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Chapter 221

“Xueqing, you are here too!”

Wang Rui and the others also greeted Jiang Xueqing with a smile.

“Sheldon, how long have you waited?”

Jiang Xueqing looked at Sheldon and smiled at this time.

“Not long!” Sheldon said.

Jiang Xueqing dressed pretty today, and she is indeed the kind of girl who makes people look at her.

But Sheldon just took a look, and there was no extra thought in his mind.

“By the way, Xueqing, in the gathering group yesterday, they were all discussing that you found a good job. How did you get into that Dreamer Investment Group? I heard that the registered capital alone is 10 billion!”

Wang Rui said with envy at this time.

Originally, she had been dating a tycoon who had a shop at home, and she had entered a standard well-off life.

The good days are gone.

Therefore, Wang Rui is quite superior in front of a group of students.

But compared with Jiang Xueqing, it was a little shameful.

The Dreamer Investment Group, who didn’t know that it was funded by Roston Sheldon, was a huge blade for the future development of Ping An County. If anyone joins this group, they will not be exchanged for one or two million in that year.

So after the news broke out in the group, the group burned.

Everyone knows that it won’t take long before Ping An County will undergo tremendous changes.

“I have just joined the company now. I don’t know how my future will develop in the company. To be honest, I don’t have confidence! And my location is not the headquarters of Dreamer Investment, but just a small company under Dreamer Investment Holdings. The company is just, not as mysterious as they say!”

Jiang Xueqing smiled bitterly.

“That’s great, Xueqing, don’t be humble!”

Wang Rui said with a bit of jealousy.

As for Sheldon, he was a little surprised by the side.

It turned out that Jiang Xueqing joined a company under the Dreamer Investment Group.

And who owns this dreamer group?

It must be Sheldon’s!

It’s no wonder that when I finished cutting the ribbon yesterday and was going to ride a bicycle, I ran into Jiang Xueqing and the others in the large square outside the venue.

Many celebrities came to the celebration yesterday and naturally there were many people.

And Jiang Xueqing, as a member of the Dreamer’s company, is no problem with bringing a few people in.

Sheldon couldn’t help thinking, what a Qiaoao!

“Just right, let’s go together later!”

Jiang Xueqing was talking about going to a party together.

Wang Rui said, “No, Xueqing, will you take our car later? Someone will pick us up!”

Jiang Xueqing was about to say something.

Her mobile phone rang suddenly.

After connecting, he walked to the side with a little shy face and hung up the phone with two beeps.

“Your boyfriend?”

Sheldon looked at Jiang Xueqing’s shy blush, couldn’t help but smiled and asked.

“What are you talking about, I don’t have a boyfriend yet, just one of my friends!”

Jiang Xueqing smiled awkwardly.

And Sheldon also took out the car keys, ready to drive to pick up Jiang Xueqing and leave.

at this time.

A brand new white Audi A4L suddenly rushed from the road like a tiger going downhill.

Another hard brake stopped directly at the entrance of the station.

The window rolled down and a boy wearing sunglasses showed his face.

“Go, Xueqing, the classmates will be there later, let’s go there first!”

The boy said to Jiang Xueqing.

And this car naturally attracted the attention of many people waiting at the bus station.

Alas, sure enough, all the beauties are rich and young to pick them up!

Some boys feel humble in their hearts.

“Li Wenyang, Chad, it’s you, did you just buy the car?”

Wang Rui recognized the boy and said with some surprises now.

When Li Wenyang saw that Wang Rui was with the tycoon, he was a little surprised at the moment.

Just got out of the car.

Leaning on the car with one hand in his pocket and smiled: “It’s half a month’s time ago, so I only practice smoothly now!”

Li Wenyang is naturally in Sheldon’s class.

In the original class, there were only two boys who were rich and powerful.

One is Li Chao, who has a relationship with the Health Bureau, and the other rich, Li Wenyang.

Li Wenyang played with Li Chao, making trouble in the class.

But people have the capital. After graduation, everyone is quite open.

What only surprised Sheldon was that Li Wenyang had a very poor relationship with Jiang Xueqing at that time, and had quarreled several times, but now it seems that the relationship is good.

They chatted for a while. At this time, Wang Rui pointed to Sheldon and said, “Chad, Sheldon is here too, you don’t think you talk to other people!”

Li Wenyang looked at Sheldon who was standing aside.

“Yeah! fu*k, if you don’t remind Rui Rui, I really didn’t recognize it. Sheldon is here too!”

Li Wenyang smiled faintly.

“Huh, really, did you forget Chad, when we were in high school, when you asked Sheldon to copy your homework, Sheldon didn’t copy it for you, so you took the stool and smashed Sheldon from the podium. When I got to the back of the classroom, I fought so hard at the time, and it scared everyone to death!”

Wang Rui said with a smile.

These words are unintentional.

But it made Sheldon extremely embarrassed.

