The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1081

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Chapter 1081

looked at their backs, Sheldon stood at the door stretched out, breathing in fresh air.

After a while, Sheldon walked towards Takuya’s room, and met the confidant at his door. After asking where Takuya was, Sheldon turned around.

Walking along the path towards the back of the manor, after passing a stone gate, you can clearly see that the back and the front are not an architectural style at all.

The front of the manor is well organized, with all the necessary areas for modern life, each villa is very luxurious, and even has a garden.

But after passing this stone gate, it looks very desolate behind, as if no one has lived in decades, overgrown with weeds, only a few very low bungalows are built at the end, and some grasses have grown to a height of one person. , If you don’t look carefully, you can’t find it.

“Mr. Sheldon.”

Seeing Sheldon walk in, two or three people hurriedly greeted him.

“Patriarch Takuya is inside, isn’t it?” Sheldon glanced at the back of his neck and said.

“Yes, the patriarch has been inside all night, personally interrogating the two killers, has Mr. Sheldon eaten? We are going to get some breakfast for the patriarch,” the person in front of the station said quickly.

“One point is fine.” Sheldon nodded.

Missing them, Sheldon walked past the large weeds and walked to the door of the bungalows. Standing here, he could vaguely hear screams and screams coming from inside.

“Patriarch Takuya.” Sheldon opened the door and said.

“Why did you come here?” Takuya was sitting behind a table with a cigarette in his hand and tea in front of him. When he saw Sheldon, he immediately stood up.

“Wake up, come and see the situation.” Sheldon sat on a stool and glanced at the situation in the room.

It was said that it was an interrogation, but there was no difference between here and the execution ground. There were torture instruments everywhere, and even the two people were tied to the cross, covered in blood.

“Aren’t you afraid of killing them?” Even Sheldon couldn’t bear to see this kind of scene.

“Of course not. I have asked people in the medical room to heal them, and this is our family’s private doctor. He is on the scene and will test their vital signs every half an hour to decide whether to increase or To reduce the use of torture, it is impossible for them to die without saying a word.”

Takuya smiled faintly, pointed his finger at a middle-aged man in a white coat standing next to him, and introduced to Sheldon.

After hearing these words, Sheldon did not speak.

Instead, sitting here quietly, looking at the situation in front of him, after a while, Takuya sent a piece of paper to him.

Sheldon picked it up and saw that it was all the things the two had explained that night, but they only explained how to enter the manor and how long they waited outside. He couldn’t see any other useful words.

“Is this all there?” Sheldon asked, frowning.

“Yes ah, two men of mouth is very strict, almost did not say anything of value, the point I was ready to move again means, at least not easily let them die here, even though the last to kill.”

Takuya Gritting his teeth, it took less than a few hours to tell them all after they were caught in the family, but now these two people, even if they have almost used up all the instruments of torture here, have not been able to use them. Pry open his mouth.

This made him feel a sense of frustration, but he still didn’t feel discouraged. After all, he hadn’t used all his methods, and Takuya believed that when he used up all the methods, the two men would definitely explain them all.

“I advise you to explain everything honestly, otherwise it will definitely be a dead end.” Sheldon scanned them.

“Don’t want to get any news from our mouths, you can do it directly, the saving will be wasted!” Endo gritted his teeth and said, his chest injury has been stitched up, but only to save his life.

After the torment of the night, the sutures on his chest had already crumbled a bit, and even began to become suppurative and inflamed.

“Don’t talk to them about these nonsense, I don’t believe how long they can hold on, there is no person in this world who is not afraid of death, not to mention that it is not enough to make their psychological defenses collapse!” Takuya slapped the table on the table. , Said angrily.

“Hehe, then just wait and see!” Endo said with a mouthful of blood, gritted his teeth.

“Take care of them severely for me, I don’t believe it anymore. Could it be that their mouths are steel plates and they can’t pry out a word?” Takuya walked to the table and pointed to Endo and said sharply.

“Don’t worry, the patriarch, we will definitely work harder.” Several clansmen nodded quickly.

“Brother Sheldon, let’s come out first. I’ve been tired all night. I’ve already let my hands go to prepare breakfast. Later, let’s eat a little bit.” Takuya glanced at him, turned around and walked out of the bungalow, Sheldon quickly followed Got out.

Walking towards the front of the manor, Takuya lit a cigarette.

“I really didn’t expect their two mouths to be so hard. They didn’t find any valuable clues all night, but I guessed it in general.”

“I feel that they are the killers of the Hanoi family. They dare to treat us in the whole Wa country. They are the only ones who did the clan, and according to what you said, the two of them are very strong, not like ordinary killers.”

“But what is strange is that you obviously stood with Feixu at the time. And their goal is Feixu, so why did you do it to you?”

Walking slowly, Takuya dangling a cigarette and told Sheldon what he had thought about that night.

“It’s true. If the Hanoi family came to Feixu, you can ignore me and act directly on Feixu, but they directly called out the name, and depending on the action, I should be their target.” Sheldon nodded, and Takuya said exactly what Sheldon had in mind.

“So that’s the problem here. How did the Hanoi family killers act on you? Did they already know that you saved Feixu from behind the hotel that day?” Takuya frowned and analyzed, “But even so, their The first goal should be Feixu.”

“Isn’t it the killer of the Hanoi family?” Sheldon asked.

“We should not, and their strength is too strong, fell on Hanoi to get rid of outside forces should have no family and will train this killer, but a family of Hanoi, there is no other dare to our hands.”

“Of course, I also Just think so, maybe the truth of the matter is far more than that.”

Takuya waved his hand, he didn’t analyze it all night.

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