The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1298

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Chapter 1298

Seven Tribulations Immortal Execution Formation

“This formation looks very familiar!”

Zhu Shengsan said coldly.

“This seems to be the Seven Tribulations Execution Array of the Ancient Black Dragon Gate!”

Sheldon said.

“No wonder I feel so familiar. Isn’t this formation destroyed long ago? How did you know?”

Zhu Shengsan asked in surprise.

Seven Tribulations Executing Immortals Formation, this is a legendary formation, and it has long since been lost with the end of the ancient times.

The power of this set of formations is quite astonishing. You can tell from the name that it was specially used to deal with the people of the immortal world at that time. Later, the ancient Black Dragon Gate was destroyed by the immortals of the immortal world at that time.

All the mysterious formations he researched were also destroyed.

Immortal world, even reservations are not reserved.

The reason is to fear that in the future, these formations created by the demon world will be lost and obtained by people with ulterior motives.

“It was recorded in a document I read, but that document only described the general characteristics of this array, and it didn’t even mention some methods of cracking it!”

Sheldon said.

“How can I do this? I don’t know how to crack it. I’m afraid that with the strength of the two of us, we can’t touch it at all, right?”

“Well, even if you have the strength, you can’t touch this formation.”

Sheldon looked serious.

He never expected that someone would use this ancient family formation.

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect that you guys are really knowledgeable,Sheldon, this time, you brought it to the door yourself!”

At this moment, above the python-like black mist of the formation, a line suddenly appeared. Huge figure.

It seems to be all over the place.

The sound is loud and deafening, and it can cover the whole area.

“You know me?”

Sheldon was even more surprised.

“Of course I know, and even I already know, what are you here for! However, even if you break out of the headless general’s tomb, here, I will let you be captured!”

The huge black shadow began to slow down. Slowly, he took a step towardsSheldon and the others.


With every step, the earth seemed to tremble at this moment.

Although everyone was trapped in the formation that covered the sky and the sun, this powerful sense of oppression still swept in.

“Sect Master, save me, save us!”

At this moment, the innocent Daoist shouted frantically as if he had grabbed the life-saving straw.

“Waste, I have cultivated you for so many years, even a few of Chen Singer’s subordinates are no match, what do I want you for?!”



A black giant slashed through.

Sheldon and Zhu Shengsan were both startled.

“What a strong demonic energy, dodge quickly!” Zhu Shengsan roared.

Immediately, the two of them flashed, and the black and white elders, with Liu Xu, also scattered.


The black mans fell.

I heard the three innocent Taoists, and there was a burst of mourning.

Then it was directly split into pieces.

“You are the sect master of Tianmomen?”

Sheldon frowned.

“Hehe, what is a sect master,Sheldon, do you want to capture it with your hands, or do you want to break the Seven Tribulations Killing Immortal Array? You are very familiar with the battle method!” The

sect master of Tianmomen sneered.

Who is he?

Sheldon was extremely surprised.

However,Sheldon and the others were no longer allowed to hesitate. The next second, a giant python-like mist had already swept towards them.

Sheldon sacrificed all the magic tools on his body and went to resist.

The magic weapons were thrown out one after another.


As soon as they fell, several people had to exert their full strength, forming a huge semi-circular mask.

However, useless at all.

The mask shattered in an instant.

Sheldon and the others tried their best, but they were still unable to resist, and they were blown away one after another…

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