The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1085

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Chapter 1085

Feixu happily said, but halfway through the conversation, suddenly realized that he had said something wrong, and quickly closed his mouth.

“What is your family?” Sheldon was startled, but on the surface he still pretended not to care, and asked lightly.

“It’s nothing, I’m just saying that our family has a lot of power in the country of Japan, and of course we will know about these things.” Feixu said, covering his mouth.

“Well, I know.” Sheldon followed her words, but in his heart he knew what Feixu was about to say. Judging from the contacts during this period, the fact that the Erye family is the descendant of the Haidong tribe has basically been Sit down by yourself.

“We just know that there are ninjas in this family, but we haven’t seen them at all, and we don’t have any forces to have contact with this family. They are around this barren mountain, and the people of the Japanese country hardly come here.”

Seeing that Sheldon didn’t ask any more questions, Feixu breathed a sigh of relief.

“Now let’s break in, won’t they come to make trouble?” Sheldon slowed down, the two cars behind were still not far behind, looking at the surrounding environment through the car window, Sheldon asked .

“Probably not. As far as I know, the Yamashita family has never had any conflict with any family. Even if we broke in, as long as we don’t disturb them and don’t let them feel dangerous, we won’t take action.” Feixu replied. .

“That’s good.”

“The two people who went to the manor to be assassinated have been arrested. If we take care of those who follow us today, we may know who is behind us, whether it is the Jinchuan family or the Hanoi family. “Sheldon showed a sneer.

“No matter which family, we can’t afford to offend.” Feixu’s eyes were dim. After these days, she had learned how to think about things from the family.

“Remember what I told you before?” Sheldon stopped the car when he saw the deserted mountain that was close at hand and there was no one around.

“What?” Feixu asked suspiciously.

“I will protect you, and your Erye family.” Sheldon lit a cigarette, watched the two cars behind him get closer and closer, opened the door and said, “I speak and never regret it.

” Why are you doing this?” Feixu really couldn’t understand.

She didn’t know why Sheldon did this, whether it was because of her family, or because of herself.

Because of the family, Feixu couldn’t think of what else in the current family is worthy of Sheldon’s attention. Even if there is, he doesn’t need to spend so much effort. With his strength, the family can’t resist it at all, I’m afraid it can be taken within a few minutes. Walk away.

If it was because of her own words, when she pretended to be a lover some time ago, she could clearly feel that Sheldon had no interest in her at all, and she was even a little bit resistant.

But thinking of this, Feixu’s face immediately appeared with a smile, she now suddenly thought that she and Sheldon are still friends with each other outside.

Maybe sometime, this false relationship will quietly become true news.

Thinking of this, Feixu’s mood suddenly opened up.

After Sheldon got off the car, the two cars behind them also stopped not far away. They were about 50 meters away from Sheldon, but the car stopped and no one got off.

In the car, they immediately told the news to Liugu, Hanoi.

“What? They are in the mountain family?!” Hearing this news, Hanoi Liugu slapped the steering wheel, he stepped on the brake, and the car stopped steadily on the side of the road.

“Take out the map!” Hanging up, Hanoi Liugu said immediately.

Tian Fang didn’t dare to hesitate, and immediately took out the map from the side, opened it and handed it to Hanoi Liugu.

Looking at the car map and the paper map in his hand, Hanoi Liugu stretched out his hand to simulate on the road where Sheldon was driving, and finally stopped on a barren mountain.

The satellite system showed that the two cars in his family were parked in front of the barren mountain.

That barren mountain is within the scope of the family under the mountain.

“It’s a bastard thing, does this Sheldon have anything to do with the Yamashita family, dare to run there!” Hanoi Liugu slammed heavily on the seat.

“Group leader, I suddenly thought of something. You said that the person who injured Saburo before and rescued Feixu from his hand was a ninja under the mountain?” Thinking of this, Tian Fang immediately analyzed.

“It’s possible, but I’m not sure. I haven’t seen a ninja under the mountain, nor have I heard of the connection between the Erye family and the mountain.” Hanoi Rutani rubbed his head, this sudden situation made him a little bit Unprepared, even he didn’t know how to solve this matter.

There are ninjas in the Yamashita clan. Almost all the larger families and forces in the country know about it, but they have almost never heard of them. They have seen ninjas in their clan with their own eyes. Therefore, this is just a legend, which is simply unrealistic.

“Will you still chase, or let them withdraw?” Tianfang continued to ask.

“We have stopped them, so how could we just stop like this, and we are not going to the Yamashita family. Once we encounter it, just explain clearly. I think the people at the mountain will see our family’s status and give it to me. Face.”

Hanoi Liugu stared, said.

After making the decision, Hanoi Liugu immediately drove towards the location of the barren mountain. It is impossible for him to let go of this opportunity. Before doing this, he may cancel it for the sake of the mountain, and then grab it again. Other opportunities.

But now, the two top killers of his family have completely disappeared because of the assassination of Sheldon. He must ask Sheldon himself and ask about the situation of Endo and Izumi, otherwise he has no way to explain to the patriarch.

Not to mention the position of the killer group leader, I’m afraid he will have to get in this life.

In front of the barren hills.

Feixu sat in the car very obediently.

Sheldon stood behind the car and looked at the two cars not far in front of him.

After smoking the cigarette in his hand, after throwing away the cigarette butts, Sheldon said lightly to them. “I’ve been with him for so long, don’t you get out of the car to talk, isn’t it a bit incomprehensible?”

Sheldon’s voice fell, and seven or eight people came down on the two cars.

With daggers or steel pipes in their hands, everyone straightened and stared at Sheldon. Although they had never fought against the person in front of them, they had heard more or less what happened in the family.

Even Captain Endo and Captain Izumizuo could be compromised in this person’s hands. With their strength, Sheldon was simply not enough to see them, and even if they rushed over, they didn’t even know how to die.

So even if everyone got out of the car, they still stood still and did not dare to move. Whoever asked the group leader to give them the order was to stay with Sheldon, not to solve Sheldon.

“Let’s talk, follow me, which family are you from?” Sheldon continued to ask.

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