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Chapter 495

“We’ve only met each other.” Burton Liam answered vaguely, his smile still engraved on the charming lips.

He deliberately emphasized the word ‘only’ to emphasize its importance.

He remembered…

When he was resting in a lounge, he accidentally heard a sentence like this:

If you can have a one-night stand with a man like Burton Liam, I’m afraid it will be enough in this life!!!

Words came from the mouth of the little girl in front of him.

At that time, he was a little bit funny after being surprised.

Is it a good thing to be fantasized by a little girl under the age of eighteen??

Suddenly, the red face of the opposite classmate Aria became more and more flushed.

In the bottom of her eyes, she was dizzy and shy, and there was a touch of loss.

Su Mo was surprised.

She understands that touch of shyness and loss.

With a chuckle, she was not the only one who liked this man!

Amelia tilted her head, curled her lips, and smiled deeply.

Liam hooked a hook to the side.

Burton Liam leaned over and approached her in coordination.

The eyes looking at her were suspicious.

Amelia glanced at the woman opposite, and a bright light leaped from her clear eyes.

Then, looking at Burton Liam, her eyes were smiling, but it was serious.

“Liam, anyway, everyone thought that we both slept, otherwise, we just realized the dreams of our classmates and went to sleep! Anyway, I don’t sleep, what do you think?” Amelia blinked her big eyes asked him with a smile.

The wicked smile on the corners of her lips was still so innocent and naive.


The three were stunned.

After a long time, Burton Liam shook his head the fastest.

Regarding Amelia’s unscrupulous, her unrestricted speech only felt a moment of grief.

Raising his hand, he knocked on her forehead with a sound of “Boom…” with no force.

It seems, with a trace of pampering.

“What are you thinking?”

He was really curious, what was in this little guy’s mind.

Didn’t she come to explain the misunderstanding to the students?

But… this sentence can be regarded as an explanation, right??

They thought she slept, but she didn’t!!!

It’s just… this sentence is too poisonous!!!

To him…

Amelia smiled triumphantly until Amelia could see the trace of annoyance that was passing through the eyes of the woman opposite.

Amelia gave her a provocative look.

As long as she dares to speak, she dares to do it!!!

Then, Burton Liam pulled aside and turned away without hesitation.

“Wow… Amelia is too tugging, right?”

“What tugging! Isn’t it just a left cheek next to your right cheek? Shameless and thick-skinned at the same time! Look at her energy!”


The jealous curses, they could not hear clearly when they left.

However, Amelia was very happy.

Even when she walked on the road, her small body jumped.

Because she could feel the anger of the woman just now.

She won again!

In the car

“Hey! Little thing, you can’t talk nonsense about this in the future, you know?” He told her.

He moved the pair of cute kissing pigs in front of the car window, trying not to block his vision.

Putting little creatures in care is not his style!

Will appear in his car, completely beside her, her masterpiece.

He once protested, but it was invalid.

“What does it matter?” Amelia shrugged meaninglessly.

With a sound of “chih-“, the Sprite jar was pulled out.

He frowned, a little unhappy.

“It’s appropriate to drink less of this kind of stuff, and the weather is freezing now!”

He probed his hand and subconsciously turned on the heating in the car.

“You bought it!” Amelia protested.

Liam choked his wrist.

If he is not often yelled at by a little thing to drink this kind of junk food, he would not deliberately prepare something like this in the car.

However, he will consider getting rid of this evil habit in the future!

After all, there is no benefit in drinking too much of this thing.

“When you say those things, don’t you care what others think of you?”

His voice is very weak.

However, distressed, overflowing in the words, cannot be ignored.

“What they think, I don’t care! I’m not living for them!” Amelia retorted to him frankly and then hiccupped soda when she was full, and her pinkish little mouth puffed, which was cute.

If she wants to care so much, her life, she can only live in this despised world forever!

From a very young age, she was scolded as a daughter of an aid-giving woman, then she was called a hybrid by her mother, and now…

She has already learned to ignore it!!!

Only in this way can she protect herself and comfort herself…

Don’t let herself be hurt by the bad guys a little bit.

She likes this kind of life!

For a moment, Burton Liam only felt that his heart was hit hard by something.

Some pain.

The stiff lines suddenly softened a bit.


She doesn’t mind what others think of her, but…

He cares about how others look at her!!!

He didn’t want to, she was misunderstood as the kind of nonchalant woman!!!

Because he will feel bad too…

Pull out a paper towel from the lovely pink paper box.

Of course, this kind of pink paper box is not the style of his mature man.

But, undoubtedly, Amelia likes this little thing.

So… Of course, it was placed in the car.

At that time, she was holding this cute little paper box in the mall, tilted her head, and asked him innocently.

