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Chapter 249

Chapman called to talk about Yupei.

He has already inquired about a well-experienced master who is on a jade antique street in Ping’an County.

I heard Chapman say that he is very famous in the local area, and it is the craftsmanship uploaded by his ancestors.

To identify this kind of ancient jade, naturally you have to find a master.

Sheldon decided to let him see it first. If it didn’t work, he would go and find some masters from all over the country.

After all, the identity of Mengyu, the old dean didn’t even know.

How can you check without any clues?

Therefore, the only clue is this jade pendant.

Originally, Chapman wanted to accompany Sheldon.

But my father had told me that the fewer people knew about Mengyu, the better.

In addition, Chapman is busy now, and Sheldon went by himself.

After all, Sheldon still knew that street.

The antique street is not big, there are just a few shops selling antique porcelain.

After going there, Chapman had clearly arranged everything.

An old man with eyes, long white beard and Tang suit is already waiting for Sheldon.

“Hello Mr. Sheldon, in the next few years!”

Xu Mo Nian smiled at Sheldon.

“Mr. Xu is polite. Let’s get back to the subject. This time I ask you to help me identify a piece of jade, including the age and origin of the jade. In short, the more detailed the better!”

Sheldon went directly to the topic.

After speaking, he took out the jade pendant carefully.

When Xu Mo Nian saw this jade pendant, his eyes jumped slightly.

Then he took Yu Pei over with respectful expression.

“This kind of jade is rare in a century. Jiayu, the best jade! Mr. Sheldon, how did you get this kind of jade?”

Xu Mo Nian was very interested and asked immediately.

He looked Sheldon up and down, but he didn’t see anything.

You know that there is such a jade, it is expensive.

Sheldon also noticed that although Zhao Zhenguo had arranged everything, he still concealed his identity.

Right now, he said, “Mr. Xu, you don’t need to ask, you can tell me the origin of this jade pendant…”

“Forgive me for my clumsy eyes, it is really difficult for me to tell the origin of the jade pendant for a while, but the feel and texture of this jade is as if I have seen relevant records in a notebook left by my ancestors, Mr. Sheldon , I don’t know if it’s inconvenient for you. Leave the jade pendant here. I will tell you when I find it out.”

Xu Mo Nian said.

“Yes, I hope Mr. Xu will soon!”

Sheldon thought for a while. Since Chapman arranged it, he must have something to say.

So I nodded.

After a brief chat, Sheldon was about to leave.

What are you going to do?

It was a little early to go on a blind date. Sheldon now wants to get some money, because the place where he bought the house is nearby. Sheldon also happened to have the agreement contract in his bag. Of course, he went to pick up the remaining money.

After all, Sheldon can’t really take a loan!


At this moment, a girl suddenly called Sheldon, and she was obviously surprised to meet Sheldonre.

Sheldon looked back and was surprised.

This girl came out of the inner courtyard.

Apparently she lives here.

But it’s not Jiang Ranran’s good friend Xu Xin who is…

When I went to Jiang Ranran’s house for the first time that day, the beautiful Xu Xin left a deep impression on Sheldon.

I think this girl is very kind.

“Xu Xin, is this your home?”

Sheldon smiled and asked.

“Uh, yes, this is my grandfather! By the way, Sheldon, why are you coming to our store!”

Xu Xin walked over and smiled.

“Xiaoxin, how do you speak, you must be called Mr. Sheldon!”

Xu Mo-nian was startled first, and then educate Xu Xindao.

Xu Mo Nian did not know the origin of Sheldon, but the middle-aged man who allowed himself to obey Mr. Sheldon was able to alarm the county magistrate and even the president of the National Antiquities Research Association. These relationships are certainly extraordinary, which means that Sheldon is very not simple.

Otherwise, Xu Mo Nian would treat Sheldon so respectfully.

Hearing Xu Xin’s words like this, she couldn’t help but remind her.

“Oh, grandpa, this is my new friend, Sheldon, and I’ve been a teenager with Ranran!”

Xu Xin said with a smile.

“It’s okay, Mr. Xu, you can do it first!”

Sheldon smiled.

“Ah? Sheldon, you haven’t said why you came to my grandfather for?”

Xu Xin asked.

“Grandpa, please help! It’s okay!” Sheldon said.

“Oao, come to my house and sit down, I’ll make tea for you!”

“Next time, I have to come anyway, I am going to the bank over there to get some money!”

Sheldon smiled.

“It just so happens that I am also going to the bank and give my mother a mobile phone! Let’s take one!”

Xu Xin went out with Sheldon as she spoke.

Sheldon withdrew the money this time. He wanted to leave quietly after the withdrawal, but he did not expect to meet Xu Xin.

A little awkwardly nodded.

“Did your mother forget to take the phone?” Sheldon had nothing to ask for.

“Ahem, no, it’s because of the lack of mobile phones. Alas, now my mother’s bank is in urgent need of attracting funds. My mother is the deputy director and has indicators. She has to use several mobile phones to call different customers. She’s so busy!”

