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Chapter 583

Alyssa pursed her lower lip severely, suppressing her breath, and retorted him loudly: “Karl is different from you! You are different!”

“I said earlier that you women always love to deceive yourselves and others.” After Clifford finished speaking, he got up and left with a sneer.

Alyssa fell back on the sofa and reached out to support her forehead, looking a bit tired.

After Clifford went upstairs and disappeared, she lifted her eyes slightly, her beautiful eyes were full of clarity.

In fact, in her heart, she was not as excited and unacceptable as she showed.

Before Clifford had a showdown with her, she had been suspicious for too long.

There are shocks and disappointments, but the impact on Alyssa is not so great that it affects her normal judgment.

Thinking about it carefully, from the appearance of the person “Martin” until she arrived in the United States, and every step so far has been in Clifford’s calculations, and every step has been carefully planned by him.

Clifford knew that Alyssa was a woman of love and justice. He created the illusion that he was forcibly taken away by “Martin” and led Alyssa to United States.

Alyssa arrived in United States and stayed in the hotel where “Martin” worked, and then she was taken to “Martin”‘s villa.

In the villa of “Martin”, he didn’t make it difficult for Alyssa, nor did he tell her the whereabouts of “Clifford”, Alyssa ran around like a headless fly.

A few days later, he used “Clifford’s number” to call Alyssa again and said something plausible, which made Alyssa think of leaving.

Clifford and Alyssa spent a lot of time together. He knew Alyssa, so he was sure that Alyssa would take the initiative to leave.

So, he secretly sent someone to tell Isabel about Alyssa’s whereabouts.

Isabel hates her for being so boned, she will definitely not let this opportunity go, but Clifford’s purpose is not to hurt Alyssa, so he must have promised Isabel something secretly, so that Isabel has not been ruthless to Alyssa hand.

Alyssa was taken away by Isabel, and Karl would definitely come to United States.

Since then, Clifford’s other purpose of attracting Karl to United States has also been achieved.

Karl and Smith came to United States, and if Clifford wanted people to take Grace away in Rostenvel, it would be easy.

Karl learned the news as soon as Clifford’s people took Grace away, and naturally found out that it was “Martin” who had taken Grace away.

When the plan reaches this point, Clifford’s goal is obvious. Among his goals, half is Alyssa, and the other half is Karl!

Judging from his attitude towards Grace, he actually had no intention of hurting Grace and Alyssa.

Alyssa could faintly feel that Clifford did not intend to hurt her and Grace, but it is an indisputable fact that Clifford used her trust in him to deceive her into United States.

Alyssa could feel Clifford accidentally hurt her, but it didn’t mean that Clifford would not hurt Karl.

Three years ago, before she and Karl had gone to the island, Clifford appeared out of thin air and suddenly appeared in front of her.

Immediately after she and Karl had an accident, Clifford rescued her and took care of her patiently for three years.

Ever since Clifford appeared in front of Alyssa for the first time, he carried a huge doubt.

He has outstanding ability, received higher education, is a well-known doctor of psychology, has a pivotal social status.

However, the Doctor of Psychology is just a cover for him.

He has carefully planned so much, it can show that he is definitely not a waiting person, his purpose is not only that simple, his true identity is not that simple.

Alyssa gradually straightened her body, retracted her hand to her side, and gradually clenched.

No matter what Clifford wants to do, no matter how careful his plans and thoughts are, he is just a mortal after all, and he will always show his feet!

Suddenly, footsteps came over.

Alyssa turned her head and saw Daisy walking towards this side.

She is wearing a black woolen coat, the fabric is flat and textured, her hair is neatly tied into a ponytail, and she is wrapped in a bright red scarf, which makes her more vivid and eye-catching.

Daisy, she was also a beautiful woman.

“He had a showdown with you?” Daisy walked to Alyssa and asked Alyssa expressionlessly.

Her tone sounded a bit strong, with a bit of coldness that could not be rejected.

