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Chapter 611

Although Tina was afraid of Karl, she asked again, “What happened to Alyssa?”

Karl ignored her words directly and turned away.

Seeing him avoiding answering, Tina understood a little in her heart, and raised her heart.

Ask Smith to arrange their room.

“I’ll take you to rest first.” Smith turned sideways slightly and made a sign of asking.

When Tina saw this, she didn’t have much to say, and went to the room with Smith.

Soon it was the day of the banquet.

Karl and his party left early, and when they arrived, Clifford hadn’t come yet.

As soon as they left, they were surrounded by people, and many people wanted to talk to Karl.

Karl had hidden himself before, but after taking over the Adams’, he became a prodigious, bold and extraordinary, which made him beyond reach for many people.

Among them, there are people who are jealous of him, and there are also people who admire him.

Most of the time Karl ignored these people, leaving Smith to deal with them.

He found an inconspicuous corner and sat down, took a glass of champagne in his hand, and paid attention to the direction of the door quietly.

He was waiting for Clifford to come over.

Many people could see that Karl didn’t want to care about people, so he didn’t get in trouble.

Before long, the host of the banquet came out and invited Karl to go inside for a small gathering.

After all, it was the owner. Although Karl didn’t like this kind of entertainment, he still had to give the owner some face.

He took Smith in with him, and Tina left them outside.

After Smith, Tina has a general understanding of Alyssa’s recent situation, but she still didn’t quite understand the specifics, so she could only wait until Alyssa came.

She heard Smith say before that Clifford would bring Alyssa over, and she didn’t know if he would actually bring her.

However, not long after Karl left, Clifford came.

Tina had seen Clifford several times, so she saw Clifford first.

“Here, here comes! Clifford is here!”

Peter and Clayton were talking about something else. Hearing a cold voice, and looking at it, he saw Clifford walking in.

After Clifford entered the banquet hall, he did not immediately walk inside, but paused slightly and turned his head to look behind.

They followed Clifford’s vision and saw Alyssa.

Alyssa did a styling on purpose tonight, wearing a champagne-colored shoulder-cut gown and stiletto heels of the same color. Her skin is white, and the champagne color complements her complexion. After carefully dressing up, she is incredibly beautiful.

Peter squeezed the goblet, unconsciously shook it twice, turned his head and exchanged eyes with Clayton, “Is it past?”

Before Clayton finished speaking, Tina said, “I will go over.”

When she finished speaking, she walked straight over there.

Peter called from behind her: “Tina!”

Tina stepped on high heels and walked towards Clifford, without turning her head back.

Peter had to follow Clayton.

After Alyssa came over, she reached out and took Clifford’s arm and walked with him into the banquet hall.

Upon seeing this, Tina frowned, unable to look at Alyssa confidently.

According to what Smith said, how could Alyssa and Clifford be so harmonious?

She actually held Clifford’s arm!

“Alyssa!” Tina walked straight to Alyssa and Clifford.

When Alyssa saw Tina, a flash of astonishment flashed on her face, and then she smiled: “Tina! Why are you here?”

She released Clifford’s arm and walked towards Tina, “Tina!”

Tina glanced at Clifford who was standing behind her, and Clifford smiled politely at her.

Tina took Alyssa and walked away.

Peter and Clayton who followed behind, saw Tina directly pulling Alyssa away, their expressions changed.

Clifford could easily let Tina pull Alyssa away, this matter seemed weird no matter how you looked at it.

The two looked at Clifford, and Clayton turned his head slightly and said, “You can ask what is going on. I look at Clifford.”

After all, Peter and Alyssa should be more familiar with each other.

“Okay.” Peter glanced at Clifford again, and then walked towards Tina and Alyssa.

When Peter passed by, Tina was frowning at Alyssa, waiting for Alyssa to reply.

Peter stood beside Tina and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Isn’t this asking?” Tina didn’t look good at Peter.

