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Chapter 219

“Hmph, Lilla is still the favorite, shouldn’t he be sister Myla the most! Just see who she is!”

The little cousin connected directly at this time.

Before Myla on the side could react, the little cousin had already started talking.

“What are you doing? Who are you?”

Said the little cousin.

“What? You are Sheldon’s girlfriend, what are you talking nonsense!”

When the little cousin heard this, she was stunned.

Looking at Myla, “Sister Myla, this girl says she is Sheldon’s girlfriend!”

“Okay, Ling Fei, give me your phone quickly!”

Myla snatched the phone, and hung up without saying a word.

Who is Lilla? Of course Myla knows, it is the girlfriend who has a long-distance relationship with Sheldon.

Myla was also very curious about her.

But this kind of occasion is definitely not suitable to say!

“Ling Fei, what did the girl on the phone say just now?”

Zhao Tongtong frowned at this time and said.

“Hmph, when I asked her who she was, she said she was Sheldon’s girlfriend and asked me about Sheldon!”

Ling Fei said as if she had discovered some big gossip secret.

“Then Myla, do you know this girl?”

Zhao Tongtong asked again.

I’m grinning, Sheldon is so good, after finally climbing up to Xiaoya as his girlfriend, he actually dared to hook up!

“What are you discussing? Come, eat fruit!”

At this time, Sheldon came over with the fruit.

“Hmph, eat a shit, Sheldon, who is Lilla, you better explain this clearly!”

Zhao Tongtong snatched the phone from her little cousin and stared at Sheldon angrily.

Sheldon didn’t know how to explain it for a while.

Of course she is his girlfriend.

“Unexpectedly, you are such a scumbag, Sister Myla is really blind!”

Ling Fei cursed.

“Okay, don’t scold him. I know about this. Oh, I told you the truth, I didn’t get it with Sheldon!”

Myla knew she couldn’t pretend, so she said straight.

“What? It didn’t work? fu*k, Xiaoya didn’t live with him?”

Zhao Tongtong said in surprise.

“Oh, it’s not because of this that I won’t be suspected, and I want Sheldon to cooperate with me and lie to my father, otherwise my father will definitely continue to force me!”

Myla said everything clearly.

“Oh, it really scared me to death. I thought you were really with Sheldon, just say, it’s impossible! And this Sheldon, I can see his face clearly today, he Now that I have a girlfriend, why do I treat you so well and give you such a valuable thing?”

Zhao Tongtong looked at Sheldon with a cold face.

Girls, the only thing in common is that they hate scumbags.

Obviously, Sheldon has now been classified as a scumbag.

“Okay Tongtong, didn’t your mother just called and told you to go back as soon as possible? You can keep this matter secret for me, regardless of Sheldon’s affairs!”

Myla comforted Zhao Tongtong.

Somehow persuaded them away.

Next, only Sheldon and Myla remained in the room.

Sheldon was busy explaining to Lilla.

After a good explanation, Lilla was no longer so angry.

After all, Sheldon didn’t expect that the crazy girl Ling Fei would dare to answer the phone.

This is really embarrassing.

“Sheldon, sit down, I want to ask you something!”

As for Myla, she looked at Sheldon with a strange smile at this time.

“go ahead!”

“Do you really like Lilla?”

Myla asked.

“Hmm! Of course!”

Sheldon replied.

Myla took a deep breath and said, “That being the case, why did you give me such an expensive gift in the first place? You know, when I knew your most valuable gift, my heart was already moved!”

“Because I have never been in a relationship. Although many boys have given me many valuable gifts, in my heart, their gifts are not the same as yours. Moreover, in my heart, you and other boys also Different.”

Myla wanted to try after Sheldon.

I don’t know why, anyway, I like it over and over again.

She felt that his long-distance girlfriend was not a threat to her, but now Myla could also see that Sheldon really cared about that girl.

As for Sheldon, he also had some self-blame in his heart.

In fact, to put it plainly, everyone knows that the jade bracelet is not Sheldon’s most precious gift at all.

It’s just that Sheldon was not good at saying anything because of being in school at the time, and made up randomly for fear of revealing his identity.

Because Sheldon felt that no matter what, he was a dick in the eyes of Zhao Tongtong and Myla.

