His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1911

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Chapter 1911

When Ameli Su said this, the two big men Sakurahara Kurosawa and Christian were startled.

Maybe it’s possible, otherwise… Why did Sakurako Sakahara refuse to listen to dissuasion several times? What’s more, it can be said that she lives in her own world. No matter how people show disgust, she treats her as if it didn’t happen. So close to Christian recklessly.

Can one thing be done so extreme for the sake of the family?

These behaviors can be said to be weird in the eyes of ordinary people, but Sakurako Sakura hasn’t noticed that there is something wrong with her. Is this a cognitive obstacle?

Still say…

she was brainwashed by some strange drug.

Ameli Su’s words changed Christian’s expression. Sakura Kurosawa also stepped forward, glanced at Sakurako Sakurako’s face, and found that her pupils were in a dilated state. As Ameli Su said, the whole person was shuddered. Tranced and chattering, as if not online.

All every move is like following a program set by others.

There must be someone behind her instructing her, so her behavior seemed so insidious and strategic, but she was messed up by herself.

Sakurahara Kurosawa explained to the hotel staff that this is his distant sister, and she came to mention someone for fear of accident. The hotel waiter said that it depends on what Miss Su means. If Miss Su disagrees, the matter must be handled by the police.

Hearing the word alarm, Sakurako Sakura almost jumped out of her chair, “Haha, police-what do you think a policeman is, I can come out of prison if that adult is there!”

She was crazy when she spoke, but then again. It was like hysterical, which was her usual style. At this moment, Ameli Su grabbed Christian’s hand on her shoulder, scratched and flirted with his palm, and smiled and said, “Which adult?”

To be able to say it so brainlessly, this behind the scenes is really a dangerous move. After all, Sakurako Sakura is from a family background, others dare not touch her easily, and she is easy to lose her mind and is easy to control. Wait until it is true. Tian exploded the name of the black hand behind the scenes, and he could also excuse that Sakurako Sakura was mentally abnormal, and what he said was not credible.

No matter how you look at it, it is a perfect scapegoat.

Christian obviously thought of going with Ameli Su. He looked down at the expression on Ameli Su’s face and knew that the little woman had guessed the intention of the murderer behind him, and said to Ameli Su, “You guessed it. Who is it .” “It’s just that person.”

Ameli Su’s expression was particularly cold. She stood up, wearing the hotel cotton slippers, approached Sakurako’s face, and then said, “How long have you taken the medicine? That person? Does your lord give you any guarantee?”

It must be an incredible guarantee to speak so brainlessly. It’s just that in front of so many people, this matter can’t be a big deal. Once the trouble is big, they can’t continue their plan. Sakura Kurosawa can only drive away the people in the hotel, and then send his own people to suppress Sakurako Sakura. , Said to Christian and Ameli Su, “It caused you trouble.”

“Everyone has a few stupid guys, let alone a distant house, normal.” Ameli Su tilted her head and glanced at Sakurako Sakura who was taken away. She cursed and said, “It may not have been long since she took the medicine this time, and she may be able to check out something with a blood draw.”

After all, this time is more chaotic than before.

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