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Chapter 537

Alyssa returned to the car and fell into deep thought.

When Clifford received her call at noon, his reaction was a bit wrong.

And the words of the assistant just now made Alyssa a little bit cloudy.

Clifford’s assistant said that he gave Clifford a takeaway at noon, which means that Clifford did not go to Best Day.

His assistant didn’t need to lie to her about such trivial matters.

Think about it in reverse. If what Clifford’s assistant said is true, then who was the “Clifford” she met at Best Day at noon?

Are there really two people who look exactly the same in the world?

Alyssa grew up so old that she had never met two people who were completely unrelated and looked exactly the same.

At best, the twins will look alike.

However, not every pair of twins look exactly the same.

Karl and Claire are twin brothers and sisters. Although they are brothers and sisters, they look very similar in terms of their appearance and features.

So far, her understanding of Clifford is only limited to Clifford.

As for the family background behind Clifford, she didn’t know anything about his relatives and whether he had any other friends.

Thinking of this, the possibility that Clifford has twin brothers cannot be ruled out.

Alyssa glanced at Clifford’s psychological examination room through the car window, and then started the car and left.

No matter how much she thinks now, it’s just her guess.

What the facts are, you still need to find Clifford to confirm.

When Alyssa drove back to the villa, she saw Karl’s car parked at the gate of the villa.

She checked the time, it was just five o’clock.

Does Karl work so early today?

As soon as she thought of this, Karl’s car door was opened from inside.

The next moment, Karl’s tall and straight figure came out and appeared in Alyssa’s sight.

Today’s temperature had dropped again. Karl was still wearing a thin suit, standing straight there, looking over to Alyssa.

His face remained unchanged, as if he were not cold at all.

Alyssa hesitated, opened the door and got out of the car, and walked in the direction of Karl.

Stopped two steps away from him.

When she looked at Karl, Karl was also looking at her.

The two looked at each other in silence for a few seconds, and Alyssa asked him aloud, “You got off work so early?”

Almost at the same time, Karl also said, “Where have you been?”

After the two said, they were all startled.

Karl curled his eyebrows, the emotions in his eyes were complicated and difficult to distinguish.

Alyssa knew that if she didn’t speak first, Karl would never speak first.

“Where did I go, shouldn’t you know it very well?” He sent her bodyguards early in the morning, who followed her since she went out in the morning. Those bodyguards will definitely tell Karl what she is doing like Owls.

She remembered that when she first married Karl, there was not even a maid in his villa, but bodyguards.

Karl didn’t know what magic power was. His bodyguards were extremely loyal to him.

When Karl heard the words, the corners of his lips pulled up a non-temperature arc, with a gloomy expression, and asked her coldly, “Where did you come back from?”

His eyes told Alyssa that he had guessed that she had gone to Clifford’s.

She thought too naively, thinking that she would be fine if she got rid of the bodyguard assigned to her by Karl. With Karl’s keenness, how could she hide it?

Alyssa pursed her lips, and chose to tell the truth: “Clifford’s clinic!”

Anyway, Karl had already guessed it, but it would be boring for her to cover it up.

The two had already quarreled about Clifford yesterday, and Alyssa could see that Karl was already angry again, but he didn’t show it.

If she kept covering up at this time, Karl might be even more angry.

“Heh.” Karl just sneered, turned around and went in without saying anything.

Alyssa stared at his back for a moment, and then strode towards chasing him: “Karl!”

When Karl heard her calling him, instead of stopping, he walked faster.

Alyssa also quickened her pace and explained to him as she walked: “I went to find Clifford because of serious things. Besides, he was not in the clinic, and I did not see him.”

Karl still ignored her, but Alyssa couldn’t help but ran forward to hold him.

She stood in front of him and shivered when she saw his face.

His expression was frighteningly cold.

She was seen by his cold eyes, and subconsciously let go of the hand holding his arm.

Karl lowered his head and looked at her, what he said seemed to be squeezed out word by word from the gap between his teeth.

