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Chapter 579

Alyssa laughed, touched Grace’s head, and took her to wash her face and brush her teeth.

When Alyssa came out with Grace, the two maids were still at the door, obviously waiting for Alyssa and Grace to come out and take them to the restaurant.

On the surface, it is taking care, but in fact it is not an exaggeration to say that it is surveillance. Regarding this, Alyssa is very clear.

The two maids respectfully lead the way. Grace has lived in this villa for so long, and it is obvious that she is very familiar with it.

She took Alyssa’s hand and ran forward and said, “Mom, I know where the restaurant is.”

When they arrived at the restaurant, Martin was already sitting at the dining table, with Daisy sitting next to him.

He seemed to be waiting for Alyssa and Grace, holding his phone and tapping on the screen from time to time, his expression looked very relaxed.

As soon as Grace saw him, she shouted happily: “Uncle Dixon.”

“Grace is here.” Martin raised his head when he heard the sound, put the phone aside, and looked at Grace with a smile.

Grace smiled at him, then looked back at Alyssa: “Mom…”

She wanted to go to Martin’s place. This was asking for Alyssa’s consent.

“Go.” Alyssa paused, but let go of her hand, letting Grace go to Martin.

As soon as Grace ran to Martin, Martin picked her up, and the interaction between the two seemed natural and intimate.

Alyssa could tell that Grace really liked Martin.

She didn’t think too much, walked straight to the table and sat opposite to Martin.

As soon as Grace saw Alyssa coming, she slid off Martin and ran to Alyssa’s side.

Alyssa took Grace to the chair in front of the dining table and sat down, and heard Martin ask her: “Did you sleep well last night?”

“Thanks to Mr. Dixon’s concern, I slept well.” Alyssa looked up at him with a faint expression.

“That’s good, eat breakfast.” Martin nodded slightly when he heard the words, as if he had just asked casually.

After eating breakfast, Martin went out with Daisy.

As for where to go, Alyssa naturally has no way of knowing.

There were many servants and bodyguards in the villa, but they did not restrict Alyssa’s freedom. It seemed that they were not afraid that Alyssa would run away.

If she is alone, it is not impossible to escape.

But now Grace is also there, it is very difficult for her to escape with Grace, so she simply rested her mind.

Martin might have thought of this too, and didn’t let people take her seriously.

Although she could not escape, this did not prevent Alyssa from being familiar with the terrain in the villa.

Alyssa wanted to get familiar with the terrain of the villa, but Grace took her to a toy room.

When she entered, she was shocked.

Where is this a toy room, it is clearly a small children’s playground.

At Grace’s age, she had no resistance at all, and she pulled Alyssa to play with her.

But the doubt in Alyssa’s heart is getting deeper and deeper, what exactly Martin is going to do!

If she weren’t Grace’s mother, she would have doubted that Martin was Grace’s biological father.

Martin and Daisy only came back at night.

As soon as Martin came back, he came to see Grace.

But Grace fell asleep because she was too tired from playing before.

Martin went in and glanced at Grace who was sleeping, then turned around and came out.

Alyssa stood behind him and asked him, “When are you going to let us go?”

“Is it okay to live here?” Martin closed the door and looked up at her with seriousness in his eyes. He was really asking her.

This kind of Martin is too similar to Clifford.

Alyssa sneered a little irritably: “Martin, you don’t have to pretend to be Clifford in front of me, don’t deliberately learn his tone and temper. No matter how you pretend, you are not him.”

After listening to her, Martin paused, then chuckled lightly, and said unclearly, “Really?”

After he finished speaking, he turned to leave.

Alyssa followed: “Martin, you haven’t answered my question just now.”

“Are you having the tone that a hostage should have?” Martin didn’t stop to look at her, nor did he walk too fast.

Alyssa sneered: “Aren’t you not like a kidnapper who takes hostages?”

“Listening to your tone, you really hope that I can be a real kidnapper?” Martin finally stopped and looked back at her.

don’t know why, in addition to wanting to know Martin’s purpose, Alyssa didn’t worry about what he would do to her.

