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Chapter 113

The girl obviously knew Sheldon.

As for Sheldon, he was surprised to see this beautiful girl.


Since the last time I beat Storen, I have completely broken up with Nimra.

People have always had a crush on Storen, even if she later gave Nimra a dress, but in her eyes, she was incomparable with Storen.

In addition, because of herself, Nimra’s student council chairman almost didn’t have to do it, so Nimra has been coldly looking at Sheldon when he encountered it these days.

Unexpectedly, I ran into it here today!

“Sheldon, what are you doing here?”

Nimra said with a cold face.

“Sheldon, do you know each other?”

Carla stood beside Sheldon at this moment, and asked in an ambiguous voice.

“Yes, I am related to her!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

Then he looked at Nimra, “I’m here to meet Carla’s parents!”

“See your parents, what parents do you see?”

Nimra’s face became colder.

At the same time, even the three of the Jiang family looked at Sheldon.

“Sheldon is my boyfriend, what parents did you say he saw?”

Carla said directly and without shy.

She really didn’t have any interest in Jiang Ziqiao.

In fact, unconsciously, after meeting Sheldon, Carla’s standard for choosing a boyfriend has also improved.

I have already seen something even more powerful in my heart, and if you come out an excellent one, no matter how good you are, you can’t compare to Sheldon and Sheldon.

So Carla now has this mentality of choosing a boyfriend.

And this sentence is like a bomb.

It surprised everyone present.

Especially the Jiang family.

They came happily. They heard that Carla has a close relationship with the Roston Commercial Group, and that he is very beautiful, and his family environment can be considered right.

All in all, if you can become the wife of the Jiang family, that would be pretty good.

But I didn’t expect that Carla has a boyfriend, and now I have brought my son to a blind date.

“Old Zheng, what’s the situation?”

Uncle Nimra asked with a cold face.

The man named Jiang Ziqiao looked at Sheldon with hostility at this moment.

Carla, how could he not like it.

At this moment, he was looking at Sheldon, just quickly looking for the shining spots on Sheldon, and then the two compared them.

Carla’s parents hurriedly apologized, saying that they were all misunderstandings.

In my heart, I scolded Sheldon’s ancestors, a stinky cock, what trouble is coming today!

“Dad, don’t be impatient, just as Uncle Zheng said, there may be some misunderstandings here, besides, this brother is also a classmate of Nimra!”

Jiang Zicheng raised the watch in his hand.

At the moment, smiled faintly.

“Haha, classmate? Sheldon, I finally know why you have become so beautiful recently. It turns out that you have become someone’s boyfriend. To be honest, Sheldon, although you won the lottery before, you became rich, which made me very unhappy. It’s comfortable, but for the sake of the clothes you gave me, in fact, although I still hate you, I am not disgusting you as I used to be!”

“But now it seems that you are more disgusting than I thought!”

“What I said, how could you be so rich, a broken lottery ticket, how to spend it is not clean, it turns out that you are raised by someone, and you two really have something!”

Nimra actually didn’t speak much after entering the box.

As for Carla, she slowly recognized it.

It was not the woman Xu Chao pursued by Dawson and Zyra on the spot last time, and Sheldon, who was kept in the car by the woman.

I saw the scene at that time.

But some things later made Nimra feel unlikely.

From her point of view, if she wants to support Xiao Bailian, she will definitely not support Sheldon.

But now, this woman has personally admitted that Sheldon is her little boyfriend!

Therefore, Nimra did not shy away from speaking.

Staring at Sheldon with a proud face, aren’t you awesome? Hahahaha, so you are just a little boy!

These words made Carla’s parents look ugly.

Listening to this, this stinky boy seems to be eating rice.

Carla’s mother pointed to Sheldon and said, “Carla, you can tell me clearly what is going on with Sheldon? He is really a soft food?”

“Mom, no, listen to me to explain!”

Carla was also a little worried.

How could I not think that the original simple rejection of marriage would come to this point.

This one named Nimra is also true. He didn’t follow it early and didn’t follow it late, but he followed at this time.

“I don’t listen, I don’t listen, just say he is or is it?” Carla’s mother categorically said.

Nimra held her shoulders and walked to Jiang Ziqiao’s side, and smiled: “Brother, don’t worry, do you remember what I said at home, the big poor in our department? Poor enough to have no self-esteem. Poor enough to be dumped by her ex-girlfriend, they will just follow a rich second generation!”

“Later, he won some lottery tickets and he didn’t know what his surname was. Do you still remember that poor dick? Haha, it was him!”

