The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1293

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Chapter 1293

Sheldon’s purpose of this trip is very simple.

The first one is to find Ms. Wu Fengyi. As a descendant of the ancient Wu clan, only she can help herself and find Swans’s lair.

Now, he has Yinxuezhu, which is also the greatest resource for finding Ms. Wu Fengyi.

second purpose.

That is to follow the guidance of the true immortal and obtain inheritance.

Only in this way can we fight against Swans and Sun Moon Immortal Sect.

I have to say that Sheldon’s cultivation is the strongest now, although looking at the cultivation world.

However, when faced with the enchanted Swans and the Sun and Moon Immortal Sect inherited from the Immortal Gate, I am afraid that in front of others, they are just an ant that can be destroyed with a snap of a finger.

Therefore, do not be fully prepared.

Even with the assistance of Zhu Shengsan and others, Sheldon did not dare to act rashly.


Sheldon and his party came to Beisha, which is north of China.

Yin and Yang blood beads have natural induction.

Yin and Yang attract each other.

This naturally provided Sheldon and the others with a clear direction.

In particular, this feeling was the strongest when everyone arrived at a sandy area on the north side of the Xing’an Mountains.

“If nothing else, Wu Fengyi and the others should be around here!”

Sheldon and the others came to a pub and said while drinking.

“Hmph, I think this is too simple. Using the sound transmission technique, let me shout within a few thousand miles, and let her come out and meet us!”

Zhu Shengsan said.

“Hmph, Zhu Shengsan, thank you for being able to figure it out. After you shouted like this, how could anyone survive in a radius of a thousand miles? Are you planning to massacre the city?”

Elder Hei sneered.

“There are hundreds of thousands of people living around here, so what should we do? Let us ask them one by one?”

Zhu Shengsan said angrily.

“Sound transmission is definitely not good, and we don’t know Wu Fengyi’s cultivation base. If you shout like this, it will be troublesome if you directly hurt people!”

Sheldon shook his head and looked at Liu Xu:

“Mr. Liu , Do you have any other meeting passwords? We have been here for a few days, and it stands to reason that Ms. Wu Fengyi should have sensed that you are here, why didn’t you show up?”

Sheldon also really Don’t worry, don’t worry, this is your last chance.

“Sheldon, I’m thinking about this too, Xiaoyi should have arrived a long time ago!” Liu Xu shook his head, and even he had no thoughts.

And just when Sheldon and the others sat aside to discuss the matter.

A group of people in robes walked in.

“It’s really bad luck. After being surrounded for so long, I can’t even break into the valley!”

“Who said it wasn’t, that Yao Gu has a lot of rare herbs in her hands. , her formation is really powerful!”

“Hmph, let’s just continue to spend like this, we have been sleepy for half a year, and it will not be a problem for another ten or eight years. At that time, even if you are hungry, you will be able to Starve them to death.”

Several robed men whispered.

We are now in the great north, and the weather is cold and freezing, with three feet of snow.

It seems that this tavern is about to be buried.

Sheldon and the others looked at these rough-looking people in long robes.

Could not help but startled slightly.

Not only because of their words attracted Sheldon, but because of their aura, even Zhu Shengsan and Elder Black and White looked at each other.

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