“Liam, I remember your car is missing a small paper box!”

His thick eyebrows trembled.

Looking at the pink lace, he wanted to say that nothing is missing in the car.

But he still…

“En…” Obediently, nodded.

Because she likes it!

The corners of the charming lips unconsciously sketched out a charming smile, with a touch of happiness.

“Wipe your lips!” handed her the tissue.


She was right!

The days are all by oneself, so why deliberately conceal something for others.

The car started.

Soon, he stopped in front of a high-end club.

Amelia was a little surprised.

Holding his big palm, follow him into the shop.

“Wow…” As soon as she stepped into the store, an exaggerated exclamation sounded.

Then, a seductive but dignified ‘beautiful snake body’ quickly shook towards them.

“Oh, what kind of wind is this blowing today? It’s blowing our Young Master Burton!” Ball Grace’s little hands climbed on Burton Liam’s generous shoulders, winking at him pretendingly.

There was a wicked smile on the corners of the beautiful lips.

“Hey! Ball Madison, stop playing!” Every time she comes to this trick, she is not bored.

Burton Liam raised his hand, grabbed the octopus she was climbing on his shoulders, and dismissed her disgustingly regardless of her female self-esteem.

Amelia on the side raised her hand, squeezed her small nose, and turned her head away.

Is this man so good?

Snorted with disdain and then snorted.

“Hey! Burton Liam, I warn you, don’t call me Ball Madison!!” What a bad name! Her name is Ball Grace.

Fairy? It shows the irony of her carelessness, lively and lovely!

Burton Liam was too lazy to take care of her.

“Hey! The little thing is handed over to you!”

“Little thing?” Ball Madison looked a little surprised.

She moved her eyes to the brilliant man in front of her.

Amelia was stunningly falling on the side.

“Wow…what a cute little thing!” Looking at the cute pink baby face in front of her, Ball Madison couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Alright! Don’t worry, leave it to me! I will make her the cutest Barbie doll in the world!! Haha…” Ball Madison finished with an exaggerated laugh.

Liam helped his forehead, but felt a pain in his eyebrows.

Those two dry laughs made him a little creepy!

Are women so exaggerated when they see beautiful and cute things? Even a very ‘male’ woman?

Amelia followed this extremely exaggerated sister into the inside.

She suddenly came back to her senses.

It turned out that this is an advanced image design club.

And this woman is the boss here!

She is also the best image designer in the city.

In the dressing room

Amelia only felt that Ball Madison was holding some small brooms and the like and wiping them randomly on her face.

But she did not protest, nor a trace of disgust.

Because she was listening intently to Ball Mason’s question.

“Hey! Little thing, did you say that Burton Liam told me, that… that very special little niece!” In addition to image design, Ball Mason’s ability is also gossip!

Of course, things like Liam have always been generous by himself.

She once thought about selling his mischievous things to the media, and then she thought about it, after all, they were reborn parents in the four years of university, so she was merciful.

PS: Reproductive parents in four years of college: that is, they make a living by copying his exam answers in four years of college.

In the clean mirror, the cute little eyebrows are slightly raised.

It seems a bit unpleasant.

“I’m not his little niece!” she explained lightly.

“I know!” Ball Madison smiled bewildered, “Hey! Little guy, you have to work hard to beat the woman Blair Evelyn!”

She raised her eyebrows and answered her deeply, with a smile on her lips.

A touch of astonishment made Amelia’s clear eyes flashed across.

“Sister, I’m also a woman. From the moment I lay on that guy, I knew what was thinking in your little head!” She smiled and pierced Amelia’s mind.

Her thinking has always been very open, and she is very open!

Regarding this kind of age gap, the love affair is not small, she has seen too much in her novels, it is not uncommon!

And Amelia, just looking at her in the mirror, still pursed her small mouth and said nothing.

“Little guy, do you really like Burton Liam?” Ball Madison asked again with a questioning tone.

Amelia tilted her head, and the pure and clear pupil of the water gave her a fixed look.

After a long time, she nodded heavily.

She likes him!

“Alright!” Ball Madison nodded and chuckled, “It’s better than that guy married the woman Blair Evelyn!”

Amelia raised her eyebrows, “Sister Madison, don’t you like her either?”

Ball Madison only felt the corners of her lips twitched, “Um, little guy, I’m not called Madison, just call me sister Grace!”

She explained.

“Oh…” Amelia nodded obediently.

Inexplicably, the goodwill towards her has increased a bit.

Probably because they hate the relationship with the same woman!

“The guy Burton Liam was irritated by the woman Allen Emily, but he listened to his milk-milk-woman, and the woman Blair Evelyn casually agreed to the marriage!” Ball Madison helped Amelia. Numerous hair, while talking casually.

