His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1912

Read Chapter 1912 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 1912

Christian feels that Ameli Su is now Sherlock Holmes. Although she knew everything before, she was muffled and pretended not to understand.

It’s different now.

The current Ameli Su is not afraid of anyone’s eyes, and her mind is turning quickly. She is simply the kind of big woman who does things logically and neatly. It makes people want to kneel under her high heels.

Seeing Kurosawa turned away Sakurako Sakurahara, the people in the hall suddenly disappeared. Since the parties have allowed the matter to be handed over to them, they have no other opinion at night.

At that time, seeing Ameli Su dragging her personally and saying that she was invading illegally had already scared their hotel party half to death. This sister Yu threw a hot potato to them lightly, how could they dare to neglect!

Now let the family take it away, or at least it is better to solve it privately than to make trouble, and it affects their hotel’s reputation better.

“The room can’t live anymore, I have to change it.”

Ameli Su, who got up, put on slippers, and a bathrobe swayed at the front desk like this, not afraid of others seeing her fragrant chest and long white legs. There was a fire in Christian’s eyes. He took off his long windbreaker jacket and put it directly on Ameli Su’s shoulder. “You should wear more.” “The lobby is all heated. It’s hot.”

Ameli Su took off impatiently, “I’ll find my own clothes to wear when I’m cold.”

“I don’t want you to be seen.”

“I am not your property.” Ameli Su put her finger upright. On Christian’s lips, “I don’t need your consent to do things, and I’m not breaking the law. Your possessiveness is your business, it’s nothing to do with me, so don’t say that you feel handsome and masculine next time. It’s silly in my eyes.”

Men who feel good about themselves think that saying this will make women feel “Wow! Good man!”.

In fact, Ameli Su didn’t care, and hated to make this look like she cares how much she can be seen by others.

Because essentially Christian still wanted to see, he also liked this kind of vulgar woman, he was just selfish and didn’t want to show it to others.

Tang only had a meal.

I didn’t expect to hear such words from Ameli Su’s mouth. This kind of argument is really interesting, maybe only from Ameli Su’s mouth.

She was like standing opposite to all the good things in the world, tired of hearing the so-called moving and coaxing words of women, the sword went slant, and interpreted everything into another extreme taste.

I am not moved, and I will not be hurt by anyone.

I don’t long for warmth, and I won’t be afraid of human indifference at all.

Christian pulled Ameli Su, “Yes, I am selfish, and I don’t want you to show it to others.”

After speaking, he took the new room card from the front desk and dragged Ameli Su directly into the elevator. I’m not a good person, you don’t need to have much good thoughts about me. It’s better to just think of me as an indiscriminate bastard. Maybe it won my heart.”

Ameli Su was in the elevator, looking at Christian with those rich green eyes. , Curled her lips, “Are you planning to take down Jammy?” With a shock, Christian was a little surprised, “Guessed?”

“Of course.” Ameli Su stroked his hair, “What are you going to do after the end? Rong Nan is down, everything is over, and you and I have nothing to do with you.” The past evils have been completely cut off, so she and Christian have nothing left.

“There will be.”

Christian looked at Ameli Su with an affectionate expression that was almost abnormal, and said, “Marry me. “

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