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Chapter 1125

Futabasuke bowed to Hanoi River, and then left.

“Listen, what is this Sheldon’s identity? How could he be connected with the Yamashita family, and, where are Izumi and Endo, where have they gone?!”

Hanoi Chuan slapped the table with a slap. , Asked angrily, what he thought was a simple thing before, has become so complicated now, and depending on the current situation, if Sheldon is not resolved, their plan will be in vain.

“They…they…” Hanoi Liugu was stunned. He didn’t dare to tell the situation of the two people’s accident, but now there is no reason to continue editing below.

Seeing the reaction of Hanoi Stream Valley, Hanoi Chuan felt something in his heart, his voice sank and asked.

“The patriarch, the two of them disappeared when they went to assassinate Sheldon.” Hanoi Liugu knew that he couldn’t keep it, so he could only bite the bullet and tell the truth, “but they should be locked up in the Erye family manor. I’m trying to rescue them.”


“You said, Izumi and Endo shot together, but they were locked up by them?” Hanoi Chuan stood up abruptly and asked, pointing at Hanoi Ryugu.

“That’s it.” Hanoi Liugu gritted his teeth and said.

“It’s really weird. What kind of shit luck our family took to offend such a person. Have you found out the identity of Sheldon? What kind of status does he have in China? Why is his own strength so strong? Can

he have contact with the Yamashita family?” Hanoi Chuan slowly sat down and began to think about this, but found that he had never offended such a person before, but was suddenly stopped by this person when Saburo assassinated Feixu.

Although their family has taken over the assassination missions related to Huaxia and assassinated the people of Huaxia, they are very clean every time.

But now the appearance of Sheldon gave Hanoi Chuan a feeling that this man seemed to be here for revenge, otherwise, all this would be too unlucky, how could he happen to meet at this juncture.

“Under investigation, but from the perspective of our network, this Sheldon has no background in China. He is a very ordinary person, and he has not been to our country before, so he is unlikely to have a relationship with the Yamashita family. “

Hanoi Liugu hurriedly told about the situation investigated.


However, before Hanoi Lau could finish speaking, Hanoi Chuan slapped the table with a slap.

He wouldn’t believe this at all. If there is no background, what has not been to the Wa country, how can there be such a strong strength without a background, how can it be connected with the Yamashita family without a background.

You know, the Yamashita family has never had an intersecting relationship with other families in the Wa country. He didn’t believe that Sheldon, who had just arrived in the Wa country, could actually get the help of the Yamashita family. He would never believe it anyway.

“But this is the truth.” Although Liugu in Hanoi didn’t believe it, he could only believe it.

“Continue to investigate. I feel that Sheldon is not as simple as we seem to be. If you don’t find out about him, don’t do anything to him, especially now that you are still in contact with the Yamashita family. That family is not easy to provoke. “

Hanoi Chuan lighted another cigarette and said while smoking.

“Patriarch, are there really ninjas in that clan?” Talking about this, Hanoi Ryugu lowered his voice and said, even though he was the leader of the killer group, but his understanding of the Yamashita family was only one-sided and heard.

“Have you not been there?” Hanoi Chuan frowned.

“I just feel that the old man is very strong, but I don’t know if it’s not a ninja, and I’ve never been in contact with a ninja before.” Hanoi Rutani carefully recalled the situation that day.

Just relying on the old man’s extraordinary speed, it is impossible to determine whether it is a ninja.

“Then investigate, and do it after the investigation is clear. Remember to be careful this time. I will not care about Izumaza and Endo’s affairs for the time being, but bring them back safely to me, otherwise you will be a member of the killer group. Long, you can choose to replace it with other capable people.”

Hanoi Chuan glared at him and whispered.

“Yes, I will try my best!” Hanoi Liugu was so scared that he was sweating coldly and nodded quickly and agreed.

Meanwhile, Jinchuan within the family at this time.

Jinchuan Jiesan just got up from the two young models. He drew a stack of yen from his briefcase and threw it on the bed, then walked out of the room and sat in the living room.

“This vulture said that Sheldon could be resolved within two days. It is now the third day, and even a message has not been sent back!” After some Yunyu calmed down, Jinchuan Kaizo began to consider serious matters.

“Brother Jie San, will he be the same as the two killer captains of the Hanoi family…” Hearing the muttering of Jinchuan Jiesan, the confidant standing next to him subconsciously said.

“Shut your mouth!” Jin Chuan Suke San’s eyes stared.

The confidant before, never took the initiative to speak up. If something like that hadn’t happened, he had given hundreds of thousands to drive away, and he would not have such a stupid subordinate standing beside him.

“However, this is indeed possible. It was also the case at the beginning. The Hanoi family had no news for a long time. When I finally asked, I learned that something like that had happened.” The subordinate knew that he shouldn’t talk too much, but he was still the patriarch. I sent it here, and I have a very straightforward temper, so I will tell me directly if I have any thoughts.

“I know, I don’t need to remind you of this!” Jin Chuan Sukezo turned his head and roared. He is not a fool. He has such a little worry in his heart, but the worry is worry, and it will always make him unhappy to be told.

The subordinates stopped talking.

Jin Chuan Sukezo waved his hand to let him leave, and then took out his mobile phone.

He went to make a call to Vulture three times in a row, but no one answered him. Jinchuan Sukesan’s anxiety became stronger and stronger.

Although if something happens to the vulture, he does not need to take any responsibility or expose himself, but this can prove how terrible Sheldon is. Even the top ten killers on the killer list can’t be solved. What should be used? The way to deal with this person.

Jinchuan Jiesan didn’t dare to think, he didn’t know what to do if this was true.

He even felt a little regretful in his heart, regretting why he wanted to offend Sheldon, to the point where he couldn’t do without killing.

Compared with them, Sheldon is very relaxed at this time.

Since revealing the relationship between himself and the Yamashita family, everyone in the Erye family has been sticking to themselves, even between words. There is no situation in the last time. One by one, they have made a lot of things for the family. Same contribution.

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