Chapter 496

“Sister Emily?” Amelia was a little curious.

This sister Madison seems to know everything!

“The woman Allen Emily is also very strange. I thought that when this kid was studying abroad alone, she was also a poor kid. When we could go to college, she was a real daughter, but she was so sticky with our kid. But it was tight! Later, the two got together, and this kid also started his own business, until later he was recognized by Burton, only to find out what Wilson’s disease was, and he lay in the hospital for nearly a year. At the time, every time I went to see him, he was not thin, but Allen Emily was a lot thinner, but she never cried and always believed that one day he would get better! She got it right. I don’t know how this kid’s half-brother Burton Lucas showed great kindness and donated a liver to him. The operation was successful, so he saved him. However, in the process, Allen Emily somehow got engaged with Burton Lucas, and the reason for breaking up was that she fell in love with the position of Burton Lucas’s genuine successor to the Burton Group! It’s funny!”

Speaking of the back, Ball Madison couldn’t help laughing out loud.

“This kind of reason is used to deceive children!”

“Sister Grace doesn’t believe it?” Amelia asked her with a calm tone.

Because she didn’t believe it either.

She doesn’t seem to be such a vain woman.

“It’s not just that I don’t believe it, but Burton Liam doesn’t believe it either!” Ball Madison responded to her.

“But, is there anyway, the other is his brother or his lifesaver, and, with Allen Emily’s decisive attitude, no one will be jealous anymore!” Ball Madison now said that she was still in fear.

Burton Liam, who learned that she was engaged to his brother, ran out of the hospital for the first time and found Allen Emily, but it turned out to be good. The woman held a blade on her wrist to force her to death. So she just died to show him.

“Burton Liam, He likes…her very much?” Amelia asked her with a little inquiring voice.

Ball Madison curled her lips and smiled, “Six years of love, it’s hard to stick to it if he doesn’t like her very much!”


Amelia curled her lips.

A faint loss appeared in the eyes and then disappeared quickly.

Who hasn’t passed it yet? Although she didn’t!

“What’s the matter? Unhappy?” Ball Madison smiled and asked her pouting.

Amelia shook her head.

Not unhappy, just a little sour.

“Little guy, let me tell you! Every time Burton Liam comes over, my signature action to greet him is to swing my beautiful waist and buttocks on him, and then, the slender five fingers are scratching on him like this …Scratch it!” Ball Madison said triumphantly, even scratching her head in a manner.

Amelia looked at her weird appearance and couldn’t help pursing her lips and chuckles.

“However, he generally wouldn’t throw me off so disgustingly!” Ball Madison said to her.

“He has been here so many times. Only when he comes here with Allen Emily will he throw me off with a look of disgust. However, as for the second woman, it’s you!”

“Me?” Amelia was a little surprised, “Why did he leave me behind?”

Although, she was very anxious in her heart.

“He is afraid you will be angry!” Ball Madison’s eyes narrowed, looking at Amelia ambiguously, and responding to her.

Pissed off?

Amelia raised her hand, touched her pink nose, and smiled dryly.

“He is so narcissistic!”

Cruelly criticized him.

However, the slight smile at the corner of her mouth seemed sweet and greasy.

Later, two people, one big and one small, talked and laughed and talked to the end of the makeup.

When Amelia came out of the dressing room, Burton Liam was dazed for a moment.

He saw her, covering his eyelashes like butterfly wings, awkwardly sticking in front of her.

The slightly curly maroon hair is scattered playfully on the white shoulders, and a plain white princess tutu is only above the knees. Amelia’s originally beautiful and even legs are more slender, and the lovely breath is like from a fairy tale. The little princess that comes out in the story is just, playful, but not frustrated.

Amelia’s big eyes blinked, like dazzling stars in the night, shining with a bewildering light, and the faint blue eye shadow on the eyelids was more quiet and beautiful. The little red face is like a seductive peach, it seems that as long as she pinches it gently with her fingers, she can overflow the sweet juice.

The little hand, resting in front of her, entangled restlessly, looking a little embarrassed.

Burton Liam laughed.

He supported his forehead, somewhat unexpectedly.

This girl is shy!!!

It’s weird…

Probably, even she didn’t have time to adapt to the makeup this time.

She’s cute but quiet and even looks very friendly…

It’s not her style!!!

However, to be honest, it is very suitable for her!

“Hey! Ball Madison, would you freeze her if she wears it so little?” Burton Liam asked Ball Madison with frowning eyebrows.

Worry, written on a delicate handsome face.

Ball Madison glanced out of the entangled glass window.

“Hey! Master Burton, are you worrying about it?”

“She wants her demeanor and not the temperature! Of course, freezing won’t hurt her!” Burton Liam dismissed her angrily.

But this little guy has recovered from a serious illness, and her body can no longer catch a cold.

