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Chapter 581

As soon as Alyssa’s voice fell, she noticed that the expression on Daisy’s face had changed. Although it was only a short moment, she was still seen by Alyssa.

It seemed that she was right, Daisy liked Martin very much.

Daisy snorted and said, “I don’t understand what you are talking about! Just do your duty!”

“Duty?” Alyssa walked around Martin’s desk, walked to Daisy, and said in a leisurely manner: “Miss Daisy, tell me, as your current hostage, what duty do I have to keep?”

The sound of “Miss Daisy” was somewhat ironic.

Daisy’s height was about the same as Alyssa’s height. The two stood facing each other, their eyes facing each other, secretly fighting.

After a while, Daisy took the lead and turned away without saying a word.

Alyssa stood behind her, deliberately pretending to be kind-hearted and asked, “Miss Daisy, does Martin know you like him? Do you want me to tell him?”

Daisy, who had almost walked to the door, turned around abruptly and said with a bad expression: “Alyssa!”

Daisy’s tone was full of threats.

But who is Alyssa?

She was threatened by the man named Karl, how could she be afraid of Daisy.

Everyone in the world has his/her own weaknesses, and Daisy’s weakness is that she likes Martin, but she doesn’t dare to let Martin know.

Alyssa thought this was quite interesting.

“Isn’t it Miss Alyssa? Did your boss confess that you want to be more polite to me?” Alyssa smiled, and said, “Your attitude doesn’t seem polite at all.”

Daisy’s complexion changed several times, and finally returned to the usual calmness.

“Ms. Alyssa, just how much I offended, please don’t care about me.”

She lowered her head slightly, although her words were respectful, but her tone was not respectful at all.

She is a tough woman.

After she finished speaking, regardless of Alyssa’s reaction, she went straight out.

When she left, Alyssa gave an unexplained smile.

Daisy didn’t even ask her what she did with Martin’s mobile phone just now, it seemed that she was very nervous.

People who have no bronze walls and iron arms in the world have weaknesses.

As long as there is a weakness, it is easy to deal with.

Alyssa looked around at Martin’s study again, her complexion suddenly sank, frowning and slowly walking outside.

The steps are a bit heavy.

She had just entered the last digit of the password on Martin’s mobile phone and pressed the lock screen button.

However, during the second when the screen was locked, she clearly saw the phone’s homescreen!

In other words, the password she just lost can open Martin’s phone!

Clifford’s mobile phone code can open Martin’s mobile phone.

Does this kind of thing have to be explained by the twin brothers, or is it… Martin is really Clifford?

Once the seeds of doubt are planted in the heart, they will unconsciously take root and sprout, and then become strong.

Since Alyssa used Clifford’s phone code to open Martin’s phone, she has paid more attention to Martin’s every move.

She wanted to find a clue in Martin’s every move to confirm whether he was Clifford.

After several days, Alyssa paid close attention to Martin.

She is not afraid to cause Martin’s suspicion, anyway, she is now a hostage, and there are many questions in her heart. It is normal to pay close attention to Martin and want to get some info from him.

“If you look at me like this, I will think that you have other thoughts about me.”

When Martin spoke out, Alyssa was looking at him, he spoke coldly, and Alyssa was stunned for a moment to react.

Alyssa took the words from behind him graciously: “For example? What’s your mind?”

“For example…” Martin paused, and said with a smile, but at a very slow rate: “Transfer and don’t fall in love.”

Alyssa curled her lips and said in a simple tone: “I can’t tell that you are quite narcissistic.”

Alyssa’s words were obviously ridiculed, but Martin seemed to have not heard it, and asked her very seriously, “What do you like about Karl?”

What is Martin doing?

Is this really going to talk to her about relationship issues?

Alyssa directly threw Martin’s question back: “What do you think I like him?”

When Martin was asked by her, he really thought about it for a while before she continued: “I think you don’t like him, you just pity him, you just succumbed to his influence.”

