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Chapter 609

In the following day, Alyssa never saw Clifford again.

Except for someone bringing food to Alyssa every day, she was kept in the room the rest of the time.

A day later, Alyssa saw Clifford again.

Clifford was dressed in plain black, but the whole person looked vigorous, as if something good had happened.

Standing in front of her, Clifford asked gently, “Have you considered it?”

“No matter how long time you give me, my answer is the same.” Alyssa said word by word: “No, No, No!”

Alyssa’s words angered Clifford.

However, Clifford’s performance was not obvious.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm his anger.

When he opened his eyes again, the expression on his face became confident and determined again: “Do you think it is useful for you to show this unnecessary resistance?”

When he finished speaking, he smiled mysteriously.

“Alyssa, have you forgotten how Karl forgot about you?” The smile on Clifford’s face became cold and gloomy.

Alyssa’s complexion changed abruptly, and she took a few steps back: “Clifford, don’t mess around!”

After being hypnotized by Clifford, a determined person like Karl hadn’t remembered those things for three years.

If it wasn’t for Karl and Alyssa’s reunion, maybe he hadn’t remembered Alyssa until now.

Forgetting is a terrible thing.

Memory is extremely important to a person.

However, this is Clifford’s site, and Alyssa can’t go to the sky, and it is impossible to escape Clifford’s palm.

Clifford looked at her eyes as if he was looking at a prey that he was bound to win.

Alyssa turned to run, but was immediately caught by Clifford’s men.

“You forced me, Alyssa.” Clifford’s voice was soft, walking slowly towards her.


Smith walked into the ward from outside, with a chill.

He just pushed the door in, and the bodyguard just came out from inside, looking hurried.

Smith frowned and asked, “What’s the matter?”

The bodyguard looked a little embarrassed, but he said truthfully: “Mr. Smith! Sir is gone.”

“Let you take a good look at him!” Smith pointed at them, and said angrily: “When I find Boss, I will come back to clean up you.”

When he left the hospital Smith drove to find Karl.

The city is so big, who knows where Karl will go!

After thinking about it, he felt that Karl might go to Clifford’s villa.

So, Smith drove to Clifford’s villa.

Clifford’s villa was almost completely burnt in the fire, and after the fire was extinguished, only a piece of ruins remained.

He got out of the car, slammed the door backhand, and ran into the ruins over there.

“Sir!” Smith called Karl while running.

However, he did not get a response from Karl.

Smith went around here a few times, but couldn’t find Karl.

Could it be that he thought wrong? Sir didn’t come here at all?

At this moment, he inadvertently looked up and found that there seemed to be something like an entrance not far away.

Smith walked past and found the entrance to the basement.

This entrance is usually hidden, but it is obvious that someone has been here and removed the hidden objects at the entrance to allow this entrance to appear.

Smith went down from the entrance, entered the basement, and saw Karl.

Karl had been burned in the fire before, so he was taken to the hospital. He had just finished the operation and needed to be hospitalized for observation for a few more days, but he came here.

Karl didn’t know where to find a piece of clothing. The black coat made his whole person more solemn and mysterious.


Smith saw the figure of Karl, and he was relieved. He called Karl and walked towards him.

Karl was standing in front of a sofa, his eyes locked tightly on the sofa and he didn’t know what he was looking at.

“Sir, if you want to come here, tell me too! You still need to recuperate your body now. How can you relieve by running here alone!”

don’t know if Karl heard what he said, anyway, Karl did not have him in his senses.

Smith took another half step forward, somewhat curious about what Karl was looking at.

At this moment, Karl leaned over and stretched out two fingers to pick up a piece of hair from the sofa.

The hair is black, thin and long, and looks like a woman’s hair.

Smith stared at that hair for a few seconds, then recalled it carefully and said, “The hair of that says Clifford was here not so long.”

“It’s Alyssa’s hair.”

Karl’s voice was calm and sober. After he finished speaking, he suddenly tightened his fingers and pinched the hair into the palm of his hand.

He looked up again and looked around the entire basement, and slowly said: “On the night of the accident, Clifford did not directly take Alyssa away. Instead, he divided his men into two groups and let them walked through the front door and the back door.”

“Clifford himself knows very well that if it is just like this, they will break it down soon. Therefore, he even set a fire in Grace’s room.”

Smith gritted his teeth and said: “This b@stard beast!”

In fact, he is not a talkative person. He is often calm and rigorous. This is the first time he cursed like this.

That’s also because what Clifford did was too much.

There was such a big fire in the room of a three-year-old girl. Its purpose is only to contain Karl.

Also do it with Clifford!

Over the years, he has done a lot for Karl, and he has also encountered people who are more extreme than Clifford, but Clifford is more insidious than others.

“Whether the fire burned Grace or me, or both me and Grace, it was something that Clifford expected.”

Karl walked a few steps forward, his eyes stopped on a cigarette butt on the ground: “It seems that he must have a deep hatred with him.”

Smith thought for a while, and then boldly guessed: “It has something to do with your mother back then?”

Karl did not answer, and Smith guessed for himself: “In all the information we found about Clifford, there is nothing related to the Adams’ family. Except for your mother’s incident, I don’t think Is there anything else coming out.”

Karl sneered: “It looks like we need to recheck that matter.”

Although it had been found out at that time, the mastermind of that incident was Trevor.

However, in such a big incident, it is normal to involve other people and other interests.

Since Clifford has checked his mother’s affairs, it must be related to what happened to his mother back then.

Smith nodded: “Yes.”

Karl fell silent, and after a while, he asked in a low voice, “Is there any news about Alyssa?”

Smith heard the nervousness in his tone, and still moved his head and said: “There is no news about the young lady yet.”

Chapter 610

The basement was so quiet, there was no sound of wind.

