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Chapter 1048

“It seems that sheldon’s strength is not weak, and he has paid such a high price for you, but even if you didn’t kill it, you will be a waste person, and you will not be treated to me There is no threat.”

“Brother Chen Wu, we did not hurt sheldon. His strength is too strong. We are not his opponent at all.” Chen Daer interrupted Chen Wu, “If it weren’t for our desperate escape. Come out, I’m afraid he will be killed in Gongdao.”

“Are you not sheldon’s opponent?” These words made the smile on Chen Wu’s face disappear completely, and then he became sullen at a speed visible to the naked eye, and even shook it. The hands holding the water cup are hard.


After a while, the water cup burst open and scattered glass fragments.

“That sheldon doesn’t know why, the strength is very strong, and the difference between our strength and his strength is too big.” Chen Daer shivered with fright, but still bit his head.

“Get out.” Chen Wu took a deep breath and said with trembling lips.

“The junior’s wrist was broken abruptly by him.” Chen Daer took a step back.

“I’ll let you fuck off!” Chen Wu stood up abruptly, pointed at the door and shouted, “From now on don’t show up in front of me, otherwise I will make you two

unable to eat!” Neither of them saw Chen. Wu Dong had been so angry that he dared not stay here, turned around and left the room quickly, for fear that he would be punished if he was one step late.

“Well, sheldon, since these people under me can’t help you, then I will meet you personally!” Chen Wu said, smoking a cigar, squinting his eyes.

When the voice fell, he put on his coat and left directly, walking towards the coast of Youlong Island.

The next day.

After waking up, sheldon left Gongdao with everyone on the boat. The clan members on Gongdao saw sheldon leave and all heaved a sigh of relief. They were afraid that sheldon would continue to live here and would give them. Bring more trouble.

On the deck, sheldon stood on it, looking around the sea.

When Liang Lu and the disciples of Xuanyang Palace all stood in front of him, sheldon turned around, looked at them and said, “The search for Youlong Island has come to an end for now, Xiao Fei, after stopping at Huaxia’s wharf, you Escort Ms. Liang Lu back, all friends in Xuanyang Palace should also go back and rest first, and when I find the location of Youlong Island, I will ask you for help.”


All the disciples of Xuanyang Palace nodded together, they were totally obedient At sheldon’s order, sheldon told them to go back, they absolutely said nothing.

Bai Xiaofei did not agree.

“Xiao Fei, how about you.” sheldon looked at him.

“No problem, I’m going to send Miss Liang Lu back.” Although Bai Xiaofei wanted to follow sheldon, he also knew that Liang Lu could not be thrown away. Since she was picked up from Liang’s house, he would naturally send her back safely, otherwise With the power of Liang’s family in China, it would surely make him unable to eat.

“Then first, go back and rest. Everyone is very tired during this time. sheldon can see what you do.” sheldon smiled faintly.

The ship continued to head towards Huaxia, and at this time, Chen Wu happened to arrive on Gong Island.

Going to the island with anger, Chen Wu directly captured a clan member.

“I’m asking you, where are sheldon and the others?” Chen Wu looked ugly. He came out stealthily this time to completely solve sheldon’s troubles. If Chen Diancang knew about him, his troubles would be great.

“sheldon? They live in a two-story wooden building not far away.” The tribe knew Chen Wu and didn’t dare to talk nonsense.

Just as Chen Wu released his foot and walked towards Mulou, the tribe continued to speak. “But they left early today.”

“Leave?” Chen Wu froze in place, his expression even more ugly.

“Yes, I left early today, everyone is gone.” The tribe was too scared to move, but he still told the truth.

“A step late!” Chen Wu growled angrily and patted his thigh vigorously.

If sheldon did not leave today, he believes that with his own strength, he can definitely keep all those people on Gong Island forever, but now that the other party has left, it is impossible to chase after him, and he will not be able to chase after them. I don’t know how long it will take, maybe something will happen again.

“It’s nothing to do with you here, let’s go!” Chen Wu waved his hand a little impatiently when he saw the tribe still standing in front of him.

Standing in place, Chen Wu looked at the situation on Gongdao. He became more and more angry. He didn’t deal with sheldon this time. He didn’t know how much trouble would happen in the future. Even his successor as the patriarch might not be safe enough.

At that time, if sheldon and Chen Diancanghua fight to become a jade silk, become grandson again, and become the successor of the head of the Lu family, then his position will plummet, he will be squeezed out by sheldon, and maybe he will be Drive out the Chen family.

Thinking of this, Chen Wu became even more angry. He decided in his heart that no matter what method was used, sheldon must be dealt with. If this person is not removed, he will not be stable.

Although angry, Chen Wu didn’t have any way to turn around and walked towards the coast.

after seven days.

sheldon’s ship stopped at the port of the country of Japan.

The disciple of Xuanyang Palace had already returned, and Bai Xiaofei had also protected Liang Lu back to China.

sheldon and Guishuan left the wharf and plan to find a place to live temporarily. The Haidong people are a race of thousands of years ago. Now they have been completely integrated into the normal life of the Japanese nation. They would never mention their identities in their daily lives. It affects normal life, and almost no one even knows about the existence of the Hai Dong people.

After staying in a hotel in the coastal city of Wa, sheldon ordered a bit of food and ate with Guifuzi in the room.

“Where will the Haidong people be?” sheldon asked directly after eating.

“I am not very clear. The Haidong people nowadays are not the Haidong people thousands of years ago. It is not easy to find them. You have to look for them bit by bit.” Guishuan said, shaking his head.

“Then don’t worry, take your time.” Although sheldon was a little disappointed, it was not easy to have a clue like the Haidong tribe.

“There is one more thing you should pay attention to. The Japanese country is no better than China, nor does it need to be South Vietnam. You must be careful when doing things here, and you must not conflict with the local forces. If you offend the forces here, I think even if you find the Haidong tribe, They would not admit their identity in order to avoid trouble.” The ghost operator said to sheldon when he thought of this while eating.

“I understand, I will still pay attention to this.” sheldon smiled and waved his hand. In the face of serious matters, he can still distinguish the priorities.

“Then let’s have dinner. After having been busy for such a long time, we should rest for a few days.” Seeing sheldon’s promise, the ghost operator did not continue to speak.

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