“Give me a more formal coat!” He said lightly, unceremoniously ordering her to come from university all the time, and specialize in the best friends.

Ball Madison glared at him fiercely, but still obediently went to get her clothes.

Burton Liam neatly took off his long windbreaker, and then approached Amelia.

Before Amelia had time to regain consciousness, his long black windbreaker had already covered her bare shoulders.

Glancing at her in a daze, then, probing his hand, buckled the buttons of the windbreaker from top to bottom.

The movements on his hands seem very jerky.

“Wow… Master Burton, you want to be a caring husband!”

Ball Madison, who had just taken out her clothes, ran into this warm scene.

The two were embarrassed at the same time.

Liam’s slender fingers stiffened.

Then, he got up and glanced at Ball Madison with a playful look.

The look in the eyes is by no means friendly.

“Let’s go!” The habitual probing hand grabbed Amelia’s little hand and walked outside the store.

Amelia tilted her head slightly, glanced at Ball Madison behind her, curled her lips, smiled faintly, with a little charming temperament in her pure smile.

Then, she left with Burton Liam.

“Hey! Little guy! Come on!” Behind, Ball Madison still cheered Amelia loudly and excitedly.

Liam raised his eyebrows, somewhat surprised.

The relationship between them seems to be pretty good?

At the banquet

The mature and stable, yet exquisite and beautiful Burton Liam, undoubtedly became the most shining focus of all the women in this banquet.

And Amelia…

Cute, quiet, yet generous and aura, even with a touch of cold and arrogant temperament, this kind of her, it is understandable that she attracted the attention of everyone in the venue, and the shallow smile on the corner of her lips, just like With the magical power, straight people can’t move their eyes.

Because this is a high-class banquet.

Also because she is the woman next to this perfect man, she will work hard to cooperate with him, showing a rare smile.


Amelia only felt a little weird being stared at, so she randomly found an excuse to go to the bathroom and leave.

Burton Liam on the side sensed Amelia’s tiredness, but the man beside him had been pestering him to talk about the company’s operations, and he couldn’t get away for a while.

Amelia walked to the quiet corridor alone.

Probably, the rest area is here!

She knew that it would be difficult for Burton Liam to get out of such a luxurious business banquet, but she was willing to wait for him.

The steps under her feet stopped in front of the door of a room with the word ‘restroom’ written on it.

The small hand covered the door lock handle and unscrewed it.

Lifted her eyes, stunned.

At that moment, Amelia thought, maybe her movements were too light, or it was true, her sense of existence was very weak.

So that they in the room, for a while, could not find her.


It’s the same exciting love drama in progress.


Some of the people performing inside surprised her.

It turned out to be Adam Mason and Harper.

They in the room groaned-the groan was very in place, wave after wave…

Adam Mason under her is still well-dressed, but Harper on his body is already messy, almost naked.

The white skirt, the sex-sense flirting to the thighs and the legs, the seductive and charming hook on Mason’s sturdy waist, the timeless style.

She was a little surprised.

Amelia still said nothing.

However, she was a little tired.

Gently push the door open, and then close it carefully.

It seems…for fear of being surprised by the one who is busy seriously pleasing each other.

She found a place closer to the door and sat down.

Did not go to see them on the other end.

Voices…still one after another.

Somewhat harsh.

However, she can bear it!

From the moment she closed the door, Adam Mason discovered her existence.

However, there is still no trace of ups and downs on a wicked handsome face.

In the ink-stained pupils, there was a faint and drunk color that should have been flashed.

He is still forgetting her and enjoying the joy that a woman brings to him.

No, because of her arrival, Mason panicked.

Not even more, because of her arrival, he wanted to end this physical enjoyment.

He has to admit that this woman’s skills are exceptionally good!

However, he speeded up…

The foreplay is omitted and goes directly to the subject.

“Mason…pain, slow, slow…” Harper under him seemed a little hard to bear his sudden attack.


The body of a pregnant woman is extraordinarily expensive.

However, the man in front of her didn’t know how to pity her.

The movement of his waist became more fierce and faster as she pleaded.

The more a woman begged, the more pitiful, the more excited the man was.

Long time…

“Roar…” Finally, with a male exploding muffled grunt, with a trace of unconcealed pleasure and intoxication, the lounge suddenly became quiet.

There was only a low panting sound, and… An unquenchable scream.

Suddenly, the whole room… was filled with an ambiguous smell…

Amelia frowned, feeling a little sick for a while.

In the stomach, it began to stir up incessantly.

Involuntarily, it reminded her of the first time, Burton Liam.

She got up and walked to the door.

She thought, in the future, perhaps she could learn to avoid such things a little bit.

Others don’t care, but…

She cares a little!!!

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