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Chapter 607

This was the first time that Clifford talked about hypnotizing Karl directly.

Until now, Alyssa didn’t know where Karl had offended Clifford, or what was the feast between the two.

Clifford was adopted by others since he was a child and grew up abroad. Karl did not come abroad until he was a teenager in the country. Logically speaking, the two people should not have any intersection before.

“Why did you do that?” Alyssa asked why Clifford wanted to hypnotize Karl.

If Clifford and Karl were not without grudges, then Clifford would do this, he must have his reasons.

“It’s okay to tell you now.” A triumphant expression flashed under Clifford’s eyes: “Karl has got too many things that don’t belong to him. What qualifications does he have to be happy? I just want to watch him destroy it by himself. My hard-earned happiness.”

“But I didn’t expect that you were so badly hurt that you woke up after sleeping for three years. After you woke up, you lost your memory!”

Clifford’s tone was full of regret, and Alyssa felt that his appearance at this time was like an abnormal mental state.

Alyssa never expected that this would be the reason that prompted Clifford to deeply hypnotize Karl.

“You just want Karl to forget me? Separate from me?”

“You can understand that too.”

Clifford laughed, gloomy and proud.

“Later, after I recovered my memory, you deliberately let me return to Karl?”

“Of course, the scene I want to see most is that Karl uses his ability to hurt the person he loves the most. Naturally, I want you to come back to me, but…”

Clifford paused, and said, “Your importance to Karl is beyond my imagination. You let him recover his memory in such a short time and break through the world I hypnotized him…”

“Are you sick?” Alyssa asked this question very sincerely.

She really felt that Clifford was sick.

Still a serious mental illness.

He just couldn’t see Karl living well, so he deliberately hypnotized Karl so that Karl completely forgets about Alyssa, and separated the two loved ones to satisfy his distorted thoughts.

To make Karl forget Alyssa, this was more damaging than a direct stabbing at Karl.

When Clifford acts, he always puts his heart first.

Physical injuries can always be healed. But if a person’s heart dies, there is no difference between being alive and dead.

This is the terrible thing about Clifford.

Alyssa just felt cold all over.

With a numb face, she froze and stared at Clifford.

Clifford suddenly stretched out his hand and patted her shoulder: “Aren’t you wondering what it looks like inside? Go in and take a look.”

After doing so many things, Clifford was able to say such things to Alyssa in a chatty tone like an okay person.

Alyssa was like avoiding the plague, she bounced away, avoiding Clifford’s hand.

Clifford’s face suddenly sank.

He snorted coldly and turned to enter.

And Alyssa was pushed inside by Clifford’s men.

The iris recognition system is used in the villa, which also shows that the safety factor of this house is very high.

People outside cannot get in easily, and people inside cannot get out easily.

As he walked in, Alyssa realized that there were some high-tech configurations inside.

Clifford’s identity became more and more confusing.

She also became more and more certain that Clifford and Karl must have some grievances that no one else knew.

And this grudge, even Karl did not know.

Alyssa walked in under pressure, but after entering, Clifford’s men let go of her.

Alyssa couldn’t remember how many doors she walked through.

In the end, she was taken into a room filled with the sounds of various instruments.

On the face is the smell of disinfectant, very pungent.

At this time Alyssa was controlled by Clifford, and could only follow him inside.

At this moment, a man who looked like a doctor in a white coat came over.

The doctor respectfully bent towards Clifford and called out, “Boss.”

Since Clifford entered this room, his expression has changed.

He looked at the doctor and asked: “How is the situation?”

The doctor pushed his glasses, and said with a dilemma: “The same as before.”

Then, the room became quiet, and the sound of the instrument was very abrupt.

Alyssa looked behind the doctor and vaguely saw a hospital bed.

There was a slight bulge on the hospital bed, and a person lay there.

She suddenly remembered that she overheard the conversation between Clifford and Daisy.

Is the girl named “Muffi” who lives on a ventilator lying on that hospital bed?

Alyssa didn’t expect that Clifford would directly show her “Muffi”.

“Get out!” Clifford’s voice could clearly hear the suppressed anger.

He is calling the doctor out.

After hearing what he said, the doctor dared not say much, bowed his body and stepped back before turning around and walking outside.

The doctor said he was respectful to Clifford, rather than in awe.

Clifford walked straight to the hospital bed.

Alyssa landed a step behind him, and followed him.

There was indeed a girl lying on the hospital bed with pale and transparent skin. She was wearing a ventilator and connected to countless instruments. Her breathing was so weak that she didn’t seem to be alive.

She looks very young and looks very beautiful, with long eyelashes. If she opens her eyes, she should be a very smart girl.

Although Alyssa hated Clifford, the pity in her bones was still there.

Anyone who sees a young girl lying on the bed with little vitality will give birth to a trace of compassion.

Alyssa is the same.

Clifford leaned slightly and reached out and touched the girl’s head. This very ordinary behavior seemed exceptionally warm.

When he said it, she was asking Alyssa: “Guess how many years she has been lying down?”

Where does Alyssa know how many years she has been lying down.

Clifford also didn’t mean to ask her to answer, Alyssa remained silent.

After a few seconds, Clifford slowly said: “It’s been more than ten years. I can’t remember the specific ten years.”

His tone sounded a little sigh.

He retracted his hand and stood up straight, his eyes falling on Alyssa’s body: “Every year, her vital signs will be weaker, but three years ago, she had a glimmer of life.”

Three years ago?

It was three years ago again!

Alyssa’s mind was spinning fast.

Three years ago, Clifford appeared in front of her.

Three years ago, Clifford saved her from the disease.

Before, Karl had said that Clifford had secretly adjusted her medical report and was particularly concerned about her body.