Alyssa looked at him, with doubts and puzzles written on her face.

Martin saw her expression all over her eyes: “I have something else to do. Let’s have dinner together later.”

He turned and left after speaking, his back looked relaxed and happy.

Alyssa took a deep breath, turned and leaned against the wall, analyzing all of Martin’s behavior and actions during this period.

Martin understood her and treated Grace very well. He took her into the villa without restricting her freedom or doing anything to harm her…

What’s even more exaggerated is that when she sees Martin now, she can’t help but think of Clifford.

Mainly because the two people are too alike.

Alyssa leaned against the wall and pondered for a while before going back to see if Grace was awake.

She pushed open the door and saw Grace lying on the bed holding two dolls playing.

Grace heard the sound of opening the door and turned to look at the door. After seeing Alyssa, she turned over and sat up, then stood up again, and stretched out her hand towards Alyssa: “Mom.”

Alyssa walked to the bed and picked her up, and reached out to touch Grace’s messy bangs: “Your hair is messy.”

Grace reached out and touched her hair and said, “It’s not messy.”

When Alyssa put her back on the bed and dressed her, she thought that she and Martin were too close, and said warmly, “Grace, do you like Uncle Clifford very much?”

“Like him.” Grace answered without hesitation.

“But what if he isn’t really Uncle Clifford?” Alyssa asked, but she couldn’t help feeling a little funny. How could Grace understand this.

Grace looked up at Alyssa, her two small eyebrows were frowning, and she said doubtfully: “Uncle Clifford is Uncle Clifford.”

She didn’t understand what was true or false.

After Alyssa heard her, there was a flash of light in her mind and she suddenly stopped.

Uncle Clifford is Uncle Clifford…

Is there anyone in this world who looks exactly the same?

Assuming that there is no one who looks exactly the same in this world, can it be said that Martin is actually Clifford!

Alyssa had been thinking preconceivedly that Martin and Clifford were two people, and always wondered because they looked too alike.

Clifford and Martin are the same person…

Chapter 580

If Martin and Clifford are the same person, then this matter can be explained.

People’s sixth sense sometimes becomes extremely accurate.

With this assumption as the premise, all the doubts in Alyssa’s heart were resolved with tolerance.

Although she saw “Clifford” in Best Day, and Clifford’s assistant told her that Clifford did not go out to eat that day, it cannot be ruled out that Clifford’s assistant was suspected of lying.

The appearance of Martin was in itself to attract Alyssa to United States.

Suppose that “Clifford” is a person Clifford fabricated to bring her to United States…

Alyssa stretched out her hand and pursed her lips, murmured, “No…it’s wrong.”

When Karl checked the information, Clifford did have a twin brother.

Seeing that Alyssa ignored her and was still talking to herself, Grace called her doubtfully: “Mom?”

Alyssa was pulled back to her thoughts by her voice, and quickly condensed the emotions on her face, and smiled towards Grace and said, “I was just thinking about what to eat tonight.”

Grace said that wind is rain, touched her stomach, frowned and said, “I’m so hungry.”

Alyssa wanted to laugh when she saw her frowning. She stretched out her hand to hod her two small eyebrows: “Well, don’t keep frowning your eyebrows like this, you will become a little old lady.”

“What is the little old lady?”

“It’s the old lady.”

“What is an old lady?”

Alyssa: “…”

At night.

The restaurant was very quiet, only Grace said out from time to time: “Mom, I want to eat this, and that, noodles…”

Alyssa quietly gave Grace what she wanted to eat, and both Martin and Daisy were very quiet.

After this day, Alyssa discovered that Daisy was a very important person for Martin.

Just like Smith under Karl’s hand, she was a very powerful right hand.

Suddenly, Martin looked up at Alyssa, and asked, “Isn’t it right?”

Alyssa was absent-mindedly eating. After being asked by Martin, she lowered her eyes slightly to reduce emotions, and then raised her head to look at Martin again: “Very good.”