Alyssa was planning to speak, but when Peter came, she changed her words: “What’s the specific situation? It’s just between me and Karl, and it has nothing to do with you.”

After she finished speaking, she took out her mobile phone and said to Tina, “Tina, remember my new number. We will contact again when we have time.”

Tina was confused by Alyssa: “What is it? Have time to contact?”

Seeing Tina still, Alyssa stretched out her hand to bring Tina’s phone over: “Password?”

Tina stared at Alyssa, took the phone and entered the password to open the phone: “Number.”

Alyssa gave her a series of numbers, then turned and left.

“I think she’s a bit weird.” After Tina stored Alyssa’s number, she put the phone away and muttered while looking at Alyssa’s back.

Peter echoed and said, “She looks normal. She still knows you, which means she has no memory loss.”

“What do you know?” Tina glanced at him, then turned to the other side.

Peter followed, and continued to discuss Alyssa with her.

But Tina ignored him at all.

Before long, Karl and Smith came out.

As soon as Karl came out, he saw Alyssa among the crowd. And Clifford standing beside her.

Peter had been paying attention to Karl. When he saw Karl coming out, he ran over and said, “Karl, Clifford brought Alyssa, she…”

Karl interrupted him with an obscure voice: “I have seen it all.”

Peter followed his gaze and saw Alyssa and Clifford.

Peter was thinking about saying something more, but looking at Karl’s gloomy expression, he swallowed it back abruptly.

At this time, if he said something wrong, Karl could kill him directly with a single look.

Smith knew everything, and when he saw Alyssa and Clifford appear together in an int!mate manner at this time, he felt a bit weird.

“How could this be?” Smith turned to look at Karl: “Sir, this…”

“I’ll meet him.” Karl spoke and pulled down his tie.

But his gaze has been staring at Clifford.

He said he was staring at Clifford, but his eyes were actually locked on Alyssa.

Chapter 612

Karl walked towards Clifford with a group of people.

At this time there were more people attending the banquet, but there were still very few handsome young foreign men like Karl and Peter.

Therefore, when Karl and his party passed by, they seemed unusually eye-catching.

Many people’s eyes are focused on them.

Clifford naturally saw them too.

He curled his lower lip slightly, revealing an inconspicuous smile, then turned his head to look at Alyssa.

Alyssa was turning her head to talk to another woman, smiling at her appearance.

Clifford called out to her: “Alyssa.”

“Huh?” Alyssa looked back at Clifford: “What’s the matter?”

“Let’s see who’s here.” Clifford pinched the finger of the goblet and sent her forward, motioning her to look in the direction he was pointing.

Alyssa followed his gaze and saw Karl walking in front of everyone at a glance.

The smile on her face gradually solidified at the moment she saw Karl, until it disappeared.

And Karl, who had been staring closely at Alyssa, naturally saw the change in expression on Alyssa’s face.

His face was not so good at first, but it became even more gloomy.

Peter, who was walking beside Karl, involuntarily touched his arm.

Alyssa and Karl’s eyes met in the air, and they didn’t look away.

Karl’s eyes were cold, and Alyssa was not much better. At this time, it was hard for the two of them to imagine that they were loved ones.

Finally, Karl and his party approached.

Alyssa stood beside Clifford, did not speak, and did not go to Karl’s side.

Clifford turned his head and glanced at Alyssa, looking very satisfied with her performance.

A smile gradually appeared on his face.

“Mr. Adams, it’s been a long time since I saw you, how have you been?” Clifford’s eyes fell on Karl’s body, and his smile gradually deepened.

Tina snorted, and now she feels that Clifford is annoying.

She turned her head to the side and met Alyssa’s gaze again, making her mood even more irritable, so she simply took out the phone to play.

Karl didn’t even glance at Clifford.

The atmosphere is a bit weird.

Peter is a personality, his eyes flashed, and he smiled and said to Clifford, “Is it a long time since he saw you? I watched the news before, but Mr. Dixon and Mr. Adams were neighbors?”

