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Chapter 229:

The Person You Are Most Familiar With
As Elsa’s assistant, Du Yue has been since then.

Seeing Sheldon at this moment made her very surprised.

“Hmm, I want to ask you a favor!”

Sheldon hadn’t seen Du Yue and Elsa for a while.

Since they were kidnapped in an accident and saved them by myself, they seem to have never seen them again.

This feeling also makes Sheldon quite so.

“You are waiting for Sheldon, Marcella is putting on makeup, I will tell her first!”

Du Yue’s attitude towards Sheldon now is not as bad as before.

After all, the events of that day are still vivid, because in all likelihood, Sheldon saved them, and Sheldon may be a remarkable figure.

So Du Yue only wanted to curry favor.

Obviously, Elsa and Du Yue’s emotions are similar.

Sheldon’s background is indeed doubtful.

After all, in such a dangerous situation, they had no other help.

And no one else knows.

Only Sheldon knew about the incident.

Even the case of Tenner’s power bank and the incident where Sheldon pulled his clothes on the Maybach also included Sheldon’s figure. Isn’t that doubtable?

So from then on, Elsa’s attitude towards Sheldon changed a little.

“Sheldon, why are you here?”

Elsa walked out at this time, with light makeup on her face, but she also looked amazing at the moment.

Zhao Tongtong and the others were also a little surprised.

Unexpectedly, this net celebrity, plain makeup is also so beautiful.

But Zhao Tongtong, Ling Fei Xiaoqiang and the others looked at each other: “Sheldon, do you know?”

“Yeah, these are my classmates! Of course I know!”

Sheldon said lightly.

“Sheldon, what is your relationship with that girl named Myla?”

Du Yue asked quite nervously at this time.

“She is a good friend of mine. Anyway, you can help me start your fan search. After finding, I will not treat you badly!”

Sheldon was not in the mood to be low-key at the moment, so his words were a bit domineering.

Elsa and Du Yue naturally didn’t think much.

It’s just that I believe that Sheldon is very likely to be the legendary him!

“I will help you in this matter, and I will help you in a while, but Sheldon, you first follow me into the office, I have something to talk to you, Du Yue, you can entertain Xiaoqiang’s friends!”

After speaking, Elsa turned and entered the office.

Sheldon also followed in.

He knew in his heart that it should be Elsa and Tenner who had already guessed their identities.

After all, after saving them several times, he accidentally exposed several flaws.

Haha, otherwise, let alone that Sheldon was called into the office by a girl like Elsa at the moment, it would be strange if Du Yue didn’t scold herself out!

But, the usual ridicule is ridicule, Sheldon has no deep hatred for Elsa.

Otherwise, it is impossible to let her grow into a big anchor.

“Sheldon, it’s okay for me to help you, but you have to tell me, and you must tell me the truth, are you an ordinary little brother? Is it Roston Sheldon?”

Elsa bit her lip before asking this sentence.

To be honest, when I saw Sheldon this time, no one felt more complicated than Elsa.

Yeah, who has she always liked?

It was the ordinary brother who was good to her.

Although she had never met, VeilBoy’s help to her has already fascinated Elsa, and it was of a deep-rooted kind.

Even because of this, in the face of many pursuits and help from the rich and the young, Elsa has been indifferent.

Because during this period, as I became famous, there were also many handsome and rich people who came to help me. Even if I had a cold, there were rich and young people who drove to deliver medicine.

I also talk to myself every night.

It stands to reason that they are doing good enough.

After all, VeilBoy’s brother Elsa couldn’t say a word for months, let alone met him in person.

However, Elsa was not tempted by anyone.

It is enough to prove her love for ordinary brother.

Although countless times I have fantasized about the appearance of ordinary brother.

However, when all the clues indicated that VeilBoy’s brother was Sheldon that he had never seen before, one can imagine the complexity in Elsa’s heart.

Will it be Sheldon?

Will it really be Sheldon?

If it is really Sheldon? I… will I still love him?

I can’t believe that I will fall in love with Sheldon?

Elsa always asks herself this way during this time.

My head is almost messed up.

Therefore, after she saw Sheldon, her heart moved for no reason.

At this moment, I couldn’t help but ask Sheldon the truth.

“What if I were? Would you still like me?”

