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Chapter 107

Sheldon recognized this girl at a glance.

Isn’t she the waiter whom Carla scolded for not being a manager when she met in the kitchen of her home a few days ago?

At that time, Sheldon had a deep impression of her, only looking at the profile, she knew that she was very beautiful.

When I saw the face right now, I felt familiar and slowly remembered.

“you know me?”

While the girl whispered, she pulled the three children behind her back.

Obviously she was a little afraid of Sheldon, and even more afraid that Sheldon was a trafficker.

“Of course, the last time we met in the home garden kitchen, you forgot?”

Sheldon smiled.

The girl remembered for a while, and then she was pleasantly surprised: “It turned out to be you, sir. Thank you for saving me last time!”

She was reprimanded not to look up last time.

Just when he was about to leave the store, he secretly glanced at Sheldon’s back.

Now that she heard Sheldon’s voice, she naturally recognized it.

He helped himself last time.

And this person is very rich!

“You’re welcome, so you can rest assured of me, these three kids, you have been watching them?”

Sheldon asked curiously.


Su Qiangwei nodded and led the three children to the side of the road.

As he walked, he talked to Sheldon.

It turned out that these three children were all stray children, who sneaked out after being abducted by traffickers.

The orphanage is unwilling to take in those whose origins are unknown.

Slowly, I started wandering on the streets.

Begging for life.

Later, Su Qiangwei met them and took them in.

Usually, I work as a teacher in a kindergarten, and I use my free time to take a part-time job, so I can guarantee a minimum life.

I can also save enough tuition for these three children to receive education.

Thanks to Su Qiangwei, she is a kindergarten teacher, otherwise these three children would not be so sensible.

It’s pitiful to think about it.

It seems that these are three siblings.

Sheldon felt a little bit painful.

“What about your family?”

Sheldon asked again.

“I grew up in an orphanage and have no family!”

While talking, Su Qiangwei lowered her head and grabbed her clothes.

She looks really beautiful, but the long-term suppression of poverty has concealed her brilliance.

Most importantly, she seemed to be very cautious in front of Sheldon.

Sheldon knew that she was afraid of despising her.

Hehe, Su Qiangwei didn’t know, was Sheldon a person who didn’t dare to look up in front of others?

Su Qiangwei is about the same age as herself.

To be honest, Sheldon once thought he was the worst, but unexpectedly, Su Qiangwei didn’t know how miserable he was.

She didn’t even have a parent, a girl, and she was kind enough to adopt three street children.

Such a girl is rarely seen in this world!

For this alone, Sheldon was moved and admired.

“Where do you live?”

Sheldon asked.

“We live there!”

The three children pointed to an ordinary dwelling not far from the elementary school.

“Can you take me to see!”

Sheldon asked with a smile.

Su Qiangwei nodded after tangling for a while.

This house is a bit like that kind of very old shanty town.

After entering, Su Qiangwei wiped Sheldon’s stool and asked Sheldon to sit down.

Then I drove the three brothers and sisters to take a bath and wash their faces. These three brothers and sisters are very sensible. Every day they go out to pick up some trash and sell them, making themselves ashamed.

“Su Qiangwei, my name is Sheldon! Let’s make friends?” Sheldon said.

“Make friends?” Su Qiangwei was a little surprised.

In her eyes, Sheldon must be very powerful to make the big Manager Chapmansten to him.

How could such a powerful person be willing to make friends with her?

As for why, Sheldon couldn’t tell.

Today is just a meeting.

Sheldon is sympathetic and has a special emotion towards people in need.

He could help them directly by arranging places for them to stay and arranging school matters. Really, these are all in one sentence.

However, when Sheldon saw Su Qiangwei, his heart throbbed, as if there was an emotion in the dark, holding Sheldon, let Sheldon know her more, and become friends with her.

This feeling is very strange.

Actually think about the last time Sheldon saw Su Qiangwei for the first time.

A profiled face made Sheldon’s memory especially fresh.

Why do you feel this way to this girl who meets by water?

Sheldon couldn’t answer with a wry smile.

In short, she feels close as soon as we meet.

Next, Sheldon chatted with Su Qiangwei, and became more familiar with each other.

Before I knew it, an afternoon was almost gone.

“Qiangwei, Xiaoying, I’m leaving, I’ll see you again these few days!”

Sheldon waved at them and left.

During this half-day of getting along, Sheldon felt that his soul had real peace for the first time, the kind of peace that had been missing for a long time!

At this moment, Sheldon’s cell phone rang.

At first glance, it was Rosemarie who was calling.

When I left just now, Sheldon asked for Rosemarie’s mobile phone number. Although Rosemarie was reluctant, he still kept each other.

