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Chapter 251

Didn’t you come to meet and make friends?

Sheldonard this, as if it was about to get married.

So it was a cold sweat at the moment.

“First, before my daughter marries you, you have to take your house and car. Oh, yes, you don’t have a car yet. Just leave the house. The real estate certificate should be replaced by my daughter’s name. Daughter, it’s not shared by the two of you, so you can show your sincerity, right?”

Said the woman.


Sheldon nodded with a dull expression.

My most expensive property is worth 800 million. Even if you give it to you, do you dare?

Ha ha.

“Second, it’s your parents’ problem. You still have a sister, right? You have to say it in advance. In the future, if your sister gets married, you can’t refund the gift money that the man gave to your sister, but you must deposit it with me. In your daughter’s account, there are also the salary you paid and the money your parents earned. My daughter should also take care of it. Isn’t that okay? Of course, your parents can’t live with you. Your family is in the town. If your parents want to come to the county town for a few days to play, they must go to rent a house or stay in a hotel!”


“Did you hear?”

The woman asked again.

Sheldon nodded like garlic: “I heard it, you said you said it!”

Sheldon not only nodded, but also took out a small book and pen from his bag, remembering each stroke.

For the first time on a blind date, Sheldon really had a long experience, damn it! Sheldon wants to know what harsh conditions are there.

After all, if it hadn’t been introduced by Su Ting’s colleague, Sheldon would have doubted whether the two people were fraudulently married.

When the woman saw that Sheldon was so silly, she was also delighted.


“As for the third question, it’s the question of marriage ostentation. Where does my daughter go to work? I don’t need to mention it? Hehe, when the time comes, there will be big people with good looks. Your wedding car can’t be low grade. Daughter, how about Audi?”

The woman was unsure of her idea and asked the girl.

As for the girl, she faintly fluffed her hair and said, “It’s still a Mercedes-Benz BMW, but BMW has to be at least seven series or above!”

“That’s OK, then you can choose Mercedes-Benz BMW!”

The woman said to Sheldon.

“As for the fourth…”

“There is a fourth? Isn’t it three chapters?”

Sheldon opened his mouth to form an O-shape and asked.


At this moment, both the woman and the girl raised their heads and gave Sheldon a blank look.

“Oao, I’m sorry, fourth and fourth, you said you said I listened!” Sheldon looked serious.

“The fourth is the bride price for marriage. We don’t want too much, just pay attention to a pomp, colorful and green!”

“Wait auntie, how much does it cost to be red and green?” Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“Puff, it’s really boring. It’s about 150,000 dollar. This is about 150,000 dollar. This requires cash. We don’t look at it like bankbooks and bank cards. We want cash. This is the rule of our house! Of course! , This is a wedding gift, and the clothes money your family gave when you got married. There is another point that needs to be mentioned to you, because our family spent a lot of money to find this job for my daughter, and her brother still has to study. , So our family won’t accompany you! Anyway, our family wants you to live well together, that’s it!”

“Aoao! Can this be a good thing?” Sheldon nodded clearly.

“Ah? What did you say?”

The woman was startled.

“I said yes! Keep talking!” Sheldon smiled.

Of course he will not marry, he is just curious about these conditions right now.

“Huh, fifth, it’s the most important thing. After my daughter is married, you can’t touch her within three years. This is the rule of our hometown. After three years, you must get my daughter’s consent. To touch it!”


Damn it!

Sheldon’s pen fell to the ground at this moment, and he was shocked.

“You don’t have to look like that, you think, how difficult it is to marry a daughter-in-law now, and she is as beautiful and temperamental as my daughter, with a good job, you can have fun in your dreams!”

The woman just finished speaking.

The girl suddenly covered her mouth and retched a few times.

“Mom, you help me to the bathroom! Ugh~”

After that, with the help of the woman, the girl went to the bathroom while retching.

The sweat of Sheldon’s forehead flowed down.

To be honest, if it were not for Mullen’s concern, Sheldon would not have come.

And in this situation, Sheldon wanted to run away.

Taking a paper towel and wiping the sweat from his forehead, Sheldon also felt a little urinary urgency and planned to go to the bathroom.

Unexpectedly, in the past, I happened to hear the woman pat the girl on the back and say:

“What’s wrong? The reaction was so intense?”

The woman asked worriedly.

“Hmm, this little villain, kicked me again!”

“Oh, I’ve said it all, let you pay attention to what makes you pay attention, what are you messing around with a black devil!”


“Mom, don’t talk about Jack like that. Jack is not an ordinary black man. He is a black man from country M! He said that he will come back to me in three years!”

Outside, Sheldon had 10,000 Cao Nima running across his forehead.

At the same time, she was also thundered by this mother.

No wonder the relationship is so beautiful and so anxious to shoot.

