The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1294

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Chapter 1294

Sheldon was very surprised by these people.

Because from them, Sheldon felt a magic breath.

Obviously, these people are all magic cultivators.

The aura on their bodies is very different from Sheldon’s Taoist cultivator and Zhu Shengsan’s demon cultivator.

Sheldon had seen relevant records from the books given by Uncle Zhou before.

However, this is the first time I have met a magician.

“They said they were besieging a person named Yao Gu. Could it be the same person we’re looking for?”

Zhu Shengsan frowned.

He frowned almost every day.

Think about it, being pushed hard by a little guy like Sheldon, it’s no wonder he’s not depressed.

Now I expect Sheldon to quickly find the person he is looking for, otherwise, he will be held down for the rest of his life.

“I feel the same way, Sheldon, Fengyi, she is proficient in pharmacology, and she is proficient in Qimen Dunjia and all kinds of formations!”

Liu Xu said.

Sheldonard this.

“Cough, why is it so troublesome? If you want me to see, just grab these four people and ask, everything is clear!”

Elder Bai, the elder black and white, snorted coldly.


Sheldon touched his chin, then nodded.

Although these people are magic cultivators, the pressure on people from their cultivation is extremely ordinary.

After the four of them finished drinking, they walked out carelessly.

It was icy and snowy outside, but the four of them stepped on the snow without a trace, leaving no trace.

“Senior brother, I suddenly came up with a plan just now. Since we can’t besiege into the valley, why don’t we attract the devil’s fire and burn the valley?”

An old man suggested.

“It’s not that I haven’t thought about this method, but if I set fire to it, what if I catch Yao Gu? Burn all the rare and precious medicinal materials in the valley!”

“This is not our original intention, but this method also It’s not that it can’t be used, but it’s also feasible to control the magic fire and force her out first!” The

old man nodded and said.

These four people are called Tianzhen Legal Person, Dizhen Legal Person, Xuanzhen Legal Person, and Huang Zhen Legal Person.

as they wandered.

Suddenly someone appeared in front of them.

Blocked the way of the four.


“Isn’t this the few people who were in the tavern just now?” The

innocent legal person stared at him.

In fact, in the tavern, he saw Sheldon and his party.

However, the innocent legal person did not smell any dangerous breath from these people at that time.

But now, a surging force is pressing towards them.

They were stunned to discover that the person in front of them had such a powerful cultivation.

“Four juniors, this old man has something to ask you…”

Zhu Shengsan blocked his way and said coldly.

“Junior? It’s so outrageous!” The

four legal persons had never been humiliated like this before.

“I said Zhu Shengsan, why have you become so polite? What nonsense are you talking to them? Don’t do it directly!”

Boom boom boom!

At this moment, the black and white long-lasting light flickered in a streamer.

Suspended in the air.

The voice just fell, and it was a brazen shot.

“Hmph, I am the most powerful person in the world, and I am embarrassing the four juniors? I really lose my identity.”

“The current world powerhouse, Sheldon is still waiting, do it!” The

three of them came together.

The powerful coercion directly enveloped the four of them.

“What?” The

four of them hurriedly responded while horrified.

Huang Zhen’s legal person even saw that the situation was wrong, and immediately used his body technique to escape with blood.

“Big brother, second brother, third brother, I will find someone to rescue you immediately!”

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