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Chapter 1068

“I will trust you once, and give you another half month. If there is still no news after half a month, you will take the initiative from the killer department. Retired from the position of minister, our Hanoi family doesn’t support people who are incapable!”

Hanoi Chuan pointed to Hanoi Liugu’s nose and said.

As the patriarch, of course he knows how difficult it is to find out about that man. He can’t do anything just by knowing this, but whoever lets Hanoi Liugu sit in that position and doesn’t ask him, should he let himself? The patriarch personally went to investigate.

“I understand.” Hanoi Liugu wiped a cold sweat from his head.

“You can watch the situation of Jinchuan Sukezo by yourself. A guest of the Erye family has no scruples. Just kill it directly, but you must get out of your body and don’t leave clues. By the way, take this opportunity to inquire again. Take a look at the Erye family and see if you can find the man that night.”

Hanoi Chuan thought for a while and continued to say to him.

“Understand, I will prepare now.” Hanoi Liu Gu nodded and agreed, then turned and walked outside.

By this time, Chen Fei Xu song Futaba and also live inside the hotel.

This day, Feixu did not receive any news from the family, which meant that the Jinchuan family had not gone to trouble, and this was also expected by Sheldon.

Jinchuan Jiesan had no reason to look for it, and there was no face to look for it. Once the news of that night was announced during the confrontation, he would really die socially. The youngest son of the dignified Jinchuan family would become the joke of the whole country. , Will also make the status of the Jinchuan family plummet.

“I want to go back and explain this to my father.” Since leaving the Jinchuan family, Erye Feixu has been thinking about it. She knows that she can’t escape by hiding, and believes that if she tells the truth, her father will definitely The marriage contract was withdrawn.

“Look at you.” Sheldon said casually. He just protects the safety of Feixu, and nothing else is involved.

“Why do you pretend to be my boyfriend?” Er Ye Feixu suddenly looked at Sheldon.

“Puff!” Sheldon squirted out the tea he had just drunk in his mouth.

Wiping his mouth and wet chest, Sheldon stared at him with wide eyes, and asked, “What did you say?”

“You pretend to be my boyfriend. My father knows what Jinchuan Sukezo has done. The marriage contract is cancelled, but other people in the family will not necessarily agree. Without the help of the Jinchuan family, it is difficult for our family to make it through.”

“Those people have been waiting for me to marry Jinchuan Sukezo in exchange for Jinchuan. The family’s help will bring them benefits. If you are my boyfriend, I think my father will fight for those in the family.”

Erye Feixu said more and more, because Sheldon once saved her. My father should not refuse, and my father is the head of the patriarch, and he still has a certain right to speak in the family. Even if those people in the family oppose it in their hearts, it is impossible for those in the family to say too much and make a stalemate with his father.

“Ahem, this has to let me think about it.” Sheldon coughed twice and said with some embarrassment.

“What are you thinking about? Is it possible that having a girlfriend like me make you feel wronged?” Er Ye Feixu walked up to Sheldon and deliberately raised his chest. “Besides, it’s just pretending. After the matter is resolved, I am sure I won’t entangle you.”

“This is not the key, the key is…” Sheldon shook his head.

If he doesn’t have a girlfriend, of course he is happy to agree. Erye Feixu is the best in terms of looks and body, but he already has Su Muhan, and Su Muhan is in the hands of the Sun Alliance. Now there is no news at all. Sheldon is really not interested in other women.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Er Ye Feixu leaned in front of Sheldon, and could feel the faint fragrance as he spoke.

“That’s not true.” Sheldon shook his head. Sheldon would not tell anyone about her situation before Su Muhan was turned away. This was the most basic protection for her.

“That’s not enough, just do a scene with me. When I get rid of Jinchuan Jiesan completely, I will thank you very much!” Erye Feixu naturally took Sheldon’s arm, in her heart It’s true that acting is true, and it’s true that my father cancels the marriage contract, but it’s true that I want to be a boyfriend and girlfriend with Sheldon.

Born in the Erye family since childhood, she lives in the light. She is held in the palm of her hand like jewelry by the whole family. All the young leaders in the Japanese country are in contact with her. Although those people are good enough, no one can be like Sheldon made her feel heartbeat.

She didn’t know Sheldon’s identity or Sheldon’s condition, and she was not even sure whether her name was true or false, but it was such a man who now occupied all of her mind, even though the current situation was very troublesome, but Sheldon By her side, she felt relaxed and felt safe.

“Well, I promise you.” Sheldon pulled his arm back as if getting an electric shock.

“Then go back early tomorrow morning. You have to cooperate with me. Don’t be seen by those in the family. Otherwise, no matter if my father agrees or not, they will insist on marrying me to the Jinchuan family in exchange for them. Interesting.” Er Ye Feixu said nervously.

“Don’t worry, I will cooperate with you.” Sheldon was a little helpless, so she shrugged and agreed. Anyway, she can protect Erye Feixu. After all, she is the only source of information about Youlong Island. .

“I will definitely repay you!” Er Ye Feixu suddenly kissed Sheldon on the cheek, and then ran back to his room with a flushed face.

Sheldon was stunned by this.

After touching the cheek that Erye Feixu had just kissed, Sheldon couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth, but after a while, he was filled with guilt. He rubbed his face vigorously and lit a cigarette again. It took a couple of sips before I calmed down.

the next morning.

Pushing off the hotel room, Sheldon carried Erye Feixu back to the Erye family.

As soon as he arrived, Futaba Takuya hurriedly greeted him.

After getting out of the car, Erye Feixu naturally took Sheldon’s hand and crossed her fingers. The moment she held it, a happy smile filled her face. Although she knew she was acting, now Sheldon is indeed Belongs to her.

“You…” Seeing the actions of her daughter and Sheldon, Erye Takuya was stunned, staring at the palms he held together for a while, and asked stiffly.

Obviously, he asked Sheldon to escort Feixu to the Jinchuan family. Why two or three days passed, they held hands together instead.

“Go in and talk about it.” Feixu took Sheldon’s hand and walked straight into the room.

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