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Chapter 1105

Shino -kun “Mr. Sheldon, can we talk about conversation?” Noda Ichiro stopped his breath. He really didn’t know who to talk to, and he couldn’t talk to his colleagues, but There are no friends nearby either.

“Of course, I would love to be your listener.” Sheldon nodded quickly.

From Noda Ichiro’s mouth, maybe he could get clues to the person who assassinated the South Vietnamese special forces behind him, and he could also know whether his actions that day were discovered by the people of the Japanese War Department.

“Here, please, just recently my family mailed me some good tea leaves, please taste it!” When Sheldon agreed, Noda Ichiro immediately smiled.

When they walked into his office together, Noda Ichiro asked the secretary to make tea, and greeted Sheldon to sit down quickly.

“Mr. Sheldon, you don’t know that my whole head is getting bigger this day, and I don’t know where to start the investigation, but if I don’t investigate now, I’m afraid my job will not be able to keep it!”

Noda Ichiro sighed and said helplessly.

“Indeed, a lot of things have indeed happened in your Japanese training ground during this period. How is it? Did the two investigators find any clues?” Sheldon nodded.

“The first one is not there yet. I find it very strange. It has been half a month since now, and we still haven’t found any clues. Not to mention Lin Aping’s body, even the person who committed the murder has not left a trace. I Look, there should be no way to investigate.”

“The second thing is that we are investigating. We have found the body of the special soldier and sent it back to South Vietnam. We are also investigating based on the clues left by the murderer, but when will we be able to investigate? It’s not necessarily when it comes out.”

Noda Ichiro continued.

He knew that Sheldon was not a member of the War Department, and had nothing to do with this matter, so he should be a friend who can listen to him to talk about his depression, otherwise he would be very uncomfortable with these words.

“I hope I can find out as soon as possible, otherwise it will not be a good thing for you.” Sheldon nodded thoughtfully.

“Who says no? The colonel has already given me an order, saying that I must investigate both events, otherwise his colonel’s position may not be preserved, and I, the leader of the investigation team, I am afraid You have to step down too.”

“You didn’t see that the training ground is now surrounded by soldiers from our war department. You are afraid that a similar situation will happen again. To be honest, the special soldiers who died in South Vietnam are better off. Compensation is fine.”

“If you have an accident with the special forces of China or the Great Western Federation, or even Europe, then we will be in great trouble!” After

receiving the tea from the secretary, Noda Ichiro gave Sheldon a cup, and then continued. , Constantly shaking his head and sighing while speaking, I can see that he is very upset at this time.

“Yes, you did not look into nearby hotels and inns do, since there are that person’s height and size, that are not allowed near or who have now lived in the neighborhood, if you go to the survey, there should be some gains.”

Thought Sheldon pretended to remind inadvertently of the cultivator’s breath he felt last night.

“We have already practiced what you said, but it was of no use. On the second day of the incident, we had already started investigating the surroundings and did not find anyone who resembled him.”

“I doubt. Maybe he left immediately after the attack.”

Noda Ichiro continued.

“Are you sure?” Sheldon frowned slightly. He had always suspected that the cultivator of the Chen family used the hands. As far as his current situation is concerned, only this person can have this strength.

But he clearly sensed that this person was nearby, but the Japanese War Department did not investigate it.

This makes Sheldon have some doubts.

“Of course, the investigation is not a confidential matter. I will definitely not keep it from you.” Noda Ichiro waved his hand and said.

“I hope you can investigate as soon as possible. For the sake of the two of us who are so close to each other, don’t hesitate to tell me what you need, I will help you.” Sheldon still had a faint smile on his face.

“Mr. Sheldon, are you kidding, or are you serious?” The expression on Noda Ichiro’s face froze, and he stood up and asked.

“Of course it is true.” Sheldon laughed.

“That’s really great. Your strength is so strong. If you help, you can definitely catch that person in the shortest time!” Noda Ichiro was very excited. He knew Sheldon’s strength. How, how can a person who can turn the South Vietnam War Headquarters upside down, how could it be bad.

“It’s settled, I’ll help you!” Sheldon stretched out his hand.

Of course, in Sheldon’s heart, it was not to make an extra effort to find trouble for himself, but hoped to use the hands of the investigation team of the War Department of the Japanese War to find the Chen family’s cultivator.

And as long as you are with these people, the other party will not be able to show the strength of a cultivator, and you can only compete head-to-head with yourself and compete with your fists and feet.

“But Mr. Sheldon, if you help us, you will not only waste time, but also waste your strength. You won’t get any benefits.”

After joy, Noda Ichiro asked curiously.

“Haha, I told you that I was looking for a better affinity with you, and Bai Xiaofei is in the competition, I have nothing to do, my hands are itchy.” Sheldon waved his hand and found an excuse casually. he.

“Anyway, I would like to thank you for your help on behalf of the War Department investigation team. If I can catch that person, I will ask the War Department leaders for your credit!” Noda Ichiro extended his hand to Sheldon. He is now But I like Sheldon very much, and being able to help him at this time has already treated Sheldon as a brother from the bottom of my heart.

“Haha, then work hard together and try to get that person out as soon as possible!” Sheldon reached out and shook his hand.

With Sheldon agreeing to help, Noda Ichiro did not hesitate, and immediately took Sheldon to the colonel’s office. Hearing that the case was likely to be solved soon, the colonel did not even watch the test, so he took the secretary back directly.

In the office, Sheldon is on the sofa.

Noda Ichiro stood in front of the office and reported the latest situation to the colonel.

A few minutes later, the colonel stood up from behind his desk.

“Your name is Sheldon, right?” He stared at Sheldon for a long time, then he asked.

“Yes.” Sheldon got up and nodded.

“I’m the colonel of the Japanese War Department, Shin Oda.” The colonel nodded and continued, “Ichiro Noda said just now that you are willing to help our War Department investigate the two assassinations. I am very happy, but I doubt your intentions.”

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