The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1037

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Chapter 1037

Night, Sheldon and Zhang Yingzi returned to the security club.

“This bastard Gongsun Quan is really mad at me. The public is so cheeky that they don’t admit it, and those four people don’t admit it temporarily!” Zhang Yingzi cursed with anger as soon as he returned home.

“Yingzi, forget it, many situations are beyond our imagination. I can only say that we were too careless this time, and we can just pay attention next time!” Zhang Tianzheng also took his daughter to sit down and comforted.

“Zhang Zong is right, don’t be angry, Gongsun Quan will be killed by me sooner or later, anyway, there are two days, and I will definitely make Gongsun Quan pay the price in these two days!”

Sheldonmin He squinted his eyes and said with a gloomy face, already making a plan in his heart.

Anyway, in a word, Gongsun Quan is dead.

“Brother Sheldon, have you thought of any solution?”

Zhang Tianzheng asked Sheldon after hearing what Sheldon said.

“Zhang Daotou, can I trouble you one thing? Could you ask someone to help me monitor Gongsun Quan, I want to know Gongsun Quan’s movement and position at any time!” Sheldon did not answer Zhang Tianzheng’s words, but Zhao Zhang Tianzheng Ordered.

“Okay, this is okay!” Zhang Tianzheng said decisively when he heard it.

He believed that Sheldon had already figured out how to deal with Gongsun Quan, so he could just help Sheldon.

“Master, what are you going to do?”

Zhang Yingzi asked curiously.

“Since General Long Kai said that as long as he leaves the national city, what happens outside the national city is not under his control, then we will use this to give Gongsun Quan the principle of ruling his body by his own way! “

Sheldon felt an interesting arc at the corner of his mouth, watching Zhang Yingzi and Li Yong remind them.

Hearing this, Zhang Yingzi’s three talents suddenly understood.

Soon, Zhang Tianzheng sent people to monitor Gongsun Quan and report Gongsun Quan’s movements at any time.

In the evening, the person responsible for monitoring Gongsun Quan’s movements returned, and immediately reported the situation to Zhang Tianzheng, who quickly told Sheldon.

After Sheldon learned of this, he left the darts directly and hurried to the place where Gongsun Quan was.

In the night, Sheldon walked across the roofs of various houses.

In a short while, Sheldon came to a prostitute, and Gongsun Quan was here today to be happy.

Sheldon found the room where Gongsun Quan was located. Through the window, Sheldon heard all kinds of happy sounds coming from the room. Gongsun Quan should be in a very pleasant rhythm.

“I really can enjoy it!”

Sheldon thought with a sneer in his heart.

Then, Sheldon put on the veil and black clothes he had prepared, which he prepared specially for Gongsun Quan.

After making all the preparations, Sheldon jumped straight down and rushed into the room along the window.

Gongsun Quan, who was doing errands, was taken aback instantly, and he fell from the bed to the ground.

Looking at the black-clothed assassin in front of him, Gongsun Quan’s eyes widened and angrily roared: “Who are you? I’m the young master of the Gongsun family. You dare to disturb the good things of this young master, you don’t want to live anymore!”


Gongsun As soon as Quan’s voice fell, there was a blood stain on his throat.

Suddenly, blood continuously poured out of Gongsun Quan’s mouth.

The vitality of his pupils is constantly dissipating.

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