Is it anxious to find another man?

And marry one get one free, and give a little black egg?

No, you can’t play anymore, if you play again, it won’t end!

Sheldon thought.

Want to find Li laugh at them, they obviously hid.

At the moment Sheldon had no choice but to sit back.

Not long after, the mother and daughter will come back.

“After Sheldon, you understand what we said just now? If you understand, then you can find a suitable date when you go back, and try to get the marriage done this month!”

The woman hugged her shoulders.

“Wait auntie, I have something to say!”

Sheldon said dumbly.

“Ah? You still have something to say, okay, okay, just say it!”

The woman said impatiently.

Sheldon looked at the girl at this time and said, “Can you let me see you?”

“Didn’t you watch it? How do you want to watch it?”

The girl frowned and gave Sheldon a blank look.

“I mean you lift up the skirt, let me see first, I will inspect the goods first!”

Sheldon said.


The eyes of the woman and the girl went wide.

God, it’s a blind date now, and the quality of this hotel is not low. On this occasion, this person actually said such shameless words.

“Are you sick?” The girl stood up abruptly and threw the glass of wine.

“fu*k, I can talk with you two for so long without being sick! I’m really enough, what kind of stuff, so many conditions!”

Sheldon couldn’t help it anymore and cursed directly.

This is simply treating himself as a fool. It was fine at first, but after returning from the bathroom, Sheldon became more and more angry.

Just want to find the difference.

“Son of a bitch!”


The woman is even more difficult to provoke. At this moment, her face is grimace, her hands clapping indiscriminately, and she rushes over, slapped Sheldon’s face.

“fu*k you!”


As for Sheldon, he even slapped back. Sheldon’s strength was not weak, and he knocked the woman down.

At this moment, Su Ting, Mullen and the matchmaker, who talked and laughed, came back.

Mullen: “You have to worry a lot about this matter!”

The matchmaker said, “Don’t worry, what is my relationship with Tingting? Besides, I think the woman is quite satisfied with Sheldon!”

“Hey, let’s hear what they are talking about!”

Mullen and the three of them arrived at the door and didn’t plan to go in directly.

At this time, I heard the sound of ping-pong smashing the dishes on the table.

At once, all three of them were shocked and hurriedly pushed the door open…

Chapter 252

When Mullen and them entered, Sheldon had already started fighting with the mother and son.

At the same time, the three of them rushed in to persuade them to fight.

Fortunately, I was persuaded.

Because Mullen knew that if Sheldon was really anxious, he would be very ruthless.

No, half of the woman’s face has been swollen.

The mother and daughter were scolded by Mullen and they were dragged away.

Mullen drove them back.

Su Ting jumped anxiously, what’s the situation?

But I also got into the car.

Mullen said, and when I went to his place to eat in the evening, I had a fight with Sheldon to understand why.

Sheldon was barely injured except for a light slap at the beginning.

As for why Sheldon had to find fault to vent his anger.

In the first place, this lady is so irritating and undue to beat herself to death.

Secondly, a good American girl who was fu*ked by what happened to Sheldon was very unhappy, and she was already angry.

So when they added up, Sheldon spoke a little bit harshly, and later retaliated after being beaten.

After all, it’s not for relatives or reasons, and now I’m not the poor boy I used to be, so I’m casually slapped by others?

Standing in the lobby, Sheldon settled the bill, and pitifully had a table of food and drink.

“Huh? Sheldon, why are you here? What a coincidence!”

Just after closing the bill, Sheldonard someone calling himself.

Looking back, it was Xu Xin and her mother who didn’t know when they came.

“Sheldon, are you here to eat too?”

Xu Xin asked.

“Forget it!” Sheldon smiled awkwardly.

“Then you ate it or didn’t you eat it?”

“Forget it!”

Cooper Family.

“Puff, you are really funny when you talk!” Xu Xin was amused by Sheldon, “It just so happens, if you didn’t eat, why don’t you have a meal with us, my mother just said that when I meet you, I will be fine. I invited you to a meal. Last time you invited me to a French meal!”

“Right, mother?”

Xu Xin smiled.

Lin Xiaofeng looked at Sheldon and smiled and nodded: “Yes, anyway, today my mother invited you young people. If you have nothing to do with Sheldon, come here together…”

Lin Xiaofeng heard Tang Lan say that before.

I also think Sheldon is a poor man.

I didn’t want my daughter to be with him.

As a result, Sheldon withdrew 600,000 cash from his bank at once.

But it broke their faces.

The more Lin Xiaofeng thought about it, the more it felt wrong.

Because she could see that the child Sheldon was calm and calm in the face of ridicule. He didn’t look like an ordinary person.

Therefore, under comprehensive consideration, this became the heart of friendship.

I just want Xu Xin to make an appointment for a meal.

