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Chapter 467

The phone vibrated for a long time before it became quiet.

But it didn’t last long, and there was vibration from time to time.

Alyssa thought that the trending searchs she and Karl had done were not hot today, and she did not expect to receive so many private messages and mentions.

Alyssa opened the private message panel. Before opening the private message interface, she saw someone scolding her.


“Little Mistress!”

Being scolded early in the morning, Alyssa lost her temper and was still a little irritable.

She returned to the message notification page, clicked on the first message notification, and found that there was a new hot topic.

Alyssa frowned, but still worried that she was heating up the milk, so she poured the milk out before sitting at the table and continued to read Twitter.

The media dug up the rumors of Karl’s previous marriage contract with Miana, and without confirming whether Karl and Miana had a marriage contract, they buckled a “Little Mistress’s hat” directly on Alyssa’s head.

Create something out of nothing, make use of it.

Some media workers, in order to gain the attention of others, are nothing more than to use these words to the extreme.

Alyssa took a look at the comments under the popular Twitter feed. Some were standing in line and others were on the sidelines.

Fortunately, most netizens are still very sensible.

Alyssa glanced at random and put the phone aside.

They had a family of three and finally had a quiet breakfast together. Alyssa decided not to mention it first, and said it after breakfast.

Alyssa stood up, planning to get Karl and Grace to get up.

She walked to the door of Karl’s room, and when she raised her hand before knocking, the door was opened from the inside.

Alyssa’s hands were stiff in the air for a few seconds, and then she waved gently: “Morning.”

Karl uttered a word blankly: “Morning.”

Then he turned sideways, walked past Alyssa and went to the bathroom.

Alyssa went to ask Grace to get up again.

Grace only needs to change clothes, wash her face and brush her teeth.

She and Grace sat at the dining table and waited for a while before Karl came out.

His complexion was so bad that he only gave Alyssa a faint look when he got out of the bathroom: “I’m leaving now, someone will come to pick up Grace later.”

After he finished speaking, he picked up his suit jacket and left.

Seeing this, Alyssa quickly stood up and called him: “Karl!”

Karl didn’t look at her, and walked straight to the door.

Alyssa had to walk over and stop him: “Leave after breakfast.”

Being so close to him, Alyssa realized that his expression was much uglier than before.

He stood motionless at the door, and said indifferently: “There is something to be done.”

“No matter how important it is, you have to eat breakfast.” Alyssa said, pulling him directly to the table.

Karl hadn’t moved at all, but he turned his head inadvertently, and after seeing Alyssa’s mobile phone on the dining table, he followed her.

Don’t know if it was Alyssa’s illusion. During the whole breakfast, Karl had been paying attention to her… mobile phone.

Fortunately, she didn’t have the habit of having a cell phone during eating.

Alyssa asked him after eating, “Why do you keep looking at my phone?”

“Nothing, I’m leaving.”

Karl really left this time.

After he left, Alyssa remembered that she hadn’t told Karl about the trending search.

However, when she went to Twitter again, she found that the hot topic had disappeared.

Even the trending search between her and Karl yesterday was gone.

Could it be that Karl had been staring at her phone just now because he knew the hot topics on Twitter and was afraid she would find out if she touched the phone?

Such a fast processing speed must have come from Karl.

He was so anxious to leave just now, saying that there is something to be dealt with, was he going to deal with it?

As Alyssa thought, she couldn’t help but smile.

Grace lay on the dining table, turning her head to ask her: “Mom, what are you laughing at?”

Alyssa touched her head: “Because something very happy happened, so I laughed.”

“Oh.” Grace nodded, slid off the chair, and ran aside to play.

Karl said that she would send someone to pick her up. Alyssa didn’t wait until she had something to go out again, so she planned to drive Grace back to Karl by herself.

Alyssa changed clothes and came out, Grace looked at her excitedly: “Out to play?”

Alyssa combed the bangs on her forehead for her, and led her out: “Send you back to Dad.”

