His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1919

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Chapter 1919

Christian never thought that Ameli Su would be able to face other people’s bad words so calmly. She would show an injured expression when she changed to the old one, but now… she won’t.

She was as plain as if she was watching a passerby, and it was herself who had a knife stuck in her body.

“It’s normal for people to be malicious to others.”

Ameli Su found that Christian was more nervous than herself, and grinned, “Isn’t it okay for others to be malicious to me? You like me and you can’t ask others to hate them. Me.”

“But they don’t know you.”

“Can’t you hate me if you don’t know me? I have the right to hate anyone or any country, and others have it. Of course, my hatred is not too old. For strangers, it can even be regarded as nosy. So my dislikes are indifferent to others, and their dislikes are also to me.”

Ameli Su lifted her hair lightly and moved very casually. “Isn’t it normal for them who haven’t experienced the past to make such comments? What else?”

These thoughts have long been beyond Christian’s expectation. He only felt that they were so numb and mature. Ameli Su made people feel distressed. He sighed, returned the phone, and said, “Next, we can announce the news of Sarah An’s death. If you turn out the old accounts, the netizens’ ability to pick up the past is much better than ours.”

Sarah An’s death Once they were put back into the public’s view, some people would find that the car exploded on the day of Sarah An’s death, and there were no bones left. There were also gossips saying that Sarah An thought about committing suicide in prison. The very similar woman was shot and lost her life in the public. Later, Sarah An also died strangely. This series of things will become more and more suspicious when they are linked together.

Is there a real master behind him who is at large?

Water can carry and overturn a boat.

Jammy, don’t you trust the cold and powerful right in your hands to not betray yourself?

But did you know that under the throne of power, it is the people who pile it up.

–It’s us.

“Your Excellency, recently…” Ace put the iPad in front of Jammy. They recently made a speech tour in a city. This is necessary to communicate with the masses and to comfort the people and bring them closer. At this moment, he was squeezing his brows and hearing Ace’s words with hesitation, he opened his eyes and glanced at Ace, “What happened?”

What other tricks can Christian have? Ameli Su has become a lunatic. As he wanted, he caused the separation of the two and stimulated Ameli Su’s schizophrenia. Christian was too busy to handle it. How could he still have time to make trouble?

“The news from decades ago seems to have been turned out… Recently, the whole people have eaten melons, somehow…” Ace searched the hot searches in real time to Jammy, and Sarah An’s death caused a lot of discussion. Some people even started conspiracy theories saying that Sarah An died so weird in the end, maybe it was the forces behind that they were afraid of her spitting out more news, so they chose to kill her because the bones were gone because she died without evidence.

Jammy was surprised when he saw these speculations.

The most impossible is often the most real.

“Who spread this out?”

“Too many, many of them participated in the discussion spontaneously… Now the heat is very high…”

Ace clicked on the page one by one. Indeed, many people were asking about this. Why didn’t the above intervene? From the beginning, Lisa Tang was in jail and it was so shocking. Later, Sarah An died so sensationally. However, there was no news. Except for the video of Lisa Tang’s arrest, which was shot by Jim Bo calling someone, it was even weird later. The land is deleted, and no news from more than 20 years ago can be found on the entire network.

Only the people at the time knew that after a long time, they stopped talking, and these records disappeared.

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