His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1921

Read Chapter 1921 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 1921

With the spread and fermentation of the Ameli Su account being blocked, the discussion on the case of the year on the Internet has become more and more heated. Some people think that Elbert Bo was so smart and awesome. , It’s not so absurd to think that his wife is the murderer and send them to prison. Isn’t this pure cerebral palsy?

Either someone manipulated all the evidence chains behind him, and then deliberately led Elbert Bo to misunderstand Tang poetry –

“It’s one thing to be a scumbag, but it’s another thing to be guided by someone.”

“Elbert Bo is damned if he cheats. But Elbert Bo Is there really such a big ability to put Lisa Tang, who was still the eldest of the Tang family, in jail? How do I feel that Elbert Bo is like a fool in this play, but I see someone who eats melons and tells me that Elbert Bo will personally Did you check it?”

“It is estimated that when something came, Sarah An was killed.”

“I heard that Elbert Bo had injuries on his body back then? It seems that there were still seven wounds… and went to jail later.”

“Is the back figure arrested in prison Elbert Bo?”

Everyone began to speculate about what happened that year and how Sarah An died. Was the suicide in prison really suicide, or was it killed? Otherwise, everyone commits suicide and died, so why bother to explode on the way to transport the corpse and blow up the human body without any existence?

Didn’t such an explosion attract attention instead?

It shows that some people don’t even want to keep her body. Sarah An is alive as evidence, and dead, the corpse is also evidence. Only then will it need to be blown to dust – enough to reassure those behind the scenes.

This makes sense.

Seeing that everyone was idle and bored and started to reason about this, some even started to make some adaptations based on this background, and after adding more bloody ingredients, they wrote the rich sadomasochism novel and published it on the seven cats free novel. Suddenly aroused the attention of the whole people.

Although they don’t know whether it’s true or not, but after a long day of work, returning home is tired, eating melons, and participating in the gossip of these rich people, isn’t it a relief.

Those fragrant and dramatic scandals of wealthy derailment are quite eye-catching, and people are all curious.

“We received the latest e-mail.”

Christian watched the whole process of fermentation on the Internet, and turned on the computer. “The people from Jammy told me that Jammy is stepping up to deal with this matter, and we It’s time to take action. Pack your luggage and set off with me. We need to arrive at Jammy’s next speech address tomorrow, and then prepare around.”

Christian pulled out Ameli Su’s mobile phone sim card, “They will locate you, this The card needs to stay here. You have to re-bind it with a mobile phone card in your life. It may be very troublesome…”

“This is originally my newly prepared mobile phone card.”

Ameli Su curled her lips clearly. Before registering the account, I thought that I would be located by ip, so I used a mobile phone number that had not been registered. The black number that Luo Youyou bought when she was abroad, I asked her to come. To trace the source, you have to trace the source abroad. , You don’t need to worry.”

How can this woman never hold back on such things?

Christian’s heart was beating wildly, “Then go with me, and I will ask the assistant to book us a ticket.”

“It’s already booked.”

Ameli Su put her original card back into the phone and shook it. “I asked my dad’s assistant to book it for us, and someone has already told me the next address.”

Why is this woman more accurate than him now?

Still say-this is the real Ameli Su.

Christian frowned, “Who?”

“Lemuel Chu.” Ameli Su grinned very happily. “Remember that your mother showed her tattoos to prove that the heroine in the photo is not her own venue? The address chosen by Jammy It’s here.”

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