The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1107

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Chapter 1107

finished eating a roast chicken. Sheldon wiped his hands, and they just finished reporting their situation.

“How about, do you have any clues?” Noda Ichiro asked Sheldon and passed two tissues.

“Your news is of no use, I didn’t listen.” Sheldon wiped his mouth and said lightly, “But this roast chicken is still very good. You should also eat it while it is hot. The taste will change when it is cold.”


Sheldon’s words made them all irritable.

After investigating for so long, it was said by such a person that there was no use at all, and they didn’t listen at all. Then they just reported, isn’t it a waste of words.

“What’s the matter?” Noda Ichiro asked quickly.

“There is no big problem. Now you are going to investigate all the hotels around the training ground. The hotels should also be carefully checked. As long as you are not from the Japanese people, then register them all for the record. I want to see.”

Sheldon waved his hand and said.

“Do you think we haven’t investigated, and for all foreigners, can it be so easy for them to register for the record? You are not a member of our investigation team, how do you know our work and power?”

Sheldon said just now. When it fell, the questioning sound immediately sounded.

“Follow what Sheldon said. He is the person the colonel personally agrees to. The colonel will bear all the consequences. If you disagree, then go to the colonel and say in person, or just leave here!”

questioned When the sound rang, Noda Ichiro slapped the table with a slap, and said angrily.

Everyone was so frightened that they didn’t dare to speak out. They knew who Noda Ichiro was. He was usually very easy-going and didn’t have the pretense of a team leader. But once he was angry, his six relatives would not recognize him. In the early years, his temper was not as good as it is now. Know how many people have been kicked out by him.

“Understand, understand!”

Noda Ichiro said. They had no choice but to obey Sheldon’s orders. Several people packed up the papers on the desk and immediately walked out of the office.

“It’s a pity not to eat these roasted chickens.” Sheldon shook his head, and took all the roasted chickens in front of them in front of him, and began to eat again.

“Brother Sheldon, I don’t quite understand. We have investigated all the hotels and hotels in the surrounding area many times. Although there are foreigners, there is nothing wrong with them. They don’t seem to be murderers.” Wait until they leave. After the secretary closed the office door, Ichiro Noda asked curiously.

“What is the height and shape of the perpetrator? Did he leave any footprints?” Sheldon raised his head and glanced at him.

“The height is nearly 1.9 meters, the body is not fat, the shoe prints are four or six shoes, but when we went to all the hotels to investigate, there was no match with this person, so we thought he might have left here.” Noda Without hesitation, Ichiro told Sheldon all the information.

“Will he wear shoes with a high heel, but he is actually less than 1.9 meters tall. Will he wear a lot of clothes inside but he doesn’t actually look that strong? Will he wear shoes with a relatively large shoe size? The shoe prints are not accurate.”

Sheldon said casually while eating the chicken drumsticks while chewing.

“This…” Hearing Sheldon’s words, Noda Ichiro was completely stunned, not even knowing what to say.

Although he is an investigative team, he does not specialize in detecting cases. He often investigates things that are easy but dangerous. Based on his experience, he didn’t think about this at all.

But now when Sheldon spoke, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. If Sheldon said so, then surveillance could not be the only evidence at all. Even if the face was photographed, it might be a rubber human skin mask.

“That’s why I said that the information you found out of your investigation is useless. Now I will investigate all nearby hotels and check all foreigners. Maybe this person is still here.”

Sheldon smiled and said. .

“Then why don’t we check our Japanese people?” Noda Ichiro didn’t understand.

“You can check if you want. I just think that killing the South Vietnamese special forces here should be revenge. It should be impossible for you Japanese people, but you can’t tell.”

Sheldon just took advantage of this opportunity to think. Ask them to check the Chen family’s cultivators, this is selfish, but he is also the most likely person to kill the South Vietnamese special forces.

Of course, Zhawa people can also, but it will waste energy.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely let them investigate all the surrounding hotels and guesthouses clearly!” Noda Ichiro nodded vigorously. He now believes in Sheldon more and more. Just the word he said just now. Just like Daigo’s initiation, the idea of ​​letting him solve this case has undergone a turning point.

“The roast chicken is not bad, I took it home.” Sheldon burped and ate two roast chickens in a row. He was already eating.

And the remaining two want to take them back and give Ghost Operator a taste.

“Of course, as long as you like to eat, I will give it to you every day!” Noda Ichiro laughed and agreed.

“It’s not necessary. I’ll go back and rest for a while, and I’ll contact you in the evening.” Sheldon waved his hand and left with two untouched fried chickens.

Watching Sheldon leave, Noda Ichiro stood in a daze for a while, digested everything Sheldon had said in his stomach, then picked up the clothes hanging at the door and ran out quickly. He was going to the hotel. Staring.

Sheldon went home with fried chicken.

“The fried chicken you went out to buy?” Guishuan was sitting inside watching the TV. After smelling the smell, he suddenly got up from the sofa.

“Ichiro Noda is the leader of the investigation team of the Japanese War Department. I joined as a helper in the investigation. I want to take this opportunity to investigate the Chen family’s cultivator.” To the ghost operator, Sheldon has nothing to say. .

“This is a good opportunity, and there is an investigation team. I think even if he found you, he wouldn’t dare to do it directly on you.” The ghost operator pondered for a while and said.

“That’s it.” Sheldon nodded, and put the roast chicken in front of the ghost operator, “eat, no one has ever moved.”

“I am hungry too, and I am going to go out to buy some food, now it seems that there is nothing Go.” The ghost operator opened the bag, took a deep breath, and quickly pulled off a chicken leg and stuffed it into his mouth.

“I’m going out in the evening to see the situation at the hotel. If I can find the Chen family’s cultivator, I will try to get rid of him as soon as possible.” Sheldon sat in front of the ghost operator and said lightly.

“Do you need me to go with you?” Guishuan raised his head.

“With the investigation team here, you won’t be in any danger, let’s go together!” Sheldon thought for a while, and agreed.

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