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Chapter 115 The New Pattern of Roston Commercial Group

Carla’s parents were also shocked.

Just now, he was swearing poorly one by one, and asked him to stay away from his daughter. No wonder people say that you are poor in his eyes.

Isn’t it?


Sheldon honked the horn, the car started, and slowly got out of the garage.

When passing by Nimra, Sheldon didn’t look at her again, although Nimra especially hoped that Sheldon could look at her at this moment, even if she scolded her, slapped her in the face.

But no, I just ignored it.

As for Sheldon, it was enough to help Carla.

He kicked the accelerator and drove out of the garage.

This kind of silent face slap is much better than that kind of show off.

Sheldon didn’t bother to look at their expressions.

“What kind of young man is he?”

Jiang Ziqiao swallowed his saliva with a grunt.

Nimra has fallen completely, is powerless, and has a blank brain. She can’t answer this question at all.

To be honest, she had an impulse just now, that is, she was shameless, so she rushed to apologize to Sheldon and asked him to forgive him. After all, he is rich. You may not know how handsome Sheldon was when he got in the car just now!

There was even an impulse to take pictures of Sheldon’s car directly, so that everyone in the school would know.

It’s like showing off.

But Nimra also calmed down.

Are you stupid Nimra? If the whole school knows the identity of Sheldon, is there still your share?

Also, everyone knows that Sheldon is so awesome, and Nimra is the first to slap her face.

So Vivi, you have to come on! How many love stories start with the conflict between the hero and the hero?

In the dark, voices kept reminding Nimra.

In order to know the identity of Sheldon, the others looked at Carla together.

Carla just shook his head and said, “Don’t ask me, I don’t know anything! I really don’t know anything!”

Let’s talk about Sheldon.

It’s already a bit late now.

After seven o’clock, after sending a message to Su Qiangwei, she was sure that Xiaoying was fine and had rested.

Sheldon was about to go back to the dorm to sleep.

At this time the phone rang again.

Chapman was looking for.

What are you looking for at this point?

“Sheldon, where are you? It would be presumptuous to call you at this time!”

“Oh, I’m going to drive back to school, what’s up with Jinguo?”

“Ahem, it’s like this. Didn’t I surrender the position of executive director of Roston Commercial Group? Now Mr. Sheldon has sent a new executive director. He is a good friend of mine, named Zhao Zixing. , I caught a plane overnight to take office.”

“I know, sister told me before!”

“So what he meant is that he wants to visit you and let me contact you!”

When Sheldonard it, this man was quite good at getting into the camp.

The first thing I did when I got off the plane was to see myself.

Sure enough, none of my sisters are general.

“Visit me? Where do you go to visit? Let’s do it, you arrange it, I will go back to the villa tonight! See you in the villa!”

“Good Sheldon!”

After hanging up the phone, Sheldon adjusted the front of the car and went straight to the villa.

This is called Zhao Zixing, and I don’t know it, but since they want to visit you, they are holding a shelf and so on. My sister Alicianeng can do it. Sheldon is really embarrassed.

It’s okay to meet and have a meal.

Soon, the villa arrived. The villa is now engaged in activities to welcome Zhao Zixing, the new executive director.

Inside the villa, although it was late, the lights were bright.

A lot of the rich second-generation rich and young are interspersed.

Sheldon arrived at the door, just look at it.

Just drove around to the back and entered through the exclusive passage.

Arrived in his conference room.

At this time, Chapman and a middle-aged man were already standing respectfully at the door.

Just two of them.

It must be Zhao Zixing.

On the contrary, he had a steady and mature look, but just look at the look in his eyes. It gave Sheldon the feeling that he should be the kind of person who is more powerful.

“Sheldon!” Chapman shouted respectfully.

“Zhao Zixing, I have met Sheldon!”

Zhao Zixing bowed respectfully.

“Mr. Zhao, hello! You are welcome, let’s go in and talk!”

Sheldon smiled.

After the simple greeting, Zhao Zixing started to introduce himself and talk about some future development plans for Roston Commercial Group.

Quite creative, and of course domineering enough, almost overthrowing the previous Zhao Zhenguo’s model.

At work, it doesn’t seem to give my friend Zhao Zhenguo any face.

“By the way, Sheldon, I heard Zhenguo say that you recently bought a new Genting Villa? Haven’t you been renovated yet?”

Sheldon nodded.

“Ahem, Sheldon, before I debuted, I was a professional interior designer. I studied abroad in Europe and majored in it. Look, can you give me the decoration of Genting Villa? I promise Sheldon to please you!”

Zhao Zixing smiled respectfully.


At this moment, Chapman couldn’t bear it anymore, and the teacup made a little noise.