Sheldon asked with a faint smile.

Elsa bit her lip, and then shook her head violently: “I don’t know, I don’t know if you are really ordinary brother, will I fall in love with you!”

“Hehe, you think too much, how can I be Brother VeilBoy!”

Sheldon saw Elsa’s emotions tangled.

I was afraid that meeting in the future would be very embarrassing, so I didn’t reveal my identity.

After all, Sheldon understands what happened to Myla. Since you are not determined to give other girls a guarantee of happiness, then don’t sult them.

Because Sheldon knew that if she confessed to Elsa, she might be painful and entangled. What did she do?

“I don’t believe it, you must have not told me the truth!”

Elsa stared at Sheldon and said.

“Sheldon, I just want to hear the truth from you, and as long as you tell me, I can tell you a piece of news. You will definitely be very interested in this news! Okay?”

Elsa approached Sheldon.

“I’m really not Young Master Sheldon, nor Brother Ordinary. I won’t lie to you. I just won the lottery ticket, and I won a lot of money, so I just groaned. If I were Young Master Sheldon, I had so much money. , Am I still so low-key? Moreover, Sheldon is a big family, three years of university, you have been until me, am I like a big family?”

Sheldon said.

Elsa nodded.

Indeed, this matter is also a point that makes everyone doubt.

However, whether Sheldon is or not, Elsa, I can’t dislike Sheldon anymore.

“Okay, I believe you for the time being! Besides, do you still want to hear that news?”

Elsa asked.

“what news?”

“It was when I went to the capital to participate in an event half a month ago, I ran into a person, a girl!” Elsa raised her face, and when she said here, she seemed to be interested in seeing Sheldon’s reaction.

“Which girl? Do I know?” Sheldon asked.

“Of course you know each other, and you are very familiar with her!”

Elsa said: “Actually, I didn’t expect to meet her in the capital, and she has become different from before, Sheldon, if you meet her again, I promise you will be surprised!”

Sheldon scratched his head, puzzled.

“She is Marcella! Your ex-girlfriend, Sheldon, don’t you forget her?” Elsa said.


Sheldon was really surprised this time…

Chapter 230

“Did you see Marcella? Did she go to the capital?”

To be honest, as soon as he heard the word Marcella, although he hadn’t heard it for months, Sheldon still couldn’t help but shake his whole body.

Especially my heart is still a little bit painful.

After all, I spent two years with Marcella. In Roston University, most of my memories came from this girl, even though Marcella broke Sheldon’s heart and made Sheldon hate her a bit!

However, since she revealed her identity as Roston Sheldon last time, she has been very indifferent to her.

Marcella was hit hard and dropped out.

From this incident, in fact, Sheldon’s hatred and hatred for her has disappeared.

There was even some self-blame.

At that time, she had nothing, Marcella didn’t dislike herself and stayed with herself.

Eat together, go shopping together.

Indeed, Marcella changed later, but when you think about it, Marcella is not better than those girls like Shelly.

After all, did she ever dislike herself.

And now girls, who doesn’t love money.

Her indifference at the time can be said to have ruined her future.

I didn’t finish my university.

In fact, some time ago, Sheldon was still thinking about whether to let people find Marcella, so that she could have a stable income prospect, and he would feel more at ease.

But after another thought, Sheldon dispelled the idea. Doing so would make her hate herself even more!

“Huh, what is your reaction? Excited? Excited? Or blame yourself?”

Elsa looked at Sheldon with interest and asked.

“No, how is she now? Is she doing well?”

Sheldon asked.

“You don’t need to worry about her. She is doing well now, and it is so good that it is beyond your expectation. She also told me that she will return to Roston and find everything she lost!”

“When she said this, her eyes were scary! I asked her that she didn’t say anything. By the way, Sheldon, why did Marcella drop out?”

I remember that at that time, Elsa was still talking to Sheldon.

But Elsa was not interested in knowing about Sheldon at the time, but it is different now.

She is really curious.

“Nothing, nothing wrong!”

Sheldon said with a wry smile.

Sooner or later, she will get back the things she lost. To put it bluntly, she needs to settle the accounts by herself.

What has Marcella experienced during this time?

I can’t even think about it, but what is certain is that Marcella is indeed living very well now, so this is enough!

“Don’t tell me! Anyway, when she comes back, I will know!”

