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Chapter 1061

Road, sheldon also learned some things from her.

The family that the Erye family wants to win over is the Jinchuan family. This is a family with a very long history in the country. It holds 20% of the company’s shares in the country. It can even be said to be one of the largest consortiums in the country.

The person Feixu wants to marry is the youngest son of the Jinchuan family, Jinchuan Sukezo.

According to the rumors, this Jinchuan Sukezo used his family relationship and seemed to cheat girls. From company employees to students still in college, no career escaped his clutches.

Erye Feixu knew who she was going to marry, but she had no choice but to hope it was a nominal wedding. After the marriage, she didn’t want to touch Jin Chuanjiesan’s dirty body.

“What are your thoughts?” sheldon also felt a little embarrassed when Er Ye Feixu talked about these words. Marrying a dude is destined to have no good end.

“What can I think, for the sake of the family’s obedience, I hope the Jinchuan family can do what they promise.” Er Ye Feixu smiled embarrassedly.

“Yes.” sheldon glanced at the pendant on her chest before speaking.

Of course, there was an idea in sheldon’s heart, that is to help Erye Feixu when necessary. If you help her solve the problem of Jinchuan Sukezo, the relationship with her will be improved. Maybe you can learn about Youlong Island from her mouth.

Thinking of this, a smile appeared on the corner of sheldon’s mouth.

Before coming to the Japanese Kingdom, sheldon still felt that it was very difficult to find the Haidong people. He might not have a clue if he stayed here for two or three months. The princess of the Dong people contacted.

It’s only a stone’s throw away from unlocking the secrets of Youlong Island.

“What are you thinking about?” Seeing sheldon staring in front of him in a daze, Er Ye Feixu smiled pretentiously, not wanting to make the atmosphere in the car too depressing.

“Nothing, just think about it.” sheldon waved his hand.

“Well, Jin Chuan’s house is not far in front. The person Jin Chuan Jiesan has a bad temper. If he makes trouble for you, you must not conflict with him.” Thinking of sheldon’s skill behind the hotel , Er Ye Feixu reminded with some worry.

“I know.” sheldon nodded lightly and responded.

While talking, the two drove to the entrance of a very luxurious manor, and just after they arrived, someone stepped forward to stop them.

“Miss Feixu, you are here.” Seeing the girl in the driver’s cab, the security hurriedly lowered his head and said respectfully. They all knew that the young master and the eldest lady of the Erye family had a marriage contract.

However, when I saw Erye Feixu’s appearance, I couldn’t help feeling regret that such a beautiful girl was about to be ruined by their young master.

“This is a guest of our Erye family called sheldon. Come visit with me this time.” Er Ye Feixu got out of the car and pointed to sheldon who got out of the passenger seat and introduced.

“Mr. Chen, please inside.” The security guard gestured to please.

sheldon nodded at them, and walked into the Jinchuan family manor with Er Ye Feixu.

Inside the living room.

sheldon smoked the cigarette delivered by the butler and drank the tea he had just brewed.

Erye Feixu, who was on the side, seemed a little uneasy. She only heard her father talk about Jinchuan Jiesan and asked about some social news about these people, but this was the first time we met.

“Yeah, the eldest lady of the Erye family, I don’t know which wind is blowing you over today, but I took the initiative to come to our Jinchuan’s house!” After a while, a soft voice came from outside, followed by Seeing a thin young man with a goatee walked in.

This person is the young master of the Jinchuan family, Jinchuan Sukezo.

It can be seen from his thin reminder and the sunken skin on his face that this person has been hollowed out by alcohol for a long time. I am afraid that his body is extremely weak now. A punch from an ordinary person can knock him directly to the ground. .

“Jinchuan Sukezo, I am Erye Feixu. Today, I have been ordered by my father to meet you. I hope you can speak normally.” Erye Feixu frowned. What Jinchuan Sukezo just said made her very disgusted. If it weren’t for the family, she wouldn’t speak much now, so she immediately left here with sheldon.

“Well, who is this?” Jin Chuan Sukezo shrugged, looking indifferent.

“This is a member of our family. Come visit with me this time.” Erye Feixu took a deep breath. She feels very sick now, thinking that she will be with such a person in the second half of her life. Some can’t accept it.

“How do you call it?” Jinchuan Jiesan walked straight to sheldon as if he hadn’t heard Erye Feixu’s words.

“sheldon.” sheldon flicked the soot.

“Okay, Mr. sheldon, I think you should know the relationship between me and Miss Feixu. I hope you can get acquainted. Leave here now. I will let the housekeeper arrange a rest in the guest room for you, okay?” Jin Chuan Sukezo glanced at it. sheldon glanced.

“Of course.” sheldon nodded.

He came here only to protect Erye Feixu’s safety. It didn’t matter where he was, and sheldon wouldn’t be nosy until Feixu was not in danger, or he didn’t make it clear that he needed his own help.

“Walk slowly!” Watching sheldon walk outside, Jin Chuan Sukezo stretched out his hand and waved.

“He is an important guest of our family. Did you go too far in doing this?” Er Ye Feixu asked unwillingly until sheldon left.

“I just let him rest in the guest room. Miss Feixu, don’t forget your purpose of coming to us. It is to discuss marriage with me. Do you think it is appropriate to have an outsider present?” After sheldon left, Jin Chuan Sukezo’s smile changed. Getting wretched, he kept looking up and down, scanning Erye Feixu back and forth.

“Your family, can you do what you promised?” Erye Fei curled up her clothes, and Jinchuan Sukezo’s eyes made her feel very uncomfortable.

“Of course, our Jinchuan family has always said one thing, and we can do what we promise you, but Miss Feixu will be our Jinchuan family from today.” Jinchuan Jiesan wiped his mouth, and he wished to put it in front of you now. Woman brought to the bed.

Even though he has played with many women over the years, from company employees to university students, there are coercion and willingness, but there is a big gap between those people and Erye Feixu.

The pure face, the bumpy figure, this kind of shock, made him want to stop, or if it weren’t for the influence of the family, he could now directly close the door of the living room to make him stronger.

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