Nimra thought, since she has torn her face, let’s tear it.

Nimra, whom Sheldon has tortured during this time, is not light.

I thought you were rich and wanted to be friends with you.

Even when she thought you were rich, Nimra was about to have that idea.

Especially when you gave yourself a piece of clothing worth 50,000 to 60,000, saying that you helped you, but you were willing to give yourself such expensive clothes.

To say that it is not moved at all is false.

But, Sheldon, you really are a scumbag, you have money!

She just said it in public, and then let this Carla recognize his past and kick this dick away!

Jiang Ziqiao’s eyes were shining at this moment, if he was really poor, then he would have no pressure at all.

“Carla, you can tell me clearly, is this person like Nimra said? He is a poor man?”

Carla’s mother pressed. What a shame, what a shame today!


Carla was at a loss.

Don’t know how to answer.

“Yes, I was poor before, but I wasn’t so poor that I didn’t even have self-esteem. I just want to earn money for living so that I can study hard and get ahead in the future. Is this wrong?”

Sheldon was struck by Nimra’s words.

Can’t help but talk about his previous depression.

“Why do you always point fingers at me? Although I am poor, I haven’t provoke you. Why do you all bully me?”

Sheldon screamed at Nimra.

Because in the past three years, Nimra has brought Sheldon no less humiliation than Chad and the others.

In front of everyone, she didn’t save herself any face. Once, she walked with Marcella outside the classroom and was bumped by her.

She actually cursed in front of everyone like this:

“Sheldon, can you still find a girlfriend if you are so poor? Oh, my God!”

“By the way, you can clean the lecture hall. Don’t go to dinner with your girlfriend. Besides, it doesn’t matter whether you go to the cafeteria or not. You can’t afford to eat without a part-time job. !”

“What the hell? Do you dare to go? Pop!” It was a slap in the face, “Believe it or not, I broke your bursary and let you go!”

These things were all sophomore years, Nimra faced herself in front of Marcella.

Marcella also had a few fights with her about this.

But Sheldon, like being possessed by a heart demon, has been suppressed in his heart.

The junior year is better, because Nimra is basically too lazy to scold herself, ha ha…

Sheldon suppressed these things in his heart. He didn’t say anything, but it didn’t mean he had forgotten.

“Hmph, you are really a poor man. Stop delaying my daughter. Get out of here!”

Suddenly at this moment, Carla’s mother went mad, picked up a cup of hot tea on the table, and poured it on Sheldon’s face…

Chapter 114

“Mom! Don’t!!!”

And Carla was almost silly seeing this scene!

Hastily opened his eyes wide and blocked.

But it was too late, and the water had already poured out.

Sheldon did not have time to avoid it.

Fortunately, the accuracy was not high, and a cup of hot tea was just spilled on Sheldon.

In one fell swoop, Sheldon was like a chicken, covered in tea leaves.

“Hmph, you are worthy of my daughter, how far you go!”

Carla’s mother threw the tea cup directly to the ground angrily.

By doing this, she is sending a signal.

Let the Jiang family know that their Zheng family is absolutely sincere.

As for Sheldon’s life and death, she didn’t bother to care.

“Hmph, deserve it, Sheldon, you look up, I want to record you, let the whole department know that you Sheldon is a disgusting dick! Haha!”

Nimra smiled in relief.

The Jiang family also smiled with a smile.

Sheldon, never expected Carla’s mother to do this.

Splashing yourself with tea in public, how much do you have to ignore yourself to do it?

Sheldon carefully picked the tea leaves from his body with his hands.

One pair of eyes scanned the people in the house tightly.

Especially Nimra.

“Nimra, do you think I am really poor? If you find out that one day, I am not poor and rich, what would you do?”

“And you, too dislike the poor and love the rich, and don’t treat others as humans? What are you superior to? If you know that in my eyes, you are the poor, then what will happen to you? What to do?”

Carla thought Sheldon was going to get angry, but he didn’t expect that his voice was surprisingly flat.


“Sheldon, you are a idiot, you are crazy about money, you are still very rich, I bah! I will also record this passage for you, let everyone see how you are ashamed!” Nimra sneered, clutching her belly.

“Carla, this is the boyfriend you’re looking for? Hehe, you still think of him as a human? Do you look at him like a person? Poor scumbags, this kind of person is good if you die on the street, temporarily poor, forever Poor, there will be no promise in this life!”