Xu Xin said.

While chatting, I went to the bank.

“Mom, give you your phone!”

In the lobby, a middle-aged woman was already waiting for Xu Xin.

At this moment, when she saw Sheldon with her daughter, she was startled.

“Xiaoxin, who is this?”

Xu Xin’s mother asked.

“This is my friend Sheldon. I mentioned to you last time that he invited me to have a French meal in a western restaurant. Hehe, he just came to withdraw money!”

Xu Xin said.

“Ah? It turns out to be this young man, not bad, good-looking! Why, are you going out to play?”

Xu Xin’s mother asked.

Sheldon said in his heart, this is not to think of himself as Xu Xin’s boyfriend.

“O’ao, I’ll get some money, and then I’ll pay for the room!”

“Yeah, I bought a house!”

Xu Xin’s mother said happily.

Think about it, my daughter told herself about the incident that night, the French meal, so expensive, shows that this young man is in good financial condition.

Now I like to buy a house even more.

“Yeah, Deputy Chief Lin, who has bought a house?”

At this moment, a cynic voice came over.

A middle-aged woman also came over.

And seeing this middle-aged woman come to the lobby, Sheldon couldn’t help being stunned.

It is Jiang Ranran’s mother Tang Lan Tang.

Yes, Tang Lan also works in a bank, and serves as a leader. He is also a deputy, and is at the same level as Xu Xin’s mother.

However, Sheldon was a little surprised when he ran into Aunt Tang.

“Sheldon? Why are you here?”

At this time, Tang Lan saw Sheldon again, and asked unexpectedly.

“I’ll withdraw money!”

Sheldon said lightly.

Now Aunt Tang didn’t even bother to call.

“Huh, okay, Sheldon, now that I don’t even yell at Aunt Tang, why? Don’t you? No money? Are you withdrawing some money to live? Really, what about winning the lottery? “

“Also about your work. You donated half a million dollars this time. If you had more money, you could arrange a good labor unit for nearly a month. But now, people are raising more donations. Uncle Jiang means , You wait first, and I will arrange labor dispatch work for you when there is a chance!”

Tang Lan took the lead to clear the relationship.

“I said Deputy Chief Tang, what are you talking about? Why are you out of money?”

Xu Xin’s mother asked in surprise.

“Don’t you know? Aoao, no wonder, I’m afraid Xu Xin doesn’t know either, Sheldon now…”

So Tang Lan told Sheldon that his family was poor before, including things like selling cars and buying houses.

He also emphasized that Sheldon has become a pauper.

Let Xu Xin’s mother shiver directly.

fu*k, I almost pushed my daughter into a tiger’s mouth!

“Mom, I brought you the phone you wanted!”

At this time, there was a sound of braking outside, and then several figures in the bank poured in.

But isn’t it just Jiang Ranran, Lin Dong, and the two girlfriends who were with Jiang Ranran yesterday? It seems that they are going out to play again.

I also dropped by to give Tang Lan a cell phone.

“Sheldon? What are you doing here?” Jiang Ranran couldn’t help asking when he saw Sheldon at a glance!

Chapter 250

“Huh, don’t ask, I must have come to get some pocket money, haha, you don’t know, I noticed his money yesterday, and he has no money in his wallet!”

Lin Dong laughed.

As for Jiang Ranran, after glancing at Sheldon, he didn’t say anything.

Before, when Sheldon was rich, Jiang Ranran still felt a little bit about Sheldon.

But now, the series of things Sheldon did made Jiang Ranran feel at a loss.

“Yes, the one who came to withdraw the money still came with Xu Xin!”

Tang Lan smiled.

Jiang Ranran’s face tightened, as if he had noticed something.

He hurriedly pulled Xu Xin aside, leaving Sheldon out of money and saying a lot about things like trying to lie to you.

Xu Xin looked at Sheldon nervously: “Sheldon, why do you sell cars and why do you sell them so low?”

She was thinking about Sheldon.

“I have a chance to tell you in the future, I have to withdraw some money first, I have something to do at noon!”

Sheldon smiled at Xu Xin.

Then, without looking at other people, he went directly to the counter.

As for Lin Dong, he had to bring a few girls over to look at Sheldon.

It means to see Sheldon’s jokes.

“Sir, how much do you take?”

The counter clerk asked.

“Get 600,000 first!”

Sheldon said lightly.

“fu*k? Six hundred thousand?”

Lin Dong was startled.

Jiang Ranran was also taken aback.

Tang Lan and Xu Xin’s mother, who were all about to go in, also looked over here.

“Okay sir, wait a minute!”

The salesman said something.

Immediately let Sheldon enter the password and sign.


The sound of the machine counting money rang.

The smile on Lin Dong’s face directly froze.

“You…you still have money? Didn’t you buy a car with all your money?”

Lin Dong said in surprise.

“When did I say that I bought a car with all my money!?”