How could they look at themselves.

I also felt that after that incident, I would never contact him again.

Unexpectedly, so much happened later.

By now, Myla had already misunderstood.

Sheldon couldn’t hide it anymore, because of his identity, it was useless to hide it from Myla.

Sheldon took a deep breath:

“Actually, Myla, this is how things are. I lied to you. The two hundred thousand dragon cloud jade bracelet I gave you was not what Zhao Tongtong and others had guessed. It was our family heirloom, but I bought it. , And intently, I didn’t intend to give it to you, I just wanted to compensate you for your original payment!”

“It’s just that I got it wrong at the time!”

After Sheldon finished speaking, he went to his room and took out two jade bracelets and placed them in front of Myla.

Prove that what you said is true.

As for Myla, she bit her lip lightly, then nodded with a wry smile:

“Hehe, I said, how can a guy be so stupid that even if he likes a girl, he won’t take out the most precious things in the house! It seems I really want to think too much!”

Sheldon lowered his head, and the feeling of clarifying this matter was still excellent.

“Then Sheldon, I won’t bother you. I just thought about it. I continue to pester you and cause you too much trouble. Besides, I really can’t make my dad worry too much, Cohen Although that person has many problems, one thing can be proved that he is sincere to me! I have decided to go back!”

After speaking, Myla stood up directly and went to pack her things.

It seemed that Myla wanted to go back and have a kiss with Cohen.

Although my heart is a little uneasy.

But what can I say? I have Lilla, so why bother with other girls? So it didn’t stop.

In this way, Sheldon sent Myla away.

I also feel that this matter is over here.

Therefore, I devoted myself to investment in Ping’an County.

On this day, Sheldon suddenly received a call…

Chapter 220

The call was from Li Mingxue.

It is about the high school reunion to be held at noon today.

Let Sheldon go there soon, don’t forget.

Three days have passed since I ate at Midu that day.

Myla has also been away for three days.

The gathering was what Li Mingxue said yesterday. In the future, the students should work for the internship.

Let’s start a party while still gathering some people.

Originally, Sheldon didn’t want to go, but what about it. Yesterday Sheldon went to the newly opened investment company to cut the ribbon. When he was about to leave after the cut, he ran into Li Mingxue and others who came to the celebration.

In addition, there is a female high school classmate named Jiang Xueqing.

Jiang Xueqing was the deputy squad leader of the class at the time, and she was definitely regarded as a class flower. She had excellent academic performance. Like Arlene, she has always had a good relationship with Sheldon, who is also a good student.

Now Jiang Xueqing is said to have returned to Ping’an County for development, and has implemented a good job.

When I saw Sheldon, I felt very kind, so I strongly invited Sheldon to go.

Sheldon was embarrassed to refuse, so he agreed.

After hanging up the phone.

Sheldon saw a message on the mobile QQ, which was sent by Jiang Xueqing.

“Hey, Sheldon, when do you leave?”

Sheldon knew that Jiang Xueqing’s home was in Ping’an County, not too far from the hotel where Sheldon is now staying.

When we met yesterday, Sheldon teased, let’s go together tomorrow.

Jiang Xueqing smiled and agreed.

“I’m right now!”

Sheldon replied.

“Okay, I have more than 40 minutes to wash my hair. I will gather at the bus stop on Xiaoping Street later!”

“no problem!”

When Jiang Xueqing used to be the monitor, she belonged to the kind of girl who was quite quiet and seldom talked.

I love learning and I only love to play with classmates who are good at learning.

Like Li Chao, who is influential in the class, and Li Wenyang, who is the richest in the class, Jiang Xueqing especially doesn’t like talking to them because they are naughty.

But when I saw it yesterday, Sheldon felt that the change was quite big.

The whole person is a lot more cheerful, a lot more capable, and I like to joke with people very much.

Ugh! Maybe girls who have undergone social baptism will become different.

I have to mention one more thing. I remember that when the second year of high school was just beginning, Sheldon had been ambiguous with Jiang Xueqing for a while.

Not that Sheldon is so charming!

It was because of Sheldon at that time, who looked pretty good, mainly because people also studied honestly and liked to listen to these girls’ talks. Over time, some little ambiguities developed.

