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Chapter 1042

However, when their thoughts just came to mind, the screams of their companions rang in their ears.

“Oh!” A

scream made everyone couldn’t help but feel cold.

“Is this the thong-arm fist you learned from the Chen family? Is the fist technique too bad, or your learning skills?” On the other side, sheldon took a step back, with his right hand behind him, and asked in a cold voice.

In the moment of the fight, sheldon’s fist hit the opponent’s arm directly, exploding with great force, causing his arms to fracture directly, not to mention the punches, and eating later will be a problem.

After screaming, the man directly dropped his hands and looked at sheldon with a curse expression in his eyes.

He didn’t understand why sheldon was able to injure him in such a brutal way under the open-arm fist, and this was just a simple power gap, sheldon did not use any infuriating energy at all.

“If Chen Diancang wants to clean up me, then send someone with a slightly stronger strength, you don’t have enough to look at it.” sheldon stretched out his hand and shook it, smiling.

“You are so presumptuous!”

Hearing sheldon’s exit insulting their patriarch, the remaining three people instantly became annoyed.

The three of them did not hesitate and galloped towards sheldon from three different directions. They thought that one-on-one might not be sheldon’s opponent, but three-on-one, they would definitely win.

The smile on sheldon’s face was closed, and he quickly picked up a stone from the ground and popped it to the left.

“Pop!” The

bullet hit the man on the left directly. After the pain, he immediately stopped and reached out to touch it. The blood flowed from the stone on his face.

When the other two were not even close to sheldon’s body, they felt a flash of afterimages in front of them, and then felt a sharp pain in their chest. Before they could react to what was going on, their bodies flew out directly.

He kept falling to the ground four or five meters away before stopping.

The two fell to the ground almost at the same time, and at the same time spit out a mouthful of blood.

“Just because of your three-legged cats’ skills, you dare to come and provoke me. For the sake of you are disciples of the Chen family, I will save you a life. Go back and tell Chen Diancang. If you want to take care of me, I will send someone with strong strength. , Otherwise I will kill on Youlong Island sooner or later and take his dog with my own hands…”

sheldon gritted his teeth, but he stopped abruptly before finishing his words .

In the face of his grandfather, even though he took away his parents and sister, sheldon still couldn’t kill him.

“Go, go!”

They no longer had the courage to compete with sheldon before, and they knew that they weren’t sheldon’s opponent at all, and they would have to die here if they continued to fight.


Looking at their backs leaving in embarrassment, sheldon exhaled a long breath.

Under the gaze of everyone on the island, the four helped each other all the way to the pier, and quickly left in a boat.

“He is the grandson of the patriarch?”

“I haven’t heard of it. Why does the patriarch send someone to do

something with his grandson?” “Who knows, the patriarch’s affairs have nothing to do with us, so let’s do something about it? , In case it gets involved, there is definitely no end to it!”

The clansmen of the clan were all staring at sheldon, but after watching for a while, they dispersed.

“Brother Chen, are you okay?” As soon as the ship left the island, Bai Xiaofei rushed down. “Brother Chen, they are all sent by your grandfather. If you want me to follow them directly, we will definitely find Youlong Island. ! “

” forget it. “Chen song helpless shook his head.

“How can this be forgotten, we ventured to Nanyue and arrived here again, don’t we just want to find the location of Youlong Island!” Bai Xiaofei asked quickly, a little puzzled.

“Can’t follow.” Before sheldon could speak, Guishuo followed.

“Why?” Bai Xiaofei turned his head.

“Chen Diancang already knows that we have arrived on this island. He must be fully prepared. If he rashly follows up, not only will he not be able to rescue people, but it may even put us in, and you have to know a little bit, sheldon’s parents are in their hands. It doesn’t matter if we risk ourselves, but we can’t risk his parents’ lives.” Guishuan explained with a frown.

“Yes, I think the ghost operator is the same.” sheldon smiled helplessly and shook his head.

“But they are clearly close at hand!” Bai Xiaofei clenched a fist and hammered his thigh, annoyed.

“The closer you are, the more you have to be careful.” sheldon turned his head and walked back. He already knew in his heart what Chen Diancang wanted to do, but he was helpless.

Whoever allows himself to stand completely in a passive situation can only continue to respond, resolve Chen Diancang’s provocations again and again, and then look for opportunities from it.

night, four uniform standing in front of Chen Wu.

One had a broken arm, one had wet blood and scars on his face, and the other two held their chests.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Wu frowned when he saw them look miserable.

“That sheldon’s strength was unexpectedly strong, and he defeated us without using any cultivation base.” The four of them looked left and right, still gritted their teeth.





Four slaps sounded.

“You four trash, the cultivation base belongs to the upper middle reaches of the Chen family, and the four of them joined together and didn’t knock sheldon down!” Chen Wu couldn’t help standing up, and asked angrily, “Let’s say, how much did he lose? Injury!”

“No…no…” The

four of them looked at each other and said with difficulty.

“What are you talking about? sheldon was not injured?!” Chen Wu grinned and pointed at the four of them, “You said, you have become like this, sheldon has nothing to do?!”

“Master Chen Wu sheldon’s strength is indeed very strong. We are not opponents at all. If it weren’t for him to consider us as disciples of the Chen family, I’m afraid the four of us would die on Gong Island.”

One of them bit the bullet and said.

“Get out of here!”

Chen Wu slammed his teacup to the ground and shouted loudly.

After they left, Chen Wu kept panting and pacing back and forth in the living room. He didn’t know what the family did for raising such a bunch of people, and he didn’t believe in sheldon’s strength. So strong.

A wild cultivator should be very weak and vulnerable. How could he easily beat the disciples in the family like this? Even he can’t guarantee that he can defeat these four people 100%.

Hearing this news now made him unacceptable.

“Fuck, how could a sheldon be so strong? If you keep him, it will definitely become a hindrance to me. Don’t look at the patriarch who says to deal with it, but who can tell, he can keep the blood of the Chen family in his body!”

After pacing a few laps, Chen Wu sat on the chair and said with his fists clenched.

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