“Mr. Zhao, you are unfamiliar with the situation when you first came here, so I’ll talk about it for a while. Besides, I have already started the renovation of Sheldon’s house. I expect to finish it in ten days. Don’t worry about it!”

Damn, bringing you to know Sheldon is just to save you face. It’s too much to grab your job first, right?

“Mr. Chapman, ten days? If I were to renovate the villa to the top within five days, without delaying Sheldon’s stay!”

Zhao Zixing retorted.

“Within five days? Mr. Zhao, this is unlikely, right?”

Sheldon smiled.

“I dare to make a military order. If Sheldon can’t live in five days, I will immediately apply to the headquarters for resignation!”

Zhao Zixing stood up directly with a serious look.

This made Sheldon feel embarrassed.

Anyway, it’s all decoration, and it’s the same for everyone.

In addition, Chapman was so shocked that he didn’t dare to refute it. He didn’t dare to make such a military order.

Besides, why are you jealous? If you kiss Zhao Zixing, can you have a kiss with Sheldon?

This matter was left to Zhao Zixing.

After the talk, Zhao Zixing would go out to entertain some guests. Sheldon would not go, and would rest in the bedroom of the villa.

“Okay, Mr. Zhao, I still do things in my old style. I dare to fight and fight. I admire you for this. But I have to remind you that in Roston, you must be careful when dealing with Sheldon. You know, now Sheldon His identity has not been announced, let me remind you!”

“I know this. Except for me, almost all the people I brought don’t know the identity of Sheldon, even my wife. I know, because Sheldon’s identity was exposed, the incident that caused Mr. Chapman to be almost killed Being expelled from the headquarters, I won’t make such a mistake, ha ha!”

Zhao Zixing smiled faintly.

Chapman just took a breath. This was indeed the most painful thing in his heart. A momentary negligence made Sheldon almost harmed by that Harold. I’m scared thinking about it.

Sheldon didn’t fall asleep after resting. He was thinking about something, and his sister called again.

“fu*k me, there are only two days left. What are you doing? Have you finished the things I told you? Why are there still two billion dollars left? Are you trying to kill me?”

Sheldon’s whole body was shocked by her sister’s roar.

It suddenly occurred to me that I had spent 800 million to buy a house, and there were still 200 million not spent…

“How can this be done? How to spend it? I’m so anxious!”

This night, Sheldon had insomnia! It wasn’t until early morning that I had a new idea…

Chapter 116 Sheldon is ashamed

Thinking of how to spend these two billion?

Sheldon really came up with an idea.

This was discovered by chance while chatting with Su Qiangwei some time ago.

That is that Su Qiangwei once posted a photo in her circle of friends, which is almost the only item of her circle of friends.

The background is in front of a big mountain.

The whole mountain, the jungle is dense, and the green mountains and green waters are particularly beautiful.

At that time, Sheldon also joked that this is the beauty of Qingshan.

In short, some impressions.

At the same time, Su Qiangwei also told Sheldon the story of that place. Su Qiangwei grew up in an orphanage and was later adopted. Her adoptive parents lived in a village down the mountain.

Only later did her adoptive parents have a car accident and left, so she left there and went out.

Sheldon sat up and patted his thigh.

Anyway, I have to invest sooner or later, just because the mountain has not yet been developed, I don’t know what happens when I build a new cultural resort on the hillside?

Immediately called Su Qiangwei.

Su Qiangwei was surprised at first, but then she said for sure that the scenery there was beautiful, especially beautiful, especially on the top of the mountain.

Sheldon said that he was particularly moved.

Let Su Qiangwei find a time tomorrow, and then the two of them will go to the field together.

This was not over yet, Sheldon immediately called Chapman again and asked him to prepare information about this mountain overnight, as well as investment intentions and so on.

It can be said that since Sheldon knew that he was a rich second generation, apart from the last time he invested in the same city live broadcast on a whim, he really wanted to develop it himself.

Both Sheldon and Chapman took it seriously.

After the agreement was made, Sheldon still had a feeling of enthusiasm, but could not sleep anymore.

Just so bored, it’s better to take a bath in a hot spring.

Jumped up from the bed and went.

Now Zhao Zixing and their activities have finished.

The villa is much quieter.

The hot spring is also more quiet.

Sheldon could swim before, but now he couldn’t wait to change into a swimsuit and plunged into it.

It was almost the moment Sheldon went down.

Right in the center of the hot spring pool, a long-haired beauty wearing a s*xy bikini stood up from the water and raised her hair. The long hair traversed a beautiful arc and flung it behind her.

From the doorway, a few people trot over.

A woman came with three or four bodyguards.

“You are really big-hearted. The company paid you money to protect Ms. Qian’er Shen personally. In the end, it turned out that you were better off and let Ms. Qian’er take a hot spring here alone!”

