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Chapter 613

Karl raised his eyes slightly and looked at Alyssa who was standing with Clifford not far away.

After a few seconds, he slowly said, “Clifford never does anything unprepared. The news that he brought Alyssa to this birthday party was also deliberately released.”

Smith thought for a while and asked, “What does he mean? He deliberately released the news to lead us over, I understand. But he is not worried. Will we take the opportunity to take the young lady away?”

“Do you think Alyssa will follow us?” Karl’s voice was several degrees colder, his jaw tightened, and an extremely suppressed anger exuded from his whole body.

“Sir mean…” Smith said here, and looked up in the direction where Alyssa was.

They all saw Alyssa’s reaction before.

Alyssa was abnormal, completely different from usual.

“Is it possible that Madam deliberately acted for Clifford?” Smith thought about it, but only thought of this possibility.

“Clifford doesn’t believe in others easily, he only believes in himself. He has been with Alyssa and knows what kind of person she is, even if that stupid woman Alyssa has excellent acting skills, do you think Clifford will easily believe it?”

When Karl said these words, he was very calm. He was so calm that Smith was a little surprised.

If this was Karl from the past, let alone such a calm analysis, as early as when he saw Alyssa and Clifford standing close together, he might have been unable to help himself.

“You mean, Madam didn’t act?” Smith originally thought that he had guessed correctly, but Karl’s mind was even more confused when he said this.

“If Madam didn’t act, what happened to her?” Smith had been in contact with Alyssa for so long, so naturally he did know what kind of person she was.

“The last time I saw the young lady at the villa, I gave her your pen. She didn’t seem to be abnormal.”

In the fire scene last time, Karl was almost fainted because he had been there for too long.

But even if that was the case, Karl still had to go back to find something.

Smith had no choice but to stun him, let the bodyguards take him away first, and he helped Karl go back to find something.

Unexpectedly, he met Alyssa inside.

At that time, Clifford’s people were still guarding outside, and he couldn’t save Alyssa. He could only give Karl’s pen to Alyssa so that she could wait for them to rescue her.

She knew the importance of that pen to Karl, and Alyssa should also know.

But only a few days later, he saw Alyssa again, only to find that she was different from before.

Karl lowered his eyes slightly and spit out two words: “Hypnosis.”

“Hypnosis?” Smith repeated Karl’s words again.

“Clifford doesn’t believe in others, he only believes in himself. How else would he dare to bring Alyssa to me?” Karl said to the back, his face already covered with frost.

“But before, Boss didn’t remember Madam at all. But the appearance of Madam did not seem to remember us completely.”

Smith just thought that Alyssa might be hypnotized.

However, Alyssa obviously still remembered them, so he didn’t think about it anymore.

“The meaning of hypnosis is not to make a person amnesiac, but a kind of spiritual guidance.” After Karl finished speaking, he stood up.

He straightened out his suit, as if he was about to leave here.

“Where is Boss?” Smith asked.

“Don’t follow me, watch Clifford.”

Karl left these words and quickly disappeared into the crowd.

Smith turned his head and looked at Clifford, only to realize that he didn’t know when Alyssa was no longer by his side.

Karl walked through the crowd and walked to the restroom behind.

He went directly to the ladies’ bathroom.

When he entered, Alyssa just came out of the cubicle.

When she saw Karl, she was taken aback for a while, then she wrapped her arms around and smiled mockingly: “When did Mr. Adams have the quirk of entering the ladies’ bathroom? I don’t even know.”

Karl didn’t speak, but raised his foot and walked over, pressing harder at every step.

Alyssa’s complexion was obviously stiff, and seeing him approaching step by step, she did not take a step back.

Karl walked up to her, with a hint of unnoticeable anxiety in his low voice: “What’s the matter?”

“I don’t understand what Mr. Adams said.” After Alyssa said, without looking at him, she turned sideways to leave.

But how could Karl let her go.

