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Chapter 1113

“What else do you want to know, I will tell you.” Chen Aman looked at Sheldon, and he suddenly felt that the person in front of him seemed to be in his impression , It’s not the same.

Starting from hearing the name of Sheldon, he thought he was a very insidious and insidious person to achieve his goal. He had a strong ambition to break the peace of their Chen family and become the head of the Chen family. From then on squeezed Their family.

But from the current contact, he felt that Sheldon was a very gentle young man, not at all fierce or irritable. Although he had just killed a master, it was also the enemy’s first sneak attack.

But for myself, because of the same surname Chen, I chose to let myself live.

This moved him a little bit, at the very least, his impression of Sheldon had changed.

“Only these.” Sheldon said lightly.

“Then abolish my cultivation base, I will return to the clan now.” Chen Aman said relaxedly, knowing what the result of his cultivation abolishing would be, and soon he will be from the top of the respected family. Cultivators become ordinary people.

You will even be troubled by those people you have offended before.

But these are not at all important compared to life. If the cultivation base is gone, you can cultivate again. If the life is gone, then everything will be over.

“Let’s go.”

Sheldon stretched out two fingers, tapped the acupuncture points on his chest twice, and said lightly.

“Huh?” Feeling his body relaxed and able to manipulate his limbs, Chen Aman stood up on the ground and asked curiously.

In his opinion, he came to assassinate himself. Since failure is definitely a dead end, Sheldon only abolished his own cultivation base, which is already very kind, but now he says to let himself go directly, which makes Chen Aman somewhat intangible. mind.

“Do you still have a tendency to be abused?” Sheldon laughed.

“No.” Seeing that Sheldon didn’t mean to kill him, Chen Aman relaxed, and walked in front of Sheldon and said, “I just don’t understand. It’s obvious that I and that person are here to assassinate you, how can you kill? Abandon him instead of

doing it to me?” “It’s very simple, because you belong to the Chen family.” Sheldon took a deep breath of the cigarette, exhaled the smoke, and said in a deep voice.

“Don’t think I’ve been in your Chen family since I was a child, but I’m the grandson of Chen Diancang after all, and I had a relatively pleasant time with him when I was young, even though I don’t know for what purpose he took my family away. Now I have to be forced to meet him on

Youlong Island, but you are from the Chen family after all. I just want to save people and don’t want to kill each other.” “I…” Chen Aman was stunned. Up.

He only knew that Sheldon wanted to do something against them on Youlong Island, but he didn’t expect such a story to be hidden behind his back. The patriarch took his family away, and the patriarch was Sheldon’s grandfather. The person who took him away, no It is the son and daughter-in-law of the patriarch.

“Have you seen them?” Sheldon asked, taking out a cigarette and passing it to Chen Aman.

“I saw it once a long time ago, just once.” Chen Aman took the cigarette, borrowed Sheldon’s lighter to light it, and then said.

“How are they?” Sheldon trembled when he heard Chen Aman’s words, and even his eyes became moist.

“It’s not bad. The patriarch didn’t seem to treat them badly. He just locked them in the backyard. Except for the patriarch and the confidants of the patriarch, no one could enter. It should be easy to eat and wear.” Chen Aman worked hard. After thinking about it for a while, he said.

“Can Chen Wu also go in?” Sheldon’s expression instantly turned gloomy.

“No. Although Chen Wu is a child adopted by the patriarch, he has a high status in the family, but the patriarch has always been guarding him. In some important places in the family, Chen Wu has no right to enter.”

“Including the patriarch. In the backyard where I live, I have never seen Chen Wu go in.”

Chen Aman frowned and thought for a while before he replied.

“It seems that they are living well in the Chen family, there is no danger, then I can rest assured.” Sheldon exhaled a heavy breath, and the stone that had been holding on his chest finally fell completely to the ground.

After a while, Sheldon waved his hand to Chen Aman and said. “Go back, if you want to save your life, remember not to say anything after you go back, understand?”

“I know, if Chen Wu asks, I’ve talked about the Japanese kingdom, but I didn’t find you at all.” Chen Aman Nodding vigorously.

“Go.” Sheldon waved his hand again.

Chen Aman threw away the cigarette butt, bowed to Sheldon, and then bent again.

He was thanking Sheldon for not killing, and at the same time he made a decision in his heart. If Sheldon arrives at Youlong Island one day, he will definitely not attack Sheldon, even if he will be punished by the family. .

Soon, Chen Aman disappeared into the night.

Sheldon stood on the spot smoking a cigarette, feeling the cold wind blowing from the front. After a while, the cigarette burned out, and Sheldon turned his head and walked in front of the vulture.

“Jinchuan family, it seems that you are still unscrupulous, then your family has no need to stay in the country.” Sheldon walked to the corpse and touched his clothes a few times.

It was discovered that apart from a pack of folded cigarettes and a few bullets, there was nothing that could identify him.

Sheldon didn’t pay attention to this. He placed his hand on his body again, and as the power of the Ninth Revolution in his body worked, a hot temperature burst from his palm.

In a few seconds, the vulture’s body was completely burned. Because of the volatilization of the true qi, it didn’t even smell. Just like Lin Aping, it mysteriously disappeared into the world.

After doing this, Sheldon turned around and left here.

In the guest room, neither Guishuan nor Bai Xiaofei slept. They sat on the sofa and waited.

As soon as the door opened, Bai Xiaofei rushed up.

“Brother Chen, are you not injured?” Bai Xiaofei took Sheldon’s arm up and down to check one side carefully, and asked anxiously.

“Isn’t injured, don’t you know my strength?” Sheldon laughed and closed the door smoothly.

“All resolved?” Ghost operator also stepped forward to ask.

“It’s a solution. The special forces sent from South Vietnam were indeed killed by the Chen family cultivators. I have also fought against this person. The strength is not bad, but it is not as strong as I thought. I have let him go. “Sheldon took off his jacket, walked to the water dispenser and poured a glass of cold water, sipping it.

“Why do you want to let it go?” Both Guishuan and Bai Xiaofei didn’t understand.

“I don’t want to kill people from the Chen family. It was Chen Diancang who kidnapped my parents, not others from the Chen family.” Sheldon put down the paper cup and said, “Furthermore, if I let him go now, it means he owes him. Next affection.”

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