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Chapter 109 Lilla’s Perception

“Sir, it really doesn’t work, the guests inside have already served food!”

“Damn, it doesn’t work, right? Do you know who the owner is this time? Three minutes, three minutes you can’t do this. Ask your manager to do it, believe it or not?”

The boy arrogantly said.

“Well, I will try my best!”

The waitress went in quickly and explained the situation.

Rosemarie and the others quit.

Why, we came in first and have already sat down to eat. In a word, if we change tables, we change tables?

Who are you!

“No change, tell them, we don’t change!”

Rosemarie said with a cold face, her temper came up.

“Yelling, I want to see, who, with such a big breath, doesn’t even give us Zhou Shao’s face!”

The door of the box was automatically pushed open, and the group entered directly.

This momentum has a sense of tension.

Now everyone’s core is Brother Ma Fei.

To be honest, the ordinary rich second generation is not afraid at all.

After all, Ma Fei is now in Roston Business District.

At this moment, everyone also looked at Ma Fei hopefully.

Ma Fei cleared his throat and stood up.

“Several friends, we decided on the seat first. It is definitely not possible to change the seat. There is no such reason. Otherwise, I will wait for you and let me treat you. Please go to the home kitchen in Roston Business District for a meal?”

Ma Fei calmly smiled.

The content of this remark is very rich. He not only expressed his position, but also indirectly explained his relationship with Roston Business District.

“Damn! Now anyone dares to use Roston Business District as a guise, do you really think I am not from Roston, and I don’t have any good friends in the Business District?”

At this moment, a person who came out from the door with a pocket in his pocket said with a smile.

“Shao Zhou? So it was you!”

When Ma Fei saw this person, his expression was a little hard, and he immediately became extremely flattering.

Even Arlene was slightly squinting.

The Zhou Shao in front of him, called Zhou Ze, was from Carolina University. He was very rich. Recently, he played with Shao Bai and the others!

Some time ago, this young Zhou also went to a cruise party, and it is said that he met a big guy!

How can this make everyone not surprised, this week is not an ordinary rich second generation.

“Why, do you still recognize me?”

Zhou Ze smiled faintly.

“How can I not know you, I played with Brother A Kun, Brother A Kun knows you!”

Ma Fei looked cautious, where there was still the slightest air of just now!

“Damn, it turned out to be Xiaokun’s guy, why, I’m here to have a meal, and I won’t even give you the convenience of changing a box?”

Zhou Ze sneered.

“How dare you, but you see, Shao Zhou, we have already started, you should give me face!”

“Damn, you have an ass face in front of me, just say you should change it?”

Zhou Ze became impatient.

Ma Fei swallowed.

The others swallowed too.

Everyone can’t afford to offend this week.

Now, Ma Fei’s set of things simply doesn’t work in front of others. You just need to breathe Shao Bai, and Ma Fei has to get out of the Business District immediately.

Although Ma Fei felt his cheeks hurt, he gritted his teeth and said, “Change, definitely change!”

“Oh, how can I change so many dishes?”

Rosemarie said delicately at this time.

She was like a tigress just now.

If you say the same thing at this moment, you will become a little sheep.

“Let Sheldonlp us carry the dishes to another box and make room for Zhou Shao!”

Said a female high school classmate on the side.

“Okay, that can only be done!”

Ma Fei nodded their heads.

But Zhou Ze was a little dazed.


At this moment, he looked at the young man who had been eating quietly with his back to him.

To be honest, Zhou Ze glanced at him when he came in just now, and he felt that his back was very familiar.

But now when he was called, he immediately reacted.

Catch a look beside Sheldon.

Almost screamed.

This is not Sheldon Sheldon!

“Chen…Sheldon, you are here!”

Thinking of Bren’s advice a few days ago, Zhou Ze said tremblingly.

The few friends behind Zhou Ze who had seen Sheldon’s deity were all surprised and speechless.

Who would have thought that Sheldon could come here and be with such a group of people!

“Huh? Shao Zhou, do you know Qiongbi Sheldon?”

Ma Fei said in surprise at this time.

I don’t know why, Zhou Zeyi called Sheldon’s name. Ma Fei and many boys present were so jealous. Why would Zhou Shao know Sheldon but not himself?


“If you don’t know what to do, fu*k, get out of here!”

When Zhou Ze heard Ma Fei’s appellation of Sheldon, he immediately became popular.

Ma Fei scolded his face all green.

“Student Zhou Ze, it’s you. I saw it once when I went to your school to play. By the way, did you find your ticket?” Sheldon put down his chopsticks and asked faintly.

Deliberately reorganized what happened last time.

“O’ao, I found it! Thank you Sheldon, thank you Sheldon!”

Zhou Ze directly bent over ninety degrees, a joke, he was respectful in front of Shao Bai, at this moment, in front of Sheldon, he couldn’t be more honest.

