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Chapter 1058

“Miss, you don’t know, the head of the family has always opposed strangers entering the family.” The young man was a little embarrassed, leaning in front of Erye Feixu, and whispered.

Although his words were very small, sheldon still heard them all in his ears, and a smile appeared on the corner of sheldon’s mouth. From these words, he could guess that his thoughts were not wrong. The Erye family might really be the sea. Dong nationality.

“I’m telling you, I was suddenly attacked by the Hanoi family outside. If this gentleman hadn’t made it in time, I would have died on the rubble now!”

Er Ye Feixu frowned slightly.

“Sir, please come in!” Er Ye Feixu’s words shocked him. He quickly stood in front of sheldon and said respectfully.

“It seems that you are in a good position in the family.” sheldon didn’t say nonsense, and got out of the car with a smile.

“My father is the Patriarch.” Er Ye Feixu also showed an embarrassed smile on her face. It is precisely because she is the Patriarch’s daughter that she usually encounters these dangers.

“Sir, let me hold it for you!” Seeing Chen Singer carrying a bag, the young man quickly reached out to pick it up.

“No need, I’ll do it myself.” sheldon waved his hand and refused.

Following Erye Feixu, he walked into the manor, and because he had already called on the road, he walked directly into a living room at the back of the manor.

After sitting for a while, a middle-aged man with a big belly hurried in.

“Feixu, I just heard the security guard on duty at the door say that you are in danger outside. What is going on? Tell me quickly!” The

middle-aged man did not go to see sheldon at all. As soon as he entered the door, He quickly grabbed Erye Feixu’s arm and looked up and down carefully.

“I have no injuries.” Feeling his father’s concern, Er Ye Feixu said with a smile.

“That’s good, that’s good, I heard that the Hanoi family attacked you, how could they know your whereabouts? I remember that you participated in the special forces competition. It is kept secret in the War Department!” The middle-aged man was relieved. Sigh, continue to inquire.

“I don’t know the specific situation. I haven’t reported the situation to the war department, but I am worried that there are people from the Hanoi family in the war department. It is this person who told them my whereabouts.” Speaking of this, Er Ye Fei Xu’s brows furrowed tightly, and her face was puzzled and puzzled.

“Just leave it to me to deal with this matter. Let’s live at home during this time. I will send someone to investigate if your whereabouts are leaked. If it doesn’t work, I will contact the War Department and cancel your qualification for the competition.” Middle-aged The worry in people’s eyes has not disappeared.

“By the way, Dad, let me introduce to you. This is sheldon from China. If he hadn’t helped me in time, I’m afraid I would have already suffered their evil hands.”

Seeing sheldon still standing in the living room, Er Ye Feixu quickly took the middle-aged man’s arm and introduced.

“You are sheldon, how do I remember that I heard some news from Nanyue some time ago, and it was also made by a Chinese man

named sheldon ?” The middle-aged man turned around. When he heard sheldon’s name, he was a little confused After all, it is not difficult to know what happened in South Vietnam with his status, and what sheldon did in South Vietnam is also worthy of their memory.

“You tell me, it is indeed me.” Since he was recognized, sheldon didn’t deny it either.

“How come I hear your name so familiar? It turns out that you are sheldon who destroyed the three major families in South Vietnam and upset the South Vietnam War Headquarters with your own power!”

Hearing the conversation between his father and sheldon, Erye Feixu re-examined sheldon. The first time she heard sheldon’s name, she felt a little familiar, but she didn’t think about it at all.

“No need to explain, I don’t have any interest in the affairs of Nanyue. This is your own business. I only know that you saved my daughter. If you didn’t do it in time, I might never see Feixu again.”

“So, from now on, you are the benefactor of our Erye family. As long as you have any needs, even if you speak, our family will do its best to help!” The

middle-aged man waved his hand and said in a deep voice.

“Okay.” sheldon smiled. His words are enough. Of course, he can’t ask such a sensitive question of the Haidong nationality right now.

“By the way, let me introduce myself. I am the head of the Erye family and the father of Feixu. My name is Erye Takuya.” The middle-aged man patted his forehead and extended his hand to sheldon.

“Hua Xia, sheldon.” sheldon also stretched out his hand and held him together.

“I think the Hanoi family is already investigating you at this time. You live in the family with Feixu for the time being. If there is anything you need to say, I will send someone to help you.” After shaking for a while, Futaba Takuya released it. hand.

“There is nothing to help. I am only interested in the affairs between you and the Hanoi family. As far as I know, Hanoi is a killer family. They accept employment orders from outside the country all the year round. How can they do it against you this time?” Chen Song lit a cigarette and asked.

“This is a long story. It’s a historical issue. We and Hanoi have always had grievances. Two or three sentences can’t be finished. I’d better let the nanny cook some food for you first.” Erba Takuya shook his head and smiled. laugh.

“It’s really hungry.” sheldon rubbed his stomach.

Soon, under the order of Futaba Takuya, the nanny of the Futaba family prepared the food and brought it to the restaurant in the main house.

Before the meal, Futaba Takuya issued an order to investigate how Feixu had leaked the news in the War Department, and also to investigate the situation near the hotel.

Although the Erye family is far inferior to the Hanoi family, it is definitely not a soft persimmon. In particular, Takuya only has a daughter who has been held in his hands as a jewel in the palm of her hand since she was a child.

He was almost assassinated now, and he wished to rush to the Hanoi family to ask for an explanation.

“Brother Chen, what are you here for when you come to our country this time?” There were three people sitting at the dinner table, and Takuya asked sheldon with his chopsticks.

“My friend is a special soldier. I came to the competition with him. By the way, I will find out some situations.” sheldon picked up the food and ate.

Don’t think this is the family of the country, but the food is basically the same as that of Huaxia. It is possible that there are chefs from Huaxia in the kitchen.

“Inquiry about what happened, our Erye family is not very big, but there are still some networks in the country. If you tell it, you may be able to inquire later.” Erye Takuya looked at sheldon and said.

“Never mind this, I’ll just inquire about it myself.” sheldon smiled. If the Haidong tribe was told, the two people in front of him would be immediately alert, and they would even regard themselves as enemies.

“Since it’s hard to say, then don’t say it, but brother, remember, you are the benefactor of our Erye family. If you can use it, even if you speak, my family and I will try our best to help you!”

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