“Huh! Don’t!” Grace suddenly shook her hand away and hugged her little hand tightly to prevent Alyssa from holding her.

Grace rarely loses her temper. Alyssa asked her carefully, “What’s wrong?”

Grace’s mouth was pouting up to the sky, and she said angrily, “You are not there!”

Alyssa’s heart moved slightly, and her tone was a little helpless: “Didn’t your mother visit you every day?”

She persuaded Grace for a while before Grace was willing to go back to Karl with her.

After sending Grace, Alyssa received a cold call on the way back.

Tina is outside filming, usually very busy, and there is basically no time to call her during the day.

Alyssa asked her, “Didn’t you film it?”

“It’s raining, I can’t start work.” The calm tone sounded a little worried.

“It rained in Rostenvel City yesterday. It was heavy, but it has cleared up today.” Alyssa turned and glanced at the sunny sky outside the window.

“It has been raining here for several days, the clothes are not dry after washing, and the ones that are not worn are also getting wet because of the leaking rain. They are almost out of clothes to wear…”

Tina complained to her a lot, and finally said, “It might be clear in a few days.”

Because Tina and Alyssa complained that it had been raining there, Alyssa paid attention to the weather in the city where Tina was filming in the next few days.

But the heavens were not beautiful. In the next few days, it was raining in the city where Tina was filming, and it rained continuously.

Alyssa called Tina, and she only said that she hadn’t started work and could only film a few rain scenes.

Alyssa asked, “Since it can’t be filmed, won’t the crew give you a few days off?”

“The director is an old artist, very strict. He wanted to let us break in between the protagonists, so he didn’t plan to give us a holiday.” Tina’s tone was also somewhat helpless.

Alyssa said: “I’ll come to visit, what do you want, I will bring you some.”

Tina immediately refused: “Why are you visiting in this weather, you don’t need to come…”

“If you don’t say anything, I will think of what to bring, you just wait for me to come.”

Alyssa had already made up her mind and was going to visit Tina.

Chapter 468

After Alyssa decided to go to the squad, she began to buy a ticket to check the route.

It has been raining in Tina’s place, and Alyssa bought a suitcase that is particularly waterproof, bought a lot of things Tina loves to eat, and bought some small things that she can use daily.

Looking back on it carefully, it seems that Tina has always been worried about her, and she has not done anything for Tina.

Thinking this way, she feels a little ashamed.

Alyssa booked a ticket two days later.

After setting the departure time, Alyssa decided to tell Karl that she was going to travel far.

When Karl came to eat that night, Alyssa told him the incident.

After listening to Karl, he pondered for a moment: “Where?”

The place where Tina was filming was a small mountain village in the west. Alyssa gave the detailed address, and Karl searched it in his mind, but didn’t know where that place was.

“It’s just a small village. It’s a bit far from Rostenvel. It may take some time. I’m not sure when I will return.”

Alyssa said while serving Karl’s soup.

Karl frowned: “Where is Grace? No matter what?”

“Does she still not have you? You took good care of her.” Alyssa felt to her heart that whether it was Karl before or now, Karl had taken good care of Grace.

It could also be because she had too low requirements for Karl.

Karl put down his chopsticks and looked up at her with a deep gaze: “Alyssa, are you not in a hurry?”

Alyssa was slightly stunned: “What’s the hurry?”

“I haven’t recovered my memory yet. Grace is at my house, but you want to leave us to go so far away. Do you think I really won’t have any other women, or you think I can fight for Grace’s custody?”

Karl’s tone was cold and hard to distinguish.

Alyssa paused slightly.

She thought for a moment, but she didn’t distinguish the meaning of Karl’s words.

She raised her eyes and looked at him straight: “You can speak more clearly.”

“I made it clear.”

Karl’s tone sounded a little angry, but his expression did not change, nor did he throw his chopsticks and leave immediately. Instead, he started to eat slowly after speaking.

