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Chapter 227

“Mr. Sheldon, what are you doing?”

The dean and Sheldon met upright.

Looking at Sheldon excitedly at the moment, rubbing his hands and smiling.

“Huh? Mr. Sheldon?”

And everyone in the ward saw this scene and they were all stunned.

In particular, Li Wenyang, who had already stepped down from the hospital bed with support to receive the dean’s pretense, was even more confused.

Why does he call Mr. Sheldon?

“President, do you know me?”

Sheldon was also taken aback.

“Of course I know you. Last time Mr. Wu was hospitalized, I visited once, but I didn’t see you that time!”

The dean said with a smile.

Sheldon thought about it, and it became clear.

When Uncle Wu was hospitalized last time, didn’t he meet Li Mingxue when he went to the cafeteria, and then Li Mingxue was worried because of work problems.

When I asked Chapman, I mentioned Li Mingxue’s work to Chapman.

Then Li Mingxue’s matter was resolved, but in the end the credit was taken by Li Chao.

And it should be at that time, the dean heard of his own.

Later, I heard from Uncle Wu that he did say that a dean came to visit him.

But Sheldon didn’t take it to heart.

“Mr. Sheldon, I also heard the head nurse say that you are here, so I made a special trip to see you. If you have any requests, please mention it. Our hospital will definitely do it!”

The dean said with a smile.

Li Mingxue looked aside again: “Look, Dean, after you mentioned it last time, Mingxue has now turned into a regular position. He has worked very hard and responsible and has received unanimous praise from the hospital. You recommended a good talent for us!”

The dean smiled cheerfully.

Then I chatted with Sheldon a little more, and the group of talents behind him shook hands with Sheldon one by one and left.

As for Sheldon, he definitely didn’t find the dean at the beginning, but the relationship between Chapman and the province.

But the dean was obviously quite capable, and he should have quickly figured out that he was responsible for it.

After they left, Sheldon glanced behind him.

Only then found out that the students in the entire ward were all looking at themselves with a surprised mood.

Especially that Li Wenyang.

Standing up are blinded.

Feelings, people did not come to him, but specifically came to Sheldon, which is so embarrassing!

“I’ll get hot water first!”

Sheldon nodded lightly.


Li Mingxue shouted at Sheldon in disbelief.

“Huh? What’s wrong with Mingxue?”

Sheldon asked.

“Yes…you helped me? It’s because of you that I can become a regular person so easily?”

The dean of the family had already made it clear just now that Sheldon recommended a talent to the hospital.

Li Mingxue, who was originally responsible for this matter by Li Chao, wondered.

Because his father used to thank Li Chao’s father specifically, his father was not indifferent and sent his father away after drinking a glass of water.

If he really did it, how could this be?

And now I understand that it was Sheldon who helped me.

He is so familiar with the dean!

“O’ao, it’s okay, I just met some related people, so I told them!”

Sheldon smiled faintly.

And Li Mingxue regretted it instantly.

Because when I met Sheldon for the first time, I only invited him to eat in the cafeteria, while treating Li Chao was a luxury hotel.

In the end, he was really worried about his future, and it was Sheldon who helped him with things!

Even Li Mingxue looked at Sheldon, suddenly feeling a different kind of affection in her heart.

“Let me go, Sheldon now not only drives a Mercedes G500, but also knows so many strong connections. What is Sheldon doing now?”

Wang Rui exclaimed even more.

“What are you talking about, Sheldon driving a Mercedes G500?”

This time it was Li Wenyang’s turn to be surprised again.

Thinking of showing off his car at the bus stop, Sheldon just smiled faintly.

At first I thought he was jealous, but they were watching you show off like a fool! People buy you eight or nine cars!

“It’s just a transportation tool, it’s given for activities!”

Sheldon smiled faintly.

Then went out.

Jiang Xueqing is really going to take Sheldon again this time.

As for Sheldon, he came out after dealing with these things.

As for who Jiang Xueqing thinks helped her, it doesn’t matter to Sheldon.

At the moment, he drove his car in the hospital parking lot, and went back amidst the shocked eyes of the students.

While on the road, Sheldon’s cell phone rang and received a call.

Looking at the number, Zhao Tongtong called it!

“Sheldon, otherwise you persuade Myla to let her come back. Uncle Qin is really anxious. Now, if you call Myla to turn her off, I won’t reply even if you send a Instagram message. Anyway, please persuade her , I will go look for her this afternoon!”

