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Chapter 1051

whole map is still like kraft paper. If sheldon hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would definitely not believe that such a shocking scene would appear on this map.

“Are there any new discoveries on the map?” Ghost Operator leaned forward.

“No, I don’t even know the timing of the appearance of Youlong Island. It seems that there are still many mysteries in this sea heart map that we have not solved. I knew that I didn’t leave the ancient ruins so early, and asked the old man about it. “

sheldon shook his head and sighed.

I left the ancient Dharma site too quickly, and I never expected that there are such secrets in Hai Xin Tu. If you know that this is the case, sheldon will definitely unlock all the secrets of Hai Xin Tu in the Dharma Trail. It takes one day, ten days or even more than ten days, all in time.

“Go back to the ancient ruins?” Guishuan asked.

“Forget it, even if the secrets in Haixintu are solved, it’s nothing more than seeing Youlong Island. I didn’t know the way to find Youlong Island and board Youlong Island from the hands of the Haidong people, so what if I knew it in time? Kind of.” sheldon shook his head and said.

“Don’t worry, our progress is already very fast now. Now Hai Xintu is holding it, and I also know the islands where the Chen family’s clan members live. As long as you find the Haidong tribe, you will soon be able to save your parents. Come out.”

Seeing sheldon’s mood a little depressed, Guishuan patted his shoulder to comfort him.

“I know.” sheldon took a deep breath and laughed.

Soon, Bai Xiaofei returned, and he took the food prepared by the Japanese Army.

It is said that it is a meal, which is completely different from the stir-fried dishes that Huaxia usually eats. It is the traditional bibimbap and glutinous rice, as well as a large bucket of miso soup.

The three of them ate around the table. Before the meal was finished, noisy noises came from outside.

“Is there Bai Xiaofei from China?” The door of the composite board was slapped vigorously several times, and then the noise came out.

“Someone is looking for you.” sheldon said lightly after drinking a large bowl of miso soup.

“Who?” Bai Xiaofei put down the dishes and pushed the door out. He saw a few special soldiers in combat uniforms standing outside. They seemed to be Asians.

“Are you Bai Xiaofei?” The visitor looked up and down, and said with a sullen expression, “Introduce myself, my name is Lin Aping, I am a special soldier of the South Vietnam War Department. I heard that you have appeared in our War Department, and you The friends around me have upset our warhead?”

“You have admitted the wrong person.” Bai Xiaofei was not prepared to take care of this group of people.

“Wait, I think there are still two people sitting inside, isn’t it sheldon?” As soon as Bai Xiaofei put his hand on the handle, Lin Aping pulled the door of the house and glanced inward at the same time.

“Boy, this is in the Wa country, not in your South Vietnam. What is the matter for your current acting chief Lu Chengkun, don’t come here to bother me!” Bai Xiaofei frowned. At this moment, the person in front of him is not just provoking himself. , It is provoking China.

The sound here also attracted special forces from other countries. Many people gathered around, pointing and watching the excitement, and even some people watched the excitement, not too much, and kept booing, letting Bai Xiaofei and Lin Apping try their hands.

“You even called the name of the acting leader of our war department. It seems that it was your trouble, that is, I was performing a task outside at that time, otherwise you will have no return!”

“Now I happen to meet here, Don’t you guys plan to talk about the strange disappearance of the leader of our South Vietnam country?”

Lin Aping glared at Bai Xiaofei, if it weren’t for other people here to watch the fun, he would have already done it.

“Has the leader of the South Vietnam country disappeared?”

These words caused an uproar on the scene.

Almost everyone looked at Bai Xiaofei. It was difficult for them to connect the disappearance of a national leader to a special soldier, but the South Vietnamese special soldier should not tell lies, otherwise it would be impossible to directly face so many people. Rush over.

“I told you that when you go back to ask Lu Chengkun about matters in South Vietnam, it is no use asking me. You have affected our meals. Now please leave here, otherwise I can think that you are provoking our special forces in China.” Bai Xiaofei stared at him and said lightly.

“Okay, very good!” Lin Aping released his hand. Indeed, he wanted to take care of Bai Xiaofei, but in front of so many people, once he did it would mean to provoke Huaxia, he didn’t dare to cause such a big trouble.

But after he turned around, he whispered to Bai Xiaofei. “Boy, I advise you to be honest these days, don’t be caught by me, otherwise I will definitely let you leave here sideways!”

“No.” Bai Xiaofei did not continue to respond, and directly closed the door.

Sitting back at the dining table, Bai Xiaofei continued to eat, completely unaffected by the incident.

“I can see that this special forces competition doesn’t seem to be as quiet as we thought.” sheldon said with a faint smile after eating the rice in his hands. Although he hadn’t gone out just now, the outside voices could still be heard clearly.

“Brother Chen, don’t worry. If he comes to make trouble, I will deal with them directly. Anyway, they are looking for things first, and we are also trying to protect ourselves.” Bai Xiaofei squeezed his fists, and he had no way to clean up those who cultivated. Packing up an ordinary special soldier, he is still very confident.

“That’s not good. You are the person who represents our China in the competition. If you make a move, it will have a bad effect. Leave it to me. You just need to prepare for the game.” sheldon waved his hand.

Strictly speaking, Bai Xiaofei was only traveling with him to Nanyue. Anything that happened in Nanyue had nothing to do with him. sheldon naturally didn’t want to push the trouble to Bai Xiaofei.

I was alone, even facing the South Vietnam country alone, but Bai Xiaofei was a real Chinese special force. Once affected by this incident, he would most likely be punished.

“Brother Chen, you believe me, I can solve it!” Bai Xiaofei promised, patted his chest.

“This matter is up to me, otherwise I and Guishuan will leave now.” Randomly wiped the corner of his mouth with his sleeves, and sheldon pushed open the door of his room.

Bai Xiaofei stood in a stalemate.

“It’s better for you to listen to sheldon. After all, you are a special soldier. If you fight with them before the competition, it is against the regulations. Once you are caught by the Japanese military, you may even be disqualified from participating in the competition.” Ghost The operator said with a smile.

In the blink of an eye, it was evening. After dinner, special forces from various countries all returned to their rooms to rest. sheldon lay on the bed with a cigarette in one hand and a map of Haixin in the other, and his eyes kept staring at it.

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