“Thank you Sheldon!”

The few friends behind Zhou Ze nodded and bowed to thank you.

Just say hello.

“You’re welcome, give me a face that week, don’t change the box, right?”

“That’s that!”

Zhou Ze didn’t know what Sheldon was doing here, but Sheldon could do whatever he said. At the moment, after a few words, he immediately took people back!

The whole box suddenly recovered its tranquility.

Because at this moment, everyone looked at Sheldon with a little dumbfounded, this person actually still has this kind of connections?

how can that be?

“Sheldon, how do you know…this Young Master Zhou? Why does he thank you so much?”

Rosemarie felt the most uncomfortable, and asked hurriedly.

“O’ao, he lost his bus ticket last time, I found it for him!”


Everyone’s eyes widened.

Are you a liar? Thank you for picking up bus tickets?

Sheldon was also a little stunned, and was a little panic casually, which was too illogical.

“I forgot, or it’s a plane ticket?”


Both Rosemarie and Arlene were a little surprised. Air tickets can’t be like this.

Sheldon scratched his head and didn’t know how to make up: “I really forgot what ticket I picked up. Anyway, he is very grateful to me, haha!”

After a prevarication, Sheldon had almost eaten.

It would be boring to stay any longer.

So I found an excuse to tell them that I had something to do, leave for a while, and then slip away.

After Sheldon left, the people in the box looked at each other.

Sheldon definitely didn’t tell the truth just now.

But why did Zhou Shao know him?

Why don’t you know yourself? If you know yourself in this way, then how?

Some are jealous, and some are like Arlene and Rosemarie.

They were even a little scared. Sheldon wouldn’t transfer for this, and got a good job in Zhou Shao’s car. Yeah, it’s really possible.

In that case, Arlene and Rosemarie would regret death in their hearts.

I am particularly afraid of this scene!

Oh, I’m so anxious!

“Hehe, I guess Zhou Shao wouldn’t take him anything, after all, I am grateful for this kind of thing, once or twice is enough, so poor, can Zhou Shao really repay him for him? It is impossible! “

As if seeing everyone’s worry, Ma Fei said with a smile.

Everyone felt a little better.

It was said that Sheldon had left. In fact, just now, Sheldon could completely smash the faces of this group of people!

But, considering the little friendship with Arlene, let her save this face, no matter what Arlene is now, she has helped herself more or less before.

This time, it was cleared!

After touching his belly, Sheldon had almost eaten. I don’t know if Su Qiangwei and the others have eaten, so I can bring them some past.

Sheldon ran to Su Qiangwei again.

Even the next seven days.

Sheldon likes to go to Su Qiangwei’s place, chat, watch the children, this kind of life without the slightest depressive emotion makes Sheldon feel very comfortable.

It’s better than staying in school.

The relationship between Sheldon and Su Qiangwei is getting closer.

With the addition of Su Qiangwei’s Instagram, the two also often chat on Instagram.

To say that Sheldon fell in love with Su Qiangwei? Sheldon couldn’t answer, he still liked this girl.

In these six or seven days, I often chatted with Su Qiangwei, and sometimes it was very slow to recover the news of Lilla.

Until this evening, Lilla suddenly asked:

“Sheldon, besides me, are you still chatting with other girls?”

Chapter 110

Lilla and Sheldon are in a deeper relationship than good friends.

Sheldon has not clearly indicated that he is chasing her.

The two are just chatting.

As for Lilla, she kept joking about Sheldon as her fake boyfriend.

It made Sheldon feel that Lilla never thought about furthering his relationship with him?

But Lilla often had sex with Sheldon.

In short, the relationship between the two people is now fuzzy!

“I ask you something without answering me, are you talking to other girls these days?”

Lilla typed.

Women are usually very sensitive, and they can detect a little bit of trouble.

These days, Sheldon’s performance is too abnormal. Before chatting, Sheldon always responded in seconds.

But now, sometimes I don’t see a reply in a minute.

This feeling made Lilla very uncomfortable.

Brother Sheldon didn’t want to hide from Lilla, there was nothing to hide:

“Yes! Just chat!”

Sheldon said.

“Hehe, you don’t need to explain. I don’t know if you are not just chatting. You are so powerful. There must be many beautiful girls chasing you. I already knew it! The one who chats with you must be beautiful too, right? What is it called, do I know it?”

Lilla sent out many words one after another.

“You don’t know, I have only met her for only a week. If you want to say beautiful, she might be more beautiful in heart…”

To be honest, Lilla has been making various jokes with Sheldon all this time.

It made Sheldon feel that Lilla really didn’t mean anything to him in that respect.

Just treat herself as a friend, even if she knows she is rich!

Sheldon, he didn’t have any messy thoughts about Su Qiangwei, he was a natural friend.

