The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1082

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Chapter 1082

to the front of the manor, and the subordinates have bought breakfast for a while.

Sheldon and Takuya sat face to face at both sides of the dining table, and they were still analyzing the matter while eating breakfast.

But compared to the Erye family, the current Hanoi family is completely messed up.

Hanoi Liugu didn’t close his eyes all night. He always sat on the wooden chair in the room, staring at the phone held tightly in his hand.

The last message above was sent by Endo last night, saying that he had entered the manor and found Sheldon, looking for a chance to do it, but since then, no message has been sent back.

In this nearly ten hours, Hanoi Liugu felt more and more uneasy. He even suspected that his two most powerful captains had lost their hands, but he couldn’t believe it.

After all, he knew the strength of Endo and Izumi very well. Both of them could join forces to penetrate the hub of a terrorist organization, quietly eliminating the leader of the organization, and assassinating a Sheldon. It was simply a breeze.

Any one of them can do it, but Liugu, Hanoi is worried, so they let them work together.

But now ten hours have passed without any news coming back. Even though he believes in the strength of Endo and Izumizuo, the facts are in front of him. Even if he receives a message that the mission fails, he will not be so anxious.

“Pop!” Suddenly, the door of the room was pushed open.

“Is there any news?” Hanoi Liugu suddenly stood up from the wooden chair and shouted.

“Team leader, not yet.” Another team leader came in, Hanoi Tianfang.

“What do you mean, you can’t find out at all?” Hanoi Liugu frowned instantly, squeezed the phone, and asked in a low voice.

“It’s not that we didn’t work hard, but the people I planted around the Futaba family didn’t get any clues at all. After Captain Endo and Captain Izumizuo entered, only one person from their family came out to buy breakfast in these ten hours. . ” “

we dare not too close, once found each other, our actions have failed. “

Topfond helpless said he also wanted to go inquire about the news, but reason tells him not to go, Endo Izumi left has lost Contact, if he breaks down again, I am afraid there will be no way.

“After Endo Izumi entered, did you hear any noise?” Hanoi Rutani also knew what he was talking about, so he asked helplessly.

“That’s not the case. We followed your order from the group leader to stay at the door. The two of them entered from the side of the manor. We couldn’t hear any sound at all, and we didn’t even know when they acted.”

Tianfang shook. Hold your head.

“Fuck, the two big killers of our Hanoi family act at the same time. Assassinating a Sheldon will lose both of them. Even if they are discovered, even if they face all the thugs in the Erye family, they will always send a message. Let’s have a chance!”

Hanoi was so angry that even his body was shaking uncontrollably, he threw his hand out after a while, and shouted loudly.

The phone snapped to the ground, and the screen and body shattered to the ground.

Shocked the heavens standing below, and couldn’t help but step back two steps, and at the same time lowered his head, afraid to speak.

“It’s really weird, the two big killers can disappear in the Erye family manor?!” Hanoi Liugu sneered with anger.

“Could it be that there are still masters in their family?” Tianfang asked tentatively.

“How is it possible? If their Erye family had masters, they wouldn’t be reduced to this point, and before we started with Feixu, we did a detailed investigation, and only some thugs trained by the family.” Hanoi Ryugu shook his head. .

In this situation, he knew that Endo and Izumi had probably been damaged by the Erye family, but he really couldn’t understand what was going on, how could the Erye family have such strength.

Even if he wanted to break his head in Hanoi Liugu, I couldn’t understand it.

“This is indeed a bit strange. In theory, Endo and Izumizuo are so strong, there should be no problems. Is there any other secret?” Tianfang continued to ask.

“I don’t know, but I can’t relax for a moment. I try my best to get to the manor to find out the news. Endo and Izumi are two left. I want to see people and corpses. It disappeared so unclearly!”

Hanoi Liugu took a trembling deep breath, and now he temporarily suppressed the news.

And he didn’t dare to think about the consequences once the patriarch knew the news. This would greatly weaken the strength of the entire family. It is more than a matter of time to cultivate two such strong killers.

“Do you still guard it outside?” Tianfang asked.

“Shou, I will send another team to pick up your class. You can find out what you can do. If you can rescue Endo Izumizuo, I will let you sit in the position of deputy leader of the killer group!” Hanoi Rugu thought. After a while, said.

“Understood!” A smile immediately appeared on Tianfang’s face.

“Then go back first, I want to be alone!” Hanoi Liugu sat down on the chair and looked at the ceiling with empty eyes.

After breakfast, Chen song did not go back to rest, but to Fei Xu there.

“The news I just received from the War Department said that there is still a week left before the special forces competition. Let us go there.” As soon as Sheldon entered the door, Feixu said.

“Then go back. Seven days are not long. You can’t go back the day before the game.” Sheldon nodded and Feixu called him over. He already knew what was going on.

“But I am worried that once I leave the manor, those people will come to make trouble. I don’t want to hold you back.” Feixu said softly, holding the corner of his clothes with both hands, “And I think the Jinchuan family and the Hanoi family, We will come together to make trouble.”

“I will protect you.” Sheldon said lightly.

“I know, but I…” Feixu nodded. She knew Sheldon would protect her, but protection was one thing, dragging was another.

“When will you go back?” Sheldon interrupted her and asked.

“This afternoon, the notice from the War Department is for us to show up and register, and then explain the events and time of the game. We can’t leave before the game is over.” When it comes to serious matters, Feixu’s voice has become normal.

“Then pack up and get ready to go.” Sheldon agreed without hesitation.

“Yeah.” Feixu didn’t say much. She knew that she was going to participate in the special forces competition. Not only the youngest daughter of the Erye family, but also the female soldier of the Japanese War Department, she wanted to obtain it for the Japanese War Department. Good grades.

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