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Chapter 1050

“Patriarch, do you really want to see him?” Chen Wu was stunned.

“I just wanted to kill him. I told you many times that you are the only successor to the Chen family in my heart. If you still don’t believe what I said, leave now.” Chen Diancang frowned. The expression on his face instantly became serious.

“I believe it, I believe it!” Chen Wu was a little scared, and quickly agreed.

“If you believe it, why did you disobey my order and secretly send your two men to Gongdao to assassinate sheldon?” Chen Diancang squeezed the cigarette in his hand and hit the ground with a crutches, deep down. The voice asked.

“I…” Chen Wu didn’t know how to explain for a while.

He always thought that his plan was seamless and would never be discovered. He didn’t expect Chen Diancang to know even though he had concealed it as much as possible.

“You almost broke my plan!” Chen Diancang snorted coldly.

“Patriarch, I know it was wrong.” Chen Wu lowered his head to apologize. Although he has followed Chen Diancang since he was a child, he is always just an adopted child. He usually doesn’t dare to disobey Chen Diancang’s orders at all, because he is afraid of Chen. Dian Cang suddenly gave up on him.

You know, once he loses Chen Diancang’s care, he will no longer have his current identity on Youlong Island, and he may even be driven out.

“I hope this is the last time. If I find that you violated my orders again, you can pack up and leave Youlong Island!” Chen Diancang left a cold sentence and left the room directly.

Looking at Chen Diancang’s back, Chen Wu stood there stiffly for nearly ten minutes.

It wasn’t until the cold wind from outside entered the room that he gradually became sober.

With a sigh, Chen Wu sat limply on the chair. Chen Diancang’s words were tantamount to an ultimatum. Although he was scared, he was more determined in his heart to resolve sheldon’s confidence.

Although Chen Diancang just said that he would kill sheldon, Chen Wu didn’t believe it. Only after he killed sheldon himself would he resolve all the threats and be able to take the position of the heir to the patriarch.

“sheldon, no matter where you go, I will accept your life!” Sitting on the chair, Chen Wu held the water glass. After gritting his teeth and uttering this sentence, his palm exploded and broke. The slag splashed to the ground.


After a night of rest, sheldon’s state has been restored to its peak.

After breakfast, the three of them sat in the room.

“I inquired about it last night, and I didn’t get any news about the Haidong people. It can be guessed that this family has been completely hidden in the real society of the Japanese country and will not be discovered by outsiders at all.” The ghost operator spoke first.

“I can guess that it is definitely not possible to find the Haidong people in a day or two. Only by looking slowly will you have a chance. If you are eager for success, even if you can find it, it will scare them away.” sheldon was not disappointed. Nodded and said.

“What are you talking about?” Bai Xiaofei’s eyes were blackened, and he didn’t understand at all.

“This Haidong tribe is a race thousands of years ago. They have the method to find and enter the Dragon Island in their hands. As long as they can be found, the initiative is in our hands.” Thinking that Bai Xiaofei no longer needs to protect Liang Lu, sheldon told him the actual situation.

“But looking for them is not equivalent to finding a needle in the big sea of ​​the country.” After hearing sheldon’s words, Bai Xiaofei’s expression instantly stiffened.

“That’s right, it’s just looking for a needle in a haystack.” sheldon sighed.

“So don’t worry, the Haidong people will be found by us sooner or later.” Guishuan also echoed.

“What’s the matter with your special forces competition? If we can, we can investigate from this aspect. It’s better than staying in the hotel.” sheldon turned his head and looked at Bai Xiaofei.

“The leaders of our war department said that it was an ordinary competition, saying that it was to select the strongest special forces of each country’s war department to compete in the Japanese elementary school. It was not a face-to-face competition, nor did it have much honor, but after all, it was a national competition. The competition between the two still needs attention.”

Bai Xiaofei thought for a while and said what the leader said.

“Go to see the situation?” sheldon asked.

“Yes, we don’t have a clue right now, and this competition is held in the Japanese country. There will definitely be powerful people participating. Maybe you can find clues about the Haidong tribe from them.” The ghost operator agreed.

“Then I will contact the organizer.” Without hesitation, Bai Xiaofei took out his mobile phone to make a call.

A call was made, surprisingly fast, and the other party said that they would immediately send a car to the hotel to pick him up. Bai Xiaofei indicated that there were people in the company, and the other party did not refuse.

About half an hour, the Japanese military sent someone to pick it up.

After leaving the hotel room, the three of sheldon got in the car and rushed to the place of the competition.

The game is not to be compared with the military headquarters of the country, but on a training ground, where a lot of composite board rooms are temporarily set up for the special forces who come to participate in the competition. You can see them as soon as they arrive. There are already many rooms here. People, although there is still nearly half a month before the game, most of the special forces will rush to train and adapt in advance in order to get a good place in the game and win glory for their respective countries.

“That’s it, you are Huaxia’s special forces. Let’s live here for now.” After getting off the car, the person in charge pointed to the house next to him, took out a key from his pocket, and handed it to Bai Xiaofei’s hand.

After receiving the key, Bai Xiaofei was a little startled looking at the situation here.

If he didn’t say that this was a training place for Japanese soldiers, he would definitely think that this was a construction site, and these temporary houses seemed to be as simple as they were, as if the wind would blow over them directly.

“Brother Chen, I knew that we might as well live in the hotel directly.” When the person in charge left, Bai Xiaofei handed the key to sheldon and said reluctantly.

“If you come, you will be safe. It only takes about half a month to live here.” sheldon stepped forward to open the door and took them in.

It is said that it is a temporary house, but the space inside is not small. It has a living room and three rooms, as well as a toilet and a dining room. Putting down the luggage, sheldon stood in front of the window and looked at the situation outside.

“sheldon, are you hungry? I’ll go and ask them for food.” Seeing that it was almost noon, Bai Xiaofei walked up to sheldon and asked.

“Go.” sheldon smiled.

After Bai Xiaofei went out, sheldon took out the Haixin map in his personal pocket. On the map, the location of Youlong Island had disappeared, and the island where the Hai Dong people had worshipped was also gone.

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