“If you met him, when do you plan to come back? Tonight or tomorrow morning, or don’t you plan to come back?”

When he said this, he looked at her eyes as if he was looking at a wife who had just returned from outside.

Alyssa was irritated by his words and couldn’t help raising her hand, but when she touched Karl’s icy eyes, the hand raised in the air was tightly closed.

“I will explain to you one last time. Between me and Clifford, we are clean and innocent. Believe it or not.” After Alyssa said, she glanced outside the villa.

If she had not given birth to Grace a few years ago, she might have just rushed out in the face of such a situation.

However, when she left home in the morning, she tOld Grace that she would come back to make meatballs for her in the evening.

She was angry with Karl, but she had to honor what she had said to Grace.

She talked to Grace after the last banquet, and everything she said later would count.

Alyssa took a deep breath, turned and walked towards the hall.

The location where she and Karl were just now was in the middle of the courtyard of the villa, some distance from the hall door.

During this short journey, Alyssa calmed down her mood.

As soon as she entered the hall, the servant respectfully nodded and said: “Young lady!”

Alyssa asked her: “Where is Grace?”

Before the maid could speak, Grace’s voice came over: “Grace is here!”

Alyssa looked over and found that Grace was being led downstairs by the maid.

She also took a picture book in her hand, and jumped down the stairs.

Seeing Alyssa looking at her, she raised the drawing book in her hand and said cheerfully: “Look, mom, I drew two big apples.”

“Okay, you walk well. You can’t jump on the stairs. Mom is here to wait for you to come down.” Alyssa was originally unhappy, but after seeing Grace again, it disappeared.

Chapter 538

After listening to Alyssa’s words, Grace walked obediently and stopped bouncing.

As soon as she arrived in the hall, she immediately let go of the maid’s hand and rushed towards Alyssa.

Alyssa squatted down, caught the little meat dumplings flying over, and k!ssed her on the cheek.

Grace is now full of apples drawn by herself, and she has no time to care about Alyssa’s beloved k!ss.

She turned the picture book to the page of the apple she drew like a treasure, and showed Alyssa: “Mom, look at the apple I drew.”

The colorful lines cover the whole drawing paper very casually, so why can’t I see the shape of an apple?

But Grace was obviously very happy.

While flipping through the painting book, she said to herself: “I will draw three more apples and meatballs…”

Alyssa found that Grace seemed to like painting very much.

It’s just that she is too young now, she can’t draw anything at all, she only knows to choose the color she likes to paint on the painting book.

Since Grace likes it, Alyssa will not dampen her enthusiasm.

Alyssa hugged her and sat down on the sofa, then took the drawing book, looked at it very seriously for a while, then smiled and said to Grace: “The painting is awesome, but I believe you will draw better in the future!”

Hearing this, Grace happily covered her mouth and narrowed her eyes, as if she was very shy.

Alyssa reached out and nodded her forehead: “Is my Grace still shy?”

“Hehe…” Grace grabbed Alyssa’s hand and smiled happily.

At this time, Karl also came in from outside.

Children like to get recognition and praise from close people, and Grace is no exception.

When she saw Karl, she took the drawing book and ran towards him.

Alyssa knew that Karl was in a bad mood, so she stood up a little worried and called out, “Grace!”

But Grace didn’t hear her, she stomped on her shoes and ran to Karl, holding up her drawing book: “Dad, dad, look at the apple I painted, two big apples…”

Karl’s already frowned brows, after seeing the “apple” in Grace’s painting book, his brows tightened even more.

Alyssa secretly said that it was not good, so she called out, “Karl!”

She was worried that he would talk nonsense.

He seemed to be not as good to Grace recently and not as patient as before. She was really worried that he would say something ugly like “What kind of ghost painting” the next moment.

Karl raised his eyelids, took a look at her, then retracted his gaze, and fell his gaze on Grace’s painting book.

After two seconds, he said a word aloud: “Yeah.”

Without receiving Karl’s praise, although Grace was a bit disappointed, she curled her lips and said, “Okay.”