He reached out and grabbed Alyssa’s arm, and said in a deep voice, “Speak clearly.”

At this moment, a female guest came in from outside and saw a big man unexpectedly inside. She couldn’t help but exclaimed, “This is a ladies’ bathroom, please go out!”

Karl turned his head, his brows and eyes were filled with strong hostility: “Get out!”

Seeing this, the female guest dared to stay longer, looked at Alyssa, turned around and went out.

Alyssa took the opportunity to shake off Karl’s hand.

But Karl pulled her too tightly, she couldn’t get rid of it at all.

The two twisted together, one wanted to hold the other, and the other wanted to break free.

In a panic, both of their phones fell to the ground.

Alyssa pushed Karl away, bending her knees to pick up the phone without knowing where she was.

Coincidentally, the two phones are of the same brand and the same style.

Alyssa looked at the two identical mobile phones and picked up the one closest to Karl.

And the phone closest to Karl belonged to Karl, not Alyssa.

It’s impossible for Alyssa to not know.

But she deliberately took Karl’s cell phone.

Alyssa took his mobile phone and pressed the power button, and the mobile phone screen lit up.

She clicked on the screen of Karl’s mobile phone, then held the phone to Karl, pointed to her picture on the phone screen and asked Karl: “Mr. Adams, what are you doing? Who will set the photos as wallpaper?”

Karl’s eyes darkened, “Am I pretending, don’t you know?”

“It’s disgusting!” Alyssa sneered, “slap”, and threw the phone in his hand suddenly.

Karl’s brows tightened: “Alyssa, are you crazy?”

“I was crazy long ago. I was crazy when you ignored Grace’s life! Wait, I won’t let you go!” Alyssa said coldly and picked up her own phone, turned around and went out.

But Karl stayed in place, looking unpredictable.

Both his phone’s desktop and lock screen are photos of Alyssa, and his phone screen has a password set. When the phone screen turns on, Alyssa can see her photo, but she deliberately entered the password to open his Cell phone.

Chapter 614

From Alyssa’s deliberately picking up his phone just now, he can see her deliberateness.

When she reached the back, she deliberately unlocked his mobile phone, and Karl knew that she was telling him what she was doing.

Karl guessed at first that Alyssa might have been hypnotized by Clifford.

Alyssa just said, he ignored Grace’s life?

Clifford used this to hypnotize Alyssa?

However, looking at Alyssa’s secret message to him, it can be seen that Clifford’s hypnosis of Alyssa did not succeed.

Based on his knowledge of Alyssa, the stupid woman Alyssa was going to try her own risk, planning to take this opportunity to find out something from Clifford.

Karl’s complexion suddenly became as cold as a layer of frost.

When did Karl need a woman to risk her life?


That stupid woman is still so self-righteous!

The more Karl thought about it, the more angry he got, and he walked out angrily.

But when he passed the mobile phone that was thrown out by Alyssa, he still stopped and picked it up.

Not far from the bathroom, he met Clifford.

Clifford seemed to be checking the results, his eyes couldn’t help looking at Karl.

The anger on Karl’s face was so obvious, how could he not see it.

Clifford’s tone is unconcealable triumph: “Mr. Adams seems to be in a bad mood.”

Karl stared at Clifford coldly for a few seconds, then slammed his fist at Clifford.

Clifford couldn’t dodge and received a punch abruptly.

However, his complexion has not changed.

Karl couldn’t help but beat him, it showed that he was successful.

He successfully stimulated Karl with Alyssa, and Karl was irritated.

Snakes are seven inches long, and people have dead spots.

And Karl’s dead spot was Alyssa.

As long as he used Alyssa to deal with Karl, he didn’t have to take action at all, Karl was already a loser.

At this time, the initial results have been achieved, and the effect is really good.

Clifford stretched out his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his lips, and said with a smile: “Mr. Adams’ doing this is a loss of identity.”

“What do you think you are?” Karl held his collar, staring at him with a sullen look.

