of hot milk, Alyssa took out her phone and opened Twitter.

She is not an internet addiction girl, but because she and Karl went on a trending search yesterday, she subconsciously wanted to check Twitter.

She was only on Twitter when she was shocked by the vibration of new notifications.

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