She retracted the painting book, looked up at Karl with a blink of her eyes, then pursed her mouth, and walked towards Alyssa.

As soon as she left, Karl went upstairs without looking back.

After Grace approached, Alyssa reached out and touched her head, and said, “Dad also thinks you painted well.”

After hearing Alyssa’s words, Grace looked up at her with a little bun-like face and looked at her dumbfounded.

Did dad praise her just now?

“Daddy just thinks that you painted well, you have to work harder! Come on!” Alyssa made a cheering gesture at her.

Grace also followed up with a gesture of cheering, and then he giggled.

It’s great to be a kid, know nothing, just a few words can make you happy for a long time.

Alyssa raised her head and looked upstairs, thinking of Karl’s words just now, she couldn’t help frowning.

Old men are much more difficult to coax than children.

But this time, she really didn’t want to coax him.

Alyssa retracted her gaze and led Grace to the kitchen: “Okay, let’s make meatballs now!”

“Okay! Make meatballs!” Grace jumped for joy.

It’s a good thing to be able to come back home to accompany the children after spending a day outside.

Alyssa planned to make several meatballs for each type of meat, mainly for Grace. She was too young to eat much, and she could make them soon.

She had already made meatballs anyway, so she made dinner too

It may be because of revenge, Alyssa cooked the dinner very lightly, and there was no dish that met Karl’s taste.

When eating, Alyssa paid special attention to Karl’s expression.

When he took the first bite, his brows were furrowed, and then he raised his head and glanced at Alyssa, as if he had eaten this dish made by Alyssa.

Alyssa tilted her head slightly and gave him a provocative look.

Karl said nothing, lowered his head and ate silently.

Alyssa snorted, she really thought that Karl wouldn’t even eat the dishes she cooked.

Facts have proved that Karl not only did not stop eating, but also ate more than usual.

It’s just that he went upstairs as soon as he ate, eating faster than Grace.

Grace saw Karl going out, blinked her big eyes and pointed at his back, and said to Alyssa, “Dad is gone!”

Alyssa stretched out her hand to remove the rice grains from the corner of Grace’s mouth, smiled and said, “He is full.”

“Oh.” Grace glanced down at the green vegetables left in her bowl, then turned to Alyssa and said, “I’m full.”

Alyssa pointed to the greens in her bowl: “You will be full by eating two more greens.”

Grace looked reluctant: “I’m full.”

Alyssa didn’t laugh with her anymore, her face became a little serious: “Eat the vegetables.”

“Okay…” Seeing that Alyssa stopped smiling, Grace had to compromise and eat the vegetables.

After she finished eating the vegetables, Alyssa let her go.

Alyssa leaned back in the chair, remembered something, and took out the phone.

There are no unread WeChat messages, no SMS or missed calls.

Clifford did not call her.

Logically speaking, if Clifford knew that she had been to him, he would have contacted her.

Could it be that after she left, Clifford didn’t return to the clinic?

Alyssa thinks this possibility is very high.

She found Clifford’s phone number in the address book, after hesitating, she dialed.

The phone rang several times and no one answered it until it was automatically hung up.

Alyssa made another phone call, this time it rang twice and was hung up.

The phone was connected and hung up with two beeps. Generally speaking, it may have been manually hung up.

Clifford hang up her phone?

What can he do at this time?

Alyssa made another call, but this time the call could not be made through.

“Sorry, the phone you dialed is turned off…”

Alyssa was shocked. Clifford was a cautious person. When she was living with him, she had never seen his mobile phone shut down without power.

Isn’t something wrong?

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  1. So true. Even if he’s not the hypnotist, why can’t she just consider Karl’s feelings. If she’s more concerned with Cliffofd at the cost of jeopardizing her relationship with Karl then there’s seriously something wrong.
    So selfish. -.-

  2. Alyssa is so stubborn and hateful now,,why can’t she believe that clifford is the hypnotist of karl??please upload more more chapters as fast as you can please????

  3. 😲…. The time for tomorrow (and tomorrow’s 2 * 8 chapter) can only go too slowly.

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