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Chapter 575

Martin’s words were spoken to Alyssa, the voice was very low, and it happened that only he and Alyssa could hear it.

When talking quietly, the two inevitably got close together, and they seemed very close.

Karl kept looking at the two of them, and his expression became even more ugly.

Alyssa heard Martin’s words and moved her lips, but she didn’t know what she should say at this time.

At this moment, what she said seemed inappropriate.

She couldn’t give up her plan, as for Karl…

Karl laughed suddenly, the laughter sounded with a hint of self-deprecating.

In the next moment, his voice returned to its usual coldness, and his deep voice rang loudly: “Let them go!”

Smith hesitated and seemed to want to speak, but finally he sighed and said nothing.

“Release people.” He waved his hand, motioning for the bodyguards to release people.

The bodyguard immediately stepped aside and gave way to Martin and Alyssa.

Smith in winter was already very cold. When a gust of wind blew over, Alyssa shivered from the cold, and her hands and feet became cold in an instant.

Alyssa was held hostage by Martin and walked outside the villa, desperately desperate, and did not look back.

The two quickly walked out of the villa.

At the same time, a car drove over and stopped in front of them.

The car door opened, and Daisy, wearing a black woolen coat, got out of the car, wearing leather boots and a ponytail. She looked heroic, completely different from the impression she had given to Alyssa before.

She looked at Martin, with an invisible smile in her eyes, and her tone was respectful: “Sir.”

Martin didn’t say anything, but just pushed Alyssa to her.

“Miss Alyssa, we meet again.” After Daisy finished speaking, she took her arm, pushed her into the car, and immediately got into the car.

As soon as Daisy got in, the door closed, the driver consciously drove the car forward.

Alyssa turned her head in surprise and looked out the car window: “Where is Martin?”

Daisy explained to her patiently: “For Sir, there are other things, he is very busy.”

After hearing her words, Alyssa couldn’t help but glanced at her again.

The street lights outside the window would shine into the car from time to time, allowing Alyssa to see her face clearly.

Daisy is still the Daisy, but it is completely different from the little maid Daisy that Alyssa met before. There is no longer the weakness of the little maid between her eyes, she is full of firmness and confidence.

As if seeing Alyssa’s thoughts, Daisy smiled and said, “What are you looking at? I just changed my clothes.”

Alyssa couldn’t laugh, “Martin asked you to come over to meet?”

“Of course.” Daisy said of Martin, even her tone of voice became a little excited: “Boss is very smart, he guessed it early in the morning, you will definitely try it.”

“I can’t tell that he understands me that way.” Although Alyssa’s words sounded plain, her hands hanging beside her were already clenched.

In the courtyard of the villa.

After Martin and Alyssa left the villa, Karl, who had been standing still, suddenly said, “Stop them!”

The bodyguard stared at each other, but they didn’t understand why Karl had repented, so naturally he didn’t move.

When he understood Karl, he said, “Stop Martin and Madam, didn’t you hear!”

He just wanted to say that he couldn’t really let Madam and Martin go like this, but he didn’t dare to persuade him just now when he saw that Karl was so determined.

When a group of bodyguards went out, there happened to be a car speeding away from the door of the villa, and another car was left at the door, as well as Martin, who was sitting in the car and did not leave.

The bodyguard opened the door of the car and took a closer look. He was sure that there was only Martin inside. He was about to chase the car that had just driven away, and Karl came out.

When the bodyguard saw it, he immediately stepped forward and said, “Sir, the young lady is not in the car. It should be that the car that has already left.”

“It is rumored in the business community that Mr. Adams is determined to kill, saying that he will do everything simply and neatly, but I don’t think so.”

While talking, Martin walked out of the car. He looked at Karl and smiled, and said slowly: “Only let me go with the front foot, and come out with the back foot to catch me back? Don’t know Mr. Adams is in the business field. , Is he always so indecisive.”

Martin is a very smart person. He knew in his heart that Karl would suddenly rush out for Alyssa, but he deliberately didn’t mention her.