Alyssa reduced the sloppy expression on her face, her expression slightly cold: “Have you never been in love? Do you know what love is?”

“It’s not important. What’s important is that I know that Karl is not for you.”

At this moment, the two were sitting face to face. When Martin was speaking, he leaned forward slightly, getting closer to Alyssa.

This made Alyssa physically disgust.

After Martin said these things, she felt disgusted when she saw Martin’s face again.

“Who do you think you are? You said that Karl and I are not appropriate?” Alyssa looked at him coldly, a trace of disdain appeared in her eyes.

Not only did Martin not irritate by her words, but instead became more gentle.

“Alyssa, I am doing this for your own good.”

As soon as this gentle “Alyssa” sounded, Alyssa felt a certain nerve in her mind suddenly tighten.

This is the voice of Clifford, the tone of Clifford.

What exactly is Martin going to do!

Martin looked at Alyssa’s sudden change with satisfaction, smiled and raised the tea cup in front of her, and poured her a cup of tea.

Although Alyssa looked weak, she was very difficult to control.

Seeing her face changed, Martin felt very fulfilled.

“Since you opened my phone, you have been testing me for the past few days. Is there any result? Do you think the person sitting in front of you now is Martin or Clifford?”

Martin stared at her, her eyes gloomy, with a strong gloomy breath.

This look was similar to Karl’s eyes, but it was much more annoying than Karl’s eyes.

“Daisy told you?” She thought that that day she had exposed the fact that Daisy liked Martin in person, and Daisy would not tell Martin.

“Daisy?” There was a smile in Martin’s eyes, “It seems that the surveillance installed in my study is very concealed, and you haven’t noticed it until now.”

That’s it!

She was careless when she saw that there was no surveillance outside of Martin’s study, but she never thought that surveillance might be installed in his study.

Alyssa gritted her teeth, and now that he knew about it, she simply asked him directly: “Who are you? Martin or Clifford?”

Chapter 582

“What do you think?” Martin showed a smile almost exactly the same as Clifford’s.

Clifford’s face flashed in Alyssa’s mind, and the clips related to Clifford flashed across.

When she woke up from the hospital bed, Clifford was standing in front of the hospital bed and smiling.

Isabel moved her hands and feet in her car, the brakes failed, and Clifford told her to jump off the car.

and also……

The Clifford in her memory, although the purpose is not pure, but he has never done anything to hurt her.

It is difficult for her to overlap the Clifford in her memory with the man in front of her.

After a while, Alyssa said decisively: “You’re not Clifford!”

Martin laughed, his eyes full of sympathy: “Women always deceive themselves and others. They are so pitiful and cute.”

His tone was almost sigh, full of compassion and loftyness.

Such Martin was extremely strange.

Alyssa became more reluctant to believe that he was Clifford.

Seeing the resistance in Alyssa’s eyes, Martin adjusted his clothes, and then stood up, with a cruel tone: “If I hadn’t been Clifford, would Grace be close to me? Children are far better than adults like us. Much more sensitive.”

Alyssa’s face was shocked and stunned that could not be hidden.

Grace said, Uncle Dixon is Uncle Dixon.

In her eyes, Uncle Dixon is Clifford, and Clifford is Uncle Dixon, there is no such thing as Martin at all!

There was a moment of blankness in Alyssa’s mind, and it became a mess.

She reached out to hold the tea cup in front of her, her plain fingers trembling faintly.

After eating at noon, Martin asked Alyssa to drink tea. The two drank here for an afternoon. Half an hour ago, Martin sent them a servant who made tea, and the tea was completely cold.

After pouring a cup of cold tea, not only was the stomach cold, but Alyssa felt that all of her limbs were cold.

Clifford is Martin, and Martin is Clifford.

There is no Martin in this world.

After she finished drinking the tea, she held the cup tightly without loosening it.

With a trace of luck, Alyssa asked her doubts in her heart: “But you clearly have a twin brother!”