He hung his head to eat, and from Alyssa’s point of view, she could only see his forehead and frowning eyebrows.

Alyssa asked tentatively: “You don’t want me to go?”

Karl ignored her.

Alyssa frowned: “You don’t say anything, how do I know what you want to express?”

Karl simply put down his chopsticks, stood up and walked out.

Alyssa stood up quickly, grabbed him, “You don’t think I should spend time on other people and things, right?”

Karl’s eyebrows moved slightly and did not speak.

Alyssa felt that she might have guessed Karl’s idea.

“Karl, I can tell you that I care about you and Grace very much. You are more important to me than anyone else, but Tina is also very important to me. In addition to my lover and children, I also have Friends have a career, I can’t just revolve around you.”

She had never regarded Karl as everything to her.

This point may be related to her growth experience.

Karl listened to her and didn’t even look at her, but coldly spit out two words: “It’s up to you.”

Then, Karl shook his hand and left.


The door was slammed.

In the quiet room, Alyssa was the only one left.

She returned to the dining table and sat down, took the chopsticks to eat, and felt that she had no appetite, put down the chopsticks, and fell into thought.

Karl walked out of Alyssa’s house and walked towards the elevator with a cold face.

That woman is really…

He acted so diligently at first, but recently he seems to be less concerned about him.

Now it’s too much, and I have to leave him and Grace and go elsewhere.

When the elevator door opened, Karl suddenly remembered what Alyssa had just said.

——I can’t just revolve around you.

There are no chances for many women who want to circle him, Alyssa is good, speaking so succinctly, and she doesn’t take him seriously.

The more Karl thought about it, the more angry he became, and he turned around and walked to Alyssa’s door, reaching out and knocking on the door.

Alyssa heard the knock on the door outside, and quickly got up and walked to the door.

Wouldn’t it be Karl coming back again?

She looked in the cat’s eyes and found that it was really Karl who had gone and returned.

She understands Karl’s temper very well, he is not the kind of person who is easy to bow his head actively, let alone the current Karl.

Thinking like this, Alyssa opened the door.

She stood by the door, without speaking, just waiting for Karl to speak.

The two stood by the door and looked at each other for a while, before Karl asked with a cold face, “How long will it be? I need an exact time.”

Alyssa thought for a while, and said, “Ten days.”

The place where Tina is filming is too remote. She will take a plane to transfer to trains and cars. It would take four or five days to spend time on the road.

She is going to visit the place deliberately, and of course she couldn’t just stay for one night and leave.

Without thinking about it, Karl said directly: “It’s too long.”

Alyssa was taken aback for a moment, and explained: “It will take four or five days on the road, ten days is not too long.”

Karl stared at her blankly: “Up to five days.”

Alyssa: “…” Five days are only enough for her to meet Tina.

Tina has been in the industry for so many years, and she has never visited her once.

Karl didn’t give Alyssa a chance to refute at all, and threatened her with a gloomy expression: “It’s so set, more than five days, and the consequences are at your own risk.”


Alyssa only had time to call his name, he turned around and left without giving her a chance to speak.

This time, Karl had really left.

More than five days, at your own risk.

Alyssa felt that Karl’s request was simply unreasonable.

Like an authoritarian tyrant, she told him that it would take four or five days on the road, and he only gave her five days.

Alyssa couldn’t reason with him, he wouldn’t listen.

If he doesn’t listen to her, does she have to take his threat to heart?

Alyssa made up her mind, this time she must not be affected by Karl.

The day before leaving, Alyssa went to Karl’s house to take a look at Grace.

It happened to be Saturday.

Alyssa came in and asked the servant. The servant said that Karl was in the study.

Alyssa stayed at Karl’s house all afternoon, and never saw Karl coming out of the study. All the things in need were sent by the servants.

Alyssa knew that Karl was still angry with her and didn’t want to see her.

Before leaving, she went upstairs and knocked on Karl’s study door.

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