However, the ambiguity with Jiang Xueqing lasted for a short while, and it was long gone.

Sheldon was also ready now.

So I took the car key and drove the big G to the bus stop on Xiaoping Street!

Because now there is no need to be too low-key, after all, this is not a school.

Moreover, Sheldon didn’t drive to pretend to be coercion, he must have a means of transportation.

Besides, Arlene and Rosemarie might go to this gathering. Although they didn’t know their identities, they knew they had money, so Sheldon didn’t think much.

After arriving, there is still half an hour before the agreed time.

So Sheldon drove the car to a nearby parking lot.

I went to the milk tea shop to buy two cups of milk tea and walked to the bus stop to wait for Jiang Xueqing.


At this moment, a female voice suddenly rang next to the station and called Sheldon.

Sheldon turned his head to look.

I saw a girl holding a boy’s arm affectionately, and both of them were wearing sunglasses and dressed up in fashion.

It’s just that for girls, who are exquisite and beautiful in shape, boys are a bit short and chubby! Still full of pockmarks.

But it looks very loving.

“Sheldon, I haven’t seen each other for a few years, do you not know each other?”

The girl took off her sunglasses and said.

“You are Wang Rui!” Sheldon also recognized it at once.

At the same time, Sheldon recognized her boyfriend as soon as she took off his glasses.

His name is Xin Heng, his nickname is a tycoon. He looks like a local tycoon. He was rich when he was in school, but to be honest, he chased ten girls in school and fifteen girls refused.

why? Half of the girls had to refuse twice!

Because there are too many holes in his face.

And I had a high fever when I was young, and my reaction was half a beat slower than others.

In short, the students in the class either bullied Sheldon or bullied him at that time, and the two were considered hard brothers.

And Wang Rui.

The small look looks natural and beautiful.

She is from the school art team, and both dance Latin dance with Rosemarie.

And even in terms of charm, Wang Rui is better than Rosemarie.

I remember that at that time, Wang Rui played quite openly. There were many people chasing her, and she had been in love many times.

Either it is a boy who has money at home and is famous in school.

Either the school sports team, boys with star halo.

Then there is the kind of scoundrel guy who mixes with society outside school.

As soon as the weekend came, there were several WISP motorcycles blocking the school gate to pick her up.

Anyway, it’s very hanging!

But to Sheldon’s surprise, after graduating from high school, she actually became with the tycoon!

This made Sheldon almost stared.

“What do you look at? I didn’t expect you to go to this class reunion too!? I haven’t seen you for many years!”

Wang Rui hugged his shoulder and gave Sheldon a blank look.

“Yeah, I haven’t seen each other for many years, you two are getting better!?” Sheldon laughed.

“Huh, what’s the matter with us? The tycoon doesn’t know how much he loves me, and the tycoon now has more shops in the county!”

Don’t know if it’s showing off, Wang Rui said a lot.

And looking at Sheldon’s speechless appearance.

Wang Rui was even more proud of holding his shoulders.

She could see that Sheldon was surprised that he was with the tycoon.

And Sheldon was a little jealous.

This is not whether you like it or not, but the same two dicks, one with a beautiful girlfriend, and the other is still the status quo.

Anyone feels uncomfortable!

Wang Rui likes to see Sheldon’s discomfort.

“Jiang Xueqing will also come over later, let’s go over together!”

Sheldon shook his head with a wry smile and said.

“Hmph, we don’t do buses. We are here waiting for someone. Yang Jian and the others will come to pick us up later! That is to say, the tycoon’s driver’s license has not been tested yet, or we would have bought a car early!”

Wang Rui said.

“That’s OK!”

Sheldon didn’t know what to say, so he chatted with the tycoon and Wang Rui without a word.

Time passed by every minute and every second.


At this time, another girl called Sheldon’s name.

Sheldon raised his eyes and saw a tall girl holding a sun umbrella and long hair with a naturally curly red shawl walking by the roadside.

And with her appearance, many men waiting at the station looked up.

This appearance, body and temperament is enough to attract 100% of boys’ attention.

Many men’s eyes are staring at her up and down.

And this girl is not someone else, she is naturally Jiang Xueqing..

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