Of course Sheldon remembered this incident clearly. Even then, Li Wenyang was the shadow of Sheldon’s heart. He always mocked himself in public and beat him from time to time.

When Sheldonard his name, he was scared in his heart.

That is to say, Jiang Xueqing and Arlene quarreled with Li Wenyang in order to help themselves. The quarrel was quite intense.

Especially Jiang Xueqing smashed Li Wenyang with a textbook in order to stand up for herself.

It was quite unpleasant anyway.

Sheldon just gave a wry smile.

And Li Wenyang also changed the subject and said, “Okay, don’t wait anymore, let’s go. When I called Xueqing just now, I thought it was her. It just so happened that you were all waiting for the bus and took my car. go with!”

The phone call just now was made by Li Wenyang to Jiang Xueqing.

And Jiang Xueqing may also be afraid that she would think more, so she secretly.

Sheldon thought.

Haha, it was really unnecessary, and Sheldon didn’t think it was anything.

It’s just that it was good to go with Jiang Xueqing. As a result, Jiang Xueqing not only made an appointment with herself, but also with Li Wenyang, which made Sheldon feel a little bit uneasy.

“Okay, then Sheldon, let’s take Wenyang’s car together, so you don’t have to take the bus!”

Jiang Xueqing blushed at this moment and looked at Sheldon.

But the tycoon and Wang Rui naturally agreed with one hundred, sitting in Audi, you have face! It’s great to get into relationship with Yang Shao.

“I’m afraid it won’t work, I have to pick up one of our classmates later, and add him, it will be overloaded!”

Li Wenyang sat in the car at this time, while Jiang Xueqing sat in the co-pilot herself.

Li Wenyang said bitterly at this time.

It made Jiang Xueqing even more embarrassed: “Ah? What should I do then?”

“I don’t think so, Sheldon, you take a taxi. Anyway, the taxi fare is only ten dollar!” Li Wenyang said apologetically.

“What kind of car, isn’t there a small yellow car on the side of the road, Sheldon, you can scan the code and ride!” Wang Rui said.

“Hahaha, shit, this is too violent!” Li Wenyang laughed.

Then he said: “Then Sheldon, see you at the hotel later!”

After speaking, Li Wenyang drove away.

And Jiang Xueqing wanted to say something to Sheldon, but she didn’t say what she said, just raised the window glass!

Oh, what can I say…

After they left, many people at the bus stop looked at Sheldon pitifully, and some were still laughing.

What happened just now couldn’t be more obvious, this kid is obviously a guy looked down upon. Oh, what a pity!

Sheldon turned a deaf ear and smiled helplessly.

Then he walked to the parking lot next to him, drove his big G, and came out…

Chapter 222

Li Wenyang’s Domineering
When Sheldon stopped in the parking lot and arrived in the box, most of his classmates had already arrived.

There were about 20 people present today, including men and women.

The table booked is also very big.

Most of the classmates simply greeted Sheldon, and then they talked about each other.

After all, in their eyes, Sheldon was just a poor man, and was naturally ignored and despised by everyone.

It only surprised Sheldon.

For this class reunion, Rosemarie and Arlene did not come.

“Hey, Brother Wenyang, why didn’t Rosemarie and Arlene come? Didn’t they say it?”

Some people were as puzzled as Sheldon and asked.

Li Wenyang smiled: “The two of them can’t come anymore, hehe, now they are not what they used to be. They have climbed to the top, and they are the most capable of our classmates. Alas, this is probably not a small occasion. participated!”

“Ah? Damn, right? Tell me about Chad, what’s wrong?”

Some people are curious.

Jiang Xueqing naturally sat beside Li Wenyang at this time, and asked in confusion at this time.

“Now Arlene has found a particularly awesome boyfriend in Roston. Do you know the Yunmeng Mountain Tourist, Entertainment and Restaurant City mentioned on the Internet?”

Li Wenyang lit a cigarette and said.

“Of course I know, damn, Yunmeng Mountain will be turned into a tourist catering cultural city in the future, who doesn’t know!”

“Hehe, Arlene’s boyfriend is from Yunmengshan Village. Now he has been demolished and several houses have been demolished. Moreover, his family has bought shops on the Business District of Yunmengshan Cultural Tourism City, and will earn almost money in the future. Can’t calculate it!”

“Gosh, it’s so amazing!”

When everyone heard Li Wenyang’s words, they were all shocked.

“His boyfriend’s name is Ding Hao, and he is very famous in Roston now. Last month, when I went to Roston to play, I called Arlene directly. I met his boyfriend. I had a meal together and both had Instagram. !”

Li Wenyang said proudly.

“I’m going, Chad is awesome!”

“I used to be at school. Chad and Brother Li Chao were very good in our class. Look, Brother Chao, Chad is so awesome, you have to hurry!”

Some girls casually teased Li Chao who was sitting aside.

Make Li Chao quite jealous.

Indeed, he was worse than Li Wenyang.

