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Chapter 577

Daisy grinned with anger, “Alyssa, don’t think if I’m polite to you, you put your nose on your eyes!”

Alyssa reacted very quickly, and then directly said to her: “You can be kind to me.”

“If it weren’t for…” Daisy just said a few words, then stopped abruptly, as if she realized that she had said something that shouldn’t be said.

Alyssa leaned forward and accurately took Daisy’s arm in the dim car: “What if it’s not? Go on.”

“I didn’t say anything.” Daisy said in a cold tone, and immediately shook Alyssa’s hand.

However, she shook Alyssa vigorously several times.

Daisy suppressed her anger and said, “You let go, I don’t want to be your opponent.”

“After you finish speaking, I’ll let go.” Alyssa still held her tightly.

“Let go!” Daisy had already reached out and held Alyssa’s wrist. There was a hint of warning in her voice. She warned Alyssa again that if Alyssa didn’t let go, she would have to act on Alyssa.

When she was in Martin’s house, Alyssa guessed that Daisy was a practicing girl. Although she had fought with Tina in Secondary Two when she was a teenager, she still had formal training with Daisy. It’s a far cry.

As long as Daisy wanted to tear her hand apart, it was completely effortless.

However, Alyssa still did not let go.

At this time, Daisy was already angered by Alyssa. Seeing Alyssa still did not let go, she would pull her away while holding Alyssa’s wrist.

But Alyssa’s grip was too tight. With Daisy’s strength, if Alyssa’s hand was pulled away with brute force, it would definitely fracture Alyssa’s hand.

Alyssa felt that Daisy’s hand gripping her wrist had already exerted strength, but suddenly loosened it behind her, pressing her anger and said to Alyssa, “Whatever you want.”

Although Daisy had a pleasant look towards Alyssa before, Alyssa knew that it was just appearance.

Daisy had just become so angry that she wanted to do something to her, but suddenly stopped.

Alyssa’s guess was also confirmed. Someone asked Daisy not to hurt her, and who was this person who asked Daisy to be the one who just said half of what Daisy didn’t say.

It may also be Martin, but if it is Martin, can Daisy just say no?

Fortunately, it was dim in the carriage and couldn’t see each other’s faces clearly. Alyssa thought about so many things in her heart, so she didn’t have to worry about being seen by Daisy.

Alyssa retracted her hand and teased: “I can’t tell that Daisy has such a good temper.”

If she was sure that Daisy would not do anything to hurt her, she had no scruples.

Daisy may have an explosive force rating, but her mind is extremely shallow. Alyssa intentionally agitated her, maybe she could still detect some unexpected news.

But Daisy was obviously very angry and didn’t want to say a word to Alyssa.

She can be instructed by Martin to pick up people, which shows that she is Martin’s capable subordinate, and naturally has some advantages. Among the many subordinates, she is also a very prestigious person.

It’s strange that such a prestigious Daisy was willing to care about her after being harassed by Alyssa for a while.

Alyssa also knew that everything could not be too much, and Daisy ignored her, so she didn’t say much anymore.

The car drove for a long time in the dark.

At least in Alyssa’s opinion, she has been driving for a long time. She hasn’t slept well in the past two days, and she has been a little drowsy.

Although she was a little sleepy, she did not fall asleep.

Until, a brightly lit building appeared in front, like a village.

Alyssa also discovered that there were several brightly lit buildings on the hills beside the village.

When the car drove up the mountain, Alyssa could see clearly that the brightly lit buildings were villas.

This is a garden-style bungalow with a simple style, but it covers a large area. Even at night, it is very designed to look prominent.

The owner of this villa is a very particular person.

As soon as the car stopped steadily, Daisy eagerly opened the door and went down, obviously not wanting to stay with Alyssa for a moment.

Bodyguards and servants came out to greet them.

Alyssa got out of the car behind Daisy, and saw the servants and bodyguards bending towards Daisy and saying, “Miss Daisy.”

Their attitude towards Daisy seemed very respectful, which was the same as Alyssa expected. Daisy was a very prestigious person among them.

This is indeed the case.

Alyssa was about to admire her sharpness.

