The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1292

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Chapter 1292

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Beisha and use the Nine Tribulations Ring to subdue the black and white elders, followed by Zhu Shengsan.

The rest of the comprehension world bosses, although they are also very longing for the fairy weapon on Sheldon.

But how can you make Zhu Shengsan and the black and white elders match?

What are you trying to do, isn’t this courting death?

Therefore, everyone resentfully suppressed their desires.

“Sheldon, you are ruthless!”

Zhu Shengsan got up from the ground with difficulty, he no longer dared to have any urge to do something to Sheldon, but secretly said:

“Tell me, what do you want us to do for you? It’s all in your hands, and only you know the secret of the general’s tomb. I’m afraid we won’t be of any use to you, right?”

“It’s of course useful to keep you guys, and it’s of great use. Next, let’s go Beisha is looking for someone, the three of you are powerful, you are really a rare helper!”

“By the way, you better be obedient, don’t think about anything, kill me, the spell of the Nine Tribulation Ring, no one will be there! You know, even if you wear it on your head, it will have no effect, and you don’t need to be restrained by me everywhere!”

Sheldon glanced at Elder Bai and sneered.

Seeing Elder Bai with a guilty conscience.

What Sheldon said was exactly what he thought.

“Because as soon as I die, this fairy weapon will instantly shatter your primordial spirit! So, not only can I not move, but you have to protect my safety!”

Sheldon said with a smile.


All three glared at him, Sheldon was really vicious.


Zhu Shengsan clenched his fists tightly.

“Who are you going to find in Beisha?”

Elder Hei asked.

“Look for a mother and daughter!”

Sheldon already has Yin Blood Beads on his hand, and relying on it, he won’t have to worry about finding Wu Fengyi!

At that time, Wu Fengyi helped him and then found the place of the ancient Wu clan’s relevant formation, then Swans’s old lair would be exposed to him.

Swans’s current cultivation base, Sheldon, doesn’t know.

But according to what Uncle Qin said, he has already carried out magic cultivation, and I am afraid that he is not a rival now.

This is also the reason why Sheldon threatened Zhu Shengsan and the black and white elders.

They are there, no matter what happens.

You can reduce your passive as much as possible.

Afterwards, Sheldon bid farewell to Qin Yanran and others.

Qin Yanran has experienced so much, and she is very respectful to Sheldon, especially, Sheldon is one of the few young talents she has seen since childhood.

So feel good.

“Sheldon, will we meet again?”

Qin Yanran asked.

“Of course, if my friend Qin Ya is really at your place, I’ll definitely go there, not to mention, your two personal bodyguards, I still have to borrow and use them, and when I’m done, I’ll use them. I’ll give it back to you in person!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

“Okay, although I don’t know anything important to you, and I won’t ask, but I wish you success right away!”

Qin Yanran nodded heavily.


After Sheldon said goodbye, he took the three back to the villa.

He first helped Hei Feng and Mo Longteng to heal, and then explained to them why these three people followed behind him.

At the same time, Sheldon called Liu Xu, and he didn’t intend to take him on the road. After all, the road is very dangerous. If he really encountered Swans’s people, it would not be enough to save him.

But when Liu Xu heard that the Yinxuezhu had been found, he would follow no matter what.

Sheldon saw that he was sincere, so he didn’t refuse.

After a few days of recuperation, Heifeng and Mo Longteng’s injuries were almost healed, and the group set off for the land of Beisha…

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