And all this has an answer at this moment.

Alyssa said the first sentence when she came into the room: “I am her lifeline?”

Chapter 608

Clifford still looked down at the girl on the bed, his voice soft.

“Alyssa, you are actually a very smart woman, I admire you very much.”

For Clifford’s words, Alyssa didn’t even blink her eyes, but looked at him blankly.

“At this point, I can give you one last chance. You think about it carefully, is Karl in your heart really that important.”

Clifford stood up straight, walked slowly to Alyssa, lowered his eyes and said, “This is your last chance.”

“So, I should be grateful to you, am I?” Alyssa felt Clifford’s charity look very disgusting.

Clifford chuckled lightly and said unclearly: “You are so smart, I believe you can weigh the pros and cons by yourself, and finally make a decision that is best for you.”

“Don’t think about it, unless you die.” In the second half of the sentence, Alyssa was very heavy. Anger and hatred are all mixed in.

Clifford’s complexion darkened, his face was dark, and he gritted his teeth and said, “It seems that you really can’t wait to save her.”

“Do you know how to save her?” Clifford pointed at the girl on the hospital bed.

Although he was asking Alyssa, he didn’t mean to wait for her to answer.

After a while, Clifford said: “Actually, it’s simple to say, just need to change-the exhausted organs in the body.”

Alyssa’s hands hanging beside her clenched suddenly.

She could naturally guess that it was not so easy to save the girl.

And Clifford’s words further confirmed her thoughts.

Change organs? What kind of organ?

heart? kidney?

At that time, Alyssa might not be able to go out alive.

Soon, Clifford took her out of the ward.

When she came out of the ward, Alyssa suddenly remembered that when she was taken away by “Martin” for the first time, she saw a whole row of clothes in the room she lived in.

“You prepared the clothes in the closet for her?” Alyssa didn’t specify which clothes, but she knew Clifford could understand it.

Clifford did not shy away, “Yes, it was all for her.”

Alyssa asked, “Who is she for you? What’s her name?”

Clifford seemed to be a little surprised. Alyssa asked this suddenly. After all, she ignored him or talked to him since she was discharged from the hospital.

Seeing him not speaking, Alyssa said blankly: “If you really want to exchange my life for her, I want to understad before I die.”

“My sister, Muffi Dixon.”


After Alyssa eavesdropped on the conversation between Clifford and Daisy before, she guessed the true identity of Muffi, but she guessed it.

This seriously ill “Muffi” is indeed Clifford’s sister, Muffi.

“You approached me from the very beginning to use me to seek a donor for Muffi and save her life. But I was Karl’s wife at the time, so you didn’t directly attack me, but used me, thinking to cause trouble and pain for Karl. You want to use me to be worthless, then remove my organs to save your sister.”

Alyssa calmly analyzed, as if talking about others.

Clifford narrowed his eyes to look at Alyssa, before he said, “I said, you are a smart woman, and I hope you can make a smart choice in a day.”

Immediately, he calmed his face and said solemnly: “Send Miss Alyssa to rest.”

When the voice fell, someone came over to capture Alyssa and forcibly took her away.

They took Alyssa to an empty room, and after they threw her in, they locked the door and left.

Alyssa stood by the door, holding the door handle and twisting it for a long time, but couldn’t unscrew the door.

They locked the door.

Alyssa pressed her lips tightly and sat on the ground leaning on the door.

There was no carpet in the room, no heating, and the floor was freezing cold.

The appearance of Clifford was a complete scam from beginning to end.

With wolfish ambitions, he approached Alyssa, using her to achieve his own goals. Pretending to be nice, gained her trust.

Every step of the matter is in Clifford’s trust.

Clifford’s purpose has been revealed.

However, there is one thing Alyssa still does not understand.

Why did Clifford have to deal with Karl?

Alyssa took out the old fountain pen from her body with a solemn expression.

Karl, you must…do nothing.

She stared at the pen for a long time, and suddenly thought of something, she moved the pen closer, and carefully observed the pen.

When she was young, almost everybody had one pen of this brand. When the school used this pen for prizes, in order to show the difference, the name of the winner was engraved on the pen case.

Only more than ten years have passed. Even if the pen is properly maintained, if the name is actually engraved on it, it may not be easy to see.

Alyssa looked at the pen carefully for a while, and finally found a trace on the pen body.

She can vaguely see the word “Alys..” with something illegible next to it.

These are the exact alphabets that appear in her name.

Isn’t it her name?

After having this kind of preconceived guess, looked at the words engraved on it according to your own guess, the more you look at it, the more it feels like her name.

Alyssa had very good grades when she was a child, and she often received notebooks and pens from the school.

She had gotten more than one pen.

If this fountain pen really belongs to her, why is it with Karl?

She really has no impression at all.

She vaguely remember that she gave a pen to a little beggar.

At that time, the child shrank into a ball from the grass on the side of the road, and his clothes were tattered, and Alyssa didn’t know whether it was a male or female.

Alyssa asked him and he didn’t say anything. She just got the new reward pen that day. Seeing that the child was pitiful, she gave it to him.

It was just that one time she gave someone else a pen, and she never did it again.

Karl is the heir of the Adams’ family. Even if he had a bad experience when he was young, he should have lived a life of fine clothes and food. How could he be a little beggar?

She can’t figure it out.

But Alyssa vaguely felt that she might really have given him this pen.

It was a little ridiculous to think about it, and after that time, Alyssa deliberately took a bad exam and never won a prize.

That was just a trivial matter to her, if she hadn’t seen this pen again, she would never remember it.

Alyssa took a deep breath and decided not to think about it.

She cheered herself up, got up from the ground, and looked at the room.

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