“I said you are Sheldon. You are late for the first time to come to the fellow villager’s meeting, right? It’s not an appointment at five o’clock, how about you?”

Rosemarie directly reprimanded.

“O’ao, I haven’t had time because of something wrong, so I’m going now, about ten minutes!”


Without speaking, they hung up the phone over there.

Sheldon gave a wry smile.

I knew it, I shouldn’t say anything about this old classmate’s errand.

It’s so troublesome!

But after all, I promised that they are not going well. Sheldon walked back to the garage on site, drove in the car, and went straight to the hotel Rosemarie had booked.

After parking the car, I came to the box.

“Sheldon, you just came, let everyone wait for you, are you embarrassed?!”

As soon as Sheldon came in, Rosemarie’s nose was not a nose or a face.

“Damn, it’s really Sheldon. I haven’t seen you for a few years, and I haven’t worn any patched clothes. I started wearing normal clothes?”

“Hahaha, Sheldon, I heard that you are from Roston University. This is a prestigious university. How is it? Recently, I have an internship right away. Has the employment unit been implemented?”

“Sit down first and talk to us about Sheldon, what have you experienced over the years?”

The dining table in the box is large enough to hold more than twenty people.

More than 20 fellow villagers from the Hometown Association came, including four or five Sheldon’s high school classmates. It can be said to be full of seats.

While smiling at them, Sheldon also saw a girl sitting as the guest of honor.


This high school has the best relationship with Sheldon, and is also the class flower in the class, Arlene who has been studying with Sheldon.

When the two people told the truth, they both had a little affection for each other.

But Arlene didn’t make up his mind to fall in love with someone from a family like Sheldon.

As for Sheldon, he was not completely determined to fall in love with someone from a family like Arlene.

The family differences are too great.

So, it’s the kind of relationship that is better than a good friend!

“Arlene, I haven’t seen you in two or three years, are you okay?”

Sheldon smiled. Arlene has changed a lot, and has also learned to make-up. The temperament and appearance of his whole person are many times stronger than before.

Absolute goddess level.

“I’m fine, you can quickly find a place to sit down!”

Arlene smiled slightly, and said something indifferently.

I haven’t been in contact for three years, and the friendships and feelings at the beginning have long gone.

It made Sheldon feel as if he had met a stranger.


Sheldon saw that there was an empty seat on the side and sat down.

“Who let you sit there!”

I haven’t touched my ass yet. At this time, another female high school student in the class said coldly, her voice was quite loud and disgusting, and Sheldon was shocked…

Chapter 108 Sheldon’s Plans After Graduation

“Is this place where you can sit? It’s reserved for my boyfriend. Oh, you said that you used to have a dick. Why are you still in college for three years? go with!”

This woman is also a high school classmate, and Sheldon has forgotten her name.

I don’t bother to care about her right now.

In this way, there is only a place to sit at the door.

Sheldon saw that everyone seemed to mean that, so he sat down with a wry smile.

In fact, there is a seat next to Arlene, but Arlene has already put his bag on it, indicating that there are some people, and he has no intention of letting Sheldon sit.

“Arlene, when will Brother Ma Fei come?”

Rosemarie looked at Sheldon and shook her head and smiled, then looked at Arlene and asked.

“He, huh, he doesn’t do anything, he always says that he will be there soon, but he actually has to wait a while!”

Although Arlene was dissatisfied, he was very proud.

“Yeyeye, reading the poem said, is it because our brother Ma Fei graduated directly to become the sales director of a luxury store in Roston Business District? You see that our brother Ma Fei is not pleasing to the eye?”

“That’s right, when Ma Fei was still in school, Arlene, you were very close to others. Now Ma Fei has become the sales director of Roston Business District, you are all scornful, to put it bluntly, do you want us to envy you? I’m jealous?”

“But to be honest, can you tell us how Ma Fei applied for the job? I rely on, I became the sales manager of a Business District store, and I didn’t change ten civil servants!”

After Arlene finished speaking, all the people said it was you and me.

There is a hint of envy in the words.

“Hmph, I don’t know, he is coming later, let him talk to you!”

Arlene smiled.

At this moment, the door of the box opened.

The two boys opened the door separately.

“Brother Ma Fei, you are here!”

Everyone smiled at a tall and thin boy.

He is Ma Fei, Arlene’s current boyfriend.

As for the other one, the boyfriend of the female high school classmate, consciously sat in the position where Sheldon almost sat.

“Ma Fei, we are talking about you. I really mean that Cao Cao is here. By the way, today I have a new friend to introduce you. Look at him, his name is Sheldon!”