Daisy nodded at them, her expression arrogant and sharp, she looked very imposing.

Looking at Daisy like this, Alyssa couldn’t help but think of Daisy who was disguised as an innocent little maid in the villa before.

She found that everyone can easily disguise as several faces.

On the contrary, it is a person like Isabel who puts bad eyes on her lips and puts them on the face. It is better to prevent.

And people like Daisy who really have different intentions are especially good at disguising, but they can’t be guarded against. You must always be careful.

“Follow me.”

Alyssa stared at Daisy’s back in a trance, and Daisy suddenly pulled back her thoughts.

This villa looks very big, except for the bodyguards and servants, don’t know who else lives in it. Even if Daisy didn’t say anything, Alyssa would follow her.

Although Alyssa didn’t say a word, Daisy felt upset when she thought that Alyssa deliberately agitated her before, and couldn’t help but choke her out: “You’re learning to be smart now.”

“After all, I am a hostage held by you, and my daughter is still in your hands. How can I not be disobedient.” Alyssa was clearly carrying a bright knife in her words.

They shouldn’t be absolutely right, shouldn’t help Grace.

After Karl was angered, although his temperament was violent, he would not do anything to innocent people. They were women and children.

He is not a good person, but he also has his own principles.

And what is the difference between Martin and the others who kidnapped Grace from Gerald back then?

This alone was enough to make Alyssa hate them.

Thinking of this, Alyssa’s expression became even colder.

She lowered her eyes slightly to prevent Daisy from seeing the emotions in her eyes.

Daisy is not a cruel woman, she still has a little compassion for the child, and tied a child to threaten goodbye, which is indeed not glamorous.

Therefore, even if she heard the thorns in Alyssa’s words, she didn’t say much.

Daisy took Alyssa into the villa.

The villa is very large, with a large spiral staircase.

“I’ll take you to see your daughter first.” There is a lot of space in the villa, and when Daisy spoke, there was a little echo.

“Thank you.” Alyssa’s tone didn’t contain any emotion, let alone thank you.

Daisy glanced at her, then turned around and continued to lead the way.

Chapter 578

Alyssa followed Daisy, and the more she walked up, the quieter she became.

After going upstairs, the corridor is full of echoes of footsteps.

The villa was surprisingly quiet. Just now at the entrance of the villa, Alyssa saw so many bodyguards and servants, which indicated that there should be many people living in the villa.

But at this time, Alyssa felt more and more that there was no popularity in this villa, although servants passed by them from time to time.

At the corner of the corridor, the field of vision became wider again, and going forward, it was a glass flower room.

The light in the glass flower room was dim, and Daisy led her through the glass flower room to a door.

Daisy stopped, looked back at her, and said with a complicated expression, “Go in by yourself.”

When she finished speaking, she opened the door.

Alyssa stood at the door, looking in the direction of the bed.

The big bed was covered with a quilt and a blanket was added. There was a half-covered doll on the head of the bed. Grace was so small that she must be covered by the doll.

Alyssa’s breathing became lighter.

She raised her foot and walked in, and Daisy watched her walk to the bed, closed the door with her backhand, walked back to the glass flower room with her arms, and sat down on a chair.

In the room, Alyssa had already reached the bed.

Almost Grace was buried in the quilt, only half of her head was exposed, breathing evenly, and sleeping deeply.

After adapting to the dim light of the room, Alyssa could see Grace more clearly.

She sat on the carpet in front of the bed and stretched out her hand to pull Grace’s quilt under her chin, revealing her entire face.

Grace’s complexion looked good, her long eyelashes spread out like a fan, and her little nose closed together. She didn’t know what she was dreaming about.

Alyssa looked at Grace, reluctant to move her eyes, she was afraid of waking Grace, so she gently reached out and touched her hair.

Karl said, Grace has a temperament like her.

Alyssa felt that Grace was not like her. Grace was much smarter than her. She was a little spirit. Even in such a strange environment, she could eat and sleep well.

Her daughter may be different from what she imagined.

Alyssa watched Grace by the bed for a while, remembering that Daisy was still outside, pulling the quilt for Grace before getting up and walking outside.