Elsa said, “Let’s go, let’s go out! I will also prepare for the live broadcast this afternoon!”


Sheldon nodded dumbly and was about to go out.

“By the way, Sheldon, I will help you this time. I hope you can promise me a request!”

Elsa stopped Sheldon again.

“You said!”

“I hope you can’t marry other girls before I know who my ordinary brother is, okay? I just ask for this!”

Elsa bit her lip.

She doesn’t know why she said this?

I guess the ordinary little brother is Sheldon, so I fell in love with Sheldon?

Elsa didn’t know, it was what she thought in her heart anyway.

What if Sheldon is an ordinary little brother, what if Sheldon is married after he confirms it?

Elsa didn’t want to have such regrets, so she said so.

In fact, she is not sure whether she loves Sheldon or not.

When Sheldonard these words, he looked at Elsa in surprise.

“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like you, I just want an answer!”

Elsa pissed off.

“Okay! I promise you!”

Sheldonard Marcella’s name just now, which made him a little upset for a while.

I agreed without thinking.

It is better than telling Elsa that he is ordinary.

That’s how it was decided to let fans find Myla.

Sheldon went downstairs thinking about it.

Ling Fei followed Xiaoqiang.

As for Ling Fei, she kept playing with Xiaoqiang and looked at Sheldon. It was obvious that Xiaoqiang had something to say to Sheldon.

But Xiaoqiang didn’t dare.

“Xiaoqiang, it’s okay, just tell Sheldon!”

Zhao Tongtong couldn’t stand it anymore, so he was busy.

Sheldon reacted and looked at him, “What’s the matter?”

“Brother Sheldon, I have something to ask you for help, but I don’t know if you can agree?”

Xiaoqiang looked down on Sheldon at first, but when Sheldon opened the big G, Xiaoqiang was confused.

“Oh, tell me!”

“My sister works in a leasing company. She needs to rent a big G this month, but one is missing. If this indicator is not met, she may be fired. So I saw that you have a big G. Can you rent it to my sister and her company for three days? In just three days, my sister will pay you the rental fee!”

Xiaoqiang said.

Sheldon understands this.

Some companies specialize in this, such as using cars for filming movies.

At that time, a lease contract needs to be signed.

In this way, the owner of the car is not responsible for the accident, and all the expenses do not need to be paid. Just renting the car for a few days can make a profit of 10,000 to 20,000 in vain.

“On this matter, then all right, I will rent it to your sister!”

Sheldon smiled faintly.

Today this Xiaoqiang can be regarded as helping himself.

Moreover, Sheldon admired him very much when he saw that he cared about his sister. After all, he also had a sister.

If his sister is in trouble, Sheldon will help him without any hesitation.

“Thank you, Brother Sheldon! I will call my sister and ask her to sign a contract with you!”

Xiaoqiang said excitedly.

After signing the contract, Zhao Tongtong and the others went to trust the relationship when they returned home.

Sheldon also mobilized Chapman and the others.

Regardless of the outcome of Myla, there must be an outcome.

Otherwise, Sheldon will never feel at ease for the rest of his life.

Soon, it was night.

Sheldon also ran for a day.

Tired and hungry.

So I came to a restaurant and took a bite.

“What do you mean? Just treat me as superfluous? Am I just so unbearable?”

When I was eating, I heard people arguing at a seat not far away.

Sheldon turned his head to look.

They are two women and one man.

Among them, a man and a woman are sitting together and are having a meal, while the other girl is obviously arriving later. This is a bit similar to the kind of rape scene where the standing girl is shouting at two people.

“How much thought I put on you, I can’t compare to her, and you used to love me, didn’t you love me, how could you be with her!!!”

The girl was still shouting.

Originally, this kind of thing was commonplace, and Sheldon just glanced at it.

But now, Sheldon stared at it several times.

Because this girl is not someone else but Rosemarie.

Not to mention that man and woman, not Ding Hao and Arlene.

By the way, I heard Li Wenyang say at the party that Arlene and Ding Hao have become established.

Then Rosemarie must be anxious, after all, she also likes Ding Hao.


While Rosemarie cursed, suddenly she slapped her mouth.

It was Arlene who stood up with a cold face: “Rosemarie, you are enough, are you sick!”

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