Rosemarie smiled and pointed at Sheldon who was drinking tea.

“Oh? It turned out to be him, he is the poor man Sheldon? What a fortunate meeting!”

Ma Fei pretended to be surprised, and walked over to shake hands with Sheldon.

Sheldon just condensed his brows, did not get up, and ignored him.

To be honest, Sheldon is a little really angry now.

What I thought was very simple before, that is, I felt that they were all old classmates, and I hadn’t seen each other for several years, so I came to gather together by myself.

How nice it is to be lively.

But I found out after I came.

Rosemarie sincerely invited herself to join the fellow villagers’ club, but she asked herself to be the joy of this group of people.

No one paid attention to themselves, including Arlene, and Sheldon had become a little stranger.

In general, it is disappointment.

Sheldon ignored this man named Ma Fei.

He looked at Sheldon and smiled and said, “Haha, classmate Sheldon has a very strong personality. I’m sorry, I just made a joke. I heard from the poem that she had a good relationship with you before.”

“Hmph, Sheldon, just now, Brother Ma Fei asked you to shake hands. Look at your virtues! Do you know how to be polite?”

“That’s right, you don’t have to apologize to Brother Ma Fei, you will know by asking Arlene, that’s a fool!”

“Hahaha, don’t talk about people like that. They belong to Roston University after all. Maybe they can find a job in Roston Business District as soon as they graduate!”

The crowd joked.

“Yeah, then we will become colleagues, Sheldon, please take care of me!”

Ma Fei smiled.

He is a noisy person, and besides, he has never heard of Arlene’s classmates mentioning things about Arlene and Sheldon before.

He just thought to himself, why would Arlene like that kind of poor?

Sometimes Ma Fei is very shameless.

So as soon as we met and heard Sheldon’s name, Ma Fei stepped on Sheldon a few times to see how he reacted.


Well, this product has no experience at all, and it can be played by oneself in society!

“Haha, Brother Ma Fei, don’t tease him. For this kind of person, who can go to Roston Business District to find a job, then the shop owner is really blind!”

“By the way, Brother Ma Fei hasn’t heard you say before, how did you become the sales supervisor of the store?”

Everyone pulled the topic back to Ma Fei.

“Oh, this is a long story. Maybe I am better at it, but the boss sees me as having low experience and only gives me an annual salary of 300,000 dollar. Alas! There are still many areas I need to improve!”

“Wow! This is amazing too!”

Fresh graduates have a direct annual salary of 300,000 dollar, which is really rare, and they are still close to the big tree of Roston Commercial Group.

Rosemarie was a little jealous of Arlene.

The two are equally beautiful, but Rosemarie is a bit more open and Arlene is more restrained.

She has become the kind of goddess-like existence.

Arlene was proud.

Unable to help, she turned her gaze to Sheldon who was sitting in the corner.

He sighed quietly in his heart.

At the same time, I’m afraid!

If at that time I was really with Sheldon because of impulse, what would I face?

“Haha, I’m really lucky. Rosemarie and you are all pretty good. By the way, Rosemarie, I heard that you have become a primary school teacher, formal?”

Rosemarie nodded: “Hmm!”

“That’s really great. From now on, we can all develop in Roston for a long time. My plan is to try to buy a house in Roston next year and then get married to Arlene!” Ma Fei smiled and said:

“Haha, by the way, I don’t know this Sheldon brother, what plans do you have after graduation? Take the civil service exam? Has the employment problem settled? Do you want to work in sales? Or design? Or some kind of clerical work?”

“But I recommend that you choose the civil service category. Civil servants are very difficult for you. As for the sales category like me, to be honest, Brother Sheldon, you really don’t have any talent at all. For the design category, it sounds simple. In fact, it is the most difficult. It requires a strong logical thinking ability. I feel that Brother Sheldon is not suitable for this. It is the kind of clerical job that does not need to use your brain and only needs a little basic computer knowledge. It is very suitable for you!”

After Ma Fei finished speaking, everyone looked at Sheldon contemptuously.

The food was already served, and Sheldon ate it on his own.

He just nodded and said, “Let’s take a look at that time, and don’t bother to do what is right!”

“Yeah, yes, it’s really a personality, can’t you hear the truth?”

“That’s it, just forget it, you can’t listen to the truth! Oh, it’s destined to have no future!”

Rosemarie said helplessly.

At the same time, what everyone didn’t know was that when they ridiculed Sheldon, there was already a small conflict at the door of the private room.

It is a group of young men and women who are arguing with a waiter.

“Don’t you understand what you said about adding money? We are so crowded, we have to get this box. How much money you want, damn, go find them and let me free it!”

A ruffian boy sternly said.

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