“Damn you guys, I don’t know those paparazzi, are you trying to sneak a picture of Miss Qian’er and create a scandal!”

“Yes, yes, Sister Hong, we were wrong, but this is a Heaven Brick Residencia, how can the paparazzi dare to be so bold?”

“Fart! In short, let’s do our best. Miss Qian’er still has an important film and television contract. If something goes wrong, you can’t afford to kill it!”

Sister Hong cursed and came over.

At this moment, Shen Qianer also finished washing.

After participating in today’s performance in Roston, I was really bored alone in the room, and I had to maintain this image and that image.

I had long heard that the Heaven Brick Residencia was famous, so Shen Qianer refused the request of some big bosses to take him to the room for a good conversation, and came here to soak in the hot springs.

“Sister Hong, I let them out! I came here to soak in the hot springs. After all, you guys. Nothing else. Just go to the rockery outside the hot springs and wait. I’m going to get dressed!”

Shen Qianer said something coldly.

Several bodyguards looked at the s*xy Shen Qianer, and they couldn’t help but swallow.

Finally went out honestly.

The agent immediately greeted him with a white bathrobe.

“Oh, I really don’t know what the company thinks. It’s really awkward to be followed by these stinky men every day!”

“Haha, what? I think you have to let Roston Sheldon follow you, so you are not awkward, are you?” Sister Hong smiled.

“Oh, I feel sad when I say Sheldon. I came here today, I thought I could see Sheldon, hum, it turned out to be a day in vain, and Sheldon didn’t come at all!”

“Is this the reason you came here in the hot springs wearing a three-point bikini? You are not afraid of being photographed by others, you are wearing too bold! You are all first-line stars, can you be careful!”

Sister Hong smiled helplessly.

“Cut, the security work at Heaven Brick Residencias is well-known. Now I don’t just want to wear a bikini, I also want to swim!”

With that said, Shen Qianer naughty stretched her hand on the bikini strap and was about to untie it.

“Puff! I can’t hold it anymore!”

But at this moment, a sound suddenly burst into the water.

It was Sheldon who stood up from the water and panted for breath.


At the same time, the two women screamed at the same time.

Shocked to the side.

In fact, when Sheldon plunged into the hole just now, he saw the shadow of Qian’er sinking under the water.

Because Shen Qianer’s swimsuit is too small.

It reminds Sheldon of a sentence Guo Zi once said:

In the old swimsuit, you can only see the ass when you open the swimsuit, but now you can see the swimsuit when you open the ass.

Sheldon thought this woman was not wearing.

Frightened in the water.

It just showed half of his head, listening and watching in the water.

Only then discovered that this woman is a female celebrity, Shen Qianer, who is very popular recently!

Want to come is invited to perform at the villa today.

Originally, Sheldon was held in the water, just as when the female star left by herself.

But she didn’t expect that Shen Qianer, who is usually a dignified lady, would have such a scene, and she wanted Guo Yong.

They are almost taking off.

Afraid of causing misunderstandings, Sheldon jumped straight up.

“I’m going! When were you, you, and you were here!?”

Han Qianer covered her underneath. She had already untied half of the swimsuit bag just now, and it was almost falling off, so she covered herself in embarrassment.

And anxiously roared.

“Oh my god, let me just say Qian’er, tell you to be more careful, this must be a sneak shot by a dick, you have been seen by him!”

Sister Hong was also anxious.

Hurry up and cover Shen Qianer’s body with a bathrobe.

“Hurry up for me!”

As soon as Shen Qianer’s boss got angry, she pointed directly at Sheldon and cursed. He felt a big rock.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’ll go up, I’ll go up now!”

Sheldon has watched Shen Qianer’s TV series before. How can the reality be different from those shown on TV?

Besides, this is a coincidence. I had known that Shen Qianer was taking a bath here, and she wouldn’t jump down if she said anything.

“Miss Qian’er, I am your fan…Woo!”

Sheldon hurriedly explained, but before finishing speaking, he felt a stream of heat coming out of his nose, sweet.


“I’m going, you said you didn’t peek?”

Sister Hong jumped anxiously.

“Ah! Sister Hong, look at him!”

Shen Qianer noticed some details again.

One refers to Sheldon.

When I took a look, I saw Sheldon’s bulging.

Both women blushed.

“Damn, I grew up, I saw this kind of dick for the first time, ah, ah, I’m going crazy! Bodyguard! Bodyguard!”

Shen Qianer jumped anxiously.

Sheldon was also helpless.

fu*k, I was ashamed of my grandmother’s house today!

He didn’t want to, but everyone couldn’t think of how beautiful this Shen Qianer was and how great his figure was, especially since her bikini was about to fall just now, that kind of looming feeling.

A normal person can’t stand it.

At this moment, three or four bodyguards rushed in…

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