“That’s right! See what he looks like? Yueyue, I know you may not understand the situation for a while, and the aunt understands you too. So, your Uncle Jiang finally got three tickets for playing outside the villa. , Didn’t Hot Springs Resort organize an event today? Let Zi Qiao and Wei Wei accompany you. Let’s go around together, haha, that’s right, Yueyue, you used to be in charge of the villa, you have to take Zi Qiao Nimra with you Turn around!”

Jiang Ziqiao’s mother also said at the moment.

It looks like something will happen.


“Go ahead, leave me alone!”

Sheldon said lightly, Carla wanted to shake his head, but when he saw Sheldon’s tone, he was too scared to refuse.

Sheldon can see it clearly. As for himself, it is impossible to live a plain college life.

Someone is always looking for trouble!

Someone always comes out to taunt!

In that case, there is no need to swallow your anger against you people.

At this time, Sheldon reached into his pocket and wanted to take out a tissue to wipe his body.

Snapped! With a bang, the key to his Rambo car fell out.

It didn’t fall out on purpose!

Sheldon would not slap them like this.

Just want to reach out and pick it up.

“Yeah! Have a car key? It’s weird!”

Before touching it, Nimra came over and picked it up.

She took it and looked carefully.

With a final chuckle, he laughed directly.

“I’m going, Lamborghini’s car key, my goodness, Sheldon, do you drive a Lamborghini?”

“Hehe, this car key is fake, how can Lamborghini have such a key?”

Jiang Ziqiao was shocked at first.

But when I saw it, I laughed.

This car key is naturally different from the others, because it is like a controller, marked with a Lamborghini appearance.

To be honest, not many people have seen this car controller.

It is not to blame Jiang Ziqiao and Nimra’s expressions.

“Hahaha, Sheldon, I didn’t think that you, the sand sculpture, is a face-saving toy. I actually bought a toy of this kind. Please, you want to bluff people. Can you use a real one?”

“I really don’t want to talk about him, brother, let’s go, sit on your Maserati and go to the Heaven Brick Residencia to play, Sister Yueyue, let’s go!”

“Huh! Sheldon, from today onwards, in our department, the person who makes me the most disgusting Nimra is you! Hurry up and disappear for me!”

With a bang.

After speaking, Nimra directly threw Lamborghini’s car controller in front of Sheldon.

Carla didn’t dare to violate Sheldon’s meaning, so he half pushed and left.

“Old Zheng, why don’t you go down to see Zi Qiao’s new car?”

Father Jiang suggested.

“Okay, one piece! Oh, get out of me!”

When Carla’s mother walked to Sheldon’s side, she gave him a big push.


Sheldon sighed, picked up the car key, and followed them out.

That being the case, he doesn’t need to leave much room…

When coming out.

Nimra and the others hadn’t driven yet, instead they gathered around the Pintou Road beside Lamborghini Reventon.

“I’m going, it’s this one, brother, do you know, I told you, that’s it, it’s a great god from our school, my god, he must be there, he must be eating in this restaurant!”

When Nimra saw this car, she jumped and jumped excitedly.

Nimra has always wanted to know Roston’s rich and powerful.

“Zi Qiao, do you know what kind of car this is?”

At this time, both Jiang Ziqiao’s father and Carla’s parents came.

All were surprised.

Why didn’t I pay attention to this car when I came here just now!

But at first glance, this car is a luxury car.

“Lamborghini, I don’t know exactly what it is, but it should be specially expensive, more expensive than Lamborghini poison! Both luxurious!”

“Oh my God!”

Both the Zheng family and the Jiang family took a deep breath.

“This is Reventon, the car of a big tyrant in our school!”

Nimra hurriedly added.

While she was talking, Sheldon lightly walked over in front of them.

“Sheldon, what are you doing?”

“This poor dick hasn’t left yet?”

Jiang Ziqiao sneered.

“Yeah, what are you doing in the garage?”

Carla’s mother also said.

“I’m forced to drive, everyone, see you next time!”

Sheldon smiled faintly, pressed the car key in his hand, biubiu! ! !

With two beeps, the car lights flickered, and a Dapeng spread its wings directly.

Become a roadster.

Sheldon directly sat in.

“what? What?”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Especially Nimra screamed at this moment.

Sheldon Sheldon Sheldon! He he is the owner of this car? It turns out that the car key is real! This car belongs to Sheldon?

The god in the department is Sheldon, and even that awesome ordinary brother is Sheldon!

“Ah! Sheldon, what is going on? Is this car yours? Is it really yours?”

Nimra didn’t feel slapped in her face, but a blockbuster blasted directly in her heart.

The whole body shook violently, at a loss!

It’s even more incredible.

He is the poor man in his own eyes! what’s the problem?

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