Clifford was a little shorter than Karl, and Karl had an advantage in height. When he carried Clifford, his aura was pressing.

“I really admire you. At this time, you still have the heart to speak cruelly to me.” The smile on Clifford’s face faded a bit, but there was no trace of fear in his eyes.

At this time, Smith hurried over from the other end.

“Sir.” When he saw this scene, he was stunned for a moment, before returning to his usual look.

Karl turned his head blankly and glanced at Smith: “Take Alyssa home!”

A moment of hesitation flashed on the face of Smith, but finally he responded, “Yes.”

Karl threw Clifford out like a rag.

Clifford had prepared to stabilize his figure long ago, so that he did not fall too ugly.

“Won’t you ask if Alyssa is willing to go back with you!” Clifford said with a hint of pleasure.

He really looked forward to seeing Karl’s defeat.

“Whether she is willing or not, it is all mine! Even if she dies, she can only be the ghost of Karl! What are you!”

Karl’s eyes were unabashedly mocking, as if Clifford was some unsightly rubbish.

What Clifford hated most was Karl’s confident face no matter what.

At this moment, it was clear that he was the winner, but Karl was still in that superb appearance, staring at him like a king.

This is also his most unwilling point.

“You are so self-conscious, and you never ignore Alyssa’s wishes and only impose your own ideas on her. You say that she is yours, but you are deceiving yourself!”

Clifford coughed several times and slowly stood up from the ground.

Karl laughed scornfully, and said, “That’s better than you.”

Then he turned and left.

Standing in place, Clifford’s anger gradually spread from the bottom of his eyes.

Then he let out a violent cry, and reached out and punched the wall.

“Karl! I won’t make you wish!”

Karl walked to the entrance of the banquet hall and saw Smith.

Smith deliberately stayed here to wait for Karl to come over.

Although Karl had just said that he was going to take Alyssa back, he always felt that it was a bit wrong and he didn’t know whether to do that.

“Sir, do you really want to take the young lady back?” Seeing Karl coming over, he asked.

Karl had a sullen face and glanced at him coldly: “If I don’t take her back, let her continue to follow other men?”

Smith actually felt very kind.

This is Boss he knows.

He has a bad temper and can’t tolerate Madam getting close to other men.

“Yes.” Smith received the order and took someone to intercept Alyssa.

At this time, the birthday dinner is coming to an end.

Some people have left, but there are still many people in the banquet hall.

Alyssa also planned to leave, calling Clifford in a corner not far away.

After she got to the banquet hall, she didn’t see Clifford. Now that she was going back, she planned to call Clifford.

However, her phone was pulled over before she dialed out the call, and she reached out and hung up the call that was not connected.

Smith took the phone and nodded slightly: “Madam.”

“What are you doing? Give me the phone back!” Alyssa looked cold when she saw it was Smith, and stretched out her hand: “Give me the phone!”

Standing in front of her Smith was motionless: “Madam, we are here to take you home.”

Alyssa raised the volume and called his name: “Smith!”

Smith’s expression remained unchanged, and his tone was serious and gentle: “Is the young lady going by herself, or are we ‘inviting’ us to…Please?”

He deliberately emphasized the word “please” in order to tell Alyssa that if she didn’t take the initiative to follow, they would forcibly take her away.

Alyssa sneered, “What if I don’t follow you?”

“Then I have to use ‘please’.” Smith said respectfully.

“What kind of boss there really have, there are all kinds of subordinates.” Alyssa was taunting Karl.

Smith was really a bit unaccustomed to talking right and wrong.

He pursed his lips, pretending that he did not hear the deep meaning of Alyssa’s words: “What does the young lady mean?”

“Who is the young lady, I can’t afford it.” Alyssa pushed him away after speaking, “Get out!”

She stopped after two steps.

Karl didn’t know when to come, and blocked her way.

“Didn’t you hear what Smith said? I’ll take you home.”

Karl stood in front of her with a serious expression.

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