Karl’s face was sullen, and his voice was trembling: “Your brother Clifford is a psychologist. I have a question. Can a psychologist treat?”

Don’t know where his words touched Martin’s inverse scales, causing Martin’s complexion to suddenly change, and his original gentle complexion suddenly sank.

Immediately, Martin sneered, and his eyes fell on Karl’s body: “The gunshot wound three years ago should be almost healed. I don’t know if your mother was kidnapped and committed suicide in front of you more than ten years ago. It has left trauma in your heart. If you need it, I can look at Alyssa’s face and introduce you to a few psychologists.”

Every word of him means something.

After Martin finished speaking, he returned to the car.

Smith was about to let people stop Martin, but Karl raised his hand to stop him.

Smith said with a serious face: “Sir, three years ago, you got a gunshot wound. Apart from us, only the young lady knew about it. The young lady would never tell him this kind of thing. He would know about it, clearly. It has something to do with your gunshot wound three years ago! How can you let him go!”

Three years ago, when Karl married Alyssa, he was closely investigating the kidnapping case of his mother, but he met another group of people who were investigating the kidnapping case at the same time. The two sides had a dispute. Karl suffered a gunshot wound.

Karl raised his eyes slightly, and the emotions in his eyes were complex and difficult to distinguish: “I was only suspicious before, but now I can be sure that the gunshot wounds I received back then were caused by someone with the surname Dixon, and they are also investigating the kidnapping case.”

Karl paused, and continued: “In the past, except for Adams’ family, outsiders didn’t know that my mother committed suicide.”

“Sir meant… they were also related to the kidnapping case back then?” Smith showed an incredulous look on his face.

This was originally an old case. When he followed Karl, Karl was investigating this incident. Later, when he found out on Adams’ family, he thought the incident was over.

Unexpectedly, in the end, someone else knew the details of the kidnapping case.

“The young lady…” Smith couldn’t help but worry about Alyssa.

He knew that Alyssa had no special defense against Martin because of Clifford.

“She is willing to be clever, just let her go!” Although Karl said so, his tight complexion still revealed his worry.

Chapter 576

Since Karl would say that, it was naturally impossible to listen to others’ persuasion.

Even though Smith had the intention, he did not speak to him.

There is no right or wrong in this matter.

Karl had his own plan, although he had not rescued Grace, but the premise was that he knew that Grace was safe, so he had the intention to hesitate.

In his heart, although Grace’s position was ranked behind Alyssa, it didn’t mean that he didn’t love Grace. Naturally, it was impossible to really leave her alone and ignore her.

He was only procrastinating on the premise that he was completely sure of Grace’s personal safety, and wanted to come up with a perfect solution.

But Alyssa’s thoughts were different from him. Even if Grace hadn’t had an accident, she was still in danger. Therefore, Alyssa couldn’t think about other things rationally like Karl.

She just wants to see Grace.

While thinking about things, Smith followed Karl towards the villa.

He could clearly feel the cold breath and low pressure emanating from Karl, and he guessed that Karl was still angry.

As for what he was angry with, Smith couldn’t guess.

Maybe it was Mrs. Adams, or maybe it was himself.

When the two men walked to the entrance of the hall, Karl suddenly stopped and called out, “Smith.”

Karl didn’t look back, but when he heard the sound, he only saw his back.

Smith looked at him slightly and asked, “What’s wrong, Sir?”

Karl was silent for a moment, then said in a low voice, “Send someone to follow.”

“Who to follow?” Smith didn’t react at once.

“Who did you follow?” Karl turned his head and glanced at him coldly.

Smith immediately realized that Karl asked him to send someone to follow Martin’s car.

Smith showed a smile on his face and said clearly: “Someone has been sent to follow him.”

In matters related to Alyssa, he had never guessed that he missed Karl’s thoughts. No matter how angry or indifferent Karl was on the surface, it was impossible to really be angry with Alyssa.