Martin didn’t ask any more.

Grace had eaten and fell asleep not long after.

Alyssa was still thinking about Martin, so she got up and went out.

There are servants passing by from time to time in the corridor. When they see Alyssa, they will greet her very politely.

“Miss Alyssa.”

Polite and alienated.

Martin did not restrict her personal freedom, but this villa was all his people, Alyssa was sure that the people in this villa would tell Martin where she went and did anything.

Alyssa was a little anxious about this kind of life under the control of others.

She wandered around the villa aimlessly, and finally transferred to Martin’s study.

There should be a lot of things hidden in a person’s study. If she can go in and take a look, maybe she can find some traces.

Alyssa looked up, and found that there was no surveillance at the door of Martin’s study.

Originally, she only had this kind of thought in her mind. Now that she knows that there is no surveillance, she wants to put the thought into action.

At this moment, a servant came over from the other side.

Alyssa opened the door of a room next to her, and dodged in, pressing the door panel to listen to the movement outside.

Daisy’s voice rang at this moment: “What are you doing?”

The servant whispered something, but Alyssa didn’t hear clearly, she heard Daisy say again: “Get downstairs, Mr. Martin is not in the study.”


It was quiet again outside.

After a while, Alyssa felt that they had really left before pulling the door open, revealing a crack in the door to observe the situation outside.

After making sure that there was no one outside, Alyssa walked out on tiptoe, looked around, and flashed into Martin’s study.

This is the first time that Alyssa has come to the study in this villa.

This study room is bigger, and the decoration is very dark, which looks very depressing.

There are computers and some books on the table.

The books are very miscellaneous, including business management and medical, and they are all new. It can be seen that these books are usually not favored by their owners.

Alyssa wandered around the room lightly, and when she returned to the desk, she suddenly found the mobile phone next to the book.

When she looked at this place before, she might have been blocked by the book, so she didn’t notice that his mobile phone was here.

Alyssa picked up the phone and pressed the power button, the phone screen suddenly lit up.

Alyssa reached out and swiped the lock screen, and she was prompted to enter the password on the screen.

She stared at the number keys, and after hesitating for a while, she entered four numbers from memory.

Clifford also has the habit of setting a digital password for his mobile phone. Once Alyssa accidentally saw his password.

At that time, Clifford also told her his mobile phone password very generously. It was a few meaningless and random numbers.

Alyssa clicked on the number one by one, and the strings in her mind crumbled tightly.

The interval between each number input is a bit long, when her finger dropped to the last number, she hesitated inexplicably.

Her hand froze at the top of the screen.

If this password can really open Martin’s phone, does it mean that Martin is really Clifford?

At this moment, there was a “click” outside the door, and the door lock was opened.

Immediately afterwards, the study door was opened from the outside.

Alyssa raised her head quickly and saw Daisy.

Daisy first glanced at Alyssa, then her gaze fell on the phone in Alyssa’s hand.

Of course, Daisy knew Martin’s phone, she looked terrified, and strode towards Alyssa, “Alyssa, what are you doing!”

Martin’s study is large, and it takes a dozen seconds for Daisy to walk over.

And Alyssa made a quick decision in these ten seconds.

She finally got Martin’s phone. If she missed this opportunity again, she would not know when she would have another chance…

She is now controlled by Martin, and she can do too little…

A dignity flashed across Alyssa’s face, and she clicked on the last number of the password.

At this time, Daisy had already come to her, Alyssa quickly pressed the power button, and in the next second, Daisy snatched the phone from her hand.

“I advise you, you must know how to behave, don’t think that Martin is kind to you now, and you take yourself too seriously!” Daisy looked at Alyssa with a cold expression, his tone was very sharp.

When she was in the car last night they first arrived, Alyssa irritated Daisy like that, and she had never been so angry.

She just touched Martin’s phone…

What Alyssa thought of, smiled: “Do you like Martin?”

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