Zhao Tongtong said.

When Sheldon listened, he was startled.

One brake stopped the car.

“What did you say? Myla didn’t go home?”

Sheldon stunned.

Myla was gone, and she should have been home long ago. Sheldon did not contact her at that time.

I felt it was enough to free up my hands to help her once.

After all, Lilla cannot be misunderstood again.

But how could you think that Myla couldn’t get in touch?

“Ah? What are you talking about? Why go home? I also contacted Myla yesterday, only to find out that she could not be reached anymore, she, the acting was so realistic, it really scared his dad! Don’t pretend , Her dad is not at our house, please call Xiaoya!”

Zhao Tongtong said.

She thought Sheldon was acting with her.

“Don’t scare me either, that was the morning after you left three days ago, Myla drove back to Roston by car, and said that he would be married to Cohen when he returned!”

Sheldon wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

He told Zhao Tongtong the situation at that time.

“fu*k, if this is the case, then why can’t Xiaoya be contacted? And it is very likely that Xiaoya has been lost since that day! And, Xiaoya told you that she was going to talk to Cohending to kiss?”

“Who else can it be?”

“Let me tell you, it is probably because Myla is afraid that you are afraid that you will not take her in and made up a reason for you. Alas, I have just figured out what is going on. It is not to be married to Cohen, but to Yanjing, who is surnamed Long. Myla did not want to be married, and ran away from home! What I am worried about now is that Myla will not have an accident, right?”

Zhao Tongtong was also scared.

Not to mention Sheldon.

After hanging up, Sheldon hurriedly dialed Myla’s number.

The result suggested that it was shut down.

No one answered Myla’s Instagram.

It’s over!

Damn it, don’t anything really happen?

People walk from themselves, although there is no direct relationship.

But Sheldon felt uncomfortable with himself!

If she didn’t say those words, Myla would not leave.

If Myla left, he could call her and ask her, and he would know where she was.

But now, Myla was in an accident, and it was even possible that it was only three days later that she realized it.

And Zhao Tongtong thought she was here.

In short, this incident left Sheldon’s brain blank. There were countless possibilities in his mind. The more each possibility he thought about, the more frightened Sheldon became.

He smashed the steering wheel hard.

Sheldon dropped the front of the car directly.

He is going back to Roston…

Chapter 228

“Hey, Tongtong, now Uncle Qin is going crazy and he has gone to the police station to file for the record. What are we doing? Besides, when will Sheldon wait here?”

Something happened to Myla, and it was naturally known to her family and Myla’s friends.

So Myla’s roommates also came.

At the moment they are waiting for Sheldon at the gate of Roston University.

Because Zhao Tongtong made an appointment with Sheldon on the phone, and he wants to meet here.

And for some things, you also need to say hello to the school. Uncle Qin went to the police station, so Zhao Tongtong and the others came to the school sensibly.

“Wait for him, after all, Myla left from him. To be honest, he knows more than us, but sisters, Xiao Ya is missing this time, Sheldon can’t get rid of the relationship, see how I teach him later !”

Zhao Tongtong aired.

Other sisters are also filled with indignation.

It’s all decided, and when Sheldon arrives, we will fight him! Humph!

“Really, Sheldon’s kind of dick, I don’t know what Xiaoya’s fan is, why should I go to him!”

“And the most important thing, Xiaoya is gone, he said that if you don’t care, it will be ignored!”

The sisters said one after another.

And at this moment.

A girl pointed to the side of the road: “Hey, look, there’s a Mercedes-Benz G! It looks like a handsome guy is driving!”

“Oh Maggie, when is it, you still have the mood to watch a handsome man in a luxury car!”

But despite the fact that the girls still stared at the big G, after all, this car is very domineering and handsome.

“No, I was watching the people in the car look like Sheldon!”

Said the girl.

“Sheldon? fu*k, how could it be possible?”

“That poor, it would be nice not to show up in front of us on a bicycle!”

Zhao Tongtong scolded.

And Big G has already come by this time.

It stopped in front of Zhao Tongtong and the others.

Sheldon got off the car.

“How is the situation?” Sheldon asked anxiously.


This time, Zhao Tongtong and the others were all dumbfounded.

Yes, Sheldon in the past was just a poor dick in their impression, but now, fu*king, with a big G?

Zhao Tongtong thought that Sheldon was relatively familiar, and at the moment he was surprised that he couldn’t close his mouth.