Sheldon didn’t think much about it.

“Aoao, a girl with a beautiful heart, really amazing, I said, Chen Dashao doesn’t even care about her girlfriend, I know a new girlfriend!”

“I don’t care about you. Besides, don’t you often say, I am your fake boyfriend, and she is not my girlfriend!”

Sheldon explained.

Lilla: “Flicking expression”

“Then tell me, where are you two, as your best friend, your good sister, I want to find out!”

When Sheldonard Lilla say this, especially the good sister, he felt uncomfortable.

Haha, I thought that the relationship between the two people is one step closer, closer to love.

Unexpectedly, in Lilla’s heart, he had always regarded himself as his brother.

Think about it, even though I have money, my temperament or something is not up to the standard of Lilla’s boyfriend!

“I haven’t reached a step, it’s a friend. I like her kindness and appreciate her courage! Some of her actions make me admire!”

Cooper Family.

“Wow! Then she’s really amazing, I’ll see you next time! Can you introduce me to me!”

“Well, if you meet, you will like her too, because she is really good!”

“By the way, Lilla!”


Sheldon also wanted to ask Lilla if he had time tomorrow, only to post four words, and a bright red exclamation mark appeared on the left side of the content.

Prompt that the other party has not been added as a friend yet!

Sheldon “???”

What’s the situation?

I had a good chat, how did I delete myself?

Sheldon hurriedly called Lilla.

The result indicates that it has been shut down.

what happened?

Sheldon scratched his head.

As everyone knows, just now, Lilla was lying on the bed, chatting with Sheldon.

To be honest, because Sheldon was slow to reply to his message, Lilla had been speculating wildly these days.

Then he asked jokingly, because the question was too serious, and he seemed too unreserved!

But, as expected, there is really a girl chatting with Sheldon!

Lilla felt anguish in her heart.

It’s like being taken away by life. She has long been accustomed to Sheldon’s care for her in all manners during this period and has been with her.

Now, there is a girl who has left.

So Lilla was a little angry, but still didn’t say it clearly, so she asked Sheldon who she was and what was she pretty, so that Sheldon could know that she was already angry!

and then?

Sheldon actually said that she was beautiful and liked the kindness of others!

Okay, I will bear it!

So next Lilla said with a bit of coldness, saying that he regarded Sheldon as his elder brother, and wanted to pierce Sheldon’s heart. He still asked about the girl’s situation and said that he wanted to meet.

Then Lilla deleted Sheldon, and at the same time, he smashed the phone on the wall and shut it down!

“Lilla, what’s the matter with you? Are you okay?” the roommate asked worriedly.

“I’m fine, go to sleep!”

Lilla covered his head.

“Sorry, the phone you dialed is turned off!”

Sheldon dialed several times in succession but failed to get through.

I really don’t understand what happened to Lilla?

It’s just that I feel a little bit lost in my heart. After working hard for so long, I thought it was time to meet Lilla. The result was… alas!

Go to sleep, don’t let these annoying things haunt you anymore!

Early the next morning.

Sheldon went to the cafeteria for breakfast with Vern and Liyan.

“Sheldon, Sheldon, look at who it is!”

As soon as Sheldon walked in, Vern bumped Sheldon and pointed aside.

Looking around, Sheldon saw that Lilla was having breakfast with her two roommates!

What happened last night made Sheldon quite depressed. I don’t know why Lilla blocked herself!

He walked over and sat opposite Lilla.

“Lilla, why did you black me out last night?”

Sheldon asked.

“Ah? Is there? Why don’t I know if I accidentally bumped into it? Impossible, how could I black you out!”

Lilla asked yin and yang strangely, but there was a wave of anger in his eyes.

Sheldon took out his mobile phone and said, “Really, look, you really blacked me out!”


The chopsticks hit the dining table directly, and Lilla said coldly, “Have you finished eating? Let’s go!”

After a glance at Sheldon, Lilla left with a cold face.

“Damn, what happened to Sheldonlast night? Lilla was not particularly good to you, why are you two doing this now?”

Vern asked excitedly.

“I don’t know, that’s it when we talk, maybe she is starting to hate me!”

Sheldon laughed at himself.

“Impossible, there is no such annoyance for no reason. Girls need to be coaxed. You go to coax her, do you want to chase people after all!”

Vern said.

This can be regarded as Sheldon’s character weakness.

He likes Lilla, so he pays special attention to Lilla’s ideas. Whenever it is inappropriate, Sheldon is very serious.

This is also related to Sheldon’s experience.

After all, Sheldon has just practised to see girls without blushing. As for how to understand girls’ hearts, this is another important training for Sheldon.

“She obviously said she’s quite her own sister, and chasing her by herself, wouldn’t she even have to do it with her friends?”

Sheldon sighed inwardly.

But Vern was right. Girls still have to coax, coax them to watch?

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