Especially now, Li Wenyang knows so many people in Roston, he is also the relationship of the Health Bureau.

Make Li Chao feel like sitting on pins and needles.

I feel a bit of face lost.

“Don’t say that, Li Chao is amazing. If your family members do related work in the hospital, you can find Superzi. Haha, come to Superzi, you will be the guest of honor!”

Li Wenyang was sitting in the lead escort position, and Jiang Xueqing was the deputy guest of honor on his left. This position of the guest of honor would naturally be given to Li Chao.

“No, Chad, I think it’s better for you to be the guest of honor. After all, you are the best now, and here I say, Chad’s company has also received financing from the Dreamer Group this time!”

A boy smiled and looked at Li Wenyang.

Someone announced that Li Wenyang’s pretense was quite cool.

After everyone heard about it, their eyes widened when they looked at Li Wenyang.

“Hehe, it’s all family companies, it’s none of my business. Now I am running a company by myself, which is quite useless! It has no results!” Li Wenyang smiled bitterly.

Everyone is another wave of admiration.

Let Li Chao on the side lose all the limelight. Quite decadent.

With an embarrassing smile, he suddenly looked at Sheldon who was sitting at Xikou and sneered:

“By the way, Chad, I said that the position of the guest of honor, neither of us should let Sheldon sit down!”

Seeing everyone comparing himself with Li Wenyang, Li Chao was of course unhappy, and soon he turned the subject off and thought of Sheldon.

“Puff! What, let Sheldon do it?”

Some people laughed.

“Hmph, of course Sheldon will do it. You may not know, Sheldon is very familiar with Liu Li from Ping’an County. We ran into it for dinner two days ago, and Liu Li paid Sheldon directly!”

Li Chao sneered.

“What? Brother Chao, are you kidding me, how could Bowenu know him?”

“That’s right, what is the identity of Young Bowenu and what is Sheldon’s identity?”

“Don’t believe me, if you don’t believe me, ask Mingxue, Mingxue has seen it too!”

Li Mingxue nodded.


At this moment, the eyes of everyone looking at Sheldon changed a little.

Including Jiang Xueqing also glanced at Sheldon unexpectedly.

At the same time, some people looked at Li Wenyang.

After all, everyone knows that Li Wenyang went to high school to severely beat Sheldon.

Now that Sheldon has developed, he actually knows Liu Li who eats black and white. What kind of expression does Li Wenyang have?

And Li Wenyang just gave a wry smile with disdain:

“What’s wrong with Liu Li? By the way, you may not know something, right? Liu Li was beaten on KTV a few days ago, and his father was also warned. Liu’s Mining Group has been controlled by others. Liu Liduo is awesome!”

Li Wenyang said.

Next, he told everyone what happened to Liu Li’s house.

This made everyone suddenly realize.

“Unexpectedly, Sheldon, looking at you quite honestly, I didn’t expect such a person to curry favor!”

Li Wenyang looked at Sheldon and smiled at this time.

“Sheldon, you know how I know these things, and I’m not afraid to tell everyone that this time the Liu family was reorganized by Roston Chapman, and it was done in one go. Ha ha, my dad and Chapman’s boss The driver Jin brother had eaten, and that was what my brother Jin told my dad after he drank too much. At that time, I was accompanying him, and Jin brother kept patting my shoulder and said, let me get mixed up. He called!”

Li Wenyang smiled faintly.

And everyone was even more confused.

“Boss Chapman’s driver? Chad, do you know your father and Li’s driver?”

Who has never heard of Chapman’s name, but everyone in Roston is a household name.

Absolute business giant, ruthless.

Of course his driver is awesome.

“Yeah, I’ve committed a crime after eating it a few times. Brother Jin is very aggressive, so in the future we will gather more classmates. If there is anything I can do, I will do it for you! And don’t believe me, this is me and Brother Jin Photos of eating!”

Li Wenyang held the phone and let everyone look at it.

Sheldon also glanced aside.

In the photo, it turned out to be Chapman’s driver, Jin Xiaoshan.

Well worn, and the watch on hand is also expensive.

Sheldon was really surprised, Xiao Jin still has such a side.

In the past, Sheldon traveled to and from the Hot Spring Resort, and Chapman sent Xiaojin to pick up Sheldon.

Sheldon knows him well.

Just think Xiaojin, he is real, even honest. And it’s pretty plain in front of me.

Unexpectedly, he was also a very domineering person behind his back.

But think about it, who can have no privacy.

“So, in the future, everyone, don’t take that Liu Litai seriously. As for the dogs around him, don’t look too much at it. Just ask me if you have anything to do!”

Li Wenyang glanced at Sheldon.

Then she looked at Jiang Xueqing on the side:

“Xueqing, don’t worry, that guy in your company, I can handle it for you today and solve your problem!”

“Ah? Xueqing, do you have anything to do with the company?”

Wang Rui asked.

Sheldon also raised his face and looked at Jiang Xueqing.

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