Although Karl didn’t say anything, Peter knew that Karl was disdainful of Clifford and didn’t want to talk to him.

Peter’s identity was inferior to Karl’s. He came out to speak, which was equivalent to losing Peter’s face.

Clifford’s complexion changed slightly, and then he said, “If I remember correctly, this gentleman is the CEO of AdamPic Media, right?”

“No talent, it’s right here.” Peter smiled on his face, and already scolded Clifford in his heart.

What is it, isn’t it just a psychiatrist? Seeing how he thought it was, he really thought he was so awesome!

Clifford smiled and turned to look at Alyssa: “Alyssa, they all seem to be your friends?”

“Where are they from, only Tina is my friend.” Alyssa looked at Clifford, with a hint of hatred in her eyes.

The corners of Clifford’s lips slightly curled up, and a strange arc appeared: “You say that, some people are going to be sad.”

He looked at Karl intentionally.

Karl’s eyes were still locked on Alyssa, and he said solemnly, “Alyssa, come here.”

“If something happens to Mr. Adams, after the banquet, we can find a place to chat.” Alyssa sneered at him, then stopped looking at him.

She took Clifford’s arm again: “Let’s go, don’t be wasted by meaningless people, I want to go back now.”


Clifford glanced at Karl before leaving, the corners of his eyes and eyebrows were filled with the smile of the winner.

Everyone just watched Clifford and Alyssa leave.

Peter looked at the backs of the two of them, and couldn’t help swearing: “f*ck! What the hell is this Clifford! Is Alyssa’s brain muddled by sh!t? What are meaningless people? I am mad at them! …”

Before Peter had finished speaking, he felt like Clayton pulled him.

“Why are you pulling me? I was right.” Peter glared at Clayton.

Clayton kicked him and motioned him to look at Karl.

Peter understood it all at once, and his expression was a little embarrassing.

Alyssa said those words, which pierced Karl’s heart, and he said these in front of Karl’s face. Isn’t Karl’s heart more uncomfortable?

Peter scratched his head, and finally suffocated a word to comfort Karl: “Um…Karl, Alyssa said these things just now. There must be her own reasons. She is not usually like this…”

Karl glanced at him, with no emotion in his tone: “What kind of person is she, can I not understand? Need you to tell me?”

Peter: “…” He wanted to comfort Karl, but he didn’t expect to be disgusted by Karl.

Peter pointed at Karl angrily and said to Clayton, “Look at him!”

Clayton glanced at Karl, shook his head, and said nothing.

Many people come to the birthday party.

Since Karl and the others are here, it is inevitable that they have to socialize.

Even Tina has been accosted.

Everyone was busy socializing, but Karl was alone.

He found a place with a better view and sat down. Even if someone wanted to come over to please him, he was forced to retreat by the alienation that was thousands of miles away from him.

In the end, no one dared to come to Karl.

Peter came back from socializing and sat next to Karl, with a look of dissatisfaction: “Karl, as a CEO who manages multinational corporations and industries where nowhere, can you socialize and do business seriously? If this continues, will Adams’s group really not collapse?”

Karl glanced at him lightly: “No.”

Peter choked, he had nothing to say. Resigned to get up and go to entertaining section.

As soon as he walked away, he didn’t know when he went out and came back.

Smith walked to the side of Karl and cried respectfully, “Sir.”

Karl put down the goblet in his hand, the stray eyes receded a little, and only said one word: “Say.”

Smith told Karl what he had found: “I took someone down and scout the situation. Clifford only brought two or three bodyguards. He didn’t even bring that right assistant, Daisy. Most of his hands Everyone is in charge of.”

After listening, Karl groaned for a moment, then sneered.

Smith couldn’t understand Clifford’s thoughts, let alone what Karl’s sneer meant.

He asked a little puzzled: “Sir, what do you think?”

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