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Chapter 1039

Looking at the third brother lying on the ground, Chen Tianying had to temporarily drag his body onto the cart in the yard, and wait for the sky to darken for a while, by Throw the corpse directly into the sea in the name of going fishing.

Soon, the woman shot the water back.

The two of them took the brushes and brushed the blood on the ground fiercely.

“You must remember that you can’t tell what happened tonight.” Chen Tianying was still a little worried.

“But the third brother has never returned. My family will definitely investigate.” The woman asked worriedly.

“This is not something we can consider. Even if the family investigates it, we just insist that we don’t know anything. This is a matter between the patriarch and his grandson, and we can’t get involved.” Chen Tianying vigorously waved his hands.

“The patriarch and his grandson? What is going on?” The woman became even more confused.

“You don’t understand what you said, just remember a little, don’t say anything about things tonight, just fine!” Chen Tianying has no intention to explain these things. What he thinks now is how to clean up the corpse and blood. .

“Okay, I’ll listen to you.” The woman didn’t ask, but she nodded and agreed.

After about two hours, the smell of blood in the house has faded a bit, and the blood on the ground has also been cleaned up. Seeing that it was late at night, Chen Tianying put on a coat and left the farm directly with the car.

the following day.

sheldon opened his eyes as the sun rose.

Killing Chen Tianzhao yesterday meant that he was declaring war on the Chen family.

After washing, sheldon put on his coat and left. Without going anywhere, he went straight to Chen Tianying’s house.

At this time, Chen Tianying had just returned from the seaside for a while, his whole person looked very decadent and spiritless, sitting on the wooden chair with no light in his eyes.

“Brother Chen, how are things going?” When sheldon came in, he closed the door of the yard by the way.

“I did everything according to your requirements. The third brother’s body was thrown into the sea by me, and the blood in the room has been washed away.” Seeing sheldon, Chen Tianying shivered with fright.

“You said, how long did my family know that Chen Tianzhao was missing?” sheldon glanced around, and really couldn’t see any traces of blood on the ground, so he sat next to him and asked faintly.

“I don’t know how a member of my clan should know about my family’s affairs.” Chen Benying shook his head.

“Yes, remember why Chen Tianzhao died. As long as you don’t make stupid mistakes like him, I can keep you alive.” Seeing that Chen Tianying was almost frightened by himself, sheldon walked out of his room door with his hands behind his back.

The entire island was not affected by Chen Tianzhao’s death in the slightest. It can also be said that they didn’t even know that Chen Tianzhao had been killed by themselves.

Looking at these tribesmen, sheldon couldn’t help but feel emotional.

He really couldn’t understand what Chen Diancang had planned in his heart, why he wanted to build a cultivating Chen family overseas, and why he had to arrest his parents and force himself to turn against his enemies.

However, Chen did not know the song, this time the message on the islands, has been passed to the secluded Long Island.

In a simple thatched house with simple music, Chen Diancang, wearing a coat, sits at a wooden table that is about to be eaten by moths, and even the teapot in his hand looks very old.

“Patriarch, sheldon is very likely to have boarded the island near us. Our people on Gongdao reported that a stranger came to live on the island a few days ago, and even Chen Tianzhao went back.” A face-to-face comparison The stern young man stood in front of Chen Diancang, reporting the situation in a low voice.

“Let’s board it, just let me see the strength he has cultivated over the years. What is the level of that person called Amaterasu?” Chen Diancang’s hand holding the teapot trembled slightly.

“Not very strong, only in the middle of the family row.” The young man thought for a while and replied.

“Then keep staring, and remember not to let sheldon notice us. Since he can single-handedly kill the three major families of South Vietnam, it is enough to prove that his current strength is not weak.” Chen Dicang took a sip of tea. , Cleared his throat again.

“Patriarch, if you really want to deal with him, you can send someone to surround Gongdao now. I can guarantee that he will be killed before dark. It won’t be so troublesome at all.” Hearing Chen Diancang’s evaluation, The young man was a little impatient.

“Xiao Wu, how many years have you been with me?” Chen Diancang’s expression did not change, but instead put down the tea cup, asked in a hoarse voice.

“Twenty-five years, you took me back from the snow, otherwise, I would have frozen to death by now.” The young man bent over, very respectful.

“It’s fine if you know. Although sheldon is my grandson, in my eyes, you are my successor. sheldon will only have one consequence when he arrives at Youlong Island, and that is to die here.” Chen Diancang Laughed.

“I understand, Patriarch!” Hearing Chen Diancang’s words, the young man completely let go of his heart.

“Look at Amaterasu’s strength first. If it is not enough to solve sheldon, then send a few more family masters to meet him. Since you dare to come and seek revenge, you must be prepared.” Chen Diancang continued to drink. Chashui, you can see that sheldon’s appearance did not arouse him much.

“Patriarch, I…” The young man was overjoyed.

“You are not allowed to take action. If you dare to show up in front of sheldon, I will abolish your whole body’s cultivation.” Chen Diancang turned his head and looked at him gloomily.

“Yes, I understand, I understand.” The young man was so scared that he shivered, nodding his head quickly and agreeing.

“Get out!” Chen Diancang waved his hand.

On Christine Island.

sheldon didn’t have a good way to get the location of Youlong Island. Since Chen Tian shouldn’t know, then other clan members who lived on this island must also not know, Chen Tianzhao, the only one who knew, was killed by himself.

It now appears that the only thing that can be done is to wait a week for the family’s boat to arrive here before they have a chance to follow the boat to the Dragon Island.

Of course, the people on the island didn’t care about Chen Tianzhao’s sudden departure, only when he returned to his home. After all, the home and the clan belonged to the Chen family, but they weren’t the same family at all.

In the past few days, sheldon has almost been in the room, and most of them have been staring at Haixintu, carefully analyzing several islands in the middle of the sea, and guessing which one will be the Dragon Island.

sheldon’s dullness does not mean the dullness on Youlong Island.

Chen Wu, who received Chen Diancang’s order, did not contact Chen Tianzhao, and did not reply to any letter for two or three days, which made him feel a little strange.

None of the members of the Chen family can leave Youlong Island at will. This is the rule set by Chen Diancang when he established the Chen family. Now Chen Tianzhao has not only left for Gongdao, but even lost contact for several days. Already guilty of taboos among taboos.

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