As for today’s noon, it was Lin Xiaofeng who finally got in touch with a relationship. It was a cousin of a female classmate when she was in kindergarten. Her cousin was too powerful at home, in order to attract this client.

Lin Xiaofeng set a table. He didn’t have time, but this rich young man was free, thinking that young people would talk more enthusiastically together, so he called Xu Xin up.

I ran into Sheldon again, so it was corrected!

Investigate the cause and effect, hehe, because the director is about to retire before the end of this year, and one of the two deputy directors will be appointed as the director.

She and Tang Lan became rivals.

“Look at my mother calling you, let’s go, let’s eat together!” Xu Xin said.

Sheldon touched his stomach. He had moved his muscles and bones just now, and he was really hungry.

Mainly Sheldon didn’t eat much.

In addition, the hospitality is difficult now, so I nodded and agreed.

At this time.

Mullen called.

“fu*k Sheldon, I’m sorry for you, I just know why you did it, don’t talk about you, if Su Ting stopped me, I would have done it too, isn’t this a cheating!”

Thinking of coming, Mullen already knew the situation, and said angrily.

“Now Su Ting has just finished quarreling with her colleague. She said she asked me to say sorry to you. I believed that colleague. I didn’t expect her colleague to introduce such a woman to you. I said this lady was in my car. Why keep vomiting! Cough cough!”

Mullen blamed himself.

I wanted to do a good thing for my brothers, but as a result, I introduced one like this, and nobody felt embarrassed.

“It’s okay, Mullen, by the way, where are you now? Sent the two of you home?”

“Who will send them off? The old lady said in my car that she leaked. As soon as I heard this, I drove them off. Now Su Ting and I are going to the supermarket and come over for a drink at night!”


After talking for a while, he hung up the phone.

Alas, how could Sheldon blame Mullen and Su Ting on this matter.

Then I stopped thinking about it, and followed Xu Xinniang to the box.

“I don’t know when Malcolm and the others will come over. Speaking of it, Malcolm would have trouble. As soon as I heard that his cousin introduced him, I was kind to me on the phone and told me to bring a few more friends! Come, regardless of whether this business is successful or not, my cousin and I owe him a favor at the same time. Xiaoxin, if only you find such a boyfriend!”

Lin Xiaofeng blurted out.

“Mom! What are you talking about!”

Xu Xin pouted.

“Aunt Lin?”

Suddenly, the door of the box opened.

A boy came in and asked with a smile.

Behind him were three men and a woman, all young people like Sheldon and Xu Xin.

“Yeah, you are Li Wenyang, right?” Lin Xiaofeng smiled.

Li Wenyang nodded: “Yes, Aunt Lin, we are late, sorry!”

“Haha, what apologize, we are just here too. Your cousin keeps telling me that you are handsome. I still don’t believe that any boy can be so handsome. I didn’t expect to be more handsome than her!”

“You are so boastful, Aunt Lin, let me introduce to you first. His name is Liu Meng. My high school classmate is also my brother. She runs a factory at home. Her name is Jiang Xueqing, who is also our high school classmate. As for this , Is the deputy manager of the personnel department of Xueqing Company, Zhao Jie! In particular, Xueqing’s company is directly under the Dreamer Group! Haha!”

Li Wenyang said proudly with one hand in his pocket.

“God, you are so young, why are you so powerful?”

Lin Xiaofeng was so pleasantly surprised.

But I didn’t notice that the three of the four people who entered the house at this moment were already a little dumbfounded.

“Li Wenyang, this is my daughter Xu Xin, who is the same age as you, but she’s so unpromising!”

“Haha, yes, and this, it’s an ordinary friend of Xu Xin’s new acquaintance…” Lin Xiaofeng seemed to be afraid of Li Wenyang and the others misunderstanding that Sheldon was Xu Xin’s boyfriend, and the introduction was very detailed at this moment.

However, before finishing speaking, Li Wenyang interrupted.

“Aunt Lin, no need to introduce him. His name is Sheldon. We know him and he is also a classmate of our high school!”

Li Wenyang looked at Sheldon with a sneer on his face.

The account of Sheldon slapped him in the face at the last class meeting is not over yet.

That day, I was originally the protagonist, but the limelight was all robbed by this guy, and I was beaten to blood!

It can be said that in the past few days, Li Wenyang closed his eyes and was slapped in the face by Sheldon, which had become his nightmare.

I felt very uncomfortable.

I’ve been thinking about how to find a chance to meet Sheldon to find his face in front of everyone and trample Sheldon to death.

So when I saw it right now, I was naturally a little stunned.

Then with a sneer.

Sheldon, Sheldon, it’s really a narrow road!

Sheldon also stood up at this moment, and smiled as she looked at Jiang Xueqing:

“Xueqing, let’s meet again!”

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