Sheldon said coldly.

“Then Sheldon, how many are you still hitting?”

Jiang Ranran asked.

At this moment, Xu Xin’s mother and Tang Lan also came over.

“I’m hit…” Sheldon made a high profile, and the crowd suddenly widened their eyes and surrounded them, “Forget it, not much, let’s not talk about it!”


Jiang Ranran was angry.

With so much money, Sheldon’s small bag couldn’t fit. At this time, a staff member was given to replace the black garbage bag. Sheldon asked for one, packed 600,000 dollar, and after talking to Xu Xin, he carried it. left.

“So he still has money!”

Aunt Tang exclaimed.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect how much he got hit!”

Jiang Ranran said anxiously.

As if she did something that she regretted.

“Damn, let me say that Sheldon did it on purpose. He deliberately pretended to be poor to show us!”

Lin Dong hated it even more.

Because he was slapped in the face just now, and he slapped hard.

Right now, the interest in going out is gone…

Let’s talk about Sheldon again.

Sheldon had already gone to the sales office, and undoubtedly slapped the salesman in the face severely.

Buy the house directly with the full amount.

A total of more than 700,000 one-time.

This is the boss.

After all this was done, it was almost noon, and Mullen began to call to remind him.

Sheldon hurried back to change his clothes, and went straight to a hotel called Jin Ruyi.

At this moment, in a box of the hotel.

Mullen and Su Ting have arrived.

In addition, there are three others.

One is Su Ting’s best friend, and the other is the girl who went on a blind date this time. She has long shawl hair and white skin. She looks very delicate and beautiful.

But she obviously doesn’t like to talk, she’s quite cold, just swiping the phone Instagram with her head down.

Next to her is the girl’s mother.

A middle-aged, fat woman with her eyebrows patterned like caterpillars looks a little sturdy.

“Sheldon is really good. It’s not our praise. You will know when you meet. He graduated from a famous university, and he is very beautiful. Now the job is arranged immediately. I heard that he can enter the public office. He is in Ping An County. I bought a house too!”

Su Ting chatted with them.

After all, for Sheldon, because of Mullen, he had a good relationship when he was in junior high school.

It was only after that happened to Mullen that Su Ting resented Sheldon.

But now, these resentments have also been eliminated a lot. If you can worry about Sheldon, you will worry about it.

“How big is the house? It’s not less than three rooms, right? It’s not a three-bedroom, two-living room and two-bathroom, it doesn’t count as a house anymore!”

At this time, the girl on the blind date raised her head and asked.

“How come, it’s three rooms, two halls and two bathrooms, haha!”

Mullen said.

“Well, what about the car? What brand of car?”

It was the mother of the blind date girl who spoke.

“Ao, I haven’t bought a car yet. Besides, cars are generally not worth too much money!”

Li laughed.

“Ahem, in fact, these RVs don’t matter to us, mainly because this guy needs to be an honest person, like that kind of talkative, bragging is not good!”

Mother said again.

“Honestly, you can rest assured, absolutely honest!”

Su Ting said, “We are grown up together, can this be unclear~!”

Everyone is chatting.

Sheldon opened the door and came in.

“Sheldon, come on, let me introduce to you!”

Mullen smiled and introduced everyone to each other.

The middle-aged woman stared at Sheldon and looked up and down, and she could see that Sheldon had an honest face.

I felt relieved.

The food will be served in a short while, anyway, people on both sides are talking without a word while eating.

“Oh, I said this last dish hasn’t been served yet, let me urge it!”

The colleague said, winking at Su Ting Mullen.

Then the three of them went out together. Mullen patted Sheldon on the shoulder and motioned Sheldon to cheer.

The middle-aged woman wiped her mouth with a tissue when everyone was gone.

“Your name is Sheldon? We all know your conditions. It’s quite honest. What do you think my daughter looks like?”


Of course, to be honest, it was the first time that Sheldon went on a blind date like this. He saw that this woman was like a tigress, and almost didn’t say a word except Mullen asked.

“pretty good!”

Cooper Family.

As for the girl, she glanced up at Sheldon at this moment, then pouted, and lowered her head again with some disdain.

fu*k, what look?

Sheldon cursed inwardly.

“Let me tell you, my daughter works in a company under the Dreamer Investment Group. Daheng Manufacturing and Trading Company and Dreamer Investment Group know that? That’s a large group with strong financial strength. It’s hard to get into work there. do you know?”


Daheng production and trade, if Sheldon remembers correctly, it is just a factory supported by the dreamer. There are many local projects like this kind of support this time.

In this way, dare to say that you belong to the dreamer?

Sheldon smiled helplessly.

Just nodded. But I wondered, this woman is also quite normal, and her appearance is good, why should she marry me?

“Well, we, that is to look at you honestly, because my daughter is looking for an honest person to marry, but before marrying you, I have three chapters here, listen!”


Sheldon was stunned, fu*king, what rhythm is this?

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