For a long time, Karl did not respond.

According to the understanding of Karl before Smith, at this time, Karl should have been angry long ago, or should have said something.

But it is strange that Karl never spoke.

After a long period of silence, when she thought that Karl hadn’t heard him at all, Karl said quietly, “I will find it.”

The voice was very soft, as if whispering to someone.

But the basement was too quiet, so he could hear Karl’s words very clearly.

After that, Smith and Karl looked in the basement again, wondering if they could find a clue.

Looking around, there is nothing special in the basement except for some daily necessities and food stocked.

Smith was a little angry: “Cunning Rabbit Waste, Clifford is too cunning, I should have looked up his details if I knew it back then.”

Karl’s temper is not good, but now, Smith couldn’t help but want to get angry, but Karl said very calmly, “Let’s go.”

“Sir?” Smith called him in surprise.

Karl turned his head and said coldly, “Don’t you want to spend the winter here?”

Smith quickly followed up.

Smith couldn’t help but keep looking at Karl when he went out.

He felt that boss seemed to be different.

Why did his temper suddenly change?

The two got into the car, Karl sat in the back, his eyes still falling in the ruins of the fire that left only a few walls.

The car drove forward until Karl turned his head and began to talk after the wreckage of the villa could not be seen.

“Clifford did all of this with premeditated plans. Whether it was hypnotizing me back then or deceiving Alyssa later in order to attract the two of us to United States, all this is in his plan, maybe…”

When Karl said this, he suddenly stopped.

Smith looked at him in the rearview mirror with incomprehension, and saw a bloodthirsty sneer on Karl’s face: “Perhaps he had planned it earlier, more than we thought.”

Smith couldn’t help but shudder, and then said, “Since Clifford is inseparable from the gunshot wound you received back then, does this mean that he has been planning since then?”

Karl pondered for a moment, and said, “Earlier than that.”

Back then, when Karl suspected that Trevor Adams was in the limelight, he was pursued and killed by a gunshot wound outside.

It was the gunshot wound that made him even more unswervingly convinced that his mother’s matter was indeed related to Trevor.

He always thought that the gunshot wound was caused by Trevor.

Regarding the mother’s matter, Trevor really couldn’t get rid of it. However, after he dealt with Trevor, he discovered that the person who wounded him with a gun was not Trevor’s person.

Later, when he saw Clifford, his origins became a mystery, and his body gradually became weird, but Karl did not connect him to the incident of his gunshot wounds.

In this way, one step went wrong, causing every subsequent step to get worse.

Brought to this day, Karl had already understood Clifford’s purpose.

Clifford came at him.

Whether it was Grace or Alyssa, they were just tools used by Clifford.

Clifford’s ultimate goal is him.

Since Clifford had to play like this, he had to stay with him to the end.

“The young lady…” Smith was still a little worried about Alyssa.

Speaking of Alyssa, the breath on Karl’s body became cold, and his body was exuding air pressure. He gritted his teeth and said: “Alyssa has value for him. Before his goal is achieved, Alyssa will not be in danger.”

Smith heard the words, thought about it for a moment, and felt that Karl’s words made sense.

However, Karl regarded Alyssa so seriously, but now he had to watch Alyssa being used by Clifford, and he must feel very uncomfortable.

Smith sighed slightly and didn’t know what to say.

A few days later, the richest man in United States announced that he would hold a birthday dinner.

Before the news was released, the invitation list began to leak.

This kind of high society dinner is something countless people want to attend.

In the draft list, celebrities from all walks of life, as well as rich people from various countries, were invited.

Karl received the invitation letter first.

Although he gave Adams’s Group to Alyssa, the matter has not been made public.

Even if it was made public, Karl’s influence would not be less to not receive the invitation letter.

He received the invitation letter on his front foot, and hurried back from the outside to Smith.

Smith walked towards Karl with a solemn expression, and said in a low voice, “Sir, according to reliable sources, Clifford was also invited over there. Clifford is very authoritative in the psychology field of United States.”

The richest man loves excitement and talent. Every time a banquet is held, he wishes to invite famous people from all over the world.

It is a birthday party, to put it bluntly, it is also a large-scale exchange meeting.

Many people are willing to participate.

When Karl received the invitation letter, he didn’t plan to participate.

However, the news brought by Smith is undoubtedly explosive.

“Is the news confirmed?” Karl didn’t want to hear anything like “according to reliable news”, what he wanted to hear was a sure answer.

Smith’s complexion stagnated, and he fell silent for a while.

Suddenly, Smith’s phone rang.

He glanced at Karl, and seeing Karl’s expressionless expression, he took out his cell phone and answered the call.

Hanging up the phone, Smith’s face was more confident: “Sir, the news is confirmed.”

Karl pinched the invitation letter’s fingers and tightened suddenly, and the gilded hard-shell invitation letter was crumpled into a ball by him.

Then, his tightened fingers were released again, and his deep voice carried a cold breath: “Get ready, let’s go to the birthday dinner.”


The day before the dinner, Peter suddenly came to United States.

Clayton and Tina also came with him.

Tina has been very busy recently, and she doesn’t know much about Alyssa.

She only vaguely knew a little when she was approaching United States.

It’s just that she still doesn’t know the specific details.

As the CEO of AdamPic Media on the bright side, Peter was invited.

Clayton is a gold-level lawyer in the industry, and he is also well-known in the world. It is normal to follow him.

So far, Tina has become a little hot in the circle and her reputation and acting skills are good, but she is not qualified enough to be invited.

She came with Peter.

She will be here, naturally not for the birthday dinner, but for Alyssa.

Tina asked as soon as she entered the door, “Where is Alyssa?”

However, when her eyes touched Karl’s cold eyes without a trace of temperature, she was half-hearted.

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