The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1038

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Chapter 1038


The flower girl squeezed on the bed was so scared that she screamed, and the sound was enough to ring through the whole prostitute.

Sheldon glanced at the flower girl, then jumped out again, went straight out of the window, and then disappeared into the dark night without whereabouts.

From the beginning to the end, Sheldon’s shots were very decisive and neat, and he did not give Gongsun Quan any chance to react. Gongsun Quan did not know that Sheldon had killed him until he died.

After Sheldon left, the old bustard from the prostitute rushed into the room with someone.

When seeing Gongsun Quan lying on the ground in a pool of blood, the old bustard was so scared that she almost fainted, knowing that something really happened.

If Gongsun Quan is dead, then the family of Gongsun will be shaken, and their prostitutes will be unlucky.

Of course, no one knows that Sheldon did all of this. Only Sheldon, Chen Shan, and Zhang Ying son and daughter knew about this situation, which was considered revenge.

The next day, the entire Profound Qi Nation was a sensation.

The news that Gongsun Quan was killed in the prostitute’s house spread throughout the Xuanqi country.

Gongsun Lie, the Patriarch of the Gongsun family, was furious. Not only did he let people smash the whole prostitute, he also paraded the flower girl who slept with his son Gongsunquan yesterday, and threatened to find the murderer of his son.

After Sheldon woke up, he sat in the garden to recuperate.

“Brother Chen!”

At this moment, Chen Shan’s shout came from the door of the garden.

When the sound fell, Chen Shan, Zhang Yingzi and Zhang Tianzheng walked into the garden from the door.

“What’s the matter?”

Sheldon asked Chen Shan suspiciously.

“Brother Chen, we just went outside to hear the news that Gongsun Quan was killed in the prostitute building last night. Did you do it?” Chen Shan approached Sheldon and asked Sheldon in a low voice.

After listening to Sheldon, he nodded faintly, and did not deny: “I did it!”

“Ah? You really did it, Brother Chen, don’t you know, now Gongsun Lie, the Patriarch of the Gongsun family, is looking for someone everywhere!” “Chen Shan looked at Sheldon in surprise and reminded.

“Hurt, what a big deal for me? Yesterday I wore a hood and veil and was wearing black clothes. No one saw me at all, so don’t panic. Even if his Gongsun Lie came, I would die! “Sheldon waved his hand and replied to Chen Shan very carelessly.

After hearing what Sheldon said, Chen Shan and the three were relieved.

As long as Sheldon is not exposed, the Gongsun family will have nothing to do with him.

“Get out of the way!”

But at this moment, a burst of angry cursing sounded from outside.

After Sheldon’s four listened, they immediately hurried out.

After going out, I saw Gongsun Lie rushing into the Zhang’s darts with a group of people aggressively, and the whole Zhang’s darts were surrounded by water.

“Patriarch Gongsun, what do you mean?”

Seeing Gongsun Lie’s arrival, Zhang Tianzheng lowered his face, staring at Gongsun Lie and questioned.


Gongsun Lie snorted coldly.

“Zhang Tianzheng, don’t talk nonsense with me, I am not here to trouble you today, I am here to find the murderer of my son, Sheldon!” Gongsun Lie glared at Sheldon angrily.

“Gongsun Lie, I don’t understand what you said? When did Sheldon, the representative of my Zhang’s dart board, become the murderer of your son?” Zhang Tianzheng asked coldly when he heard Gongsun Lie’s words.

“Heh, Zhang Tianzheng, I know he is the representative of your Zhang’s dart, but it doesn’t mean you can protect him!” Gongsun Lie sneered.

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