Karl stared at him, squinting his eyes slightly, no emotions could be seen on his face.

It wasn’t until Smith that he saw that his back was a little hairy, and he said aloud, “You are very self-assertive now.”

There was no emotion in Karl’s voice, but when he was familiar with him, he could hear the anger hidden under this calmness.

“Who did you learn from? Alyssa?” Karl sneered, “Very good!”

After speaking, Karl walked into the hall.

Until Karl could no longer be seen, Smith sighed in relief, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and muttered: “Every time you get provoked by the young lady, you will anger others…”

The bodyguard who followed him heard Smith’s words and said in agreement, “That’s not it, Sir He…”

Smith turned his head and glared at the bodyguard: “What did you say?”

Bodyguard: “…nothing.”

The black car was speeding in the night, shuttled on the crisscross road.

Alyssa looked at the scenery going backwards and flying away from the window, and couldn’t tell which street it was.

Sometimes there are high-rise buildings outside the car window, and sometimes there are park trees outside the window.

Alyssa looked at it and finally realized that they were deliberately detouring.

Is this afraid that she will remember the way she came?

Alyssa turned her head and asked Daisy: “Where are you taking me?”

Daisy smiled, and her tone sounded very gentle: “Of course I am taking you to see your daughter.”

“But you have been detouring.”

“You should know very well what kind of person Karl is. The opponent is a character like Karl. Of course we have to be more cautious.” Daisy said frankly and did not shy away at all.

Alyssa frowned slightly: “Opponent?”

“Yes.” The smile on Daisy’s face became even brighter, and she deliberately slowed down her speech: “You won’t even think that our purpose is just you, right?”

As she spoke, Daisy leaned against Alyssa: “Our goal is part of you, but more of it is aimed at…”

She paused, and took a look at Alyssa’s expression, and then added the following words one by one, “Karl.”

Daisy finished speaking, but did not see the panic and panic expected from Alyssa’s face.

“You are so afraid of Karl, it seems that you have done a lot of work on him.” Alyssa laughed low, with a hint of sarcasm in the laughter: “Where is Clifford? He played again in this. What kind of role did he play?”

Alyssa especially wanted to know what kind of role Clifford played.

She didn’t know what Clifford’s purpose was, but she suspected that Clifford’s rescue of her back then had something to do with what Clifford was doing now.

If that were the case, she could hardly imagine how deep Clifford’s mind was.

However, before seeing Clifford, she was only skeptical, and would not directly hold these things on Clifford’s body.

Daisy, who was still calm at first, suddenly stopped speaking and fell silent after hearing her words.

The silence came suddenly and somewhat abnormal.

With a bad premonition in Alyssa’s heart, her face changed slightly, and she asked sharply, “Why don’t you speak, what’s wrong with Clifford?”

Daisy ignored Alyssa, and said directly to the driver, “Okay, you don’t need to go around.”

After getting the order from Daisy, the driving man increased the speed, circled the block a few times, and turned very faintly, and finally drove to the suburbs.

There were street lights in the first section of the road, but after driving to the back, there were no street lights.

Both sides of the road are dark, there is no moonlight on the winter night, and night is like a huge beast, waiting to swallow everything.

There were waves of chill in Alyssa’s heart, always feeling that Martin’s purpose was more than that simple.

She subconsciously squeezed her hand and said again: “Daisy!”

“Shut up! You have to know what identity you have now.” Her tone is no longer as relaxed as before, and her words are full of indifference: “You are not a guest now, you are just a hostage held by us!”

The obvious difference in attitude before and after Daisy is only because Alyssa just mentioned Clifford.

Judging from Daisy’s reaction, she must know Clifford.

Why is Daisy so secretive of Clifford?

“You told me to shut up and shut up? I don’t.” Alyssa raised her chin slightly, deliberately making a look of reluctance.

“You…” Daisy choked, since she had been in contact with Alyssa, she knew that Alyssa was a very reasonable person, but she never expected that she would be so naive against her.

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