She didn’t talk secretly, and Alyssa didn’t go around with her too much, and said perfunctorily: “Do you think it is Clifford’s business?”

Daisy’s complexion became a little hard to look.

Alyssa remembered that the day she first came, when she asked about Clifford, Daisy ignored her, showing that Daisy didn’t want to see Clifford.

But she was very loyal to Martin and secretly admired him.

This makes Alyssa a little puzzled.

Did “Martin” lie to her just now?

She was played around by the “two brothers”, if the words that “Martin” said just now are still lying to her…

“Mr. Martin has always been a very calm person. I didn’t expect him to showdown with you so soon.” Daisy’s expression was extremely cold, as if she was talking about something that had nothing to do with him.

But Alyssa knew that Daisy wouldn’t tell her this for no reason.

“Alyssa, to your husband, you are very special, I hope you don’t let him down.” Daisy’s tone was full of warnings and threats.

Alyssa laughed loudly when she heard the words.

“What Ms. Daisy said, don’t let him down, what exactly does it mean?” Alyssa paused slightly before continuing: “Excuse me, it means that I was kept in the dark by him. If you are deceived and used by him, you should treat it as ignorance or grudge, right?”

Daisy sneered, and a trace of contempt appeared in her eyes: “Don’t forget, he is your savior! If it weren’t for him, you would have died!”

“The life-saving grace is not unforgettable. I should be grateful to him. I should be like a machine, let him deceive and use me, put my life in his hands, and let him squash it. When he is upset, he can take my life back.”

The further Alyssa said, the colder her tone became.

It is precisely because she is grateful to Clifford that she has fallen to where she is today.

Or maybe this is fate, Clifford saved her, she owed him.

Being cheated by him, being used by him, being calculated step by step by him, she owes him all this.

What is owed to someone is always to be repaid.

The reincarnation of heaven is the eternal truth.

Daisy heard the sarcasm in Alyssa’s tone and murmured, “don’t know what is good or bad!”

Then she left in a hurry.

Alyssa stared at Daisy’s back for a few seconds, then lowered her eyes.

From the tone of Daisy just now, “Martin” is indeed Clifford himself.

This time, she did not lie.

Chapter 584

Since “Clifford” is indeed Clifford, why did Daisy have such a reaction when she raised Clifford before?

Alyssa recalled a series of reactions from “Martin” before.

When she first came to United States, it was just that “Martin” and Clifford looked too alike, and the similarity was not so strong.

But after getting along with him, she felt more and more that Martin of “Clifford” looked too alike.

Why is this?

Will the same person have two faces?

After the showdown between Clifford and Alyssa, Alyssa’s life changed a little.

A few days ago, the servants and bodyguards in the villa just followed her casually, and they were not inseparable.

But starting today, she found that there were always servants or bodyguards by her side.

Alyssa was so annoyed that she opened the bathroom door and asked in a bad tone, “I’m going to the bathroom, do you want to go in and watch it too?”

The servant bends down slightly, with a sincere and fearful look of respect.

Alyssa looked angry.

In this villa, although the servants and bodyguards were in groups, but they could talk, and Clifford and Daisy were the same.

She now sees Clifford with an unspeakable disgust.

As for Daisy, she is not waiting to see her.

Daisy had hidden her attitude before, but in the past two days, Daisy has been extremely direct.

Alyssa entered the bathroom. When the door was closed, she saw the servant standing outside the bathroom door with a slamming sound.

Alyssa held her arms and paced back and forth in the bathroom.

The bathroom is a completely enclosed space with only one exhaust vent. The reality is not for filming, nor is she an agent. Naturally, she cannot pry the exhaust vent and run out.

Finally, Alyssa put down the toilet, pretending to go to the bathroom before going out.

The servant really stood by the door again.

Alyssa glanced at the servant, then turned to the kitchen and poured a cup of hot water upstairs.

As the weather is getting colder and colder, Grace and her are also going to bed with each other day by day. They have been reluctant to get up in the morning.

And the heating in the villa is turned on, and don’t know if the heating in her own room is better.