“As for this matter, it is that Karl’s subordinates are not doing things well.” Martin looked calm and calm: “I have a twin brother, yes, but whether he is alive or dead, I have to check it out!”

Alyssa was stunned for a moment before murmured: “So that’s it…”

It turned out to be so.

How could a person as smart and capable as Clifford be easily taken away by force, and there was no news at all.

Under the circumstances at that time, all the data showed that there was indeed Martin, and Clifford was truly without any news. Therefore, Alyssa believed that Martin existed.

“The person I saw in Best Day was you?”

Alyssa raised her head to look at Martin, her tone of voice had already lost the calmness.

When everything was said to be clear, Clifford…No, it was Clifford who stopped pretending.

He returned to the gentleness he had when he was with Alyssa.

“Alyssa, I am a psychiatrist. Every expression and every action you make is revealing the truest thoughts in your heart, and what I want you to do is to be guided.”

“Controlling people’s hearts is the most difficult and easiest thing.”

If you discern it carefully, you can still hear a little pride in Clifford’s tone.

Alyssa laughed, first laughing in a low voice, and finally laughing out loud.

Clifford’s expression was originally confident and calm. He wanted to see Alyssa panicked and unbelievable, but Alyssa just laughed.

His expression collapsed suddenly, and the hypocritical gentleness that covered his face was torn off again, and his tone was low: “What are you laughing at?”

“Control people’s hearts? Guide them?” Alyssa shook her head, laughing so much that tears almost came out.

“Clifford, do you think you are great? Do you feel very fulfilled watching me being played around by you?” Alyssa said, and laughed again, full of irony.

Clifford coldened his face, and didn’t mean to interrupt Alyssa, waiting for her to finish speaking.

Alyssa stood up and looked at him: “I owe you a life. If you want me to do something for you, as long as you speak, will I refuse? Even if you want my life, That’s what I owe you!”

“Do you think you control people’s hearts?” Alyssa laughed: “Do you know what was in my mind when I came to United States? I was worried that something will happen to you. You have no other friends in the Rostenvel. You say that we have a fateful friendship, even if I know you may have another purpose, I choose to believe you!”

“I believe you will not do anything to hurt me!”

“But what are you doing?” Alyssa asked in a low voice, and then broke out.

She pointed to Clifford and shouted: “You are trampling on my sincerity! You trample on my trust in you, trample on as you like!”

After Alyssa said these words, she took a deep breath and calmed her emotions: “If I had known today, I would have preferred you not to save me, I would rather die in that explosion on the island!”

Some of the things she said were still blocking the air.

Ants are still surviving, let alone people?

However, everything Clifford did made her feel extremely disappointed.

Her sincerity always seems to be trampled on.

Except for Karl.

Karl is not a good stubble, but he is aboveboard and bright.

He responded to her sincerity and knew how to cherish.

Even if he is a thoroughly bad person, he must be a bad person with courage and loyalty.

Just at this point, Clifford can never be compared to him!

“Didn’t you just ask me what I like about Karl? I will tell you now! Not like it, but love, I love him upright, even if you threaten him with his mother’s info, he never thought of using me!”

The confidence that appeared on Alyssa’s face was extremely dazzling.

Clifford knew that it was her trust in Karl, her unwavering trust.

“Really? If he hadn’t thought of using you, why didn’t he come to save Grace?” The gentle mask on Clifford’s face was completely torn apart, and the darkness and ugliness in his heart were all written on his face.

“Because he knows that you love Grace very much. As long as he doesn’t help Grace, you will definitely be unable to take the initiative! You will eventually come to me and let me hold you away. It’s just Karl’s calculation step by step. Ok!”

“Enough!” Alyssa interrupted him loudly, trembling with anger.

“Reluctant to accept reality?” Clifford’s smile looked cruel: “Karl loves you on the surface, but uses you step by step to force you. On the surface, he loves you, but in fact, he is indifferent and ruthless, just like me. We are the same people.”

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