“Sheldon, why are you driving a big G?”

Zhao Tongtong asked.

“I mentioned it some time ago, don’t ask this for now, I asked you how is your situation?”

Cooper Family.

Zhao Tongtong suppressed the shock in his heart.

Busy to talk about the current situation.

The result is not optimistic.

Except for filing at the police station, there is basically no progress or clues.

Now Uncle Qin and Xiaoya’s mother are also very emotional.

Originally, the people from the Long Family in Jingcheng came to force a marriage proposal and forced their daughter to marry him. Xiaoya’s parents were very distressed.

Now, because Myla’s whereabouts is unknown, she can’t bear it anymore.

And the more I heard Zhao Tongtong say this, the more self-blame in Sheldon’s heart became heavier.

As for Zhao Tongtong, seeing Sheldon driving a big G at the moment, the sisters were going to fight Sheldon in a group, no one did it, and they spoke a lot with Sheldon.

“But don’t worry, Sheldon, I have also figured out a solution. My sister Ling Fei told me that her classmate seemed to be a live broadcast controller of a big anchor. Last month, someone in their live broadcast room helped them to let the live broadcast room. Fans are looking for a brother who has been missing for many years, but guess what, it really made that group of fans come out in various media forums and various investigations!”

“So I have already called Ling Fei, try to let her classmates help, mobilize fans to help us find, after all, there are so many people and powerful!”

Zhao Tongtong said.

Sheldon nodded, it was a good idea.

After all, we media and some people who often play online are not understandable by ordinary people.

As long as you want, they can call out whoever wants information.

At the same time, Sheldon has also urged Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger to also investigate.

In short, this matter has a double insurance!

“Ling Fei is here!”

At this time, a black car stopped by the side of the road, and Zhao Tongtong’s little cousin Ling Fei got out of the car with a handsome boy wearing glasses.

Ling Fei went to play with Zhao Tongtong that day, and of course she knew Sheldon.

She obviously heard about Sister Xiaoya, and at this moment, she gave Sheldon a few glances in vain.

“Sister, I brought Xiaoqiang here, Xiaoqiang, this is my sister. I will tell you the situation. My sister Xiaoya is missing. I want you to mobilize the fans in your live broadcast room to find it! Of course, we can pay. of!”

Ling Fei said.

The boy named Xiaoqiang pushed his glasses and said, “The reward doesn’t matter. It just happens that the Internet Red Festival is about to start. The eldest sister is thinking about doing a few more good things to expand her influence, so this thing must be fine! My elder sister’s studio is opened in Roston University Town. I will take you to find her. Then you can just tell us the situation!”

“Wait, the big anchor sister you mentioned, isn’t it Elsa?”

Sheldon was taken aback.

Opening a studio in Roston University Town, and having a lot of influence, who else could it be if not Elsa?

“Hehe, nonsense, or else it could still be you!”

Xiaoqiang glanced at Sheldon and said.

“fuk Sheldon, I came to my classmates to help my sister Xiaoya, you bastard still want to watch the anchor, can you stop being so fuking?”

Ling Fei said coldly.

Zhao Tongtong said: “Okay, let’s follow Xiaoqiang to find it, don’t waste time!”

“Hmm, take my car! I will take you there!”

Originally, Sheldon still felt that if the anchor didn’t know him, he might be inefficient in doing things.

But now when I heard of Elsa, Sheldon was excited.

After all, Elsa is ordinary, that is, she helped it up with one hand. Who is obedient if she is not obedient!

Open the car door now.

“fu*k, big G?”

Ling Fei stunned.

“Sheldon, is this your big G?”

“Get in the car!” Sheldon said helplessly.

Xiaoqiang also helped his glasses and gave Sheldon a little unexpectedly.

This person seems to be more distressed than himself, and he drives a luxury car!

And Zhao Tongtong also drove one, and Sheldon was very familiar with the road, and went directly to the university student entrepreneurship base.

This Xiaoqiang seems to have stopped studying before finishing high school. With a dream of being an internet celebrity, he finally became Elsa’s field control.

Work here.

“Sister Yue, sister Tongtong and others are here!”

Xiaoqiang took Sheldon into the office and said to a girl.

And this girl is not someone else, but not Sheldon’s classmate Du Yue.

“O’ao, okay…”

Du Yue walked over in high heels.

But before he could say hello, Du Yue was stunned.

“Sheldon? Why are you here?”

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