Alyssa held hot water and pushed open Grace’s door.

The sound of her pushing the door was a little quiet. Grace was sitting on the bed and playing with toys. After playing too much, she didn’t hear Alyssa coming in.

Alyssa closed the door lightly, and after approaching with the water, she heard Grace whispering: “This is Grace, this is mother, this is Kalr… this is not Karl… Karl Fierce…”

After Alyssa heard the next few words, she stopped.

Grace was still muttering to herself.

She also felt the tone of Karl’s speech, pretending to be ferocious and said: “No! You can’t go!”

But her little milk voice sounded really not fierce.

Alyssa’s eyes became a little complicated.

It is said that children are forgetful and do not know things. Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding of adults about them.

Alyssa walked to the bed and sat down, and shouted, “Grace?”

Grace was muttering, “Go to Alyssa…”, she suddenly raised her head when she heard Alyssa’s voice, and looked at her with a confused look: “What did you say?”

“Drink some water.” Alyssa handed the water to her.

Grace picked up the water glass and obediently raised her head to drink. The water glass was a bit big. Alyssa was worried that she could not hold it securely, so she stretched out a hand to help her support the bottom of the glass.

Grace drank half a glass of water, then smacked her mouth: “Okay.”

Alyssa put the water cup aside, looked at the little dolls she was holding, and asked, “What are you playing with?”

“This is for you.” Grace gave a princess doll to Alyssa, then frowned and stared at the black soldier-like doll on the side before handing it to Alyssa: “This It’s Green Pepper.”

“Why call him green peppers again?” Alyssa took the black soldier and looked down, and found that the little soldier looked a bit fierce.

It turned out that in Grace’s eyes, Karl was a fierce father.

Grace’s face collapsed, and she stretched out a finger to poke the little soldier, and said sullenly: “He won’t come to pick me up, Uncle Dixon said that Dad will pick me up…”

As she talked, the corners of her mouth collapsed, tears accumulated in her eyes, the tears swirled in her eyes, and the whole person looked terribly wronged.

Alyssa guessed that Clifford should have said to Grace that Karl would come to pick her up.

But Grace was a child, and she didn’t understand the hypocrisy and ugliness of adults, so of course she believed Clifford’s words.

Alyssa leaned forward, leaned in front of Grace, touched her head, and comforted her softly: “Dad will come to pick Grace. He was only delayed by something on the road, so she came later.”

Grace threw the doll aside in her hand, and put her forearm around Alyssa’s neck for her to hold it.

Only after Alyssa reached out and hugged Grace, Grace began to sob and cry.

While crying, she was talking about Karl.

“He is a bad father, he won’t take me to find you…”

“…He won’t come to pick me up…”

Alyssa frowned slightly after hearing her words.

However, at this time Grace was crying very wronged, she had to comfort Grace before she could reason with her.

Alyssa drew two tissues and wiped her tears, and then said to her very seriously: “Grace, mother has something to tell you, you can’t cry anymore now.”

Grace was not a crying child, but when Alyssa said this, she stopped crying really quickly.

Just as Alyssa was about to start talking, Grace reached out and wiped her face, raised her head and said to Alyssa, “My face is dry. Mom helps me wash my face.”

When Alyssa warmed her lips, she was forced back by Grace’s words.

The serious mood that was originally brewing was broken because of this sentence.

“Didn’t you cry hard just now? Now you know that your face is dry?” Although Alyssa’s mouth was not polite, but her hands were not free, she still hugged her and went to the bathroom.

Grace sniffed twice again, and put an arm on Alyssa’s shoulder, retorting Alyssa: “I cried when I was sad.”

Listening to Grace’s childish voice, Alyssa wanted to laugh.

But Grace was already sensible now, and she absolutely couldn’t laugh.

Grace loves to play in the water, and never forgets to reach out and lower the tap to play for long.

Alyssa put her on the sink, and while boiling hot water, she asked her, “Did Kalr make you sad?”

Grace said very seriously: “Yes.”

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