Opening the door, she didn’t see Daisy’s figure, her eyes moved to the glass flower room.

She guessed that Daisy should be there.

Alyssa walked over and saw Daisy sitting among a bunch of flowers with a straight back, as if thinking about something.

Before Alyssa said anything, Daisy turned around and looked at her.

Daisy said directly to Alyssa, “You can live here tonight.”

“Yeah.” Alyssa nodded in response.

After hearing this, Daisy turned and left.

Alyssa was a little surprised. Daisy was here waiting for her, just to say this?

It wasn’t until Daisy’s figure disappeared outside the flower room that Alyssa turned around and returned to Grace’s room.

Daisy just walked to the corridor, and some of her subordinates came over from the front.

Seeing her, her subordinates respectfully said: “Miss Daisy.”

Daisy nodded very slightly and asked, “Is Boss back?”

“Not yet.”

Hearing this, Daisy frowned slightly and thought for a while, her face changed slightly and said: “Send someone to look after that woman and her child.”

As she said, she hurried out.

Too much happened this night, Alyssa was nervous, and after riding this far in the car, now seeing Grace who was peaceful and healthy, she felt much more relaxed.

She went to bed with extremely light movements, and looked at Grace with one hand on her head, and then fell asleep after a while.

When she woke up again, she was awakened by the itch on her face.

When she slept in a daze, she felt as if something was crawling on her face, soft and weak, and itchy.

Alyssa opened her eyes suddenly, and she met Grace’s small face.

Grace was tapping her fingers one by one on Alyssa’s face. Seeing Alyssa suddenly woke up, she widened her eyes and threw herself into Alyssa’s arms, calling her excitedly: ” mom!”

Alyssa felt the enthusiasm from Grace, smiled and hugged her: “Does Grace miss her mother?”

“Yes.” Grace acted like a baby in Alyssa’s arms.

Alyssa’s complexion was slightly stagnant, and then gently asked her: “Is it fun here?”

“Yeah.” Grace nodded first, then shook her head again.

“Is that fun or not?” Alyssa asked her patiently, trying to guess from Grace’s mouth whether she would live here well.

Although it seemed that they treated Grace well, she still wanted to confirm.

Grace tilted her head slightly, her small eyebrows wrinkled into a figure eight again, and she looked very serious.

She thought very seriously for a while before she said: “Uncle Dixon plays with me, but I miss you.”

“Uncle Dixon?” Alyssa knew she was talking about Martin.

Grace smiled and nodded, turned around and hugged the rag doll she was holding to sleep last night, with an expression of offering treasures: “Uncle Dixon bought this for me. Give it to you.”

Alyssa took the doll and took a closer look. It was very cute and fluffy. It was obvious that Grace liked it very much, otherwise she would not give it to Alyssa.

Alyssa asked tentatively, “Uncle Dixon is so good?”

“Yes, he is so good.” Grace followed her words and nodded in agreement.

The smile on Alyssa’s face faded a little, and she was lost in thought.

Grace had seen Clifford before. She had a good memory. Clifford and Martin were almost exactly the same. Grace had a good memory, so she naturally remembered Clifford and regarded Martin as Clifford.

In a completely unfamiliar place, children will naturally become dependent on the only person they know.

During this period, Grace and Martin got along, so naturally they depended on Martin.

At this time, there was a slight knock on the door outside.

As soon as Grace heard the knock on the door, her eyes lit up: “Eat breakfast.”

Seeing her like this, Alyssa laughed and said, “They come to ask you to have breakfast every morning?”

However, Grace didn’t answer her words, and slid from the bed to the ground with both hands and feet, and ran to open the door.

The door handle was a little high, Grace held the door handle with her toes and turned to open the door.

The maid outside the door said with a smile, “Good morning, Grace.”

“Good morning.” Grace replied politely, and couldn’t wait to ask: “Is it going to be breakfast?”

The servant still smiled and said softly: “Yes.”

Alyssa followed with Grace’s coat, first put the coat on Grace, and then said to the maid, “Thank you, we will come down after we wash.”

The servant nodded slightly, and Grace followed Alyssa’s tone, closing the door and saying, “Thank you, we will come down soon.”

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